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Monday, October 26, 2020

Neil Young Concert Performance Timeline | NYA

Concert Performance Timeline | NYA


In the latest "groundbreaking" development on Neil Young's Archives is today's announcement of the Concert Performance Timeline | NYA.

Neil Young writes on NYA:

The Concert Performance Timeline will contain full concerts from our recording archives.

NYA subscribers can request certain shows they have attended and can write their own concert memories from these shows. Once the request is processed, NYA will post that show in rough form (original recordings unaltered) on the Timeline.

 "Coming soon".

More on Neil Young Archives Timeline feature on Comment of the Moment: Is The Neil Young Archives Timeline Half-Full ? Or Half-Empty ? ANSWER: More Than Full!

(click to enlarge)

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Why It Works: Neil Young's “Rockin’ In the Free World” | Essential Secrets of Songwriting

Neil Young (as a homeless person)
(frame from "Rockin' In The Free World" music video)

Neil Young's song “Rockin’ In the Free World” is so iconic that even U.S. presidential candidates use it to launch their campaigns.  Imagine that?

And while we have spent a great deal of time here on this blog analyzing the song “Rockin’ In the Free World” over the last few decades, we do sometime wonder just what it is about this song exactly that makes it work on so many levels?

To answer this question in terms of melody, lyrics, and chord progressions here is a detailed analysis from Neil Young, “Rockin’ In the Free World”: Why It Works |  The Essential Secrets of Songwriting 


If you listen to a lot of Neil Young songs, you start to see that even though a song may be in a simple major or minor key (this one is in E minor, with an A chord thrown in, borrowed from the dorian mode), he tends to favour pentatonic melody shapes.

An E minor pentatonic scale uses the notes E, G, A, B and D, and you’ll notice that a lot of the verse melody dwells on these notes, particularly D, E and G:

Rockin' In the Free World - Melodic Shape

Those melodic ideas, playing in and around those three notes, are a favourite shape of Neil’s, and as I say, you’ll notice that he really likes pentatonic shapes. You see it in the opening line of “Old Man” (“Old man, look at my life/ I’m a lot like you were…”), and all through the melodic ideas in his “Heart of Gold.”



The lyrics reference the politics of the late 1980s, so you’ll see references to the Iranian “death to America” mantra of that time, as well as some gibes to George H.W. Bush’s “thousand points of lights”, and “a kinder, gentler nation.”

But I think what is most noticeable is that this is the sort of lyric where the meaning gets transmitted best when being sung over one or two pitches. When you sing lots of repeated notes, it sounds like a kind of musical “scolding”. Just as Bob Dylan chose to set the lyrics of “Like a Rolling Stone” over melodic cells that repeat the same note often (“Once upon a time you dressed so fine/ Threw the bums a dime/ In your prime…”), Neil sings out the words to “Rockin'” like he’s really trying to make an important point, and uses repeated pitches to do it.


Chord Progressions

The song is in E minor, and both the intro and the verse use the simple three-chord progression Em-D-C. In the intro, those chords get played over a pedal point bass that sits on that tonic note E. The bass then moves to play root position chords for the entirety of the verse.

The chorus switches to the relative major key of G major, and gives us this progression: G-D-C-Em. The tag at the end of each chorus, which brings us back to either the intro for the next verse, or Neil’s guitar solo, is an A major chord.


Complete analysis from Neil Young, “Rockin’ In the Free World”: Why It Works |  The Essential Secrets of Songwriting 

Previously, Neil Young has  “continuously and publicly” objected to his music being used by Donald Trump going back to 2015 on his website NYA. Background on Neil Young's Open Letter To President Trump and below.

Donald Trump & Neil Young
or ...
or ...

More on It's Game ON: Young v. Trump

Freedom (1989) by Neil Young -
"The rock and roll coda of the Cold War"

 Freedom ... So Is It All Really Just An Illusion Now?

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Comment of the Moment: "Homefires" by Neil Young + Spooner Oldham Interview



This clip features the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, amazing studio pianist, Spooner Oldham. 

Spooner Oldham, was a "Stray Gator", Neil Young's touring and recording band. The interview by Joe Chambers, is from 2004 at Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama.

Prairie Wind Band - 2005
Ben Keith, Neil Young, Chad Cromwell, Rick Rosas, Spooner Oldham & Karl Himmel

via The Prairie Wind Sessions by Neil Young: “The Painter” | Hearse Theater | NYA

From Comment of the Moment on post "Comment of the Moment: "Homefires": 2nd New Track on NYA#2   by Meta Rocker:

I'm not sure if anyone has spotted this retrospective with Spooner Oldham on the Stray Gators and some old footage. It may be of interest to folks (apologies if this was already posted and I missed it).

Simultaneously, Come Along and Homefire have been added to the drip of NYA videos uploaded on Youtube. Fun songs and great vintage photos and video sprinkled in--it occurs to me that we're essentially looking at Neil's old home movies in some of these clips. Super fun!

I still have not made a final decision on the incoming second edition of NYA#2, but the free NYA digital subscription offers considerable added value, imho. Do we know if the subscription is for a limited time, and which potential tier(s) of access will it cover?

Nonetheless, I'm glad to see Neil seems to be about as personally involved in managing the release as any one person can be with a project of this magnitude and scope. There have been--and perhaps continue to be--bumps (and forks) in the road for sure. My understanding of the Archives at this point is that, in fact, this represents Neil's ultimate effort to organize and curate his massive body of work, hence the preponderance of previously released material. There may have been some misunderstanding on this over the years, but I don't think the project has ever been simply about getting unreleased songs out there--that's just a bonus or corollary to the comprehensive assemblage of Neil's output.

NYA, digital or box set, is all about presentation. Way back in '77, Decade was Neil's first pass at the Archives concept, and all iterations since then have followed the same basic template: a retrospective of Neil's catalogue for a given period of time, with a clutch of rarities and previously unpublished recordings interspersed with the highlights.

Know what you're getting with any form of NYA: access to a Neil Young media universe, arranged into solar systems and constellations as Neil sees fit. The unheard songs and alternate versions are presented chronologically among the familiar recordings, illuminating their original place within the history of Neil's recordings and artistic career. The 'Doves' (side 1) selections of Hawks and Doves are a perfect example, now appearing on Homegrown and Hitchhiker to show both when they were recorded and how Neil originally intended to release them. Presumably, Old Homestead and Lost in Space will receive similar treatment as the Archives roll on--possibly in Vol. III, which I think we must now assume covers the rest of the '70s, possibly to the dawn of the Geffen period.

All of this should illustrate, if nothing else, the expanse and complexity of the NYA undertaking. How much money, time, and energy a fan wishes to invest in this undertaking is purely a personal decision. Yet I hope I have helped to give a little context on what I think Neil is trying to do, and that my thoughts here can help other Neil Nuts and music lovers and to make sense of the magnificent, unwieldy construct that is The Neil Young Archives.

Thanks so much for sharing this Spooner interview Meta Rocker!

Really enjoyed the memories and rare footage of the New Gators in 1991 at Broken Arrow Ranch.  Always nice to go on the journey thru the past as the time fades away before it finally comes a time. 

Here's our Spooner memory.

Pegi Young w/ Survivors Band (Rick Rosas & Spooner Oldham)

The Hamilton, Washington, DC  - 2012-04-07

photo by thrashette

We had a nice brief chat in 2012 with Pegi, Rick Rosas and Spooner after the concert.  (See more on meeting up with Pegi Young w/ Survivors Band.)

Keep those homefires burning. namaste.

More on "Homefires" by Neil Young: 2nd New Track on NYA#2 


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Friday, October 23, 2020

Neil Young Apology Take #2 - No 2nd Edition of Sold Out NYA Volume II, Afterall

Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976)


The latest news from Neil Young is that there will NOT be 2nd Edition run of the sold out NYA Volume II, contrary to previous reports.



 Neil writes on T-C | NYA:
"We don’t feel that offering more of a product sold as a limited edition is a good thing to do. Thank you to all who purchased this set."

As noted earlier in an apology to fans, the fallout continues over the most recent "trick of disaster" regarding the launch of the long awaited Neil Young Archives Volume II Limited Edition Boxset.

Beginning last Friday (Oct. 16) and into the weekend, all 3,000 units (@ $249 USD each) sold out in less than 48 hours -- somehow inexplicably and unpredictably -- demonstrating a huge pentup demand for physical Neil Young product by a global hardcore fan base. (See SOLD OUT: Neil Young Archives Volume II Blows Out in 48 Hours.) 

  "An Apology" - Behind the Scenes of NYA Volume II Sell Out


So even after yet another ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting" (similar to the 2018/9 fiasco over the Bob Dylan & Neil Young Hyde Park, London gig), it looks like  Neil Young  fans will have to wait until 2021 (?) for a CD only set. (Thanks Lone Red Rider!) 

Greedy Hand Store: NYA #2 - SOLD OUT


So, even after determining that Warner Brothers leaked the preorder number which led to the launch debacle, no one at WBR/Reprise is stepping up to take the rap?    
So, Neil apologizes and forgives, but the record company clowns/jailbirds/"Mo The Sleaze's" pocket the profits?

Shame on you, WBR/Reprise suits.


The Late, Great Elliot Roberts on The "Peace Trail"


It's not nice to fool the rusties ... #BeTheRain, RED october, #StayCalm, hunters become hunted. #NoFear,  rusted moon, #disCERNment, son is rising, #BigShift, WHITE squall, #WT1sWBW4, BLUE ocean, 1:4:3/1:0:7.

"I guess I'll call it sickness gone 

It's hard to say the meaning of this song. 

An ambulance can only go so fast 

It's easy to get buried in the past 

When you try to make a good thing last."

More on Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976): Pre-Order Updates via The "Greedy Hand" Store + Unboxing & Preview Videos .  Also, see Comment of the Moment: Pre-Order - Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976).  

See SOLD OUT: Neil Young Archives Volume II Blows Out in 48 Hours.

And Neil Young: "An Apology" - Behind the Scenes of NYA Volume II Sell Out; ‘Come to Jesus’ Meeting, Again.

Debate all you would like below, please. Or see The Unbearable Lightness of Being Neil Young (and a Neil Young Fan).

Neil Young
Frame from A Day At The Gallery
See more on The Unbearable Lightness of Being A Neil Young Fan

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VIDEO: "Bandit" - RETURN TO GREENDALE by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

"You got too many secrets.
Bob Dylan said that.
Somethin' like that."
~Neil Young's "Bandit"

via frame from "RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA

The solo acoustic song "Bandit" is a riveting moment of pure Neil Young, tinged with lost dreams and a highlight -- for many -- of the Greendale set.

The song "Bandit" -- from "RETURN TO GREENDALE" film -- premiered in May on Hearse Theater Screen #2 | Neil Young Archives and is now available to view on YouTube (see embed above).

"Return to Greendale" - Limited Edition Box Set
Neil Young and Crazy Horse

In September, details were released for "Return to Greendale", a Limited Edition Box Set by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

The "Return to Greendale" Box Set will contain:

  • 2xLP vinyl 
  • 2xCD
  • Blu-ray of the full concert film
  • DVD of Inside Greendale (the making of the album documentary)

 "Return to Greendale" - Limited Edition Box Set

The box sets will be numbered and will be released on 6 November 2020. 

You can pre-order "Return to Greendale" - Limited Edition Box Set by Neil Young and Crazy Horse " now @ Order here .

(Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link . Thank you!!!)

More on premiere screening of the film RETURN TO GREENDALE by Neil Young & Crazy Horse was held at Balboa Theater in San Francisco, CA on Jan 28, 2020.

@ Balboa Theater, San Francisco, CA - Jan 28, 2020
Directed by L.A. Johnson and Bernard Shakey, RETURN TO GREENDALE is performed live in Toronto with full cast. A premiere screening of the film RETURN TO GREENDALE by Neil Young & Crazy Horse was held at Balboa Theater in San Francisco, CA on Jan 28, 2020, where much of the cast and crew attended, as we reported. Each Monday features a chapter from Greendale on NYA.

L Gallery Opening
via frame from " RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA

Neil Young writes on "RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA:
The Return To Greendale series continues . . . . . this chapter focusing on Sun Green’s dad Earl Green, the great psychedelic artist no one has ever heard about.

Earl Green is played by MAZZEO. The devil’s in the details.
(More insight into Neil's enigmatic allusion "The devil's in the details" @ "Devil's Sidewalk" from Neil Young's RETURN TO GREENDALE | NYA . Also, see the question in this recent tweet about "The devil’s in the details" and Trump suggesting a connection between Neil Young's song “Devil’s Sidewalk” and "The Invisible Enemy".)

Back in 2004, we revealed that artist Jim Mazzeo was the subject of Neil's Greendale song "Bandit" according to a Metroactive newspaper article by Rebecca Patt.

Alexey Butirskiy, Jim Mazzeo and Neil Young by Gabreal Franklin
Greendale Artist Jim Mazzeo is "The Bandit"

The lyrics: "You're hard to reach, no one can reach you, but I can reach you" apparently refer to Mazzeo's relationship with Young.

    "And he can reach me, 'cause he's like my best friend, and he knows he can," says Mazzeo.

Mazzeo also worked on over 140 pen-and-ink illustrations for the book of Greendale. In the interview Mazzeo said:
    "In the back, there is a really nice supplement all about me and my artwork and my biography, which is really going to be a feather in my cap when it comes out."

"Earl Green" (James "Bandit" Mazzeo)
via frame from "RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA

Jim Mazzeo is well known for the cover art for the album "Zuma", as well as, the Greendale artwork for the album and tour backdrop projections.

"Deju Blue"
w/ James "Bandit" Mazzeo, ZUMA & Greendale Album Cover Artist - 2015

Remembering The Warmth & Love of Bridge School Concerts

"Everything You're Looking For" - Bandit

Greendale Sign

POP. 25,810

Neil Young writes on "RETURN TO GREENDALE" | NYA:
Greendale, the story of Sun Green coming of age in the world, and seeing all of the threats against the Earth, is one of my favorite films in the Shakey Pictures library. Sun Green was played by one of my daughter Amber’s friends, Sara White. I discovered her at a school play we went to see when Amber was in high school.

Larry Johnson and I shot Greendale on super 8 film cameras. I wlll never forget it. Getting up before dawn and heading to nearby Half Moon Bay from my ranch everyday, driving in Grandpa’s big white eldorado with a cup of coffee, I would meet Larry and we would plan and shoot the day. So many of my friends are in Greendale; Gary Burden as the Captain, Eric Johnson as the Devil, Mazzeo as Earl Green, Sun Green’s dad. Pegi Young as her mom Edith. Larry Johnson was the cop. Erik Markegard was Earth Brown. Erik was the son of my foreman at the ranch, Larry Markegard. Karin Markegard, Erik’s mother, played a part as well.

These folks were all my friends. I will never forget Greendale, one of the biggest highlights of my filming life.

support war
"Support Our War"
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Greendale at Radio City Music Hall, New York City - March 18, 2004

photo by thrasher

Neil Young in Greendale - Massachusetts 2003
Photo by Brian Babineau
Broken Arrow Issue Number 91, August, 2003

w/ Artist James Mazzeo
Bridge 2011 - International Rust Festival
On The Beach in Santa Cruz, CA
(note TW Anniversary Button on Mazz's left lapel -
Button Design and Production by Rusties Geoff, Dee & Tim A. Thanks!)

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Comment of the Moment: "Homefires": 2nd New Track from Neil Young Archives Vol. II


"Got to keep the homefires burning"
Neil Young's "Homefires" | NYA 


"Homefires", the second new track from Neil Young Archives Vol. II began streaming yesterday on NYA.

The  Comment of the Moment on "Homefires": 2nd New Track from Neil Young Archives Vol. II by Alan In Seattle:

What a fantastic song! We are being rewarded for our undying love and appreciation for the life’s work of our musical Hero, an Eco Warrior too!

Thanks Neil! I also will enjoy it on NYA for years to come. But I also want to own the physical copy. I want it on Blu Ray! Anyone at the Record Company listening?! I want to buy this on Blu Ray! I bought my surround system for Archives 1. I own a lot of great high resolution music to enjoy on that system. But now it looks like a long shot to even get it on CD, and I am broke. This pandemic is not kind to the wallet. So how about selling a CD version with no book? How about selling just the unreleased music discs separately for those who want them?! 

I own all of the discs out thus far except Tuscaloosa. So now I must re-buy all the same CD’s and get a nice book even though I cannot afford it. If NYA 2 comes out on Blu Ray, I will buy it. BUT the way it looks I’d be lucky to get the CD’s. I have faith that Reprise will come to its senses and realize that they must sell this product and multiply the quantities by 10 or 20, at least! 

But I get to sit back and enjoy (&) Keep the Home Fires Burning & all the rest. Still waiting for the Eldorado EP to come to life on NYA. I bought the Cocaine Eyes CD single back in the day; that’s as close as I got. So much treasure to enjoy. I SO appreciate the artist who dreamed all of this up! One day Neil will be wielding 0ld Black in Valhalla! And I will join him there at the Great Gig in the Sky.

But for now, I will listen here on Earth, our dying planet. NYA is a salve for weary souls.

Don’t forget to vote! The Oligarchy depends on the people believing in fair elections and Democracy. The 1% will be fine either way. Good job, DNC, picking the less popular sellout candidate with the horrible record, a guy who promises he won’t ban fracking and wonders why the Cops don’t just “shoot ‘em in the leg.” Ya, the DNC could only beat 1 politician... they chose Bernie. 

Alan In Seattle  

Thanks Alan!  Great to see you're able to comment again here on TW.  Sorry about all the logon troubles.  This seems to be a mobile glitch where sometoken is stored requiring reset.  About the only solution we've found is to crash browser app, logout and re-login.  We know that's a pain, sorry.

More on Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976): Pre-Order Updates via The "Greedy Hand" Store + Unboxing & Preview Videos .  Also, see Comment of the Moment: Pre-Order - Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976).  


See SOLD OUT: Neil Young Archives Volume II Blows Out in 48 Hours.

Greedy Hand Store: NYA #2 - SOLD OUT


And be sure to check Neil Young: An Apology Behind the Scenes of NYA Volume II Sell Out; ‘Come to Jesus’ Meeting, Again. 


Also, Neil Young Archives: The Next 10 Years (2010-2020) – A Retrospective by Lone Red Rider. 

Neil Young Archives Volume II (1972 - 1976)


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John & George + Neil + Donald + Bob: It All Gets REAL ... Sooner or Later

We Salute You, Sir!
 JFK Jr. - 1963; GEORGE - 1997; Citizen Neil Young - 2020

Here is a look back down a deep, dark rabbit hole of a TW posting from July 2020.

While much has changed, much remains the same as it ever was.

See George & John, Donald & Neil + Bob: Sooner or Later, It All Gets REAL ... As in Now. .. but only if you think you can handle the TRUTH.

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alternative fuels, and world peace initiatives.

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"the definitive source of Neil Young's formative childhood years in Canada"

neil & joni
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A battle raged on the open page...
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"What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees?"
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Willie Nelson & Neil Young
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John Mellencamp:
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Love and Only Love

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