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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Photo of the Moment: "Namaste" - Neil Young + Promise Of The Real, Telluride, Colorado - 10/1/16

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real
Telluride, Colorado - 10/1/16

Photo by thrasher
(Click photo to enlarge)

The Photo of the Moment is "Namaste" from Neil Young + Promise Of The Real concert in Telluride, Colorado, on October 1, 2016 by this blog's Editor-in-Chief, Principal Photographer, Spell Checker Liaison and Spam Blocker/Troll Slayer Department Lead.

The photo was snapped from the rail at the conclusion of the 2 day concert run in Telluride, Colorado which we were privileged to experience. As Neil gazed down on the crew of "Rusties on the Rail" -- which stretched from one end of the stage to the other in kaleidescope of psychedelic colors -- the rusties signaled their approval with "Namaste". To which he looked out at us and returned the favor, as seen above.

(Incidentally, something we didn't notice at the time, Lukas appears to have slipped a mask on and off during the encore bow. Anyone who can tell who the mask was?)

"There is a town in North Colorado..."

It was a "Rustie Telluride Town Takeover" as Neil Young fans from around the world doubled the off-season ski town's population. Everywhere was a song and celebration.

It was a weekend filled with paradoxes -- in more ways then one. As we found out during the concerts, Daryl Hannah was directing a film with Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson, using the town as a backdrop for a retro Western "loud poem".

w/ Paul

PARADOX Film Scene Location
w/ Hounds That Howell & Shaka Geoff
Down by the Waterfall

Photo by Expecting To Fly

Taking Ski Chairlift to Concert

"Are You Ready for The Rail?"
Rusties Down in the Pit

"After The Goldrush"

"After The Goldrush"
Golden Light on The Rockies

"Heart of Gold"

"Heart of Gold"
Fading Light Hits Golden Aspens

"Mother Earth"

Band Meeting on Next Song from Setlist

Thanks to all the rusties who helped create this magical weekend high up in the Colorado Rockies.

For more, see Neil Young + Promise Of The Real Concert in Telluride, Colorado, October 1, 2016 and
PARADOX: Daryl Hannah directs a film with Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

REVIEW: 'Paradox' Premiere @ SXSW - Film Directed by Daryl Hannah w/ Neil Young + Promise Of The Real

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young
SXSW Film Festival - Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
March 15, 2018

PARADOX, the Daryl Hannah directed Shakey Pictures film featuring Neil Young + Promise Of The Real with Willie Nelson, premiered last night at the SXSW Film Festival at the Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX.

By all accounts, it was a "trip".

From Neil Young Premieres Trippy New Film 'Paradox' at SXSW | Rolling Stone by David Fear:
"We made this in the spirit of lighthearted fun," Daryl Hannah said, staring out into crowd packed in to Austin's Paramount Theater. "So we hope you can relax your brains." A mellowed-out frontal lobe is pretty much a prerequisite for Paradox, the actor-turned-filmmaker's free-form collaboration with boyfriend Neil Young and his backing band Promise of the Real that the couple premiered at SXSW last night. Shot on both Super 8 and on Hannah's phone over four days in the Rockies between tour dates (and while everybody adjusted to the high altitude), it's a funny, trippy homemade project that's part performance movie and part pleasantly buzzed daydream. You could dig through its pastoral images and pulp-Western playin' around for messages if you wanted, but essentially, it's an off-hours riff designed to channel Young's opening line from Tonight's the Night's "Speakin' Out": "I went to the movie the other night/The plot was groovy, it was out of sight."


The whole shebang is one lovely lark, "a labor of love," Young said during the postscreening Q&A. "Well ... not a lot of labor." The rock star was in fine wisecracking form, joking that the soundtrack was "probably coming out 26 minutes from now" (it's out March 23rd, the same day that Netflix will begin streaming the movie, FYI) and pretending to take a call. "Bernard Shakey is on the phone," he told the audience, referring to the directorial pseudonym he used for 1982's Human Highway and 2003's Greendale, both distant cousins to Paradox. "That's a piece of wood," Hannah replied. No less than two fans told Young that their fathers were so excited that they were asking him questions. One woman kept thanking him for his music. Everyone seemed stoked to simply be there.

"I'd like to make a real movie some day," Hannah said, and as the folks onstage and in the audience began laughing, she quickly added, "No offense guys. Just y'know, something with a crew and a budget." As for now, she's made something that's perfect for, in the words of the Man in the Black Hat, "smoke a beer, sip a joint to." That's no small feat. Paradox is custom-built for dipping into at random, a series of strolling contradictions that somehow make sense when you meet it on its own sly, stoned level. It's not for everyone, but it doesn't need to be. It could not be more perfectly titled.
Full review at Neil Young Premieres Trippy New Film 'Paradox' at SXSW | Rolling Stone by David Fear.

As previously reported, will stream the film globally on 23 March, the same day as the release of the movie's soundtrack.

Director: Daryl Hannah
w/ Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson
(Click photo to enlarge)

Also, see interview at Our SXSW conversation with Neil Young about ‘Paradox,’ his archives and more | American-Statesman/Austin360 by Peter Blackstock.

Here is the new trailer for the film "PARADOX" directed by Daryl Hannah with Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

INTERVIEW: Neil Young on ‘Paradox' film @ SXSW | American-Statesman/Austin360

Neil Young @ SXSW 2014

From Our SXSW conversation with Neil Young about ‘Paradox,’ his archives and more | American-Statesman/Austin360 by Peter Blackstock:
American-Statesman/Austin360: How did you assemble the material for the film?

Neil Young: The instrumental passages we did were all written for this film. Three songs — “Peace Trail” and “Pocahontas” and the long instrumental of “Cowgirl” (1969’s “Cowgirl in the Sand”), those are old songs obviously, although “Peace Trail” is only a year old. “Diggin’ in the Dirt” we wrote that for this, Lukas and Micah and I. And of course Willie’s song “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” sung by Lukas, is maybe the highlight, a classic. It’s like these two guys (Lukas and Micah) are American treasures, both of them. They’re continuing on the work their dad has done so well for so many years. It’s a beautiful thing.

You must have known them since they were little kids. At one point did you realize, hey, these guys might be good for my band?

The first time I remember thinking that is, Willie and I were standing onstage at Farm Aid in Milwaukee, maybe eight years ago, something like that. Lukas was playing, and it was just the (Promise of the Real) trio, and it was amazing. It was just stunningly great. And I was just standing there with Willie and saying, “You must feel great about this, to see those guys out there.” It’s just always felt good to see them. Now I’m playing with them, and they’re fantastic. It’s like they know: They’re in the river, they know the flow. They inherently know, and they have no fear. All those guys in that band, nobody has any fear. They’re not concerned with anything more than music. They know nothing to be scared of; they’re not trying to prove anything.

Lukas has said that his priority is playing with you, but he’s getting really good on his own and had a big record last year. How do you balance the needs of your band with your desire to encourage his own work?

I want him to do everything that he wants to do. And as soon as I’m ready to go out and play a tour, I’m hopeful that they’ll be ready to go, too. Right now I haven’t got the new music that I need to go out and play a tour, a Neil Young tour. I need to have a bunch of new songs, because it gives me something to get my teeth into. And then the (older) songs will hang off of them. And they hang on for dear life, those songs. But I can’t do it without the new songsm so I have to wait for the new songs to come.

You’ve done music-and-film projects before. Was “Paradox” different?

It’s just a continuation of music. We made the music that we felt like making. We knew we had a couple of scenes that we should create some themes for, and so we did them. In one case, we borrowed heavily from one of my existing songs to make a new musical track, and make an instrumental out of one of my old melodies. Another couple of songs are jam songs where we just went with the flow; we didn’t think about it much. Everything was so much fun. I mean, the drumming on one of those —is insane. Tato (Melgar) and Anthony (LoGerfo) had all these drums, the’re all banging away in the studio, and we’re just going nuts. On another one, I took my harp and I said (to the band), “You play the melody to ‘Love and Only Love,’ and I’ll play my harp and feed back through my amp.” And everybody just keep playing, and we’ll just keep playing that for a long time. We had a great time; it was fun.
Fill interview at Our SXSW conversation with Neil Young about ‘Paradox,’ his archives and more | American-Statesman/Austin360 by Peter Blackstock.

Here is the new trailer for the film "PARADOX" directed by Daryl Hannah with Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson.

As previously reported, will stream the film globally on 23 March, the same day as the release of the movie's soundtrack.

Director: Daryl Hannah
w/ Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson
(Click photo to enlarge)

More on Cover & Track Listing: PARADOX Soundtrack Album - Neil Young + Promise Of The Real, April 20 Release.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TRAILER: PARADOX Film Directed by Daryl Hannah w/ Neil Young + Promise Of The Real

Here is the new trailer for the film "PARADOX" directed by Daryl Hannah with Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson.

As previously reported, will stream the film globally on 23 March, the same day as the release of the movie's soundtrack.

Director: Daryl Hannah
w/ Neil Young + Promise Of The Real & Willie Nelson
(Click photo to enlarge)

More on Cover & Track Listing: PARADOX Soundtrack Album - Neil Young + Promise Of The Real, April 20 Release.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gary Burden: 1933 - 2018

"Best Art Direction on a Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package"
Jenice Heo, Gary Burden and Neil Young

Grammy Award Pre-telecast Ceremony, Los Angeles, Jan 31, 2010
Photo by Matt Sayles/Associated Press

Gary Burden, music album designer, long time collaborator and "friend for life" of Neil Young, has passed away. Gary was 84, according to a statement by Neil Young.

Gary Burden -— who is best known for designing some of rock’s most iconic album covers, including Young’s On the Beach and Joni Mitchell’s Blue -— has known and worked closely with Young for decades. In 2010, Neil Young won his first Grammy Award for best art direction on a boxed or special limited edition package by Gary Burden and Jenice Heo for the boxed set “Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963-1972).”


From a statement by Neil Young:
"My friend for life, Gary was my art director, creating album covers with me for almost 50 years, beginning with After the Gold Rush and ending with Paradox and Roxy, my next two albums.

I still have some covers for unreleased albums that we made together. They are coming. We probably made 40 covers. I lost count. In the last twenty, thirty or so years, Gary has worked alongside his talented and beautiful wife, Jenice, at R. Twerk & Co, as we have continued on a life-time of making album covers, laughing, loving acoustic music and so many other things. My heart is heavy."
(See more on Full statement by Neil Young on death of Gary Burden.)

In an exclusive interview on Human with Gary Burden of R.Twerk & Co., the artist, art director, and designer talks about his journey along the Human Highway.

Gary Burden
Apple Presentation
(Click photo to enlarge)

Here's an interesting snippet:
Q: Besides the archives, a favorite Neil album design of yours?

Gary Burden: My favorite album cover that I have made, ever, is Neil Young’s “On the Beach.” This cover is loaded with information! From the styles of clothing and objects to the Coors can to the headline of the newspaper of the day of the photo shoot.

My final “gift” to the viewer/consumer was printing the tacky floral designs inside the sleeve.

That one blew the mind of the record company. Not in a good way!
(Complete interview on Human with Gary Burden.)

"On The Beach" -- the final link of Neil Young's Ditch Trilogy -- is considered by many fans to be one of his best and their most favorite of all Neil Young album covers and artwork. Designed by Gary Burden, photographed by Bob Seideman, and graphic lettering by Rick Griffin, the cover is quite enigmatic with a Cadillac car fin jutting from the sand like a crashed rocket being buried by time. A shoeless Neil stares out into the ocean near a forlorn potted palm. A jaunty yellow beach umbrella matches Neil's jacket. The yellow theme is even continued with a Coors beer can on the table. Inside the album, things become even more crpytic with the album's liner notes.

10 Gary Burden Album Cover Designs:
(Thanks !)

1. Neil Young - On The Beach
2. Neil Young - Time Fades Away
3. David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name
4. The Eagles - One Of These NIghts
5. Neil Young - Mirror Ball
6. Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk
7. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu
8. Neil Young - Dreamin' Man
9. The International Harvesters - A Treasure
10. Crosby, Stills, Nash - Crosby, Stills, Nash

From Gary Burden's website -- which has a wealth of details on the making of NYA -- here are a few snippets:
"It may have been 20 years in the making but it was one of the most enjoyable and collaborative projects I've ever worked on.

I have been working with Neil on album covers since his release of After the Gold Rush in 1970. I would listen in on Neil's recording sessions, I mean really listen to the music, and most of the time the music will tell me what the design wants to be. I'd present my ideas to Neil, and he'd give me his own ideas and feedback, and we would incorporate both into the album design.

Neil is a prolific writer and a has great vision. It's nice to collaborate with someone that doesn't do design, they see beyond the boundaries we put on ourselves and push us further. Neil doesn't understand the concept of "we can't do that," and his ideas almost always end up being right.

Neil had the idea for the Archives 20 years ago, back in 1989. At first, the Archive was going to be all of his work up until 1989, but as we worked with our archivist and gathered more and more material, we realized we would have to break it down into periods. We just had too rich a volume of visual material and music. When we started to think about how to present it, we quickly realized there just wasn't the kind of technology back then to fully implement Neil's vision.

We waited for CD's to come out, and then we realized that they wouldn't be what we needed. When DVD's were first introduced, we thought for sure we hit the jackpot, but even that wasn't enough. When Blu-Ray was launched we knew we had what we needed technologically to tell this story."

There are many other fascinating insights into the designing of NYA on Gary Burden's website including details on the box graphic art, the poster, the stash box, and book. Also, see YouTube video of Gary & photographer Henry Diltz discussing their work together.

In addition to recognizing Burden, his wife Jenice Heo created the box top art.

Neil Face With Hand
by Jenice Heo

Interview: Gary Burden (Album Cover Artist) on World Cafe: Sense of Place - LA

Lots of Neil comments @ ~19:00.
Travel Through Laurel Canyon With Album Cover Artist Gary Burden

Check out this video of an unusual interview today with Art Director and album cover artist Gary Burden as he takes us up and down laurel canyon and discusses his experience living there in the 60s and 70s. After meeting Mama Cass Elliot in the mid-sixties (she hired him to design her kitchen) he began to design album covers - first for The Mamas and Papas then Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Steppenwolf and many many Neil Young albums. If you are of a certain age you own his work. We drive thru Laurel Canyon where he and everybody else in the music scene, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, Frank Zappa all lived very near each other, many on Lookout Mountain. An insider’s look at Laurel Canyon.

Gary Burden: 1933 - 2018

"He was a great man and a true artist. Rest in peace my old friend."
-- Statement by Neil Young.

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