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Friday, August 22, 2014

Field of Dreams: A First Look at "Harvest the Hope" Cornfield Concert Venue - KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA

Heartland #NoKXL (Keystone XL pipeline)

(Click photo to enlarge)

A Field of Dreams... build it and they will come.

KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports

From Farmer will host two music icons for benefit concert in northeas - KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports:

Just over a month from now, music legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young will come to northeast Nebraska to help aid the fight against the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Project.

Neligh farmer Art Tanderup has not been shy when it comes to statements against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Last year he created the "#No KXL" crop art on his 160 acre farm, and now his farmstead will host music legends Neil Young and Willie Nelson for a music festival next month for the group Bold Nebraska.

Art Tanderup, Neligh farmer said, “Needless to say it is very exciting. I never dreamed anything like this would ever happen. Every morning when I get up I pinch myself and say is this for real or did I just have a dream?”

News of the once in a lifetime concert has spread quickly through the town of Neligh. Within minutes both hotels in town are sold out that weekend, and have stopped taking calls. Neligh's Economic Development Director says the sold out rooms give you an idea of the impact this concert is already having in town.

Greg Ptacek, Neligh Economic Development Director said, “We are trying to capitalize on maybe having some organizations do fundraiser's to catch some breakfast crowd before they get out to the farm ground.”

Ptacek says he is working on getting extra camping spaces secure for the concert as well as getting supplies need out to Tanderup's farm. Proceeds from the concert will go to Bold Nebraska and the fight against the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. Bold Nebraska Executive Director hopes the impact makes its way to Washington DC.

Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska said “I really do hope that the concert, Harvest the Hope, first and foremost sends a message to President Obama that we are still fighting this pipeline very strongly in Nebraska.”

Harvest the Hope will be held Saturday September 27 from 1-5pm. To learn more about concert, visit the website

WHAT: "Harvest the Hope Concert" featuring Neil Young & Willie Nelson
WHY: Benefit for Bold Nebraska, IEN and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 27 at 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: The farm of Art & Helen Tanderup, near Neligh, NE

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photo of the Moment: Neil Young asks "Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth"?

Neil Young
Zollhafen / Nordmole, Mainz, Germany 28 July 2014
Photo by Takahiro Kyono | Flickr
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Photo of the Moment is Neil Young in Mainz, Germany on 28 July 2014 asking the essential question "Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth"? (thanks Roel for the meme!)

The answer? "We are."

"We're The Ones We've Been Waiting For"
Gulf of Mexico Coast - Summer 2010

More answers for "Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth?" here, here, here, here, here, here and here ... or at least a few starting points...


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Neil Young & Willie Nelson: "Harvest the Hope Concert", Sept. 27 in Neligh, NE

WHAT: "Harvest the Hope Concert" featuring Neil Young & Willie Nelson
WHY: Benefit for Bold Nebraska, IEN and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 27 at 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: The farm of Art & Helen Tanderup, near Neligh, NE

Willie Nelson and Neil Young will headline a concert in September in a Nebraska cornfield organized by opponents of a proposed pipeline that would carry oil from Canada south to the Gulf Coast.

Tickets for the benefit concert will go on sale Wednesday, Aug. 20 online via

From bh @ (in Memory of The Baron Rouge):
Neligh, Nebraska — Two music legends — Neil Young and Willie Nelson — will perform a benefit concert Sept. 27 on a farm near Neligh, Nebraska that is on the route of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and also crosses the historic Ponca Tribe "Trail of Tears."

Proceeds from the "Harvest the Hope" concert will go to Bold Nebraska, Indigenous Environmental Network and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance, to fund the ongoing fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as a number of small, community-based clean energy projects on farms and tribal lands. The daytime, outdoor concert will take place in a field on a farm owned by the Tanderup family, who are part of a strong collective of Nebraska landowners refusing to sell their land to TransCanada for the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline.

Art and Helen Tanderup are part of the "Cowboy & Indian Alliance," a group of farmers, ranchers and tribal members united in their desire to protect land and water, and in their opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. This spring, the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma partnered with the "CIA" to hand-plant several acres of sacred Ponca corn on the Tanderup farm — the tribe's ancestral homeland — where it will be harvested this fall for the first time since the Ponca people were forced out of Nebraska 137 years ago.Last fall, the same land also became home to the world's largest living crop art installation, when artist John Quigley collaborated with Art Tanderup to create an image the size of 80 football fields featuring the Cowboy & Indian Alliance icon along with the words "Heartland #No KXL."

"Our family has worked this land for over 100 years. We will not allow TransCanada to come in here and destroy our land and water for their profit," said Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup. "The Heartland is more than a place, it's our home. We hope Americans from across the country join us to Harvest the Hope and stop the Keystone XL pipeline.""Farmers, ranchers and tribes that have been standing up to TransCanada are rock stars in my eyes," said Bold Nebraska director Jane Kleeb. "Now we will have the honor to have music legends Neil Young and Willie Nelson stand with us against this risky pipeline that threatens our water and our livelihoods. It is our hope that Pres. Obama in the end stands with us over Big Oil.

"In addition to sets from Neil Young and Willie Nelson, the "Harvest the Hope" concert will also feature performances by Frank Waln, a Native American hip-hop artist from the Rosebud Sioux tribe, and the "Stopping the Pipeline Rocks All-Stars," a collection of local Nebraska artists who performed on a benefit album recorded inside the clean energy-powered barn built by Bold Nebraska and volunteers on land directly in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline last year, near York, Nebraska.The event will also be a "Get Out the Vote" effort by Bold Nebraska, which is aiming to help elect candidates in November who give a damn about protecting our land and water.

Tickets for the benefit concert will go on sale Wednesday, Aug. 20 online via

The "Harvest the Hope" concert is being produced locally by 1% Productions in partnership with Bold Nebraska.
Heartland #NoKXL (Keystone XL pipeline)
(Click photo to enlarge)

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Yet Again, Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming

"Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice."
  Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, 1849

In case you might have missed it, Governor Nixon of Missouri has called out the state's National Guard unit to Ferguson, Missouri, in an attempt to restore order after the latest police "brutality" incident.

Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming, sadly, once again.

From Welcome Back to Pottersville: Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming by jurassicpork:
[Henry David Thoreau,] the New England transcendentalist and abolitionist who once famously said, "That government is best which governs least" would've been apoplectic had he seen what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.

He definitely would've gone over the edge on hearing that [Missouri Governor] Jay Nixon, in an eerie reprisal of Kent State, had signed an executive order sending the National Guard to Ferguson and Florissant to oppose the largely peaceful protesters. Indeed, his executive order reads exactly like Orwellian boilerplate, with all the blame being cast on the civilians who have no weapons and have killed no one and even having the gall to invoke Mike Brown's name to restore order. You know, the Mike Brown who was murdered by a St. Louis County cop named Darren Wilson who didn't even know Brown was a suspect in a petty robbery and sparked off this massive, growing civil disobedience.

     Anyone even tangentially and obliquely familiar with his work could accurately anticipate the horror with which Thoreau would've viewed the reports coming out of Missouri. By today's standards and the rigid, ideological divisions of today, he would've been considered an odd duck: The man who'd famously built a cabin in Lincoln and lived among the flora and fauna, fighting tirelessly for the environment was America's proto-hippie. But there was another side to Thoreau who just as famously concluded that all governments are corrupt and, at best, were no more moral, just or legitimate than the free will of every and any individual.
More from Welcome Back to Pottersville: Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming.

"Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago."

- "Ohio" by Neil Young

Students and National Guard Clash at Kent State, Ohio - May 4, 1970

Also, see 40 Years Since 4 Dead in Ohio: Kent State Massacre Remembered.

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RECAP: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Colmar, France, 2014-08-08

Here's a brief recap of the final date of the Europe 2014 tour of Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Colmar, France at Foire aux Vins de Colmar on 2014-08-08 (French yet still of interest).

NEIL YOUNG 2014-07-21, Collisioni Festival, Barolo, Italy Photo by Antonio Belli (Click photo to enlarge)

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We've been thrilled to share the love and give away Neil Young concert tickets, books, posters, magazines and all sorts of other stuff. But the best of all is sharing what we call Neil Stories -- those which "emotionally resonate" with us all and make it such a joy to be part of the community of global rust.

Truly one the greatest highlights in the 18 years of Thrasher's Wheat existence was -- without a shred of doubt -- was taking Thrasher's Wheat Radio on to Europe last summer for the Neil Young & Crazy Horse Alchemy Tour.

Thrasher's Wheat Radio Supporters Go To Europe
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As you may recall, earlier this year, we had Some Good News and Not So Good News. Essentially, Thrasher's Wheat last it's advertising partnership and the source of the majority of funding for running the Thrasher's Wheat blog.

But we harvest on here at Thrasher's Wheat undeterred because we have a job to do. So we formally invite you to join us in this venture: Support our blog, engage with us, and make your participation and support a reality. Find a level that suits you and slip into the groove.

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Uwe "Computer Age" - Rockin In The Free World
White House, Washington, DC

Photo by Hounds That Howell

Donations are the only model we can see as we look ahead at the media landscape that faces us. Without a corporate sell-out (that would limit our independence) and without a mega patron (ahem... who would likely impose opinions and views while probably also staking out No-Go areas of speech) we simply cannot continue onwards toward the New Media Paradigm we’ve become. In addition to this blog, we also have Twitter and Facebook stream feeds, as well as an email list all requiring daily maintenance.

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Berlin - 2013

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Hamburg, Germany, June 2013

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There is widespread and always-growing concern about the inability of blogging endeavors to find a sustainable financial model, particularly with the ever expanding Internet. But we think the Internet has highlighted one of the best ways to enable independent blogging: through reader support. This is not a brand new approach, nor is it one confined to smaller outlets. But for us, this is the model that permits us to engage in the optimal form of independent blogging and generally maintain independence.

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Sandy & Tami
The Arkansas Girls
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Words, such as these, by the oh-so delightfully handled ShittyHorse:
Thrasher, what you provide to us Neil Fanatics is truly invaluable.

I visit other "Neil Sites", and Thrasher's Wheat is by far my favorite, not to diminish others, just my personal preference. You've created a strong community here, where Neil fans can talk everything Neil- from news and events to albums, songs, concerts, personal experiences and feelings, band members and other musicians, but most of all you give us a place to gather, to show our numbers, and be with others who truly understand why Neil's music touches us in such a profound and meaningful way.

I think it's safe to say that we all, even the most critical fans, appreciate the hard work and dedication that you and Thrashette put into this site. Times are tough, which is why your site and others like it become more and more important- it provides a much needed escape at times, entertainment, information and always puts a smile on my face. Even Neil Young himself has recognized the importance of Thrasher's Wheat.

You are part of Neil history and, in turn, Rock n' Roll History.

From here on I'd say any definitive book written on Neil's life and career would be lacking if missing a Thrasher's Wheat reference- you've been a liaison between the fans and the man himself. What you do is important and appreciated. Never loose heart.

I've made a large purchase this morning on Amazon through this site, as I always try to do, which I hope helps out. Of course it is a small thing, but if all your readers did this same, one small thing I'm sure it would help out a lot.

Again, thank you for your hard work, and devotion, not only to Neil but also his fans.

Happy Holidays to you and Thrashette!
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Author Dave Zimmer
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Be the wheat.
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"Keep on bloggin'
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The batteries dead
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- "Fork In the Road"

ps - it keeps us searchin' for the vista and the muse. We won't Be Denied!

Paris - 2013


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

FILM TRAILER: Human Highway - Director's Cut + TONIGHT: Thrasher's Wheat Radio Hour

Human Highway (Director's Cut) Trailer from Shakey Pictures on Vimeo.

Here's the film trailer for Human Highway. As we blogged recently, Neil Young's film Human Highway will have the director's cut version premiere at Toronto International Film Festival | in September. "Neil Young's mind-bending 1982 post-apocalyptic musical comedy, in which the rock legend writes, directs and stars alongside an eclectic and eccentric cast including Dean Stockwell, Russ Tamblyn, Dennis Hopper and Devo."

Neil Young as Lionel
(Click photo to enlarge)

Tonight, Saturday, August 16 at 9:00 PM EST, (~2 hours from now) the Thrasher's Wheat Radio Hour from will be streaming.

Tonight's edition will feature concert highlights from the just completed Europe tour, dicsussion and news.

Tune in details and podcast info @ Thrashers Wheat Radio Hour.

Thrasher's Wheat Radio
Tune in on, Saturdays @ 9P EST

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Arcade Fire Cover Neil Young’s* “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” in Winnipeg Last Night

Arcade Fire covered Danny Whitten's “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” last night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
A fitting tribute to Winnipeg's Neil. (*Though Neil Young did get a secondary writing credit for contributing the "Sure enough they'll be selling stuff ..." verse - Thanks Anon!)

Not sure about the paper mâché heads tho?

Also, see Neil Young emphasizes what’s missing on “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” | The A.V. Club.

Remembering Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry...

Neil Young's 1975 "Tonight's The Night" is considered to be his 'darkest' album - both literally and figuratively - and the last of the "Ditch Trilogy" (along with Times Fade Away and On The Beach). The album explores the depth of Neil's pain over the heroin overdose deaths of Crazy Horse's Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry.


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Willie for a Nobel!

Willie Nelson for Nobel Peace Prize
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