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Saturday, March 23, 2019

CONTEST: Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019

"I'm tapped into the source!"
Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse

Uncut Magazine Cover - May 2019

The upcoming May 2019 issue of Uncut Magazine features "Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse".

The issue celebrates 50 years of Crazy Horse in all of their magnificent ragged glory and -- thanks to the good folks @ UNCUT -- Thrasher's Wheat will be having a contest to give away a few copies. (See below for details.)

From UNCUT Magazine Editor, Michael Bonner:
Neil Young is on the cover, and inside we celebrate 50 years of Crazy Horse, a union that has endured, often shakily, from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere up to the present day. Young, Billy Talbot, Poncho Sampedro, Nils Lofgren and others recall high times and tall tales with the Horse (with an unexpected cameo from Bob Dylan…).
The article by a collaborative team of Rusties including Tom on Sugar Mountain, Tyler, Mark Spook The Horse -- to name just a few -- honors the Crazy Horse legacy. Crazy Horse and Neil Young memories go back to Danny Whitten with The Rockets onto Nils Lofgren and then back to Nils here in 2019. Makes for a nice full circle around the ranch and back to the barn.

Even as a long time hard core fan, many of us will still learn a trick to 2 with a semi-rare interview with Volume Dealer Producer Nico Bolas, who discusses the challenges and acheivements with recording The Horse and The Spook.

Ragged Glory
Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019

If anyone wants to pre-order the issue, they can here: UNCUT-Magazine. (There's a global shipping option, btw.)

Also, thanks to the good folks @ UNCUT, Thrasher's Wheat will be having a contest to give away a few copies. See below for details.

NYCH - May 1, 2018 - Warnor Theater, Fresno, CA
Page from Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019
Photo by Rustie Tyler

Neil Young, Mark Hollis, Al Green and Oh Sees all feature in the new issue of Uncut, in shops from March 21 . Also, the new issue comes with a free CD of the month’s best new music, Bound For Glory, featuring Weyes Blood, Kevin Morby, Richard Dawson, Fat White Family, Shana Cleveland, Drugdealer, Mekons, Shovels & Rope and more. Issue is also available to buy from online store.

Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019

A lucky Thrasher's Wheat supporters will be eligible to win a copy of Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019 . We truly appreciate being able to do what we do here at TW, and we love being able to give something back in return.

To enter the contest, follow these steps:

#1) Answer the question:

What 3 songs did Neil Young write all in a single afternoon while sick with a 103 degree temperature?

*OPTIONAL* Tie-Breaker: Date and location of 1st Neil Young & Crazy Horse concert attendance.

2) Then just email your answer to .

Include your name, postal mailing address, including *COUNTRY*.

Entries must be emailed with SUBJECT line: CONTEST - Uncut Magazine: Neil Young & The Legend of Crazy Horse - May 2019

Deadline: Friday, April 5, 5PM EST

We'll then select Thrasher's Wheat readers as winners.

Don't Be Denied!

So how about it? Let's make it happen in 2019!

Induct Neil Young & Crazy Horse into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!

As we announced moments ago on Thrashers Wheat Radio on, a campaign has been launched to Induct Neil Young & Crazy Horse into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We encourage all Crazy Horse fans to express their support for the campaign by visiting Induct Neil Young & Crazy Horse into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Facebook. Like it. Share it. Post a comment, photo or video. Have some fun and get your Horse on.

From the About Section: Neil Young has termed his association with Crazy Horse “the essence of my musical life. This is the core, the smoldering thing I come back to over and over again....If I had never done anything else, the Crazy Horse stuff would just stand on its own.”

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Thanks to all for supporting the effort! And thanks to Hounds That Howell (Campaign Manager), Shaka Geoff (Silver Moon Graphics), Eric & Tony @, Chris M. (inspiration & encouragement), Arkansas Girls, Roel @ Rust Radio and rusties everywhere around the world! And especially thanks to Ralph, Billy, Poncho & Neil! Long live The Horse!

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Rare Medley: "A Man Needs A Maid/Heart Of Gold" - Song of the Day | Neil Young Archives

A Man Needs A Maid/Heart Of Gold
Song of the Day | NYA

The Song of the Day on Neil Young Archives is the 2 song medley of "A Man Needs A Maid" and "Heart Of Gold" on Jan 19, 1971 at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada.

The video linked on NYA has film footage of Neil Young on piano from Stamford, Connecticut shot by Wim van der Linden several days later on Jan 22 synced with audio from Massey Hall.

The 2 song medley of "A Man Needs A Maid" and "Heart Of Gold" is extraordinary in that it documents the crucial evolution and separation of the 2 songs into distinct lyrical entities.

"Heart Of Gold" Lyrics
Song of the Day | NYA

More on Neil Young's song "Heart Of Gold".

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Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Restoring Neil Young to New Woodstock Documentary?

Letter to the Editor - Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian

As much as we were amused by the recent Letter to the Editor on Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian on Mailing-Lists thread, along comes the publication of Thrasher's Wheat's Letter to the Editor published on Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian.

The letter and response above on NYA is based off the news that Producer Bill Gerber Is Restoring Neil Young In New Woodstock Documentary. All of this as part of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary this August, 2019. Warner Bros is finalizing the re-release the landmark concert film.

Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Re-Release - August 2019

Neil Young is to be "restored" in a new Woodstock documentary. Although this seems to be news to Neil as well judging from his reply to our letter of "I am too." We've always loved your brevity and economy NY.

woodstock-poster.jpgWoodstock: 3 Days of Music, Peace & Love

More on Producer Bill Gerber Is Restoring Neil Young In New Woodstock Documentary.

Also, see Woodstock: The Day After with CSNY.

Also, see Tales of Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young at Woodstock.

Also, more on whether it was all just a hippie dream?

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Comment of the Moment: Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Mailing-List?

"Keep on bloggin'
`Til the power goes out
The batteries dead
Twist and shout"

Neil Young - Fork In The Road (2009)

Obviously, we found the below comment to be highly amusing indeed.

The background is that earlier this week, we posted Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Mailing-List?, where a Neil Young fan laments the lack of update notifications from NYA directly so he must rely on Thrasher's Wheat to re-direct him to NYA content updates. Beginning to detect our amusement yet???

So Vili, who wrote a Letter to the Editor on Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian, comes here to TW to respond to this whole episode and hilarity ensues...

From Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Mailing-List? Vili responds with the TW Comment of the Moment:
Well, this is amusing indeed.

Illustrative of the situation, I would never have seen this NYA post had Thrasher & Thrasherette not posted it here.

As much as I want to support Neil and the archives project, there are just way too many websites in the world to check. And so, I go to none of them, but ask them to come to me. When it comes to Neil Young news, Thrasher's RSS feeds have served me for, what, close to twenty years now? Thank you, guys. Without this website, Neil wouldn't be such a daily part of my life.

Another amusing bit is the little branding exercise that the NYA post is engaged in. Their personal reply to me last month was very kind and friendly. This one is blunt and rock and roll. Which is understandable, but the contrast is quite hilarious.

You ask what role Thrasher's Wheat can play now that NYA is posting their own updates. Well, as I alluded above, as long as NYA's news posts are behind a walled garden and hard to access, they probably get seen by fewer people than Thrasher's "re-hashes" of them. Secondly, while I hope that the NYA website will be here to stay, the reality is that official Neil Young websites have come and gone, while Thrasher's Wheat stays. Your quarter of a century milestone is coming soon.

It is also important that the fan base has an independent outlet for news and discussion. While Thrasher's Wheat itself may not engage in much criticism of Neil's doings, the commenters here have shown to be more than capable of taking care of that aspect, both constructively and in terms of just letting off steam. I have been a lurker for two decades but enjoy reading the discussions.

Thank you, everyone.

Vili - as you say -- quoting TW and then re-quoting you -- this is amusing indeed. Thanks so much for your support and suggestions!

So round and round we go.

It means so much to us to mean so much to our readers.

From time to time we get a little jolt like this that makes everything we do here @ TW so worthwhile. So nice to hear that even with NYA cranking it out, we're still able to provide the value add.

So we'll consider more closely communications options and coverage tweaks. Hopefully we'll get something going before the next concert runs and tour ticket announcements.

As always, drop us a line anytime. Thrasher's Wheat never sleeps.

The Vista and The Muse
via N Y Times - August 17, 2010

In the meantime, we still see the vista. We still hear the muse. We still continue.

Godspeed. Thank you. Mahalo.
thrasher & thrashette

ps - for more on this subject, see:
pss - Our plan is to continue forward and keep on bloggin' until the power goes out and our battery's dead. Thanks to all of you who support what we do here at Thrasher's Wheat.  Appreciated with all of our hearts.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

New Curated Playlist on Neil Young Archives by PARTICLE KID aka Micah Nelson

New Curated Playlist -

Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian

A new curated playlist by PARTICLE KID (aka Micah Nelson) has been uploaded on the Neil Young Archives.

You may recall that last month, Kurt Vile curated the very 1st Neil Young Archives Playlist with “Stumblin’ with Neil", which we found to be quite delightful.

Micah Nelson's Curated Playlist: "WE R NEIL-LIST"

In perusing Micah Nelson's listing titled "WE R NEIL-LIST", it's as eclectic as can be expected from a “general visionary weirdo” (hey, the Aspen Times said it first, NYA said it 2nd and TW is saying 3rd!) Seriously?! "ARC Compilation Composition" @ 34+ minutes?! And that's just the 2nd track to weed out the lightweight NON-NEIL-LIST's.

Thanks Micah! enjoy and turn it up.

Micah Nelson
Photo by Cameron McCool | Rolling Stone

More on Micah Nelson: The Trippy Troubadour.

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Neil Young Archives | Letter to the Editor: Mailing-List?

Obviously, we found the above Letter to the Editor on Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian to be amusing. :)

So thanks for the support Vili!

A couple of points here -- if we may -- regarding Neil Young News. Now that the Neil Young Archives is running full time with daily updates, we've found our mission here at TW is in question. We've gotten this coming from 2 directions: 1) Is TW just re-hashing NYA T-C? 2) TW needs to be more timely in announcing concert ticket pre-sales.

So. Of course we're grateful that folks still visit TW and drop the occasional comment. As Vili says above, TW feeds are active and pinging our subscribers with the most up to date reports. Originally, we set this feature up to generate one notice per day, around 9AM EST. But depending on timing, it might be 24 hours before the feed notification occurs. So we've heard from readers to do real time updates.

At the moment, we would say the best way to stay current with TW updates is via our Twitter feed -- -- which is real time. (As everyone knows, Facebook suspended Thrasher's Wheat back in 2015. So, don't say we didn't warn everyone about the ongoing Social Media clamp down which we presciently -- and sadly -- predicted.)

Well, not to get too off track here, but what do TW readers want these days given the ability to obtain Neil news instantly?

Let us know in comments below.

In the meantime, we still see the vista. We still hear the muse. We still continue.
Godspeed. Thank you. Mahalo.
thrasher & thrashette

ps - for more on this subject, see:

pss - Our plan is to continue forward and keep on bloggin' until the power goes out and our battery's dead. Thanks to all of you who support what we do here at Thrasher's Wheat.  Appreciated with all of our hearts.


"Keep on bloggin'
`Til the power goes out
The batteries dead
Twist and shout"

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

NOW PLAYING: "People On The Street" Music Video - Hearse Theater | NYA

"People On The Street" ‏Music Video by Neil Young
Director - Tim Pope

The music video "People On The Street" from‏ Neil Young's 1986 album “Landing on Water” is now playing on Movie Night in the Hearse Theater | NYA.

Tim Pope is the director of numerous highly acclaimed 1980's Neil Young music videos such as "Wonderin'", "Touch the Night", and "Weight Of The World".

From "Landing on Water" by Neil Young: Incredibly Underrated | Steve Hoffman Forum
6. People On The Street - An almost hip-hop beat starts off this song, followed by a vomit-inducing keyboard solo. But once that passes you find yourself in another catchy-as-all-heck song on what is supposed to be a bad album. How can an album loaded with such passion be a disappointment? A scale-climbing riff in the chorus is the real treat here, worth sitting though the somewhat unimaginative verses for, even if your pleasure is taken right back from you with the arrival of a weirdly soulful bridge that sounds like it came from an entirely different album. Lyrically, again, not his best, but they can’t all be “Powderfinger”, now can they?

Frames from Neil Young music video "Wonderin'", 1983
Director Tim Pope

More on Tim Pope: Making "Wonderin'" Video with Neil Young.

Frames from "Touch the Night" -
Neil Young Music Video directed by Tim Pope

Also, see Making of "Touch the Night" Music Video by Tim Pope.

Also, see Tim Pope: Neil Young Music Video Director | PODCAST by Adam Buxton.

Neil Young
Frame from "Weight Of The World" Music Video

Also, see MUSIC VIDEO: "Weight Of The World" by Neil Young, Directed by Tim Pope.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Heart of Gold: "Money Rock" vs. "Good Hearted" Cree Translation

"I had difficulty with the translation of "heart of gold" because there were no words that I knew to describe gold [in Cree language]."
Adrian Sutherland of Midnight Shine

Adrian Sutherland -- who is the lead singer of Midnight Shine -- spoke on First Words | CBC a weekly podcast focused on Indigenous languages.

Midnight Shine's Adrian Sutherland discusses the challenges of translating Neil Young lyrics into Cree.

Midnight Shine recently released a cover of Neil Young's Heart of Gold, which we posted on in January 2019.

Overall, the translation went smoothly.
Adrian Sutherland of Midnight Shine: "There was one line that I had trouble with, it was the translation of heart of gold. I had difficulty with that one because there were no words that I knew to describe gold."

Sutherland said the choices were a term for "money rock" or slightly adjusting the meaning to reflect searching for something or someone that's good-hearted — which is what he went with.
Below, Midnight Shine cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold".

Midnight Shine Covers Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"

"It's these expressions I never give"

This cover is by the Canadian band Midnight Shine. From video clip:
In the fall of 2018, a production crew of three traveled to an isolated Cree community in Northern Ontario with 14 cases of gear and one ambitious plan: shooting two music videos in five days with Midnight Shine frontman Adrian Sutherland. Getting the job done in only four, they used the remaining time on the ground to shoot this awesome little video for HEART OF GOLD.

It came together spontaneously, magically, and with a little help from some little (and big) friends... Shot and directed by Cliff Hokanson, produced by RoseAnna Schick, Adrian Sutherland as executive producer, with video crew Jesse Davidson and Geeshig Sutherland. Edited by Bethany Fontaine, colouring and effects by Tony Wytinck. Shot on location in Attawapiskat First Nation. Thank you to everyone in the video, Judy Sutherland, The Moose Takeout, and the Rez Dogs, too.

ABOUT THE SONG: The lead single from Midnight Shine’s third album HIGH ROAD (released February 2018) is an exceptional cover of HEART OF GOLD, bringing a timely new sound to a timeless classic. This version is distinctly different, yet honours the heart and soul of the original.

More on Neil Young's immortal, classic song "Heart of Gold" -- it's global impact, enduring legacy and heavy consequence.

And -- yes -- it really is all about The Kids, "The Children of Destiny".

trust us, know the plan, work the plan
mahalo, pono

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