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Friday, August 26, 2022

Thrasher's Wheat Goes Off The Grid and On the Beach

Rare "On The Beach" Poster with Neil facing camera

We here at Thrasher's Wheat have gone off the grid, on the beach and out beyond where the pavement turns to sand.

Just so our regular readers know, we will be offline for the next couple of weeks. Nothing to be conCERNed about.

It's been awhile since we took an extended break here at Thrasher's Wheat. As humbled as we might be by running what is now the 2nd* longest continuously running website dedicated to a single topic on the Internet, it is our long relationship with our soulmate thrashette and the unconditional love that matters the most.

So as we consciously co-create awareness of our separate realities, we'll see everyone on the other side of the Quantum Big Shift.

So we'll be back later on here in September with an update, and we will continue to bring you wonderful folks out there only the wheat of Neil Young news. No chaff.

FOUND: A Heart of Gold

peace & love,
thrasher and thrashette

#RITFW - Rockin' on the Long Walk to FREEDOM
33 Degrees, 49' 03" S, 18 Degrees, 22' 44" E

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Comment of the Moment: Sound Mix of Albums "TOAST" & "Are You Passionate?" by Neil Young

"TOAST" & "Are You Passionate?" 


The Comment of the Moment is from Concert Film "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real | Hearse Theater | NYA by  the "intrepid, inconsolable, & inflammable" Scotsman:

(Off topic – sorry.)

Do we know when Toast (the released version) was mixed?

Because if you listen to the Are You Passionate mix of Goin' Home, you can instantly hear why Crazy Horse (from the other side of the mixing control room) weren't totally impressed by these recording sessions back in 2001.

The mix is limp and grey and flat sounding (what I call the "wet cardboard" effect). The vocal is tentative — it struggles to find the melody, and is submerged by the guitars. The lead guitar hits a series of bum notes that kill the mood.

The bass has no real depth or presence. The overdubs might as well not be there. Poncho's masterful second-guitar performance is buried.

And in the end, Neil just aborts the performance.

The feeling is: "this isn't quite working". Which is frustrating. For the musicians and producer and the listener.

But the mix on Toast is the opposite of all that. And it's the *same* take — the same version! Neil and John Hanlon knew there was something special in this performance, and they went in and brought it to the surface.

This is an album where the production, the overdubs and the mixing all play a huge part in the success of the music.

That's not a criticism! The production is part of the art.

Similarly, many people wear makeup to accentuate their natural beauty. Nothing wrong with that, and it's the same principle.

In the music world, an audible sense of production only becomes a problem when a) it detracts from the music's natural beauty and b) when the production covers up a lack of substance.

(Much of Le Noise, in my opinion, is an example of the latter. The production is impressive, but the effect is a hollow one.)

On Toast, extensive work has gone into making Goin' Home sound as good as humanly possible. The bum notes have been chopped (as minimally as possible), the vocal has been heavily compressed to even it out and add some heft, there's a 3D sense of vocal echo, the abrupt ending is faded out...

It sounds magical. And, unlike the Are You Passionate attempt, it's been mixed with both gutsy horsepower and real colour. This is the spirit of David Briggs in the mixing room.

The Are You Passionate mix of Goin' Home is like a documentary. We might imagine it's Neil telling us "this is why I re-recorded this album".

Whereas the Toast mix is designed to take this rough diamond of a performance and present it to the world in the best light possible.

PS: the mixes of Goin' Home are different enough that some listeners have imagined them to be two different takes. Understandable!

But there are some extra overdubs on the Toast mix — so the two aren't musically identical.

E.g notice the twinkling piano (and what sounds like the church organ) rising out of the mix just before the final guitar solo — helping propel it into a higher gear.

I think these are inspired touches, instantly reminding of the overdubs we hear on Drive Back from Zuma. Another power-chord-based song that somehow feels entirely different to its 2001 cousin.


No worries on off topic.

Sometimes off topic leads back to focus on what truly matters. And never stop being your  "intrepid, inconsolable, & inflammable" self Mr. Scotsman.

Neil Young Unreleased 2001 Album w/ Crazy Horse 
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More on "Dream PlayList" of "TOAST" & "Are You Passionate?" by Neil Young.

Back to topic ... 

Neil Young + Promise of the Real's "Noise & Flowers" 
 image via Rusted Moon  

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A First Reaction To Neil Young's Music - "Cortez The Killer"

As we learned back in 2020, the reaction to hearing Neil Young's music for the first time can be both delightful and amusing.

Most of us remember quite distinctly our experience of hearing Neil Young for the very first time. (Here's ours.)

So here's a few random reactions to hearing Neil Young's song "Cortez The Killer" for the very first time. enjoy!



Incidentally -- or not -- the video above by SyedRewinds -- who is a Hip Hop fan primarily -- seems quite entranced and intrigued by the lengthy intro jam.
More on  Neil Young's song  "Cortez The Killer".

More on Reactions To Hearing Neil Young For The 1st Time.

Reaction To Hearing Neil Young For The 1st Time

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Decoding Neil: "The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young" by author Martin Halliwell


Here is a rather excellent essay by author Martin Halliwell which explores Neil Young’s long-running fascination with dreams.

From The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young by author Martin Halliwell:

Dreams for Young are sometimes a puzzle to solve and at other times a new geography to explore, corresponding to the two dominant dream theories of the 1960s: the Freudian theory in which dreams are a working through of repressed psychic matter; and the existential humanist view of dreams as an alternative topography. 

Dreaming is rarely a doorway to the state of lost innocence for which Young yearns in “Sugar Mountain,” but it has the capacity to transport the singer and the listener elsewhere. Through the act of dreaming Young can drift purposefully, pulling together sounds, images and colours in creative ways, and can explore the twists and turns of the unconscious where one image blurs with the next. The nature of dreams means that their shape keeps morphing. This can lead the dreamer towards deeper meaning, but can also drift away into impressions and noise. At times Young searches for direction–such as the quest on his 2007 track “Spirit Road” to discover the “long highway” within — and at other times escapes from meaning into a play of imagery and sound.

We can identify this second trend in one of Young’s early dream songs, “Broken Arrow.” This six-minute coda to the second Buffalo Springfield album Buffalo Springfield Again seems to be inspired by the early-summer release of The Beatles’ concept album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, leading Young to incorporate crowd noises from a Beatles concert and the opening distorted snippet of a live performance of “Mr Soul,” sung by drummer Dewey Martin. Despite its musical variety there is little input from the band, except for backing vocals by Richie Furay, added after Young had recorded the song in September 1967. Its power stems from Young’s sound experiments and the visually arresting figure of a Native American standing alone on a riverbank with an empty quiver. This image of the ‘vanishing Indian’ with a broken arrow suggests either surrender to an unstoppable force or an offering of peace. 

What makes this a mysterious image is that there is no discernible enemy in sight; instead the verses describe a triad of social pressures (fame, adolescence and marriage) as if modern social organization has defeated the nobility of the Native American.


Full excerpt at The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young by author Martin Halliwell.

Also, Martin Halliwell's new book is titled Neil Young: American Traveller (Reverb).

For more on Neil Young's dreams, also see:

‘The Visitor’
by Neil Young + Promise of the Real


"All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun
Flying mother nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun
Flying mother nature's silver seed
To a new home"

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Comment of the Moment: Concert Film "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real | Hearse Theater | NYA

Neil Young on Tour - 2019
w/ Manager Elliot Roberts Looking On
  (Click photo to enlarge)


This weekend, the concert film "Noise & Flowers", of Neil Young + Promise of the Real from Europe 2019 -- directed by Bernard Shakey & dhlovelife -- is playing in Hearse Theater | NYA.

Neil Young writes on Hearse Theater | NYA:

Promise of the Real and I on tour were celebrating the life of Elliot Roberts.

Two weeks after he passed we were on the road in Europe and we made this film. The concert film is full of emotions because we loved Elliot so much. We celebrated his life.

Thanks ‘Promise of the Real’
Miss you Elliot!


Which brings us to the Comment of the Moment on "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real by the irrepressibly delightful Scotsman:

Just a "last-minute" reminder that the Noise and Flowers concert film with Promise of the Real is streaming on Neil's website today.

(My plan was to get the blu-ray before watching the whole thing, but I did sneak a look at a couple of tracks on Neil's site — and now I want to watch it all, because they were a lot of fun.)

A visual treat? Oh yes.

I think the most engaging tours (musically *and* visually) are the ones where Neil is the dominant force on stage, rather than "merely" one of the gang. At heart, he's a solo artist with a point-of-view. Even when he's playing with a band.

(That's one reason why he's not well-suited to those shambolic all-star celebrity jam sessions that happen at awards ceremonies. Unless there's a good producer involved!).

And then, of course, there's the "spook" — the sense of space in the sound that leaves room for the listener's imagination.

In order for one musical force to step forward, other elements have to step back, or to the sides — *and then* find a way to make their personality felt within those boundaries. Without killing the spook.

In 2019, the vibe *and* musical arrangement was in place for the band to put on a mighty performance, and they certainly delivered on that promise (both in Europe and the short US mini-tour that came first).

I enjoyed following pretty much every show on YouTube (I couldn't make it to the Hyde Park gig, so the YouTube audience films were a welcome and enjoyable alternative).

I thought Promise of the Real sounded great, looked great, and played with a real sense of direction... of travelling somewhere special.

The audience began the show in one mental space and was carried away to another — with a sense of uncomplicated direction, a sense of urgency, and that vividly-alive feeling that I wrote about in a previous comment about Noise and Flowers.

Neil fans know that several of Neil's most memorable tours have been performed in Europe. Starting in 1976, with magical performances including Like A Hurricane at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London, England.

And now, the archivists, historians and other note-takers can add the 2019 tour to that distinguished list.

So my heartfelt suggestion is to head over to Neil's site and enjoy an hour or so of watching the concert film. Although I was planning to wait for the blu-ray, I expect I will be joining you.


Thanks so much -- as always -- Mr Scotsman.

We too enjoyed  "Noise & Flowers" last night as well.  After proper attitude adjustment, managed to get the stream going about 11P and finished up after midnight sometime.  Don't think we woke up any neighbors, but we did hear hounds that howl in the distance.  

A highlight had to be FU when Lukas just sprawls out on the stage and Neil just grins.

"Noise & Flowers"
 Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
  Release Date - August 5th 
(Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking  this link . Thank you!!!)

More on Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers ...


First Impressions: Noise and Flowers by Neil Young + Promise of the Real |  The Old Grey Cat  


More on The Story Behind The Album Cover "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real .

More on Sneak Preview: "Noise & Flowers" Track by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real.

More on "Noise & Flowers" Coming in 2021: Neil Young + Promise of the REAL | NYA - UPDATED


REVIEW: Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers Box Set - CD Bluray Vinyl | Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks


Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

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Friday, August 19, 2022

Neil Young's 1991 "Road of Plenty"/Eldorado Japan EP: "NOW AVAILABLE ON LP AND CD**"

Neil Young's 1991 "Road of Plenty"/Eldorado Japan EP 
"Probably the greatest guitar rock album ever"
~~ UNCUT Magazine's Allan Jones

Back in April -- with the official re-release of Neil Young's long awaited 1991 "Road of Plenty"/Eldorado Japan EP -- a major gap was  plugged in his hefty discography . (See Neil Young Official Release Series #4 Box Set.)

Neil Young Official Release Series #4 (Vinyl Box Set)
Release Date: April 29, 2022
(See Neil Young Official Release Series #4 Box Set.)


**So today's NYA news of the Eldorado EP being available on Vinyl and CD while true, is oh-so slightly misleading unless one reads the release very carefully.  You just had to buy an entire box set to obtain the 5 song EP.

Glad to clear that up for all of our dear rustie friends around the world. 

More recently, we posted a series of Comments of the Moment regarding the upcoming Neil Young Archives Vol #3 planned for 2022.  In particular,  the brilliant comment by Tomatron,who lays out his "Dream Mix" for Neil Young Archives Vol #3 combining songs from the albums Eldorado and FREEDOM.  


"Road of Plenty" has also appeared as an import titled "Eldorado". An album review UNCUT Magazine's Allan Jones modestly said: "The simple fact is that 'Eldorado" is probably the greatest guitar rock album ever." Jones continues describing the album's sound as: "holocaustal, post-apocalypse ruptures and manglings, great bloody swathes of feedback, random distortions, and gashes of sound, the reckless weather of psychotic abandon."


Neil Young - 1989


1989 - Reprise 20P2-2651 (CD-EP, Japan and Australia only)

"Cocaine Eyes" – 4:24
"Don't Cry" – 5:00
"Heavy Love" – 5:09
"On Broadway" – 4:57
"Eldorado" – 6:03

"Eldorado"'s band The Restless consisted of Chad Cromwell and Rick Rosas. The EP contains different mixes of three songs that subsequently appeared on Young's 1989 album Freedom, "Don't Cry," "On Broadway," and "Eldorado," and two tracks not available on any other recording, "Cocaine Eyes" and "Heavy Love." The "Don't Cry" track on Eldorado is longer than the later version published on Freedom (5:00 vs. 4:14).

From Album Review of Neil Young and the Restless: Eldorado by Allan Jones:

The simple fact is that 'Eldorado" is probably the greatest guitar rock album ever.

Parts of it are like nothing you've ever heard, holocaustal, post -apocalypse ruptures and manglings, great bloody swathes of feedback, random distortions, and gashes of sound, the reckless weather of psychotic abandon. It's almost as if Young listened to the rather docile, reverential cover of his songs on the "Bridge" tribute album, listened to The Pixies and Soul Train and Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. and thought to himself, "Hey, kids - THIS is how you do it..."At which point, he plugs in his guitar, cranks the volume up to max and begins to roar.

(Full review @ Album Review of Neil Young and the Restless: Eldorado by Allan Jones.)


Neil Young's new release "Official Release Series Discs 13, 14, 20 & 21" is  now available here.

Also, see Neil Young Official Release Series #4 Box Set.

More on Eldorado from the FUNHOUSE! reviews by Steve Vetter (Farmer John).

Also, see Eldorado: Albums In Order Review Series by Mike "Expecting 2 Fly" Cordova.

Also, see 1986 Buffalo Springfield Rehearsal with Neil Young, Stephen Stills & Richie Furay rehearsing songs "Road of Plenty" and "Eldorado".

Also, see NYAS Broken Arrow Issue Number 036 - August, 1989 Eldorado: Albums Review by Ian MacCarthy, page 35.

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REVIEW: Sonic Youth Opening for Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse - 1991 | SLUG Magazine

Salt Lake UnderGround, SLUG Magazine


As many here recall, back in 1991, Sonic Youth opened for Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse on the 1991 WELD Tour.  (Originally, Nirvana had been scheduled to open the tour but their label determined that Nirvana was no longer an opening band and moved into headliner status.)

Sonic Youth & Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse - 1991


From a review of the tour on March 20 at the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on SLUG Magazine:

The only drawback would be the situation. 

The band [ Sonic Youth ] had little audience response and this was expected. But I, and maybe 500 other Sonic Youth fans, spread sparsely throughout the Huntsman Center full of Neil Young fans, gave a positive response to what was a groundbreaking event for SLC’s alternative listeners as well as an eye-opening act for Neil Young fans. 

Ear opening would be more like it, to put it mildy.

Full  Concert Review of Sonic Youth, Social Distortion and Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse on SLUG Magazine by .

Kim Gordon - Sonic Youth
(Click photo to enlarge)


Also, see Sonic Youth & Neil Young: Tales From WELD Tour. (Be sure to check out those TW comments below post. Wouldn't want to miss a trip down memory lane by some of our inimitable TW commentators.)

Sonic Youth 

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

REVIEW: "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real | ClashMusic

"Noise & Flowers"
 Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
  Release Date - August 5th 
(Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking  this link . Thank you!!!)

From a review of "Noise & Flowers" by  Neil Young + Promise of the Real | ClashMusic, "a wild and engaging live set recorded to salute long-lasting friendship." (Words: Nick Roseblade)


"Field of Opportunity" from the album 'Noise and Flowers"

There are a few surprises during the set too. 

Most notable ‘Field Of Opportunity’ and ‘On The Beach’. These classics sound fresh and vibrant thanks to the playing. After an elongated version of ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ we are treated to ‘Comes A Time’, ‘From Hank To Hendrix’, ‘Are You Ready For The Country’, ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’ and ‘Winterlong’ before ‘Fuckin’ Up’ closes the set in rambunctious style. As the credits roll ‘Hey Hey, My My’ is heard, but not seen. This is slightly doing us dirty as I would have loved to witness the interplay, and possibly more of Lukas’ pogoing, during this performance – perhaps it will be released on a future boxset. 

One of the most enjoyable things about watching ‘Noise And Flowers’ as apposed to listening to it is how much fun everyone seems to be having. During ‘Field Of Opportunity’ Young says “take it Lukas!” and Nelson plays the solo. Young nods in approval. It doesn’t quite feel like passing the torch to the next younger generation, but it’s fun to see. Before that there is a touching moment between Neil Young and Micah Nelson. During a longshot Micah catches the songwriter’s eye. A massive smile crests his face. Young turns to face him. We can’t see it, but I expect Young was smiling back.

During ‘Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World’ the whole band is just having a blast. Everyone gets a solo/time to shine and show off. Micah and Corey McCormick get up on Anthony LoGerfo’s drum platform and the three of them just rock out. Lukas wants to get involved, but has missed his opportunity to join in, so just pogos on his own until Young saunters over and they rock out together. 

Then there are the false endings with Young trying to catch LoGerfo – and the rest of band – out. He doesn’t, but you can tell he’s enjoying tiring to. This is all great to see. It shows that Young still loves playing live and messing about with his mates.

One of the most disconcerting things about ‘Noise And Flowers’ is that halfway though it switches from black and white footage to colour. No matter the true reason for this, it’s a bit of a stylistic curve ball. This detracts absolutely nothing from the music, or the performances, but it’s a bit odd none the less. 

‘Noise And Flowers’ is one of Neil Young’s best live DVDs and one that should delight both old and new fans of his work. The interplay between Young and Promise of the Real is great and dare I say, they somehow manage to out ‘Crazy Horse’ the actual Crazy Horse. This is a greatest hits selection worthy of Elliot Roberts’ 50-year friendship with Neil Young


Full review of "Noise & Flowers" by  Neil Young + Promise of the Real | ClashMusic.

Neil Young on Tour - 2019
w/ Manager Elliot Roberts Looking On
 (Click photo to enlarge)


More on Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers ...


First Impressions: Noise and Flowers by Neil Young + Promise of the Real |  The Old Grey Cat  


More on The Story Behind The Album Cover "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real .

More on Sneak Preview: "Noise & Flowers" Track by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real.

More on "Noise & Flowers" Coming in 2021: Neil Young + Promise of the REAL | NYA - UPDATED


REVIEW: Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers Box Set - CD Bluray Vinyl | Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks


Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

PHOTO: Neil Young @ Berlin Wall, October 1982

Neil Young - Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz, October 1982
 image via Rusted Moon 
 (Click photo to enlarge)

Over on  Rusted Moon, a detailed look at the back cover image for
Neil Young + Promise of the Real's new live album "Noise & Flowers".

Neil Young + Promise of the Real's "Noise & Flowers" 
 image via Rusted Moon  
 (Click photo to enlarge)


The back cover of the album "Noise & Flowers" features a photomontage showing Neil Young & Promise of the Real as graffiti on the Berlin Wall. The wall is also decorated with flowers - matching the album title.  

Before the Fall: 
Neil Young writes Beatle's lyrics "Love Is All We Need" on the Berlin Wall in October, 1982

For more, see Rusted Moon. Also,

Rockin' In The Free World

rocking in the free world.jpg

Neil Young Lyrics Analysis

Freedom (1989) by Neil Young -
"The rock and roll coda of the Cold War"
(+ new, revised lyrics for RITFW)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Buffalo Springfield's "Last Time Around" by Harvey Kubernik

 Last Time Around by Buffalo Springfield 
Released July 30th, 1968
(Click photo to enlarge)


Buffalo Springfield's "Last Time Around"  by Harvey Kubernik 

Copyright 2022 


Here is a comprehensive, in-depth look back at  Buffalo Springfield's final album "Last Time Around"  of  this Buffalo Springfield box by Harvey Kubernik.
Harvey Kubernik is the author of 19 books, including "Neil Young - Heart of Gold" (see TW review). We interviewed author Kubernik while Thrasher's Wheat celebrated Neil Young's 70th birthday back in 2015. 
In 1966 and ’67 Harvey Kubernik saw Buffalo Springfield in two of their Southern California concerts and attended debut Neil Young solo concerts in the region. 
Thrasher's Wheat just recently published several highly popular articles by Kubernik:
 Thanks Harvey! enjoy.

 Buffalo Springfield @ Hollywood Bowl on April 29, 1967
Photo  by Henry Diltz.


    "Jack Nitzsche the arranger and keyboardist called me to play keyboard on some dates in 1967 at Sunset Sound. Bruce Botnick was the engineer," recalled keyboardist and arranger Don Randi to me in a 2015 interview.


    "When I walked into the studio I didn’t realize it was for Buffalo Springfield. I thought it was for a Neil Young album, ’cause that is what he was supposed to be breaking away from and going on his own. Hal Blaine and Jim Horn are on the track. I played piano and organ.


     "When Jack and Neil asked me to play on the end part of 'Broken Arrow' they were both waving me on to keep playing. I kept lookin’ up at them, ‘Are you ever gonna tell me to stop?’    


    "I’m on 'Expecting to Fly' with Russ Titelman, Carol Kaye and Jim Gordon. I had some little head chart arrangement to work from and another of the tunes might have been sketched. It was pretty wide open with the chord changes. And all you had to do was hear Neil sing it down with an acoustic guitar and you sat there, 'Oh my goodness.'


    "Neil wrote cinematically and Jack arranged his own records cinematically. He did movie scores with me as early as 1965.    I loved Neil’s music.  This guy’s writing… I thought everybody and their mother was gonna try and start doing his songs. I knew he was a songwriter. Some of the tunes were movies. They were scripts.   You have to realize that as great as a musician and as great as a songwriter he is, Neil would also realize talent himself. Neil liked to experiment. Neil was smart enough to know what he wanted and knew how to get it." 


    "When I did film scores and started to bring in exotic instruments," underlined Jack Nitzsche in a 1998 interview we did for "Goldmine," magazine, "I wanted to make the sound different and wanted room to experiment." 



Richie Furay @ Gold Star Recording Studio 1966
photo by Henry Diltz 

     The end of October 1967 saw the release of their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, their legacy guaranteed with iconic readings of Young’s “Mr. Soul,” and Stills’ “Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman,” and “Blue Bird.”  Taking over the production chores, these two ambitious young guns finally corralled that layered, textured sheath of sound - stacks of guitar tracks arrayed like a tasty parfait - which came to define an entire musical genre.  


    It's one of my favorite albums. 


    Buffalo Springfield Again was a defining moment in L.A. music history; like Brian Wilson before them, the Springfield meshed song craft with new recording techniques, elevating the music to a rarefied state of eloquence.  If not the paradigm-shift of Sgt. Pepper,’s, the record furthered the claim by a cohort of young talents that the artists themselves were fit for command. Stills and Young would see their captaincies awarded in very short order.


    "We were always comfortable singing someone else’s song early on," underscored Richie Furay in a 2000 interview we conducted for "Goldmine" magazine.


   "The first album and some of the second, you can hear the cohesiveness was a group effort, there was not the possessiveness of ‘this is my song, ‘this is my baby, ‘I’m singing it because I wrote it.’  The individual members brought their own take on what was being presented to the song. We liked the Beatles with John and Paul singing harmony. Stephen and I did a lot of that unison singing. That we picked up from the Beatles but then there was a lot of experimentation."

  Buffalo Springfield Again Side acetate label-1968

(Courtesy of Jeff Gold and Record Mecca) 



     Before playing its final show on May 5, 1968 at the Long Beach Sports Arena in Southern California, Buffalo Springfield released three studio albums on ATCO during an intense, two-year creative burst.


     Those albums - Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again, and Last Time Around - have been remastered from the original analog tapes under the auspices of Neil Young for the boxed set: WHAT'S THAT SOUND? THE COMPLETE ALBUMS COLLECTION.


Chris Darrow: (Musician): By 1968, they had a number of hits with Still’s ‘Bluebird’ and ‘Rock and Roll Woman’ and Neil Young’s ‘Mr. Soul,’ as well as ‘Expecting to Fly’ and ‘Broken Arrow.’  The band had some tension among the members, both personally and musically, and began to go in opposite directions.  I went to their final concert on May 5, 1968 at the Sports Arena in Long Beach. The set was long and intense and ended with a long 20 plus minute version of ‘Bluebird.’Country Joe and the Fish and Canned Heat were also on the bill.”


Rodney Bingenheimer (Deejay): I went to Buffalo Springfield’s last concert in Long Beach. Neil was back in the band. I really liked drummer Dewey Martin and at the gig he dedicated ‘Good Time Boy’ to me. I was on the side of the stage and it was the best time I ever heard the group live. I was really sad when the band broke up. I was bummed out when I heard Buffalo Springfield was ending.”          


Rick Rosas: (Musician) Mark Guerrero and went to the goodbye concert in Long Beach. It was pretty heavy. I was so young. It was really good. Some of the guitars were out of tune.” 


Mark Guerrero (Musician): I saw the Buffalo Springfield’s farewell performance at the Long Beach Sports Arena May 5, 1968.  It was a great show with one of its highlights being a hot version of ‘Uno Mundo,’ but it was sad to know it was the end of the road for the band.”


Denny Bruce: (Record producer/manager): I went to the last Buffalo Springfield concert in Long Beach. Neil [Young], Jack [Nitzsche] and I had a limo. Jimmy Messina came home with us. His head down and crying, ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’ It was a sense of relief for Neil. He was glad it was over.”


Richie Furay and Stephen Stills @  
Shrine Exposition Hall Los Angeles - 1967
photo by Heather Harris


I witnessed Buffalo Springfield live on stage during December 1966 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and The Hollywood Bowl in April 1967

Their three 1966-1968 albums were always debuted over the Southern California airwaves before the rest of the world discovered them. You really had to live in Hollywood then to further understand and comprehend the initial impact of these regionally-birthed discs and artwork design. Thankfully, I was there.


    On July 30, 1968, Last Time Around, a posthumous album by Buffalo Springfield materialized. Besides supplying bass on the LP, Jim Messina served as engineer and producer. He had earlier assisted Young in assembling “Broken Arrow” and engineered Stills’ “Rock and Roll Woman” for Buffalo Springfield Again.


   By Last Time Around, Neil Young was faintly involved with the band and had apparently split their group scene for good. But not before providing “I Am a Child” and “On the Way Home.”      


Richie Furay: "Neil could not see himself as second fiddle. He couldn’t and wouldn’t see himself as just a member of the band, one of the five guys," Richie told me in a 2000 interview subsequently published in my 2009 book "Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon." 



   Pete Johnson in The Los Angeles Times praised the platter: “Within the Springfield were three of the best pop songwriters, singers, and guitarists to be found in any American rock group. I have never seen a group use three guitars as tastefully as they do, weaving a finely detailed fabric whose pattern never blurred from overlapping.”


    Barry Gifford from Rolling Stone hailed the album. “The most beautiful record they’ve ever made. Too bad this isn’t the first time around.” Ellen Sander, writing in The New York Times, observed, “The group has always manifested its multitude of talents in straightforward, professional songs, flavored with lithe, sweet country sounds. They have made an art out of music that is unfailingly pleasant; no less moving for its tasteful, understated neatness. Their final album, Last Time Around, is no exception. The entire album has a fresh, natural feeling about it, not unlike a soft summer rain.” In my 2016 book on Neil Young "Heart of Gold," I asked several friends about this wonderful album. During 1967 we were enthralled by the delicious "Buffalo Springfield Again."  The unexpected surprise of "Last Time Around," issued after the group disbanded, was a sad but fruitful dessert.   


 Mark Guerrero: Buffalo Springfield’s Last Time Around, was akin to the Beatles White Album in that it was recorded at a time the band was breaking up so many of the songs were not recorded as a band.  It was like three solo artists coming in and doing their thing.  However, it’s still a really good album with some great songs.  Neil Young’s ‘On the Way Home,’ sung by Richie and the acoustic gem I Am a Child;   Steven Stills- his bluesy ‘Four Days Gone’ in 3/4 time with his great piano accompaniment; ‘Questions’- one of my favorite Stills songs; ‘Pretty Girl Why’- a kind of Latin jazz song with nice two-part harmony on the choruses; and ‘Uno Mundo’- a Latin-style song with full blown Latin percussion that was later covered by the East L.A. band El Chicano.  Richie Furay- the beautiful ‘It’s So Hard To Wait.’”


James CushingOn Last Time Around, every song has that wonderful thing that the very best later Beatles songs have --  that sense that the musicians know all about many different musical traditions and are not hemmed in or limited by them, but who can use them in a joyous way to discover their own language. Country western, rock, samba, folk, it’s all there.


     Neil’s ‘I Am a Child’ is spoken from the perspective of someone going back to and celebrating innocence, but he implies that he now lives in a world in which that innocence has been lost. His off-the-cuff poetry stresses the implication of a situation involving an ‘I’ and a ‘you,’ but we get a sense of those characters through statements in a monologue within a relationship, not through imagery.”   


 Buffalo Springfield @ Hollywood Bowl on April 29, 1967
Photo  by Henry Diltz.




Kirk Silsbee:  The Last Time Around album was damn good. Stills' ‘Pretty Girl Why’ showed that the band was capable of being very effective while understating.  Sure--Buffalo Springfield could rock hard and play hard but ‘Pretty Girl Why’ points to a level of sophistication and subtlety that was just coming into rock at the time. Nobody had to yell and scream or show how many hot licks they could play in that song. In that regard, it was anticipating the better angels of the coming singer-songwriter genre.  


    Maybe Neil didn’t sanction that album but look he gave us ‘On The Way Home'; that's just a beautiful song. It was on rotation on our AM and the new FM radio playlists--years after the band was gone.  B. Mitchell Reed, in particular, implicitly positioned the Springfield as an important antecedent by programming tracks well into the early 1970s, but in the context of Crosby, Stills & Nash or After the Goldrush.


    ‘On The Way Home’ is atypical of Neil because it’s an optimistic song. And you don’t get optimistic songs from Neil Young. He deals in dour self-immolation. And it’s Richie Furay at his optimistic, celebratory best. That’s as good as anything they ever did. At the same time you’ve got ‘I Am a Child'--something new as well. Yes, it’s Neil indulging his obsessive self-examination, but he’s also leveling a critique of the music industry and painting himself in a very vulnerable light. In that, it’s a window into the future solo Neil Young: you hear similar sentiments on the first Neil Young album in ‘Last Train To Tulsa.’ The lyrics on both tunes are from a supine point of view.


    On the front cover of Last Time Around, Neil is looking away from the other group members--signifying his continual one-foot-in-and-one-foot-out status in the band.


     Neil always asserted his individuality in the Springfield, and probably in his mind, it was time to go; I don’t think he had any compunction or second thoughts. 


   Last Time Around almost sounded like a different band on every track. So I didn’t have the sense of great ride coming to an end so much as a great band splitting off into different directions.”

"Neil Young: Heart of Gold" by Harvey Kubernik

Thrasher's Wheat has previously published two highly popular articles by Harvey Kubernik:  

(A child of Hollywood, music historian Harvey Kubernik is the author of 20 books, including 2009’s Canyon Of Dreams: The Magic And The Music Of Laurel Canyon and 2014’s Turn Up The Radio! Rock, Pop and Roll In Los Angeles 1956-1972 and 2015’s “Neil Young Heart of Gold.”  Sterling/Barnes and Noble in 2018 published Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik’s The Story Of The Band: From Big Pink To The Last Waltz. In 2021 they wrote Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child for Sterling/Barnes and Noble.


    Otherworld Cottage Industries in 2020 published Harvey’s Docs That Rock, Music That Matters. Kubernik’s writings are in several book anthologies, including, The Rolling Stone Book Of The Beats and Drinking With Bukowski. Harvey wrote the liner notes to the CD re-releases of Carole King’s Tapestry, The Essential Carole King, Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish, Elvis Presley The ’68 Comeback Special, The Ramones’ End of the Century and Big Brother & the Holding Company Captured Live at The Monterey International Pop Festival.  


In 2020, Harvey served as a consultant on the 2-part documentary Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time directed by Alison Ellwood that debuted on the M-G-M/EPIX cable television channel and is airing during August 2022 on EPIX.  

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