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Friday, July 21, 2017

Wheat of the Moment: Neil Young Portrait by Jini Dellaccio - 1967

Neil Young, 1967
Photo by Jini Dellaccio
Welcome to "Wheat of the Moment"!

"Wheat of the Moment" is a new feature here on Thrasher's Wheat as Neil Young’s 2017 self imposed touring sabbatical continues (updated here and here), and we continue our journey into the past of the TW Archives and other sources.

In addition, we recently, we posted the sad news that there will be No Bridge School Benefit Concert in 2017 . In memory of all of the Bridge School Benefit Concerts we've attended over the years, here's a posting of our thoughts on Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts .

In the meantime, enjoy the "Wheat of the Moment"!

Legendary rock photographer Jini Dellaccio defined a generation of rock 'n' roll and her work still inspires photographers and musicians alike.

In 2009, we did a feature on Jini's cool portrait of Neil Young, and her capturing photos of many rock musicians traveling in the Seattle area during the 1960's.

Dellaccio asked Young to get up on his roof in his fringed leather jacket and "fly like a bird." She didn't print the shot at the time because she thought it made his face look old, "and he was so beautiful."

Neil Young, 1967
Photo by Jini Dellaccio
Inspired and captivated by Jini’s life story, filmmaker Karen Whitehead set up a team of equally determined and creative colleagues to ensure Jini's story is captured on film. In command of a state of the art digital Hasselblad, on her first photo shoot with a rock band in 3 decades. This is the stuff of legends, but it is also the heart of The film reveals an elegant 93-year-old and her remarkable story of a woman who reinvented herself several times and pursued her artistic dreams out of her Depression era childhood and went on to produce some of the most transformative images in rock photography. You can enjoy Jini's stunning photography at

Men of the People who say Keep Hope Alive
The Seattle Times, October 10, 2009
The top of the front page of The Seattle Times on October 10, 2009 featured photos of two renowned men.

In one small color photo was the President of the United States who had just been announced the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama. The other large black and white photo was of a fringe clad 1960's folkie-rocker, Neil Young.

The leader of the free world and the rocker in the free world.

Such a contrast. But are their improbable stories really such a contrast?

The front page Seattle Times photo was part of a feature story on local photographer Jini Dellaccio. Back in the 1960's, Dellaccio captured photos of many rock musicians traveling in the Seattle area and has trunks of memories to share.

Jini Dellaccio: 1917 - 2014

Jini Dellaccio, whose distinctive photographs documented the Pacific Northwest music scene of the 1960s, and who was the subject of the 2013 documentary “Her Aim Is True,” died at home Thursday (July 3) of undisclosed causes. She was 97.

Karen Whitehead, director of “Her Aim Is True,” which had its world premiere at this past year’s Seattle International Film Festival, described Mrs. Dellaccio as a “real trailblazer.” Not only was the self-taught photographer a female in a male-dominated profession, she didn’t even begin shooting rock bands until she was in her mid-40s.

It was a time when the Northwest music scene was developing its sense of identity, and Mrs. Dellaccio gave the burgeoning scene a visual style. Her memorable black-and-white shot for the cover of the Sonics’ 1966 album “Boom” conveys a sense of American cool that rivaled anything seen on Swinging London’s Carnaby Street. She also drew on the natural picturesque qualities of the region, frequently photographing bands in outdoor settings; despite its title, her cover picture for the Wailers’ 1966 album, “Out of Our Tree,” showed the band most decidedly in a tree, grinning down at the photographer.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories: 2005 Photos, Reviews

Poster for 2005 Bridge School Benefit Concert

Recently, we posted the sad news that there will be No Bridge School Benefit Concert in 2017 .

In memory of all of the Bridge School Benefit Concerts we've attended over the years, here's a posting of our thoughts on Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts . So in memory of the 30 years of Bridge School Benefit Concerts, readers have been submitting favorite memories. Let us know a favorite Bridge School Benefit Concerts and we'll try and post.

Bridge School Benefit Concert 2005

Los Lobos and Neil Young
Bridge School Benefit Concert - Saturday, October 29th, 2005
Photos by Tim Mosenfelder

The concerts were held on Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th, 2005 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

Featured Artists:

Crosby Stills, Nash & Young
Dave Matthews (Solo, Sunday only)
Norah Jones
Emmylou Harris
Jerry Lee Lewis
Good Charlotte
Bright Eyes
Los Lobos

Norah Jones


From Sugar Mountain, Saturday, 10-29-2005, Neil Young Set List and Sunday, 10-30-2005,Neil Young Set List.


RUST: Day #1 - Bridge School Benefit Review - by Bosco:

    "The stage was great and all the kids from the Bridge School were there for the entire show cheering away and enjoying the music. Neil opened up to a standing O (at least from us) with I am a Child, and then Emmylou Harris came out and joined him on This Old Guitar, and the two of them together are magical. I love her voice and together the song really was special. Neil ended with Comes a Time and brought out some Native American friends of him to add some percussion and dancing, and it added a great element to the song. Even though I knew he would only play 3 songs or so, I was disappointed to see him go. The man still has it - hasn't changed since the last time I saw him, and he really is the best IMO.

    Los Lobos was next, and those guys are wicked. SO much energy and a great sound. The were the first to get the crowd on their feet, and then Neil came out and we couldn't believe it because usually that happens on Sunday - they did a wicked version of Cinnamon Girl and we all just rocked out.

    As a fan of Bright Eyes, I was impressed with his live performance. There have been many comparisons by people in my age generation with him being the "new Dylan", and whether or not that is accurate I won't say, but he has songs with challenging and meaningful lyrics and his band had a crazy variety of instruments. He invited Emmylou to join him for his last song, and even though she had to read the lyrics, she did a great job and really added to what I thought was an extremely moving song entitled "Walk Away", but I could be incorrect."

Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt

Live Review: Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA by Jim Harrington
liveDaily Contributor:

    "The concert took a turn for the better once Harris took the stage with her longtime musical companion, guitarist Buddy Miller. The best moment of Harris' set--and, indeed, one of the finest of the entire concert—-came when Linda Ronstadt made a guest appearance for "High Sierra," which was featured on 1998's Harris-Ronstadt-Dolly Parton collaboration "Trio II."

    Lewis was next up at the plate and proceeded to hit the first pitch he saw (as well as the second and the third and ... ) right out of the park. The rock-n-roll patriarch, who is readying a major comeback album for an early 2006 release, sounded strong both at the mic and on the piano as he jumped through the all-time classics "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire." His performance was nothing short of a revelation, given that nobody expected him to be nearly as good as he was on Saturday.

    Jones was put in the tough spot of having to follow The Killer, and she managed to do as well as humanly possible as she cuddled into the jazzy gems "Creepin' In" and "The Long Way Home."

Pegi & Neil Young

SF Gate: CONCERT REVIEWS / Bridge School Benefit -- rock-solid as ever by Joel Selvin, Chronicle Senior Pop Music Critic:
    "Neil and Pegi Young sure know how to throw a clambake. As the all-star cast circled around the four horsemen -- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young -- joining voices on the "Teach Your Children" finale Saturday at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, a golden glow descended on the stage full of singers and children with parents underneath the by-now familiar logo for the Youngs' annual Bridge School Benefit.

    In a funky hat and a wooly sweater, Neil Young himself hovered over the entire affair, starting by opening the concert in the full afternoon sun with "I Am a Child," sung largely to the Bridge School disabled children in the special onstage seating section, his back to the audience, before bringing out Emmylou Harris to sing harmony on "This Old Guitar" and "Comes a Time." "

Contra Costa Times - Anything goes at the Bridge School benefit by Tony Hicks:

    "The closest this year came to a magic moment was Jerry Lee Lewis. There were plenty of good moments until then -- a short and sweet set by the vastly talented Los Lobos that included a guest shot from Young for a rockin' 'Cinnamon Girl." There was a surprisingly decent acoustic set from brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, who spent part of their youth in nearby San Jose before heading east to form the band. Harris, who's seemingly made a living as a Bridge School guest star, was typically riveting, especially when joined by the powerful voice of Ronstadt on a great version of "High Sierra," from "Trio II," the 1999 record they made with Dolly Parton."

Jerry Lee Lewis

RUST: My Personal Experience in The Land of Suntan Lotion/RIDICULOUSLY LONG by Karen Barry Schwarz:

    "The show. Well, details have been posted here, so I won't tell you all the gory details of what I thought, but I will say a couple of things. One, I started crying when Neil was facing the Bridge School kids and bouncing around and strumming and singing "I am a child." Oh. My. God. And it appeared that Neil was wearing an old hat of his dad's, it was a kind of fedora looking hat, the kind an old-fashioned reporter would wear, with a press pass tucked in the band. (He had the press pass too.) Oh my again. And, I was happy to see Neil looking supremely cool and well, Neil-like, and out of the Prairie Wind get up, personally. This Old Guitar was predictable, of course, since EmmyLou was there. But Comes a Time with Pegi and EmmyLou? I think he could have come up with something a little more original. We heard CAT during every show of the mini-benefit-tour last year. And he has SO MANY SONGS. Why the same ones over and over. But ... That being said, I am in tears and on the edge of my seat NO MATTER WHAT He is singing, I don't care what he does, I love every second. Just want to make that clear. Heh. And when he came out to do CG with LL, it was one of the Neil performance highlights of MY LIFE, I love that song, it was the first Neil song I fell in love with so long ago, and I had never seen him perform it live. (!) Now I have. : )"

Los Lobos Set List and awesome photos.

Also, see these other Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories:


Also, see more Bridge School Benefit Concerts Reviews.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories: Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Set - 1994

Bridge School Benefit Concert on Saturday, 10/1/1994

Recently, we posted the sad news that there will be No Bridge School Benefit Concert in 2017 .

In memory of all of the Bridge School Benefit Concerts we've attended over the years, here's a posting of our thoughts on Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts . So in memory of the 30 years of Bridge School Benefit Concerts, readers have been submitting favorite memories. Let us know a favorite Bridge School Benefit Concerts and we'll try and post.

Here is Neil Young & Crazy Horse's set at the 1994 Bridge School Benefit Concert on 10/1/1994 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. (Thanks to Syscrusher for suggestion!)

0:00:00 - My Heart
0:03:46 - Prime Of Life
0:08:56 - Driveby
0:14:22 - Sleeps With Angels
0:18:19 - My My, Hey Hey
0:23:20 - Train of Love
0:28:08 - Change Your Mind
0:46:44 - Stage Banter
0:47:44 - Piece Of Crap
0:52:30 - Outro


Bridge School Benefit Concert on Sunday, 10/2/1994

Per comments below, updated with 2nd night. Compare, contrast and discuss.

More on Bridge Benefit #8 - 10/1 & 2/94.

Also, see these other Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories:


Also, see more Bridge School Benefit Concerts Reviews.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Visiting Neil Young's Hometown Omemee, Canada: A Fan's Journey

Visiting Omemee, Canada
Neil Young's Hometown

The following post was submitted by long time Thrasher's Wheat reader sand support Linda S from Virginia. Linda shares her memories of her trip with husband Bob visiting Omemee, Canada to Neil Young's Hometown.

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us, Linda!

What is something unique to give my avid Neil Young fan/husband for his milestone 50th birthday? A meet and greet with Neil Young would be the ultimate, but I landed on another idea thanks to information printed by Thrasher’s Wheat.

After reading about Youngtown, a museum in Neil’s hometown of Omemee, Canada, that housed an interesting collection of Neil Young relics, it sounded like the perfect place to explore. As I continued to do research in anticipation of our trip, I learned that the assortment of Neil Young mementos had been moved to the Olde Gaol Museum in nearby Lindsay, Ontario. While I learned that the display had been significantly reduced in size when it moved to its new home, for a true Neil fan, I anticipated any exhibit devoted to Young would be well worth the trip. Since we would be travelling quite a distance to the quaint small town, I contacted the museum to see if they knew of anyone that had a good knowledge of the area when Neil resided there. They put me in touch with Tom, an active member of the Victoria County Historical Society.

Linda, guide Tom & Bob
Youngtown Exhibit, Olde Gaol Museum, Lindsay, Ontario

After many months of planning, we made the trek from Virginia to Toronto. We had never stayed in a bed and breakfast, so I had located beautiful lakefront accommodations just outside of Neil’s hometown. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was sunny and unseasonably warm for mid-March.

A day after we arrived, we met Tom at the museum so that we could be immersed in learning about Young’s early days. In addition to the time we spent admiring all of the Neil Young memorabilia, we were fascinated by the other historical exhibits and the building itself as it had served as the county jail during the 1800’s. Unfortunately we were unable to get any pictures as flash photography would compromise the integrity of the one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

The next stop was Omemee. Blink and you might just miss it. As they say, it was definitely a “blast from the past.” I doubt much has changed with the exception of a few business names since Neil lived there. Our exceptional guide, Tom, had contacted Sharry Wilson, author of “Young Neil.” She recommended that we visit a local shop owner in town to glean some interesting stories.

After walking along The White Bridge over the Pigeon River where Neil fished as a child, we went to the local folk art shop to meet Joan where she shared her personal encounters with Neil. It was so special to be able to chat with members of the community that knew the Young family.

Neil Young's Childhood Home

Just a few feet outside of the center of town, we visited the childhood home of the iconic musician. The modest home had just recently sold to new owners. It appeared that boxes were still being unpacked within the dwelling.
One final stop took us to the Scott Young Elementary School named after Neil’s father, a well-known author throughout Ontario.

As we returned to the museum, Tom surprised us with an amazing framed collage signed by TR, the owner of the items contained within the museum. Tom had also put together an extensive book of articles and maps that directed us to other locations that Neil frequented. He also provided us with souvenirs from the City of Kawartha Lakes.

As this was only our second trip to Canada (the first was to Niagara Falls several years ago), we were truly touched by the warmth and friendliness that we received from everyone we encountered during our trip.

We took the maps that Tom provided and continued our journey to visit a former Young-owned farm at Bland Line in Cavan. From there we went to Pickering/Ajax and visited Brock Road where Neil lived and raised chickens during his youth. We visited his elementary school, Lincoln Avenue Public School and checked out Pickering High School.
As we ventured back to Toronto the next day, we went by the famous Massey Hall, the site where Neil played numerous concerts over the years. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and did not get to visit several other places that Tom had identified within Toronto.

Thanks to Thrasher’s Wheat for the great information provided in the e-newsletters. It prompted us to further investigate the early beginnings of one of the greatest musicians in history and resulted in one of the best vacations of our lives. We will definitely return to Toronto in the near future to complete our tour.

Scott Young Public School

Again, thanks Linda for sharing your adventures! And what a delightful 50th birthday celebration for your husband Bob. (Bob, you've got a real heart of gold woman there.)

Long may you guys run.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories: Lou Reed Tribute "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" by Neil Young & Friends

Recently, we posted the sad news that there will be No Bridge School Benefit Concert in 2017 .

In memory of all of the Bridge School Benefit Concerts we've attended over the years, here's a posting of our thoughts on Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts . So in memory of the 30 years of Bridge School Benefit Concerts, readers have been submitting favorite memories. Let us know a favorite Bridge School Benefit Concerts and we'll try and post.

Here's a tribute to the late, great Lou Reed at the 2013 Bridge School Benefit Concert by Neil Young & Friends. (Thanks to Syscrusher for suggestion, who said: "Incredible moving performance. Lou and Neil are my top two favourite musical artists, and to see Neil send off Lou, channeling that energy from The netherworld via his harmonica brought me chills and tears every time I watched it")

The loss of the hugely influential Lou Reed came just a day before the annual Bridge concerts, so there was great anticipation about not if -- but who - would step forward to pay homage to Mr. Street Hassle himself. The tribute task fell to My Morning Jacket's Jim James, who covered the Velvet Underground’s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” along with Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis, and more.

Also, check the great save by the strings when the strap comes off of Neil's guitar towards the end.

For more, see ▶ "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'": Tribute to Lou Reed at 2013 Bridge School Benefit Concert - Neil Young & Friends and 2013 Bridge School Benefit Concert.

Also, see these other Bridge School Benefit Concert Memories:

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