Neil Young + Promise of the Real new album "The Visitor" is to be released on December 1. Pre-order here
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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Neil Young's Latest Tweet: "Live from Canada on 12/1"

Here is Neil Young's latest tweet indicating he will perform live in Canada on December 1.

December 1 will be a very, very big day for Neil fans. On December 1, the new album ‘The Visitor’ by Neil Young + Promise of the Real will be released. Also, the Neil Young Online Archives will launch.

‘The Visitor’
by Neil Young + Promise of the Real

Neil Young + Promise of the Real new album "The Visitor" is to be released on December 1. Pre-order here

(Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link. Thank you!!!)

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

"The Best Yard Sale in the World": Neil Young Collectibles Auction Flipbook

1935 Martin F-7 Acoustic Guitar

In what is being called "The Best Yard Sale in the World", Neil Young is auctioning many of his guitars, cars and more. (Thanks Soldier Steve!)

The Neil Young Collectibles auction is scheduled for December 9, 2017.

(Click photo to enlarge)


From catalog: "A vintage wood desk chair on casters that has been painted with variegated geometric shapes by a company called One of Designs. The seat back bears the inscription, “If you rest.. ..You Rust..” Signed, Nancy Woods, and dated, 2013, in black marker to the underside."

Neil Young Collectibles Auction Flipbook

More on AUCTION: Neil Young Collectibles on December 9, 2017 and Neil Young Auctioning His Model Train Collection.

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The Best of Thrasher's Wheat's Neil Young News

Photo by thrasher

Over the years, we've posted quite a bit of news on Neil Young here at Thrasher's Wheat.

Gradually, we assembled a The Best of Thrasher's Wheat page.

So if you have any suggestions of favorite posts and topics, please drop us a comment below.

Thanks for reading!
Keep on Rockin'!!!
thrasher & thrashette

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Comment of the Moment: The Humanity of Neil Young

"When God Made Me"
Neil Young and the Fisk University Jubilee Choir

Live 8 Benefit Concert - Barrie, Ontario, Canada - July 2, 2005

The recent news that Neil Young is auctioning off his model train collection has brought back many memories.

In response, we posted a video from the mid-1990's of Neil Young filmed at his California ranch around his train layout with his family, Pegi, Ben and Amber.

This brought us our latest Comment of the Moment by TopangaDaze who cited the video as "the definition of HUMANITY".

In followup comments, joe mama questioned: "I don't see why this blog has to continually elevate neil young to some sort of godly status."

And -- as so often the case here @TW -- one of our regular commenters rose to the occasion much better than we. So here's our latest Comment of the Moment by Greg "A Friend Of Yours" on Neil Young As The Definition of HUMANITY:
I remember something Joni Mitchell said one time to an interviewer who asked her about how a lot of her fans thought of her as some sort of paragon of virtue. She chuckled a little, and remarked that they obviously hadn't paid close enough attention to her lyrics.

In Johnny Rogan's(?) career biography of Neil, his analysis of “Ambulance Blues” has always stood out in my mind. As I recall, he suggested that the songs concluding statement- "I never knew a man could tell so many lies. He had a different story for every set of eyes. How can he remember who he's talking to? 'Cause I know it ain't me, and I hope it isn't you.”, taken in the full context of Neil’s acts and words, is actually Neil referring to himself, rather than to Richard Nixon and his ilk, as the lyric has usually been interpreted. In other words, ‘I’m a little fragile at the moment, and not so sure of anything, so it’s probably a good idea for you the listener to tread a little lightly.’

Of course, it’s just a guess, and only Neil knows the truth of it, but I think those of us who have made a close study of the man and the music for so many years, take it as implicit that Neil is no God, e.g. “My cruelty has punctured me, and now I’m running dry.”, “I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be there again. I don’t have any answers my friend.”, “When you look in those vacant eyes, how does it harmonize with the things that you do?”. So implicitly, that here on a Neil Young appreciation site, where the focus is squarely where it should be- appreciation, but possibly a little sloppily, it goes without saying. It only has to be said, seemingly, when it appears to some that our comments don't take Neil’s just-as-flawed-as-the-next-guys humanity readily enough into account.

This is no knock, either way, it just points up the truth that everything is perception, and that perception is prismatic. Many times, the same thing means different things to different people, depending on their perceptions. Words don't always convey the full intent of things, so it's never a bad idea to kick things down a notch or two, and extend at least a little benefit of the doubt.

I think “Already One” is a great example of all the things being said here.

Here after all, is a man commenting in song form (and so beautifully and profoundly, as Topanga has described) on his failed marriage, which he surely played a part in- it takes two to Tango, and simultaneously recognizing a still intrinsic beauty in it, and at least one positive and loving result (Zeke), but also the indomitable Spirit to go on, despite or because of it all. It’s a stance that many of us struggle with, non-gods alike, who tend to see our failure’s less as opportunities to move on, while carrying forward their gifts, than as sources of regret to mire down into. Mostly we keep it to ourselves, but Neil has the quirk of character to put it out there for all to see, and hopefully aspire to.

Humanity on display, the good and the bad of it.

That’s all.

A Friend Of Yours
Thanks Greg. Indeed, a friend of ours.

Not to put too fine a point on all of this, but this all started with this 4 minute video that literally shatters us.

All of this is about Neil's ability to connect with all of us here. Our musical companion on the road of love and life.

In terms of reeling in the years while on a journey through the past, check:

"Did God give me my voice so that others could silence me?"
Neil Young sings "When God Made Me"
Live 8 Benefit Concert - July 2005

(Maybe, just, maybe we R in control... or beware of the "singularity". Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Music? Or watch Top Secret ZUMA Payload Launches on SpaceX Rocket as we await the arrival of ‘The Visitor’ in December.)

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Comment of the Moment: Neil Young As The Definition of HUMANITY

The recent news that Neil Young is auctioning off his model train collection has brought back many memories.

In response, we posted a video from the mid-1990's of Neil Young filmed at his California ranch and around his train layout with his family, Pegi, Ben and Amber.

This brought us our latest Comment of the Moment by TopangaDaze:
This video gets me every time on multiple levels.

It's the definition of HUMANITY, whether you're a rock star, the wife of one, a daughter or someone a little different, we all have things to share and enjoy, and we all have problems, some that are hidden and others that are on display..

For some reason this video always leads me to "Already One":

"What can I do, what can I say?
Running down
this suspicious highway
I can't forget
how love let me down
And when we meet
it still gets in my way.

But we're already one
Already one
Now only time can come between us
'Cause we're already one
Our little son won't let us forget.
Your laughing eyes,
your crazy smile
Every time I look in his face
I can't believe
how love lasts a while
And looks like
"forever" in the first place.

But we're already one
Already one
Now only time can come between us
'Cause we're already one
Our little son won't let us forget.

In my new life I'm travelin' light
Eyes wide open for the next move
I can't go wrong 'til I get right
But I'm not fallin' back in the same groove.

But we're already one
Already one
Now only time can come between us
'Cause we're already one
Our little son won't let us forget"

This song struck me deeply when I first heard it in '78 and it has only grown over time for me in significance and emotional impact. Beautiful, sad, optimistic, vulnerable, wistful, determined, HONEST and HUMAN. At least to me, and in many ways this song has always best represented what Neil's life and music has always been about, through the highs and lows, the public and the private person and persona. The simple joys of love and family, and the temporary and permanent scars they can leave us with, but still we must move forward looking for that next move...

"Take my advice
don't listen to me"
Thanks much Topanga D.! We're taking your advice here and posting "Already One". There came a time.

And once more -- Neil Young As The Definition of HUMANITY below:

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

TONIGHT BLACK FRIDAY: Top Secret ZUMA Payload Launches on SpaceX Rocket

Last month, there was a last-minute change to SpaceX’s launch schedule for November, with the code name ZUMA.

Founder Elon Musk's SpaceX launch of the ZUMA mission is scheduled now for tonight, Thursday, Nov. 16, between 8 p.m. EST and 10 p.m. EST (0100-0300 GMT).

UPDATE: Launch Scrubbed -- Postponed until Friday. The launch window opens at 8pm ET. No immediate reason was given for the delay.

UPDATE #2: Launch Scrubbed Again -- Postponed until Friday, Nov. 24, between 8 p.m. EST and 10 p.m. EST (0100-0300 GMT). Again, no immediate reason was given for the delay.

NOTE: Friday, Nov. 24 = Black Friday (See comments below)

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Aerospace watchdog site -- which tracks commercial and government launches -- notes the ZUMA payload will be launched from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the LC-39A launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center. The only information available concerning the ZUMA launch is that the payload belongs to Northrop Grumman, an aerospace and defense corporation. Some speculate that this could be a “black commercial” mission (a type of shadowy joint project between private commercial firms and government agencies) involving some new type of reconnaissance satellite.

The ZUMA Payload Type? Probably Not Vinyl

“Northrop Grumman realizes that this is monumental responsibility and have taken great care to ensure the most affordable and lowest risk scenario for Zuma,” Lon Rains, communications director for Northrop Grumman’s Space Systems Division, said in a statement. The Falcon 9 will deliver ZUMA to low-Earth orbit, an altitude about 1,240 miles (2,000 kilometers). No government agency has claimed the satellite going up tomorrow. The National Reconnaissance Office, which usually announces the launches of its spy spacecraft, said that ZUMA doesn’t belong to the agency.

More on the ZUMA Payload for SpaceX Rocket: Is There A Connection to "The Visitor"? (+ other very speculative theories. Note: ZUMA Payload launch occurs between the departure of "The Hitchhiker"/Harvest Moon and the arrival of "The Visitor"/Frost Moon.)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 1975

Also, more on "The Visitor" Is Scheduled to Arrive on December 1.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Comment of the Moment: PREVIEW: Neil Young Online Archives - December 1st

This past weekend, Neil Young posted another Message From "The Visitor" (#7) regarding the upcoming Online Archives planned for December 1st.

As a followup, we posted PREVIEW: Neil Young Online Archives - December 1st and received the following comment from Lone Red Rider:
I'm viewing Dec 1st as Young's re-jiggering of the Archives concept.

We spent a good part of the last 30 years waiting for Neil to settle on a format. From CDs (including HDCD) to DVD (including DVD-A) to Blu-Ray. It appeared that he wasn't going to release the Archives until he got the format he wanted. But, when the Blu-Rays came out, as good as they were, they already felt dated. The navigation was plain clunky. And the idea of viewing information content by scrolling on a TV seemed...awkward. And Neil must have agreed, to some extent, because within a year, he stopped issuing BD-Live updates into the Blu-Ray-Sphere.

Also within a year of NYA-V1's release, the first iPad came out, showing the world what a smooth user interface looked like for consuming content. But it wasn't well married to high resolution. So,then PONO came out, with some promise that it could point the way to future Archives deliveries. And then it died before the high res Archives files were even posted to the PONO Store.

What then of the Archives? As early as 2013, there were hints out there that Neil was pretty much done with Blu-Ray and that Volume 1 was being redone "to be made suitable for computers". Whatever that means. Well, we now have some idea. A website will now depict the timeline and file cabinet functionality of the Archives Blu-Ray disks and the music will be streamed in an adaptive resolution format.

Personally, on December 1, I am not expecting any new music content beyond what we already have. We will simply get NYA-V1 in it's web form. But a few complaints will be addressed. What complaints do you remember from the first few days of NYA-V1?

1)It doesn't contain everything! Falcon Lake, Loosing End, Out On The Weekend, etc. Well, now it will include all that stuff. All of the released stuff in one place.

2)Clunky navigation. Well, now you can use your mouse or touchscreen to select things. And I am really curious as to what sort of networking support will be made available so that we can get the great sound over home networks to a decent stereo system.

3)Hidden Content. As far as I can tell, the hidden content has been promoted to it's own separate files.

Beyond that, I have hopes to see further enhancements: Remember those discontinued and then killed BD-Live updates? Well I have it on good authority than MANY had been prepared and were awaiting release but never authorized by Neil. These were to have included songs and even videos. I am hoping and half expecting to see these on the new NYA timeline. So this is exciting.

What I am NOT expecting on Day 1 is anything beyond the Volume 1 era. That will come. Just not on that day. How will it come? Well, it may trickle out over the years in a series of onsey-twosey single disk releases, such as the SRS series (Hitchhiker) and NYAPS series. Maybe we will get a batch of disks akin to the Archives Vol1 CDs. Maybe there will be files that appear which may never actually come out in a CD format (like those BD-live downloads or hidden tracks from the BD/DVDs). We may be well into a subscription mode by that point.

So, that's how I see it. Good times are coming
Thanks -- as always -- Lone Red Rider!

Many, many astute points on Neil's Archives and it all makes sense. As time marches on, maybe Neil has finally come up with a plan that works for him to share The Vault.

We should also note here that Lone Red Rider was a vital voice during the release of Neil Young Archives, Volume #1 back in 2009. Those were some of our most exciting times here at TW, with daily comments often exceeding 200+ comments per posting and Lone Red Rider was consistently accurate on both technical and content matters.

More on PREVIEW: Neil Young Online Archives - December 1st .

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