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Monday, February 08, 2016

Lucinda Williams & Buick 6 Cover Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World" - Paradiso, Amsterdam - Jan. 2016

Lucinda Williams & Buick 6 cover Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World" at Paradiso in Amsterdam in January 2016.

A really great encore with crowd on their feet, arms in the air and singing along. We really like how Lucinda thanked the band and the audience at the end. Very classy.

A little more on Lucinda Williams and Neil Young from Acoustic Guitar (2003):
"'I've always wanted to make a record like Neil Young and Crazy Horse,' says Williams, who is managed by Gary Briggs, Young's former A&R rep at Reprise Records, and is coheadlining an amphitheater tour with Young this summer.

'I wanted the new album to be rock 'n' roll and a real loose, jangly live thing. On the last tour, I wrote a lot and played many of the new songs, which was a big plus. When we went into the studio, we were ready to go. Most everything was road-tested, and I recorded with the same band.'"

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On The Road & Behind The Scenes of The Rebel Content Tour: Neil Young + The Promise of the Real

Here's a cool little look behind the scenes of The Rebel Content Tour of Neil Young + The Promise of the Real in 2015.

The short film is by the Center for Food Safety's Hollywood Food Voices, created to join with artists using their influence to shine light on environmental and food and farming issues.

Demand clear GMO labeling: Sign the petition:

For more info on GMOs, Monsanto, and other food movement facts, check out GMO fact sheet or the Center for Food Safety website:


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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Now Avaliable! Thrasher's Wheat 20th Anniversary T-Shirts

As we noted earlier, 2016 is the year that we here at Thrasher's Wheat are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

It has been a long, long road since 1996 and we plan to make 2016 a year of celebration. A celebration maybe not so much of our little blog website or even of Neil Young. No, a celebration of this wonderful little community we joined back in 1993 that eventually became known as "The force of Rust".

The Rust community is -- without a shred of doubt -- the tightest and coolest group of music fans running in history... online or offline.


Rusties @ The Healing Pole & Medicine Teepee
Shoreline: 2015 International Rust Fest Bridge Concerts

To say that the power of Rust changed our lives would be a vast over statement. That said, to some degree, it became our mantra to stay "rustie" at all times. To be the rust is to know the rust. And rusties understand that statement. Or as we sometimes say, "It's a rustie thing and you wouldn't understand".

What many may not realize, is that Thrasher's Wheat is now the longest continuing running website dedicated to a single topic operating under the same "management" and mission on the Internet.

Which is all fine and well, but at the moment, we just want to share the joy of Neil and the Rust community.

So here's how you -- our dear TW readers and supporters -- can help us celebrate this milestone. Thanks to our dear friend Geoff, we've come up with a Thrasher's Wheat 20th Anniversary t-shirt.

Thrasher's Wheat 20th Anniversary: 1996 - 2016
Design by Silver Moon Art & Design
(Click photo to enlarge)

And we want all of our readers to have one. We will be diligently seeking the most environmentally friendly approach for our commemorative T-shirts. Each shirt will be uniquely hand tie-dyed under the Maui sun (by tie dyers who were trained within the Grateful Dead family tree). Our intention is to connect the encourage greater connection through sincerity, fun, and focus. The shirt won't make the difference but you can bet all those that wear it are trying.

To proudly have your very own Thrasher's Wheat 20th Anniversary T-Shirt and celebrate our golden moment with Neil Young community, here's the REAL deal:

Unplugged Solo Acoustic Support Level: Thrasher's Wheat 2015 Supporters (folks who supported TW last year*)

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Choose your support level and we'll ship as soon as we can!

Unplugged Solo Acoustic Support Level: $35.00 USA & $40.00 International/Non-USA
Plugged Electric Support Level: $40.00 USA & $45.00 International/Non-USA

(* In order to qualify for the Unplugged Solo Acoustic Support Level price, you must have made a donation -- in any amount -- to Thrasher's Wheat during the calendar year 2015. It's our way of saying Thank you!)

To support Thrasher's Wheat 20th Anniversary T-Shirt, donate securely using PayPal by clicking the DONATE button below.. Only your credit card is necessary to apply directly & securely. No PayPal account setup is necessary.

Only your credit card is necessary to apply directly & securely. No PayPal account setup necessary. (NOTE: Any excess donations will be contributed to helping The Bridge School, Farm Aid, Musicares, and other worthy causes.)

Your donation must include shipping address, including country. Also, include your T-shirt size (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large (XL) or Extra Extra Large (XXL)). NOTE: Please add $5 for Extra Large (XL) or Extra Extra Large (XXL) sizes. Specify shirt size in the "Instructions to merchant" field after entering $ amount and before confirming purchase. All orders must be submitted by March 4. Shipment delivery estimate of late April/early May.

Feel free to get in touch with us on any questions at .

This is really all about you guys & gals out there -- our loyal and faithful readers here on Thrasher's Wheat, our radio listeners and the entire Neil Young fan community.

Don't be denied!

Rusties Ascend to Shoreline for 2015 International Rust Fest Bridge Concerts
(w/ T-shirt designer Geoff @ Silver Moon Graphics and TW Tour Manager Hounds That Howell)

peace & love,
thrasher & thrashette

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Friday, February 05, 2016

"The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young" by author Martin Halliwell

Here is a rather excellent essay by author Martin Halliwell which explores Neil Young’s long-running fascination with dreams.

From The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young by author Martin Halliwell:
Dreams for Young are sometimes a puzzle to solve and at other times a new geography to explore, corresponding to the two dominant dream theories of the 1960s: the Freudian theory in which dreams are a working through of repressed psychic matter; and the existential humanist view of dreams as an alternative topography. Dreaming is rarely a doorway to the state of lost innocence for which Young yearns in “Sugar Mountain,” but it has the capacity to transport the singer and the listener elsewhere. Through the act of dreaming Young can drift purposefully, pulling together sounds, images and colours in creative ways, and can explore the twists and turns of the unconscious where one image blurs with the next. The nature of dreams means that their shape keeps morphing. This can lead the dreamer towards deeper meaning, but can also drift away into impressions and noise. At times Young searches for direction–such as the quest on his 2007 track “Spirit Road” to discover the “long highway” within — and at other times escapes from meaning into a play of imagery and sound.

We can identify this second trend in one of Young’s early dream songs, “Broken Arrow.” This six-minute coda to the second Buffalo Springfield album Buffalo Springfield Again seems to be inspired by the early-summer release of The Beatles’ concept album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, leading Young to incorporate crowd noises from a Beatles concert and the opening distorted snippet of a live performance of “Mr Soul,” sung by drummer Dewey Martin. Despite its musical variety there is little input from the band, except for backing vocals by Richie Furay, added after Young had recorded the song in September 1967. Its power stems from Young’s sound experiments and the visually arresting figure of a Native American standing alone on a riverbank with an empty quiver. This image of the ‘vanishing Indian’ with a broken arrow suggests either surrender to an unstoppable force or an offering of peace. What makes this a mysterious image is that there is no discernible enemy in sight; instead the verses describe a triad of social pressures (fame, adolescence and marriage) as if modern social organization has defeated the nobility of the Native American.

The question “did you see him in the river?” incorporates the listener in a historical story in which nature is replaced by social ritual. This transition is reinforced by the river imagery, which seems more urban than rural and permits the figure no room to flourish. The complex phrasing that Young uses to describe the unarmed Native American is developed in the song’s structure, where forward movement is interrupted by sound snippets: the burst of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the end of the first verse, the military drums in the second and the closing lounge jazz suggest that the Native American’s voice is difficult to hear beneath layers of cultural sediment. But the subjects of each verse also find it hard to sustain their stories: the concert audience waits expectantly outside in the rain; the anxious adolescent “hangs up his eyelids” and the king and queen vanish in the midst of a wedding parade. Each new scene takes us back to the haunting image of the Native American with his broken arrow; only the fade-out heartbeat suggests that his spirit survives in the face of debilitating modern forces.

The three parts of “Broken Arrow” constitute probably the most formally arranged track of Young’s career. More often he prefers to work fluidly with themes and sensations that meld into one another, as they do on another three-part song, “Country Girl (Medley),” from CSNY’s Déjà Vu album. Taking a more domestic subject as its focus, the song is nevertheless mythical. It links back to “Broken Arrow” via the short song “Down Down Down,” which he had recorded with Buffalo Springfield but not released. This track has two moods: the first stems from the chorus of “Broken Arrow,” but with the enigmatic Native American replaced by a mysterious woman; the second mood stems from a set of unanswerable questions which Young revisits in “Country Girl.” There are echoes of “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing” in the singer’s frustrated attempt to see and think clearly, but here the questions cluster around the motives of the female figure who has committed a transgression that seems to require the singer’s forgiveness. We have seen these elements before. The woman in the river is a similar kind of beckoning figure to the “Cowgirl in the Sand” and arouses suspicions that she has been sharing her love around. But in “Down Down Down” it seems as if the singer, too, has been unfaithful or has let her down. The lyric suggests equivalence between the two, but also confusion on behalf of the singer, particularly about the sequence of events, which words have meaning and who is most to blame.
Full excerpt at The Musical Transcendence of Neil Young by author Martin Halliwell.

Also, Martin Halliwell's new book is titled Neil Young: American Traveller (Reverb).

For more on Neil Young's dreams, also see:

All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun
Flying mother nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun
Flying mother nature's silver seed
To a new home

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Comment of the Moment: Tribute to Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner: 1941 - 2016

Last week, we posted on the somewhat little known fact that The Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner co-wrote “Wooden Ships" with David Crosby and Stephen Stills. (See Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner: 1941 - 2016 ).

In response, Comment of the Moment on the tribute posting is by Mr Henry:
"For me, it all begins with listening."
--John Luther Adams

Thanks to TW for a very nice tribute to Mr. Kantner. I've been playing a lot of Airplane over the past few days; it's always great music to return to. With the bounties of the internet, there are so many more performances and outtakes, so much previously unheard music to check out.

I recall Neil saying back at the time of Ragged Glory that he's a big fan of the whole "San Francisco Sound" that (for me anyway) is embodied in the twin guitars of Paul and Jorma, the twin vocals of Grace and Marty, and the great rhythm section of Jack and Spencer. And the tour for Ragged Glory was the first time I saw Sonic Youth live--my initial fandom due in large part to how much they reminded me of Jefferson Airplane.

One of my all time favorite films is the Coen Brothers' "A Serious Man". If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you do sometime. Music from the Airplane dominates, including "Somebody To Love" which is on the soundtrack immediately after the prequel. Part of the drama involves a confiscated transistor radio, which is returned to Danny Gopnik when he makes a (very stoned) visit to see Marshak, the Zen Rabbi and head of his synagogue, as the finale and capstone of his Bar Mitvah. The scene is priceless (but the Rabbi leaves out Jack and Spencer!):

"These are the members of The Airplane!"

[ED - see embed above]

Another great (and also very stoned) scene includes The Airplane's song "Today" as a crucial element:

So thanks again to Paul for his great music and vision...Mazel Tov and "Be A Good Boy"!

"Sometimes a note will suggest just a hint of the realms of emotion that opened up to me in that moment, the sense of utter wonder, the shattering revelation."
--Peter Guralnick from "Searching For Robert Johnson"

Thanks, as always, Mr H.!


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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Kids Review Neil Young's 'After the Gold Rush': 'It kind of sounds like opera'

OK, let's take off that cynic's hat for a moment and have a nice little warm smile. :)

Watch kids review Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush" in the video above on CBC Music Kids Review.

So what were all of those silver space ships flying in the yellow haze of the sun all about anyway?

Well, way back in 1993 -- in the pre-historic days of early RUST -- some of us thought we knew a thing or 2 about
lyrics analysis of 'After the Gold Rush'. Boy, those were the days, our dear friends, that used to be...

Thanks Randy, wherever you are!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

RARE PHOTO: Neil Young in Grade 9 (1959-60)

Neil Young (last row, 2nd from right)
Grade 9, 1959-60, Lawrence Park Collegiate, Toronto
via Sharry Wilson ‏| Twitter
(Click photo to enlarge)

Here's a rare photo of Neil Young in Grade 9 (1959-60) at Lawrence Park Collegiate in Toronto, Canada via Sharry Wilson ‏| Twitter.

As everyone knows, Sharry Wilson is the author of "Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years", the definitive account of Neil's early years growing up in Canada.

(Click photo to enlarge)

Also, see Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years - Review by Broken Arrow Editor Scott Sandie and Interview: "You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile" - Neil Young's early years explored by Canadian author Sharry Wilson .

Thanks Sharry for keepin' jive alive up in T.O.!!!


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