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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Comment of the Moment: Bob Dylan's "Masterpiece" Song "Murder Most Foul" + 17 Minutes of The TRUTH

"This song is a masterpiece." ~~Neil Young
Times-Contrarian | Neil Young Archives

Earlier this week, Neil Young wrote about Bob Dylan's song "Murder Most Foul" saying: "This song is a masterpiece."

The Comment of the Moment is from the post "This song is a masterpiece": Neil Young on Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul": 17 Minutes of The TRUTH by Dan:
As musical cinematic wordplay goes, this definitely falls under the label “masterpiece”.

I am conflicted about the label, as it certainly falls into the realm of opinion. Everyone has one, and rarely do we all agree. Longevity will always be one way to identify a masterpiece, and this being a relatively new release, not much time has passed. Dylan has already become a living legend by way of his prolific and inspirational output over the past several decades. Therefore his releases tend to come with much higher expectations than most of his contemporaries. As we all know; expectations are typically unrealistic when directed towards a gifted artist such as Bob Dylan, or Neil Young for that matter. Expectations sometimes have a negative impact not only on the listener but the song itself. Both Dylan and Young have been victim to unrealistic expectations. Fortunately neither one seems to be concerned about it.

I approached Murder Most Foul without any expectations, and found it to be a brilliant use of wordplay to communicate its subject matter. The musicians were able to elevate the intention with restraint and articulation. Taking its time to create a visual landscape and using a clever mixture of references to articulate not only the event itself but the emotions stirred by the event. By succeeding in combining the emotional experience and connecting it with musical references, Bob has created yet another example of his genius. The pace of the song may feel arduous to some, but for me that 17 minutes flew by as the lyrics and the delivery just drew me into Bob’s universe.

Masterpiece??? Maybe. Epic musical genre buster??? Definitely.

Thanks for the supporting arguments Dan.

"Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car
Shot down like a dog in broad daylight"

U.S. President John F. Kennedy

Whether Dylan's song "Murder Most Foul" is a "masterpiece" or "genius" is secondary to the song being the single most important artistic release statement thus far in the 21st century. Full stop and we challenge anyone to suggest another song since 2000.

For to understand the truth of Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" is to understand the truth of what happened that day in Dallas in 1963. And therefore, it is to understand the truth of virtually everything in the history of the American 20th century. JFK's assassination (a murder most foul, if ever) is literally and metaphorically "The Rosetta Stone" to untangling what has happened there, what is happening here, and what will happen later. Profound and prescient doesn't begin to come close as an understatement of the century.

Frankly, for us here at TW calling the song a true "Rosetta Stone" essentially constitutes "masterpiece" status for us by definition. Whatever you want to call the song, it is a magnificently powerful emotional song that strikes at the heart of the truth as we revealed in our initial analysis (see ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" | Why Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" Is 17 Minutes of The TRUTH). About as pure of 17 minutes of the truth anyone of this generation will ever find and hear, we are beyond stunned while deliriously delighted about what this song means to us going forward all together.

The song is pure TRUTH for those with open eyes and minds. It names names. Gives dates, locations, colors and players. The song explicitly details who did NOT kill U.S. President John F. Kennedy and obliquely references the true plotters of "The American Coup of 1963" (which we explained in detail back on the 50th anniversary in 2013).

"The day that they killed him, someone said to me, “Son,
the age of the Antichrist has just only begun.”

From Bob Dylan’s New JFK Assassination Epic Couldn’t Be More Prescient | Vulture by Craig Jenkins:
The image of a nation huddled around the radio looking for solace in times of tragedy is a mirror on the present, as American cities in lockdown wait for good news about the end of the current crisis.

We are all, for the first time in years, facing the same foe.

But we’re not all on the same page. Shoppers are hoarding precious supplies, and shops are ramping up the prices. People continue to gather in crowds in spite of orders from doctors and epidemiologists. Will this be a decade where we set aside our differences long enough to serve the greater good, or do we pry the union apart thread by thread, drunk on the myth of exceptionalism and the siren song of individualism?
From Bob Dylan’s Midnight Message to JFK’s Ghost | Dissident Voice by Edward Curtin:
While speaking the unspeakable truth about President John Kennedy’s murder might seem hopeless, it is actually a sign of great hope. For our only hope is in telling the truth, which Bob has done.

This is art, not theory, and art of a special kind since Dylan is an artist at war with his art.

His songs demand that the listener’s mind and spirit be moving as the spirit of creative inspiration moved Dylan. A close listening will force one to jump from line to line, verse to verse – to shoot the gulf – since there are no bridges to cross, no connecting links. The sound carries you over and keeps you moving forward. If you’re not moving, you’ll miss the meaning.
More on ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" | Why Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" Is 17 Minutes of The TRUTH.

The full lyrics of Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" can be found at Lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" + 74 song references + review links + sub-title lyrics video.

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken" - A Tribute to Elliot Roberts
(NOTE: Font on Neil Young's shirt matches font of "Murder Most Foul")
REVIEW: Neil Young Bob Dylan - Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland - 14 July 2019

COMMENTARY + ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan and Neil Young: Tangled Up in Blue and Out of The Black

U.S. President John F. Kennedy & His Son John F. Kennedy, Jr.
(See The Day The Music Died: 50 Years Ago Today and Why It Still Matters More Than Ever .)

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Friday, April 03, 2020

PREMIERE NOW PLAYING: 'Mind Blowing' "LIKE A HURRICANE" (encore) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Buffalo, 1991

"LIKE A HURRICANE" (encore) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York - 1991-02-16

frame via Hearse Theater | NYA

Just recently, Neil Young announced a new "Weld Series" planned for Neil Young Archives and the 2nd clip is now premiering on Hearse Theater | NYA

This Buffalo "LIKE A HURRICANE" is the 12+ minute encore and considered to be "Mind Blowing" -- even by Neil himself. This is part of the encore from the CRAZY HORSE - BUFFALO WAR MEMORIAL film, coming Sunday in its entirety to NYA. Be sure to watch last few seconds of video for a very special treat for those with eyes open to see. HINT: It shows the calm in the eye after the storm. And out comes the son.

The following comment was just posted by the ever so faithful and fearless Scotsman:
The long-awaited video of Like A Hurricane from Weld is now streaming on NYA.

One of the greatest Crazy Horse live performances ever (admittedly there are a fair few others, maybe several thousand).

If (for some strange reason) I had to pick just one officially released Crazy Horse track, this would be it.

It really is an incredible performance that just builds up to an outrageous level of intensity. Set aside 13 minutes this evening and watch it; then set aside an hour to get your breath back.

The complete Buffalo 1991 show is set for its premiere on Sunday. Stay home and enjoy it.

Previously, a "blistering" 8 minute+ "Crime in The City" version by Neil Young & Crazy Horse was screened.

As mentioned, the 1st release from the "Weld Series" will be from Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, on 1991-02-16. A preview clip was posted recently on NYA of "Campaigner" from Buffalo which indicates that this will be a performance oriented release concert as opposed to the original WELD release which contained vast amounts of audience reaction. Apparently, Manager Elliot Roberts was quite opposed to the WELD editing that favored audience over band. Neil seems to be correcting this decision by saying: "Well Elliot, you got it. Better late than never my old friend."

"Crime in The City" by Neil Young &Crazy Horse
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York - 1991-02-16

frame via Hearse Theater | NYA
(See NOW PLAYING: A "Blistering" Version of "Crime in The City" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Buffalo, 1991)

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Young@Heart Covers Buffalo Springfield’s "For What it’s Worth"

The Young@Heart singers cover Buffalo Springfield’s "For What it’s Worth". enjoy! (Thanks Mr Henry!)

From YT:
Young@Heart is still singing…responsibly from our homes! We have managed to get 16 chorus members up and running Zoom on their smartphones and computers, and 7 other people are joining by phone who are heard but not seen. Using new technology wasn’t easy; the average age of our chorus members is 83 - older than the average age of those most susceptible to this virus.

Despite technical and logistical barriers, our chorus intends to keep connecting with each other to make music - even though it might look a little different than what we’re used to. Here's an inside look at our first attempt at a Zoom rehearsal "COVIDeo," Buffalo Springfield’s "For What it’s Worth," with lead singer Robin Wolf.

Robin is joined by 14 Young@Heart singers that you see, 7 more that you don’t see, 4 tech/band members, and our director Bob Cilman. We're singing over the instrumental track recorded at one of our recent concerts. Special thanks to Dan Richardson and John Laprade for all their gracious assistance in getting our singers up and running in our virtual rehearsals!

We had to cancel our May benefit concert that usually raises $50,000 to support our rehearsals, tours, PrisonVision program, and our staff. If you want to help, you can make a donation or recurring donation here
But, we understand if you have other priorities right now.

Thanks again Mr Henry! Nice to hear from you as alwys. We'll be dropping a donation, for sure as we try and support the arts that we need now more than ever.

And who could ever forget The Significance of The Buffalo Springfield Reunion in 2011?

Buffalo Springfield - 10/23/10
Photo by Thrashette

We'll never forget The Significance of The Buffalo Springfield Reunion and feel so lucky and privileged to be present for one of the many highlights of Bridge School Benefit concerts.

Stephen Stills & Richie Furay - Buffalo Springfield
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, 1967

CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

A very good overview of the song 'For What It's Worth' by Stephen Stills with The Buffalo Springfield, listen to Podcast @ A Thousand People In The Street: 'For What It's Worth' Captured Youth In Revolt | NPR.

Protesters gather outside Pandora's Box on Nov. 12, 1966
As legend has it, Stills, disturbed by the images of police brutality from that night, wrote "For What It's Worth" in 15 minutes. Band manager Richard "Dickie" Davis was in the studio when Buffalo Springfield recorded the song.

"It was recorded in one night: vocals, overdubs, bass track, all that was done in one night," Davis says. For all that momentum, however, Stills was afraid of how the band might be typecast if the song did catch on.

"That name, 'For What It's Worth,' is the most 'aw, shucks' kind of name," Davis says. "Like, 'Oh yeah, well, here's my opinion, you don't have to listen to it.' ... He was worried about it defining the group and he didn't want that to happen."

But it did: "For What It's Worth" became an enduring hit. Whether one hears it as about the Vietnam War or the Sunset Strip, the song was for the young people caught on the front lines.

"The song was about the times," Davis says. "The protests for the Vietnam War were in play right then, and they were on Stephen's mind just as much as anything else. The song was written about the Sunset Strip, but it's bigger than that.

Freedom: Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA - November 1966
For what it's worth...

"A Thousand People In The Street" ... if only ... if only. we got the vampire blues, chrome dreams nightmares. and never, ever follow that White Rabbit. That hippie dream got capsized by a white squall.

And Future PROVES Past.

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"Don't Let It Bring You Down": Covered by Amanda Shires & Jason Isbell

An awesome cover of Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Amanda Shires & Jason Isbell @ ~12:00.

We definitely all need this cover now more than ever. Highly recommended. Amanda belts it out. Thanks Amanda.

Be sure to check out the Neil chatter after song. It'll make all the rusties smile.

Amanda Shires
Sixth & I NW Synagogue, Washington, DC - Feb 16, 2020
photo by thrashette

Amanda Shires
Sixth & I NW Synagogue, Washington, DC - Feb 16, 2020
photo by thrashette

Amanda Shires w/ Her Fans
Sixth & I NW Synagogue, Washington, DC - Feb 16, 2020
photo by thrashette


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Thursday, April 02, 2020

"This song is a masterpiece": Neil Young on Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul": 17 Minutes of The TRUTH

"This song is a masterpiece." ~~Neil Young
Times-Contrarian | Neil Young Archives

Last week, Bob Dylan's dropped the epic song "Murder Most Foul" which the Dylan community is still buzzing about -- and most likely will continue to do so for a very long time.

Neil Young says: "This song is a masterpiece." on Times-Contrarian | Neil Young Archives.

More on ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" | Why Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" Is 17 Minutes of The TRUTH.

The full lyrics of Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" can be found at Lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" + 74 song references + review links + sub-title lyrics video.

"Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car
Shot down like a dog in broad daylight"

U.S. President John F. Kennedy

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken" - A Tribute to Elliot Roberts
(NOTE: Font on Neil Young's shirt matches font of "Murder Most Foul")
REVIEW: Neil Young Bob Dylan - Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland - 14 July 2019

COMMENTARY + ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan and Neil Young: Tangled Up in Blue and Out of The Black

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Liberty + Comfort + Mercy Arrive + Eagles Soar, Wolves Retreat

Statue of Liberty & U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Comfort Arrives in New York City, March 31, 2020

Liberty and Comfort + Mercy is coming to all.

Eagles soar and The Wolves retreat.

We continue to urge disCERNment whenever separating the Wheat from the Chaff.

We are all "Children of Destiny".

Lastly, good news from Willie & Lukas!

It's 420 all this month!

If things do go dark and silent, always remember to Keep Calm, No Fear, & Keep on Rockin'. Try to enjoy the sounds of silence because the son will come up again -- brighter than ever.

peace & goodwill
ps - Because One of These Days ...

it's for The Kids, afterall ...

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Separating the Wheat From the Chaff ... or... REAL From the Fake - No April Fool's Day Joke

The Chaff Cutter by David Teniers ("The Younger")
(Click photo to enlarge)

Because while socially distancing keeps us physically safe during these troubling times, it's music that keeps us spiritually healthy.

And that's definitely no April Fool's Day joke.

A few years ago, an email arrived from our friend Vic with the attached image above of "The Chaff Cutter" by David Teniers ("The Younger") and we were immediately awestruck. David Teniers the Younger (15 December 1610 – 25 April 1690) was a Flemish artist born in Antwerp, the son of David Teniers the Elder. Producing over two thousand paintings, David Teniers the Younger was honoured as one of the greatest painters in Europe during his time.

Our friend Vic, encouraged us here at Thrasher's Wheat to keep on "separating the wheat from the chaff". Well, Vic, we plan to continue to separate the wheat from the chaff until the power goes out.

To separate the facts from the fictions.
To separate the REAL from the Fake.
To separate The Truth from the Lie.

So, behold if you will, the literal visualization of separating the wheat from the chaff. (We would like to suggest opening up the above image full size in a separate window in order to examine the painting's rich details.) It is our understanding that this passage referencing "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff" can be found in all major religious texts similar to The Golden Rule and other universal truths.

Since 1996. Almost 25 years and still going strong. And our little claim to fame has still gone unchallenged, debunked or declared "fake". Again, The Truth. We take no special honor or privilege in being more often consistently right than the so called "experts". We only ask that everyone, please use full disCERNment at all times.

Teniers the Younger's "The Chaff-cutter" depicts a scene of 17th century peasant life. From Dulwich Picture Gallery:
The man is cutting straw into fine pieces (known as chaff, which is commonly used as fodder for livestock) most likely for the white horse in the picture. A saddle bag on the ground indicates that this is a working horse, and that the man may have just returned from a journey on horseback. The horse is already grazing on some hay. We see chicken, a key source of sustenance for the peasants, wandering around in the foreground. Birds nesting in the dovecote may have been kept for their flesh and eggs. Teniers was known for his paintings of peasant scenes and this is an example of an illustration of rural life, highlighting the strong interdependence between man and beast.

DETAIL - Cutting the Wheat from the Chaff

Properly speaking, "David "The Younger" Teniers is the last representative of the great Flemish traditions of the 17th century."[1]

So what exactly might any of this wheat and chaff stuff have to do with anything at all -- much less on a Neil Young music blog?

Well, if you have a moment for some rambling readings that meander and thrash about here and there, then here you go. Down the rabbit hole... into the Land of OZ ... on through the looking glass matrix... the Black Mirror ...

Such is the synchronicity of Thrasher's Wheat. (Thanks Vic! We promise to keep it all REAL.)

Matthew 3:11-12 - "As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. "His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and *He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."

Separating the wheat from the chaff is about separating from negative thoughts and beliefs and focusing on positive thoughts and beliefs. It’s also about being careful who you listen to and believe... Power to all with eyes to see and ears to hear will disCERN.👁


Separating the Wheat from the Chaff ... or... REAL from the Fake

If things do go dark and silent, always remember to Keep Calm, No Fear, & Keep on Rockin'. Try to enjoy the sounds of silence because the son will come up again -- brighter than ever.

peace & goodwill
ps - Happy ARC Day! :)

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Young Shakespeare: "Down By The River" | Neil Young Archives + Comment of the Moment

In February, Neil Young announced the upcoming "Young Shakespeare" release.

Writing in Times Contrarian | NYA, Neil Young discusses the unreleased album and film titled "Young Shakespeare" from January 1971 at the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, Connecticut as "the earliest known film of any of my performances."

Neil Young Concert Ticket Stub
1971-01-22, Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, Connecticut, USA

via Sugar Mountain

While release plans remain uncertain, Neil tantalizingly teases that maybe he'll pair "Young Shakespeare" with the 50th Anniversary release of "After The Goldrush" later this year as a double record.

Here's the Comment of the Moment from "Please, Do NOT Support Thrasher's Wheat" by Dan:
Just finished watching and listening to Down By The River from Young Shakespeare at NYA, and was completely transfixed by Neil’s vocals. This performance is a remarkable example of a artist truly in the zone, and you can feel it in your soul when that happens.

Music has always been my co conspirator throughout my life, and is responsible for most of what I know, and how I think. Music is a healer and a educator, as well as a pure form of entertainment. During these difficult days I have aloud music to keep me grounded as I navigate the challenge of processing what has been happening around this beautiful world of ours. Knowing that so many people are suffering, not only from the virus but with the emotional effects of something so completely out of our control.

The one thing that we can all do to help the situation is doing nothing. Stay at home and keep your distance. Usually when troubles arrive, we take action, and look for tangible things we can do to help, but with this virus we are told to stay home and wait. This can take a real toll on one’s nervous system, creating anxiety and depression and a sense of helplessness. If anyone reading this is feeling this way I encourage you to turn to your favorite music to get through this. The healing power of music should never be underestimated and if you go to NYA right now and listen to this perfect version of Down By The River you will understand what I mean. Tap into Neil’s voice and close your eyes and let the melody carry you. You have the opportunity to experience the power of music to heal your heart and soul right now.

Thanks much Dan.

Right. Music = The Cure. Not to sound naive here, but stress makes one's immune system weak and vulnerable. So de-stress and stay safe and healthy everyone.

Keep Calm, No Fear, Shut It Down, & Keep on Rockin'!

More on "Young Shakespeare" + tracklist.

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Please, Do NOT Support Thrasher's Wheat

Support Family Farmers & Farm Aid

That's right. Please, we ask that you do NOT support Thrasher's Wheat at this time.

Support Comfort + Mercy. And always support Love and Only Love.

We here at Thrasher's Wheat are just fine. Thrasher & Thrashette have all the essentials that we need and would prefer you to direct any contributions to your local organizations until the CV-19 crisis subsides. We can also factually report that we have zero cases in our household, zero in our neighborhood, zero reports from colleagues, friends and their extended families across multiple continents. Nor any TW readers or any reports via Rust/HH communities. Just maybe rusties are just the lucky ones?

After offering comfort, mercy and love, we suggest you support your local groups and national groups such as Farm Aid, which help keep farmers growing food for our families.

Also, try and support your local musical groups, venues, and staff and their fund raising, if you can.

Remaining cautiously optimistic that we will all break on thru to the other side.

The Unfurling of The Spring Ferns @ TW HQ

It's Spring, the time of re-birth and renewal. A new season for growth.

So don't spread fear. Turn off the news and build a garden. Share love and only love.

This too shall pass... as we have always seen. Stay Strong. Stay Positive.


ps - The angels of Comfort & Mercy are maneuvering into place. (Obviously, we see this as a positive force and should only be construed as such in the context of global humanitarian aid.)

U.S. Navy Mercy hospital ship on the West Coast

U.S. Navy Comfort hospital ship on the East Coast
(Alongside aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in Chesapeake Bay preparing to leave Norfolk, Virginia to NYC)

May Comfort & Mercy be with you and all of your loved ones!
Keep Calm, No Fear, Shut It Down, & Keep on Rockin'

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Willie Nelson for Nobel Peace Prize
for Farm Aid and his work on
alternative fuels, and world peace initiatives.

Farm Aid

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Silverline Communications

(Home of the FarmAidians)
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(519) 737-7979

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