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Sunday, August 07, 2022

REVIEW: Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers Box Set - CD Bluray Vinyl | Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks


From Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks "A look at the wonderful document of the 2019 Euro tour, sparked by sadness, culminating in a classic!" 



Thanks Davy. can't wait to spin Flowers, REAL & Blu. 

so boisterous.

More on Neil Young & Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers ...

Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

More on "Noise & Flowers" Coming in 2021: Neil Young + Promise of the REAL | NYA - UPDATED

More on The Story Behind The Album Cover "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real .

More on Sneak Preview: "Noise & Flowers" Track by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real.

  • LISTEN TO “THROW YOUR HATRED DOWN” from ‘NOISE & FLOWERS’ + VIDEO: Making of Toast "How Ya Doin?"
  • "Noise & Flowers"
    Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
      Release Date - August 5th 
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    Friday, August 05, 2022

    Comment of the Moment: "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

    "Noise & Flowers"
    Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
      Release Date - August 5th 
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    Noise & Flowers by Neil Young + Promise of the REAL -- a new live album that captures the group on their 2019 European tour was released today,  August 5th.

    Without further ado, comes the Comment of the Moment on LISTEN TO “THROW YOUR HATRED DOWN” from ‘NOISE & FLOWERS’ by the ever so intrepid Scotsman:

    Greetings all. 

    It's album release day (exciting!), so here are a few thoughts on Noise and Flowers.

    Before we talk about Noise and Flowers, though, I think we need to talk about Life and Death.

    (I know: all a bit heavy! But bear with me — we're going somewhere).

    Tonight's the Night, of course, is a record about life (and death). Sleeps With Angels is a record about life (and death). Greendale is a record about life (and death).

    No coincidence. Because wherever there's life, death is waiting in the wings.

    That's true for you and me, for the butterfly on your window ledge, and the lamb in the slaughterhouse (and the men who put her there).

    And although death is often distressing, the real problem is one of *denial*. Denial of our own mortality.

    We humans get ourselves into trouble when we act as if we are Gods: impervious to death. And we get ourselves into trouble when we're terrified and act aggressively (which traces back to a caveman-style *fear* of death).

    But if we can *accept* death, its proximity can bring out the best in us. And it inspires us to live our lives that much more vividly.

    And that's what Noise and Flowers is all about.

    The backstory:

    Elliot Roberts, Neil's friend and manager of 50 years, passed away shortly before the European tour with Promise of the Real (from summer 2019) that this album captures.

    By coincidence, one of my dearest friends was dying at the same time. I remember each day of June/July 2019 expanding in scope — seeming deeper, wider, more vivid than ever before.

    Noise and Flowers is the sound of that feeling.

    It's also the sound of Neil Young getting the very last drop of mileage out of the peak of his vocal range.

    Example: Rockin' In The Free World was at the high end of Neil's vocal range when he wrote it. And 30 years later, it's *definitely* at the high end of his vocal range. (The performance here errs between sublime and shambolic, much like All Along The Watchtower on the Road Rock album.)

    So there were lots of songs performed on this tour that didn't make the cut. Why? I think because they were "rough gems" that wouldn't have made the merciless transition from live *concert* to all-revealing live *album*.

    But many of the performances that *are* here are special ones:

    Intense, vulnerable, focused, fragile and powerful — all at the same time.

    Prior to 2019, my "scathing" assessment of Promise of the Real was that they "too often filled in the musical gaps that sound best when left unfilled".

    But the 2019 tour saw a surprise attack on the "less is more" front. It saw POTR strip away all the extra stuff: less of a collage, and more putting a metaphorical spotlight onto the man at the heart of it all.

    Being in the spotlight can be scary!

    But the spotlight is also where an artist rises to the occasion. And that's what Neil, Lukas, Micah, Anthony, Corey and Tato do on this record.

    The sound mix on Noise and Flowers is an oddity. The overall effect is like an audience bootleg tape on acid. It's a bit "lo-fi" at times. Some of the tracks have a slap-back echo effect that makes the left channel feel slightly out-of-kilter with the right. I'm not sure how I feel about it!

    As Neil puts it:

    "This music belongs to no one. It's in the air, every note was played for music's great friend, Elliot".

    The whole thing aims for that soupy, swampy, swimming-in-reverb sound that will be familiar to anyone who's ever been to an *actual* arena gig.

    Veteran readers and writers here know that I adore the authentic live sound. With that disclaimer, the sound of this record is not *always* the most sterling example of its type... it's a bit narrow, at times a touch distant. But part of that may be due to limitations of the original recordings.

    (We've also been spoilt recently with Toast, a sonic masterpiece).

    Opinion: Noise and Flowers is one of those albums that's best when nonchalantly blasted at full volume, rather than savored on bass-shy audiophile headphones.

    And hey, before you knock it (or me) as unsophisticated: TRY IT.

    Mr Soul kicks the album off with a sense of no-nonsense, "let's get down to business" swagger. F*!#in' Up concludes it with a high-octane sonic demolition job.

    In between, we have... noise and flowers. We have sweetness, lightness, gracefulness, peace, war, up-beat country rockers, mourning, palpable sadness, explosions, and a spine-chilling electric version of On The Beach.

    But mostly, we have life and death.

    With this swirling, chaotic, intense, fragile, mysterious album being the sound of a magical dimension that exists outside of either one.


    Yet again Scotsman, you have given us all much to chew on here. Actually, we have not had a chance to listen just yet. Of course, our memories will be filtered by the tours we caught with Neil + REAL, although not the Europe leg.

    We are quite looking forward to seeing the concert video. From Andrew B., comes the BluRay package with the concert locations by song.

    Bluray Tracks
    "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

    Thanks Andrew B., enjoy!

    Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

    More on "Noise & Flowers" Coming in 2021: Neil Young + Promise of the REAL | NYA - UPDATED

    More on The Story Behind The Album Cover "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real .

    More on Sneak Preview: "Noise & Flowers" Track by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real.

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    Thursday, August 04, 2022

    RARE: Neil Young Interview Broadcast in November 1982 on French TV

    Neil Young interview dans son ranch de Californie 1
    1982 French TV 
    (Click photo to enlarge)


    In response, we received the following link to a rare Neil Young interview broadcast in November 1982 on French TV. (Merci beaucoup VIP!  Continuez sur rockin dans le monde libre ! )

    The interview takes place at Broken Arrow Ranch, California and includes playback of the album TRANS

    From comment by VIP:

    Avec plaisir !

    Oddly enough, according to sugarmountain, this Annecy concert was only the second NY concert in France, after a 1976 Paris date on a european tour. Could someone confirm it ? It seems weird, since Harvest was a huge hit in France - and is still as popular as ever : French neo-folk band La Maison Tellier covered the whole album on stage last may and it was sold-out (listen to one of their covers on

    Anyway, while in the US Neil's popularity had started to fade by 1982, in France it marked a resurgence, with heavily covered concerts and his first ever interview on French TV : (other clips available at

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    Tuesday, August 02, 2022

    James Mazzeo: 1944 - 2022 (UPDATED: Statement by Neil Young)

    James "Bandit" Mazzeo - 2015 
    (Click photo to enlarge)

    James Mazzeo has passed.

    Artist James Mazzeo painted Neil Young's album cover Zuma, as well as, Greendale album cover and stage set designs. 

    We're greatly saddened here @ TW, as we had the honor & privilege to meet and speak with Mazz multiple times over the years (see below)

    Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 1975

    Artist James Mazzeo re-visited the Zuma world after 30 years


    UPDATED: Statement by Neil Young via NYA:

    The artist Mazzeo, my old friend of 52 years, passed away Tuesday morning August 2nd. He was my life friend.

    A great artist, Mazzeo defined what it is to be dedicated to your work. We had so many wonderful times together in our 52 years of friendship. Mazz was one of the first friends I made after moving to Broken Arrow Ranch in September 1970, settling there for years, and raising a family.

    Mazzeo created the album cover for Zuma, the Greendale sets and internal artwork for both the Greendale live and film productions as well as countless other projects we did. He played Earl Green in the Greendale film.

    ‘The Artist Perspective,’ one of the many things we did together, will continue in the Times Contrarian. The latest piece I recently acquired from Mazz will be hanging in our new home down in the Southland. Always the artist, Mazz was dedicated, continuing to paint throughout his time here on Earth. He was wonderful in the way he approached his art and life!

    Love you Mazz and we will all really miss you.



    Back in 2004, we revealed that artist Jim Mazzeo was the subject of Neil's Greendale song "Bandit" according to a Metroactive newspaper article by Rebecca Patt.

    Alexey Butirskiy, Jim Mazzeo and Neil Young by Gabreal Franklin
    Greendale Artist Jim Mazzeo is "The Bandit"

    The lyrics: "You're hard to reach, no one can reach you, but I can reach you" apparently refer to Mazzeo's relationship with Young.

      "And he can reach me, 'cause he's like my best friend, and he knows he can," says Mazzeo.

    Mazzeo also worked on over 140 pen-and-ink illustrations for the book of Greendale. In the interview Mazzeo said:
      "In the back, there is a really nice supplement all about me and my artwork and my biography, which is really going to be a feather in my cap when it comes out."

    "Earl Green" (James "Bandit" Mazzeo)
    via frame from "RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA


    Jim Mazzeo is well known for the cover art for the album "Zuma", as well as, the Greendale artwork for the album and tour backdrop projections. 

    Brad "More Barn" w/ Mazz - ~2011

    "Deju Blue"
    w/ James "Bandit" Mazzeo, ZUMA & Greendale Album Cover Artist - 2015

    Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts


    w/ Artist James Mazzeo
    Bridge 2011 - International Rust Festival
    On The Beach in Santa Cruz, CA
    (note TW Anniversary Button on Mazz's left lapel -
    Button Design and Production by Rusties Geoff, Dee & Tim A. Thanks!)

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    Mo Ostin: 1927 - 2022 (UPDATED: Statement by Neil Young)

    Mo Ostin: 1927 - 2022 
     via Inventing David Geffen (October 7, 2009) PBS | American Masters

    Mo Ostin (1927 - 2022) has passed.

    Mo Ostin, record executive for Reprise Records, Warner Bros. Records, was highly respected and had quite a few dealings with Neil Young over the years. 

    UPDATED: Statement by Neil Young on T-C | NYA:

    My old friend Mo Ostin has passed away.

    I am so sad that he is gone from this earth, but so happy for our life-long friendship. Mo was a hero. Supporting artists and their work all the way through his long life, Mo, the giant among Record Business leaders, backed us all up and let us do what we wanted with our music. He was always there for me and I really appreciate that. Thanks Mo.

    Without Mo, my life in music could never have been the same. Every time we put a record out, it started with me bringing it in to Mo and playing it for him and Lenny Warnoker. Playback for Mo and Lenny. This tradition continued right up to just last month when Rick Rubin and I played our latest Crazy Horse record for him at his home. We must have done that at least 40 times over the years. This last time was so special, as I sat between Mo and Lenny on his couch, listening to the new recording in his living room. Mo loved it, referring to ‘Harvest Moon’ and other records we had made together between songs while the record played. Michael Ostin, Mo’s wonderful son, was with us that day as always making sure everything was good.

    Mo’s passing at 95 has touched me in a deep way, as I realize how fortunate i was to have him and Elliot Roberts at my side. They are both gone now, but their spirits will never be gone.

    Thank you Mo. You are a champion for the creative artists who made music during your time. Now you can be with Evelyn and listen to Harvest Moon.


    As noted previosly, a rather significant announcement, PBS American Masters Archive Releases 1,000+ Hours of Uncut, Never-Before-Seen Interviews: Patti Smith, David Bowie, Neil Young, Mo Ostin & more. 


    David Geffen, Elliot Roberts, & Neil Young
    Frame from  'Inventing David Geffen': American Masters

    From the unaired interview with Mo "The Sleaze" Ostin, Warner Bros Executive, (listen to song "Surfer Joe And Moe the Sleaze") on working with Geffen and his clients, Neil Young and his manager Elliot Roberts. (Ed. note, unedited raw transcript @ ~2:43:00) (See PBS for full, raw unaired interview & transcript)

    Mo Ostin:  [Geffen] sued Neil [Young] because he thought that Neil wasn't making commercial records.

    [Geffen] was so intense and so passionate about having successful records. That he might have become myopic, you know? And Neil turned in a record that [Geffen] thought was not commercial. And he was paying him [Young] a huge advance. And [Geffen] thought "I shouldn't be paying that kind of advance for the records he's delivering."

    And he told Neil to make another record. I don't know whether Neil made an effort at that or not. But Neil continued to record.

    I guess he didn't feel Neil was making the change. And so he stopped funding the record. And sued him.

    Interviewer: How do you think that a move like that affected his image in the music business?

    Mo Ostin: You know, Neil was revered. And musically respected, not only on the critical level, but by all of his musical peers. [The lawsuit] could not have sat well with them.

    Interviewer I mean, how do you think what David did affected his image? I'm dumbfounded he'd do that.

    Mo Ostin: I guess he didn't think about it. I mean, I guess he was just so involved. Having realized that he had been losing money. He hated the idea of losing money, including other people's money. He never wanted to lose money.

    And there was these jokes going on about the Titanic, who had a better band, you know, that kind of stuff.

    And so, you know, I think he just was doing everything he possibly could to rectify and right the ship


    Interviewer: A number of people have told us that there's one thing that David Geffen probably regrets most is suing Neil Young.

    Mo Ostin: Yeah. And I believe that they made up.

    That's also what's great about him [Geffen] is the fact that he owns up to his mistakes.

    In December 2012, PBS | American Masters broadcast the documentary film "Inventing David Geffen. American Masters: Inventing David Geffen is "an unflinching portrait of Geffen, who narrates his unorthodox rise from working class Brooklyn boy to billionaire entertainment power broker in extensive interviews."

     Neil Young - November 29, 2011
    'Inventing David Geffen'PBS | American Masters
    Elliot Roberts - July 22, 2009
    'Inventing David Geffen' PBS | American Masters
    (Also, see Elliot Roberts Uncut, Never-Before-Seen Interview | 'Inventing David Geffen' | PBS American Masters Archive)

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    Saturday, July 30, 2022

    SUPER RARE PHOTO: Neil Young - Annecy, France - 1982

    Neil Young
     Annecy, France - 1982
    Photo by Gilles Bascop


    This rare Neil Young photo in  Annecy, France (1982) by Gilles Bascop really kind of says it all.


    Per our Twitter post asking "Anyone know the story here?", WoodyWood75 replied with details on the photographer Gilles Bascop.

    Other details on whether this kid just wandered onto stage or something else are unknown.

    Maybe Neil Young will remember that a little French boy needs him around anyhow?


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    LISTEN TO “THROW YOUR HATRED DOWN” from ‘NOISE & FLOWERS’ + VIDEO: Making of Toast "How Ya Doin?"

    "Noise & Flowers"
    Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
      Release Date - August 5th 
    (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking  this link . Thank you!!!)

    Available for Pre-Order now and Out AUG. 5 Neil Young + Promise Of The Real announce a new live album, Noise & Flowers, that captures the group in all their glory on their 2019 European tour. The release will be accompanied by a similarly titled concert film that’s included in the album’s 2xLP+CD+Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, and as a stand-alone Blu-Ray disc. 

    Neil Young writes on NYA:

    ‘NOISE AND FLOWERS’ is a record made just after the passing of my life - long manager and best friend, Elliot Roberts.

    Promise of The Real and I had a tour planned of Europe. D and I were in the bus, on our way to New York to catch a plane to Europe . . . . when we got the call. After returning to the funeral for our beloved Elliot, we got on a plane and left for the tour.

    During the tour, we had a poster of Elliot on a road case, right where he always stood during all shows. Everyone who was with us felt that this tour was amazing for its great vibe. The REAL and I delivered for Elliot.

    Neil Young + Promise of the REAL

    More on "Noise & Flowers" Coming in 2021: Neil Young + Promise of the REAL | NYA - UPDATED

    More on The Story Behind The Album Cover "Noise & Flowers" by Neil Young + Promise of the Real .

    More on Sneak Preview: "Noise & Flowers" Track by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real.

    Also, a new video has been posted on NYA  | Hearse Theater of the making of Toast "How Ya Doin?".

    Toast - How Ya Doin'?
    Directed by John O'Neill
    Running time: 22m34s
    Produced by Bernard Shakey & Gary Ward / Edited by Rachel Simmer

     More on "TOAST" & "Are You Passionate?" ...

    Neil Young Unreleased 2001 Album w/ Crazy Horse 
    (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking  this link . Thank you!!!)

     Also, see:


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