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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Neil Young Adds 51 Tracks on Archives | NYA

51 tracks were added last week to the file cabinet. 

They are listed on page 10 in the column “New this Week”. Hurry up though because it’s almost next week! The 51 songs have infocards and many of them have special added notes for you to browse through. These are background / behind the scenes tracks and moments that are designated as outtakes, demos or singles. Many are now associated with the albums they were recorded during the time of. This gives hard core investigators (ed - TW emphasis) something to get their teeth into. Most of them are in the earliest years. They are noted with “outtakes, demos or singles” tags in the File Cabinet. 

These 51 tracks are only the beginning. Expect more to arrive in the future from NYA.


From  T-C | NYA (Page 10):

We were struck by an odd mood (ed - TW emphasis) this morning and decided to give you the list of audio recently added to NYA rather than hinting it might be there and letting you dig for yourself. Copy this list to the forums before the mood passes and we return to opacity! (ed - TW emphasis)

  • Birds 8/3/1969
  • Flying On The Ground Is Wrong 6/10/66
  • Expecting to Fly 5/2/67
  • Whiskey Boot Hill 5/6/67
  • High School Graduation 8/15/67
  • Broken Arrow 8/15/67
  • Tonight's The Night 3/4/1974
  • Barefoot Floors 6/15/1974
  • Mellow My Mind 12/8/1973
  • Human Highway 12/5/1973
  • Ambulance Blues 12/5/1973

(& the much asked-after BDLive and missing Hidden Tracks from Volume 1)

  • Don't Let It Bring You Down 3/17/1970*
  • When You Dance, I Can Really Love 4/6/1970*
  • I Wonder 3/8 -12/1965*
  • Here We Are In The Years 10/2/1968
  • Cinnamon Girl 3/7/1970
  • The Rent Is Always Due 8/12/1967
  • It's My Time January/Febuary 1966*
  • Go On And Cry January/Febuary 1966*
  • I Ain't Got The Blues 12/15/1965

(&, for the first time ever on NYA, the non-album tracks that complete the Buffalo Springfield Box Set)

  • There Goes My Babe 6/10/1966
  • Come On 6/1966
  • Hello, I've Returned 6/1966
  • Out Of My Mind 7/1/1966
  • I'm Your Kind of Guy 6/10/1966
  • Baby Don't Scold Me 7/1966
  • Neighbor Don't You Worry 7/1966
  • We'll See 7/1966
  • Sad Memory 7/1966
  • Can't Keep Me Down 7/1966
  • Neighbor Don't You Worry 9/10/1966
  • Down Down Down 9/10/1966
  • Buffalo Stomp (Raga) 9/15/1966
  • Baby Don't Scold Me September 1966
  • We'll See 1/9/1967
  • My Kind of Love 1/9/1967
  • Pretty Girl Why 2/26/1967
  • Words I Must Say 3/1967
  • Nobody's Fool 3/1967
  • So You've Got A Lover 3/1967
  • My Angel 3/1967
  • No Sun Today 3/7–13/1967
  • Down To The Wire 3/28/1967
  • Hung Upside Down 6/1967
  • Round and Round and Round 8/15/1967
  • Old Laughing Lady 8/12/1967
  • On The Way Home 11/1/1967
  • Whatever Happened To Saturday Night? 12/9/1967
  • Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor) 1/10/1968
  • What A Day 1/22/1968
  • Four Days Gone 4/1968

Color us stunned.  Just more proof that everyday is a gift.

And we are grateful and blessed. Thanks neil & Archives Team!

As requested, copied here on TW.  May more "odd moods" strike us all!!! More transparency, less opacity, ok Neil?! (fyi, "For nothing is hidden which will not become manifest, nor secret which shall not be known and come to light.")

(and we even had our own odd little mood yesterday right here @ TW.  see how everything connects?! "hard core investigators" usually find hard core evidence like this or this or that.)



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At 1/23/2021 01:38:00 PM, Blogger Old Black said...

Brilliant! Good old Neil, I'm sure he likes confounding us. Along with finding the holy grail, knitting fog or herding kittens, aiming to be a Neil "completist" must rank highly in the list of all time fools errands! What will he do next? Issue an Archives vol 1.5 box? Neil, don't ever change!

At 1/23/2021 04:51:00 PM, Blogger Christian said...

Ambulance Blues demo is great, wish it would have been on the box!

At 1/23/2021 05:28:00 PM, Blogger Lorenzo q said...

I m using app for the first time.. I cannot find any of these tracks.. How do i do it?

At 1/23/2021 05:45:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

How did "Barefoot Floors" not make the box? That's a crime (in the city).

At 1/23/2021 05:51:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Hello all. I am astonished at the significance & synchonicity of this announcement. Here we were on TW, within the last few days, taking another look at FitW from 2008, finding diamonds & a heart of gold at a Fork in the Road. Thrasher had the awareness and perspective to call it a Minor Masterpiece. Road Grunge and heartfelt Linc-Volt-songs of society; Insight into Government & bailouts for the 1%. We have all fallen victim to Corporate media's spin, telling us what to think. All are manipulated, no matter which party you claim. Some folks in the US dissed Neil's timely post about the siege at the Legislature.
Mr. Young's huge haul of songs really defy categorization. And that is very interesting for us, a ragtag crew of Amateur Neil Musicologists (amateur, because we don't get paid for it, except in mountains of music and the newly enhanced form & content of NYA music!). Thrasher has turned pro of course, (other than the money part!) and you fans have great insight and observations to share on TW, of the many musical moments we celebrate in the NOW. Scotsman and Abner Snopes, among others, talking about the essence of eras & albums, of Catalyst Glory, way down in the Rust Bucket. I love to read and hear it all and continue digesting this rich meal served up by our Master Chef as he cooks up music the world has never seen, or has rarely seen. Ah, to taste the music! And just when we thought we knew all of the varieties of spice, life reveals a whole cabinet drawer full that we could not previously imagine!
And who is to say what year, tour, or album that Neil Young reached his peak?! His music career might be a Comet in the sky, slowly passing by through the decades. As Rust and dust fall off, showering space with his diverse accomplishments in song, usually around the timing of the full Moon. We are the lucky recipients here on our Native Planet. We aren't as young as we once were, but we are still willing to fight for Earth as this killer soundtrack plays. Hail to our Hero, Neil Young! A mere man? An Artist of the ages. We, the lucky ones, enjoying Resolution from on High in the Neil Kingdom.
Again, there's no accounting for taste, but most of us have it in spades. We get to change our Minds and reconsider what we felt and thought on first listen or 500th listen. NYA Demos of Flying on the Ground & Out of My Mind play in the background as I type!
And we are like thirsty beasts at the now-fully-filled watering hole, realizing how bloody good this water tastes. Ah, our dry weary trials in the times of covid, are quenched at last! And, Lo & Behold, this is the best water we have ever tasted! My analogy is breaking down. The Archives on NYA are deeper and more compelling than we could have ever anticipated! The next Mother Load changes in definition with each stage of the release of these troves of treasure, and sonic delight. Poetry set to music. A life revealed in song art. An obsessed Artist sharing his life's work with his obessed fan base. Thank you Neil Young! And I had just resumed my paying subscription to this vast library of all the music shared so far. Literally the best $2 a month I could ever spend.
I am listening to a track I have never heard before with a fantastic Rick James leading the Mynah Birds through "Its My Time." What a great track! These guys would have made it if Rick had not been AWOL. The dream was cut short, but it lives on here on NYA today, raising spirits like a great incoming tide. "Go On and Cry" is also great, a tender Motown style classic. I am thrilled with the gifts our favorite Artist has given us with today. Revelation, sweet sonic ecstasy! Alan in Seattle

At 1/23/2021 06:34:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

The first eleven titles listed above are all just incredible additions, as are all the rest. But the real jewel here for me is Barefoot Floors. What an incredible addition to Neil’s catalog. I’m stunned this song has been hidden for so long. What a masterpiece. I truly love everything on this list, although some of it has been available both on the Buffalo Springfield box set and Archives Volume One. What a way to start the year. Thanks Neil. We are all grateful.

Peace 🙏

At 1/23/2021 07:51:00 PM, Blogger tomatron said...

The only place to find them is in the Filing Cabinet. Since they are luckily listed by date, it won’t be too hard once you find the wheel on the left that cycles through the years. Months aren’t visible in the Cabinet, but you can click on any file folder to view a track and see when exactly that song was recorded. These are additionally labeled with “Demo” or “Outtake” on the corner.

At 1/24/2021 12:33:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Thanks Dan Swan and others who comment and share knowledge and awareness.

One song I realized we won't see on NYA unfortunately is Pearl Jam's "I Got Id" with one of Neil's most powerful grunge guitar solos of all time. That is an extremely powerful song. I am not crazy about Eddie Vedder's vocals in general. I got very tired of the warble in his voice, but "I Got Id" is one Hell of a great song.

I hope that FitR era song "Get Around" makes it onto NYA. And Trunk Show. and everything else!

Alan in Seattle

At 1/24/2021 09:58:00 AM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

@ Alan:
Thanks to your recent post I reacquainted myself with Fork in the Road, and was pleasantly surprised by my reaction. As Abner pointed out, there is definitely a subtle mischievous humor underlying just below the surface, along with some biting criticism of government corruption. Neil is definitely in love with his car on this record, and who could blame him. LincVolt was, and is a remarkable achievement which is clearly on display in the documentary on the Hearse Theatre.

I have to agree with Thrashers that Fork in the Road is indeed a minor masterpiece as it captures a specific moment in time perfectly, just as Living With War was when it was released. Neil has a real gift for reflecting the moment... in the moment. Ohio being a remarkable example. I can also agree that Fork in the Road is a perfect road trip album with its churning guitar and pumping rhythms, with the occasional sweetness for contrast and relief.

Neil is one of those rare artists that can sometimes confound his fan base, but like so many of his records, they are simply ahead of their time. Tonight’s the Night being the most obvious example, but even Neil can fall pray in judging too quickly. He was so unhappy with Time Fades Away, it took him decades to release it on CD, and if you took a poll of his fans, I believe it’s one of his most beloved albums. It is certainly one of mine.

As for Pearl Jam’s “I Got ld”, Neil is simply on fire. Much like Promise of the Real; Pearl Jam brought out something truly explosive from Neil. Both bands allowed Neil to play with a youthful exuberance which inspired him to play with such intensity. Much like Crazy Horse, but that last tour with Promise of the Real when he never left the stage for over four hours, and at his age was truly inspiring. I’m 11 years younger than Neil and I couldn’t imagine ever pulling something like that off.

I actually love Eddie Vedder's voice, and their new album is a wonderful departure for them. The song cycle is unique and creative, and carries a strong message about climate change and government corruption, yet in a distinctly different way than Fork in the Road. I would love to see Neil and Pearl Jam do another album together. Mirror Ball is a major masterpiece in my opinion.

Peace 🙏

At 1/24/2021 10:17:00 AM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

A quick glance through the Archives Selected Tracks list shows that there is precious little that Neil hasn't already given us from the 1960s. Early Daze will clear a few more of these out:

Song Recorded Band Session
I'll Wait Forever 2/1/66 Mynah Birds Motown
Cinnamon Girl 3/20/1969 Single Master Topanga
Sea Of Madness 9/2/69 CSNY Wally Heider /L.A.
Look At All The Things 10/9/69 Horse Sunset Sound Hollywood
Winterlong 10/17/69 Horse Larrabee/Hollywood
Everybody's Alone 10/27/1969 CSNY Wally Heider /L.A.

Wow. Just Wow. Some lists which have leaked from the Deja Vu 50th anniversary Box set do NOT contain those 2 CSNY cuts in the list, which I find odd. I can't imagine that those will stay hidden, forever, though....I think Neil is on the road to eventually giving us everything in those lists....

At 1/24/2021 10:19:00 AM, Blogger Le p'tit Jésus d'plâtre said...

Is there a way to download them on a PC, so I can make a CD out of it and put the songs in my phone so I can listen to them?

At 1/24/2021 10:28:00 AM, Blogger Arcwels said...

Try sound tap or audacity to record the stream...freeware

At 1/24/2021 11:22:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Dan Swan, Oddly, I own a lot of Pearl Jam albums and even solo Eddie Vedder albums. I am a fan of the band, Mike McCready & all. I saw Pearl Jam acoustic at the Bridge show and loved it. I saw Mike McCready's UFO cover band, "Flight to Mars" a few times over the years in Seattle. What a great performer he is! I will buy the new album after hearing your praise. I already own a single with the song on it that sounds like the Talking Heads, which I like a lot. A friend was so kind to give me that.

After living in Seattle for decades, it is bittersweet that only one singer / bandleader remains alive of all the grunge bands. I am a huge fan of Chris Cornell and I was devastated when he killed himself. I had closely followed his Art for over 25 years at the time. I cried and got drunk and blared Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave on my stereo endlessly that evening and night. My poor family understood somewhat. Luckily for them we had a big house and it wasn't that loud upstairs in the main part of the house. Nowadays I deal with mourning differently. I have walked 12 steps in a healthier direction for myself.

I am so glad that a reassessment of FitR gave you a better and different impression, Dan (and anyone else who warmed up to it belatedly or otherwise. Neil Young fans ought to be open minded to re-examine Art and other things. His catalogue is so diverse that it takes a sonic chameleon to sponge it all up and remain satisfied and fulfilled, even enthralled by his body of accomplishments, his Art, in song, album, film, etc. I am one of the lucky ones that eagerly adds albums as he produces them. But I first saw became a fan & him with the Bluenotes. He was on a roll and fruitful decades have followed.

I strongly agree with you, Dan, about Mirrorball being a masterpiece. And this album was dismissed by a lot of fans, apparently. I love it absolutely and I am thrilled that there is a live concert video on the way of PJ with NY. A friend of mine was working in a club in Seattle and he got to witness a full set of NY/PJ in this empty club, and he was blown away. He said Neil was furiously glaring at him as he unleashed a tirade of notes on his guitar. Perhaps that could be true. Its all illusion anyway, even as we digest the Real Deal!

I know that when I got into "Outlaw field" at Boise with PotR, Neil was livid with the sound situation. But it got straightened out. I got to watch as the band busted out with 4 or 5 Peace Trail songs and I was "over the Moon!" I was like a kid who got to sneak onto a rocket and take a trip to the moon, but better than that. I am not a fan of heights. Surfer Joe was a extra highlight they played during that warm-up / practice / soundcheck that day. I was 150' away, alone on the field. A big joint was passed around near the stage that night for the show and glad tidings of "Greetings from Seattle" could be heard as the happy fans eluded detection by the nearby security guard on the rail who thought the skunks were raising an army, an army of pacifists. The skunk sheppard is also Water Protector activist and a March Against Monsanto actiivist.

Neil's politics and concerns have coincidentally alligned with my own over the years. I am pretty sure that if Neil was a cold-hearted capitalist with opposite socio-political values, I would never have become such a huge fan. I am from Santa Monica from the old days when it was a left-wing enclave. Songs like Ohio and Southern Man were mirrors of the values we discussed in school. My parents were civil rights actiivists in the mid 60's but they did not have any Neil Young records. No Beatles or Stones either. Just CCR, Dylan, Bluegrass, and Blues. My dad played Blues harmonica and he was really good, especially for a English professor. The Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Paul Butterfield records were his Bible.

I am so talkative that I often run out of space when posting to this blog. I am forced to edit, which is probably a good thing!
-Alan in Seattle

At 1/24/2021 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

A fellow fan asked, "Is there a way to download NYA to make CD?" How funny! There IS someone like me out there still ripping CDs! No, there is not a way to convert NYA on line to CD form, but you can become a member. I think you can even make your own song list compilations on there, come to think of it. I haven't tried that yet.

Some Neil fans whine about the clunkiness of NYA. I like it the way it is set up. I think it is perfect that he has more than one unique navigation systems on NYA.

Some of you fans have had heartache and bitter disappointment from the Greedy Hand store. Not me though. I don't buy anything. Just my $20 per year NYA subscription. Cheep, cheep! (sic)

Oh, I meant to say above that I got way into the Blues as a young man and became a fan of Jimmy Reed, among others (such as Howlin' Wolf!). I was happy to read many decades later that Neil Young used to love Jimmy Reed as a kid, if memory serves correctly. I am very impressed with that! and on Broken Arrow, apparently everyone tried to talk Neil out of putting the Jimmy reed song, Baby What You Want Me To Do on at the end, live from OPL or Catalyst. I thought it was so great that he ignored everyone's pleading and put it on there. I got to enjoy 6 OPL shows but that song, I am pretty sure, wasn't one that I got to hear.

Let Neil be Neil. Don't cop a resentment about material goods (although a few of you fans have "the pateince of Job" as you faithfully waited for your UK package to arrive or whatever. Neil's store is not Amazon. He does not have a horse whip to motivate his employees. he does not have Robots doing the heavy lifting in his big ware-house. He is an Artist intersecting with hungry fans. I guess the name of the store is perfect in terms of Karma, maybe. Thanks for all the gifts, Neil! Long live the King!

Alan in Seattle

At 1/24/2021 11:49:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

I celebrate the news of more Blu Ray releases on the way. I will rise like the Phoenix and actually purchase every single Blu Ray I can buy, somehow, some way, despite cash shortfalls. I don't spend any money on alcohol or weed or anything else in this modern era, and that helps pay for other things, no doubt!

I have said far more than enough today. I can't help it. I am so excited by the new additions to NYA. I will save some stories for later:
like riding my bicycle uphill west of Woodside while living in Belmont during X-ray school and seeing these amazing vintage cars go by. I used to wave at them, thinking, "There goes Neil!." I saw Ben's van while bicycling up that 2000' hill at least once. Its the one that says "Ben" on the license plate.

One time my car overheated while I was taking an out of town buddy on a drive down skyline and we ended up in Neil's driveway when the car reached its limit, unintentionally. I knew the name of the road because my teacher in X-ray school told me. Her son went to the Bridge School. Betsy was a sweetheart. She helped the students get tickets to the Bridge shows.

And then there's the time I snuck in to a OPL show with a really bad counterfeit wristband. I am going to try to spin some humerous yarns. There is more to these stories that I would like to flesh out. I think a few of you might be amused by some of the details.

Peace be upon you! Alan in Seattle

At 1/24/2021 12:00:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ LRR - interesting on Deja Vu 50th anniversary Box set. right, very odd.

speaking of odd. you noticed that neil was in an "odd mood" when he did this track dump.

wonder what brought that on? making preparations for next iteration of NYA?!

@ Alan - well, you're certainly making up for lost time lately.

pls feel free to submit any in depth posting similar to the In Defense of FITR so that we can make proper posting. don't ever let that flame of passion burn out.

btw, that offer goes for everyone out there as well. feel free to submit articles for publishing here on TW.

NY concert memories are of particular interest.

At 1/24/2021 12:07:00 PM, Blogger Le p'tit Jésus d'plâtre said...

@Alan: yes, you can make your own playlist, which I already did for the 51 songs.
And I'm a paid member of the NYA.
And I buy everything Neil releases.
Yep, I'm ruining myself, but it's either that or pay off the kidnapper ;-)

Thing is I wanted to have them all on a CD so I could listen to them on my stereo system, instead of getting to each track each time on the app or website. Plus, my internet connection is shitty. And my bandwith is way limited. I've been waiting for a decent internet since 10 years now, they always promise, but never deliver, actually... even during the pandemic, where the government keep telling us to telecommute. We just can't with a shitty internet connection.

At 1/24/2021 01:06:00 PM, Blogger Herman said...

Question : it's easy to make your own playlist on NYA (it will be listed in the Cabinet),but ... when you close NYA, it dissapears out of the Cabinet. Is there a way to save our own playlists in NYA ?
Neil, thanks for this beautiful site, it's a diamant that brightens more and more after every single enter. Long may you run.

At 1/24/2021 01:13:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

I’ve had the same problem with the playlist feature. I’ve created several, but once you leave the site the next time I log on they are gone. Frustrating yes, but not a big deal. Perhaps someone could write a letter to the editor and ask if they could solve this issue.

Peace 🙏

At 1/24/2021 02:11:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I am definitely not a Tech guy. I do MRI scans for work. I said incorrectly that there is no way to capture the stream. Someone else gave 2 suggestions Tech-wise on how to do it. I won't be personally doing that. I am sorry for those who have crappy internet connections. I do recommend Google Nest to help with that. I just had to pay my internet provider more cash to get more bandwidth for all we have going on in our house. TV, students on line, me streaming NYA, etc.

For no particular reason, I wanted to call out one NY live track that I just love and adore: Year of the Horse, Barstool Blues! That is a crucial track for me. I was swaying with a beautiful woman inside OPL one night at the NYCH concert. I did not know her until then. We talked a bit before the show. When Neil sang the line "Let me see your face once more, before I hafta go" I turned to look at her pretty face and she turned and smiled at me. It was a priceless moment on a priceless night. I associate that song with that memory, but the song itself is spectacular, and the live version from Year of the Horse is "my jam." I could probably be happy with that track on repeat, playing for an eternity.

Thanks Thrasher. I will try to bust out some concise writing for the cause at some point. It is a kick to see my crazy words "published" on your blog. It tickles me to think that even Neil himself would pay attention here and there to what we are ranting about (at least in my case its a rant at times!). I think we figured out that some of the Nelson gang pays attention to TW at times.

Lets hear some of those concert stories and reviews from you fans!

Again, have a great day. -Alan in Seattle

At 1/24/2021 02:14:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

So I screwed up the line.. "Let me see your face Again, before I have to go." Perfection is so elusive.

At 1/24/2021 05:04:00 PM, Blogger Aer Stephen said...

Amazing. It's like a whole 'nuther volume of archives. Totally stoked. Burning a fatty and turning it up.

At 1/24/2021 10:30:00 PM, Blogger Jonathan said...

must be some good coke up in Seattle lately...

At 1/25/2021 03:35:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Good one! Totally sober tho.

At 1/25/2021 05:35:00 AM, Blogger Ruven said...

Could somebody please kindly explain to me the reasons that might be for 'Barefoot Floors' not being on NYA Vol.2? Seriously.. WHY?

At 1/25/2021 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

@Ruven. :
That’s something only Neil can answer.

But I’m grateful that he added to the File Cabinet as I absolutely love the song. Brilliant on every level.

Peace 🙏

At 1/25/2021 12:35:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Barefoot Floors: we all want to be subscribers to NYA.

At 1/25/2021 02:05:00 PM, Blogger Phil said...

Barefoot reminds me Will To Love... Great.

By the way, I've written a letter to NYA about the problem of the lost playlists when you switch off the app...

At 1/25/2021 02:20:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

Picking up on Dan and Alan, I was thoroughly amazed when Mirror Ball got "mixed reviews." "I'm the Ocean" is a towering accomplishment. I believe it is one of Neil's greatest songs. I will not bore anyone with my take on its importance, just adding an opinion here and now. The rest of the album is, in my view, astonishing in its urgency. Great songs all over the place, a restlessness and darkness that takes on much of the threads from Sleeps with Angels. "Truth Be Known"? How can anyone argue that this is not a great song? Reminds me of when I first realized that "the critics" are not my master. Sitting in a dorm room listening to On the Beach, "so all you critics sit alone." At that point, Neil Young the human being merged (for me) with his music and I believe I became wiser. Art has to experiment, like all inquiry it needs constant change. It is better to fail than not to change. Faulkner said about "The Sound and the Fury": a failed experiment.

At 1/25/2021 02:49:00 PM, Blogger Herman said...

Phil said : "By the way, I've written a letter to NYA about the problem of the lost playlists when you switch off the app..."

Me too and this whas their answer :

thanks for getting in touch.

We're aware of an issue at the moment affecting playlists in NYA, unfortunately. Our developers are currently investigating this issue and we hope it will be resolved soon.

Thanks for your patience!

—The Archives Team

So ... hopefull :-)

At 1/25/2021 09:29:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Abner Snopes, I strongly agree with your assessment of Mirror Ball. I consider it a true classic in my top Baker's dozen albums of Neil's career, especially when you throw in the Merkinball single with "I Got Id." I too was completely blown away by "I'm The Ocean." I had that song on repeat a lot! I have it on repeat right now on NYA. There are many great songs on the album: Downtown (a very well crafted song, super tight, in a nostaligic tip of the hat to the greats of classic rock, a heady escape offered by Jimi and Page. There is Big Green Country, Peace and Love, Truth Be Known, Throw Your Hatred Down. But for me, I'm The Ocean is the crown jewell (and I got Id from same sessions, a "PJ" single, a scorcher of the highest level). In my humble opinion, "I'm the Ocean" is in the top Baker's dozen greatest Neil Young songs of all time (Don't make me name them! There's thirty plus songs in there rotating!).

It is linked to the time period it was recorded in by reference to the OJ Simpson trial, a morbid circus of entertainment that increased popcorn sales and expert TV "testimony on the brutal crimes of love." The baseball strike going on at the time has Neil describing homeless folks enjoying their own games and pastimes. These references pass by and then the song time-travels back (like "Goin' Home") to an era of Native American symbolism, the pain of war, the cost on their love and relationships. There is moonlight, which always affects Neil Young like the tide. He habitually records around the full moon. He IS the Ocean! (I know, its getting pretty deep in here!).

The pump organ adds an element which takes the song to a higher level. And there is NO GUITAR SOLO. How did I fall in love with this song without a guitar solo? Perhaps it is BECAUSE there is no solo, despite my usual mantra of my love of endless solos from Old Black. This song puts me in a trance!

The band is smoking hot as the driving beat continues on its hypnotic journey. References to anachronistic technology float by, car models of the day, reckless driving, danger, the alienation of his relationship (fell in a bed alone). It references to his identity as an artist (I'm for Rollin', I'm for tossing in my sleep). He is our Restless Hero, on a productive streak, capturing lightning in a bottle. This album was recorded in a very short time period. At the time, Neil stated that he needed a tight band like Pearl Jam to perform adequately on a song like Act of Love. My memory of it is that he tried it out with Crazy Horse but wanted more from it than they could deliver.

Thanks for the Fine Art, Neil and Pearl Jam. Alan in Seattle

At 1/26/2021 07:58:00 AM, Blogger nick said...

Does anyone know if the promised Mirror Ball Live album will include I'm The Ocean? I believe the live show is from Dublin but they didn't play I'm The Ocean at that show. Ideally the live album would include as many Mirror Ball songs as possible, taken from different shows.

At 1/26/2021 08:58:00 AM, Blogger Phil said...

About Mirror Ball live, I think a movie will be released on NYA this year with Dublin show, so without I'm The Ocean... Maybe we could get a physical DVD release later... I hope also a NYAPS CD (number 13?) maybe with a mix from different shows but I have some doubt.
Beside that, you can request a raw show on NYA as NY did a few weeks ago for 5 shows...
I was very lucky to see NY and PJ in Pukkelpop, Hasselt 1995 and it was like a thunderstorm...

NY played also I'M The Ocean with CH in 1997. I dream of a release of the warm-up shows with exciting setlits:

The Trocadero, San Francisco, California, USA
w/ Crazy Horse
1. Hard Luck Stories*
2. I'm The Ocean
3. Razor Love
4. Crime In The City
5. Truth Be Known
6. Piece Of Crap
7. Don't Be Denied
8. Throw Your Hatred Down
9. Downtown
10. Hippie Dream
11. Mellow My Mind
12. Rockin' In The Free World
13. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
14. Slip Away
15. Big Time
16. The Losing End
17. Sedan Delivery
18. Throw Your Hatred Down
19. Razor Love
20. Cowgirl In The Sand
21. Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California, USA
w/ Crazy Horse
1. Big Time
2. Modern World*
3. I'm The Ocean
4. Razor Love
5. Cinnamon Girl
6. Hippie Dream
7. Horseshoe Man*
8. Throw Your Hatred Down
9. Out Of Control*
10. Downtown
11. Act Of Love
12. Truth Be Known
13. Hard Luck Stories
14. Crime In The City
15. Don't Be Denied
16. Cortez The Killer
17. Modern World
18. Piece Of Crap
19. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

At 1/26/2021 12:25:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I think I still have a cassette copy of the Trocadero show, and what a show! I should write Neil and ask about that. Thanks for posting the setlists and info. At this point, with the generous treasures we have received, a live NY / PJ album of Mirrorball songs would be the icing on the cake, or the cherry on top! A live version of “Ocean” and “I Got Id” would satisfy my cravings! Alan in Seattle

At 1/26/2021 04:23:00 PM, Blogger LRS said...

thank you so much for letting us know where the hidden tracks are, you rule!

At 1/26/2021 06:24:00 PM, Blogger mrtew said...

I'm sure I'm the only music 'collector' who reads this site and it's oddly frustrating to see cool stuff on the archives that I can't 'buy' and 'have'. It's like going over to Neil's house or studio and him playing you a song while he tapes it but he won't make a copy for you. You just have to appreciate it in the moment and hope that if you go to his place again that he'll play the tape for you again or maybe something new. And I agree with the posts about Mirror Ball. I love that album even though actual Pearl Jam records don't do anything for me at all.

At 1/27/2021 06:48:00 AM, Blogger Ruven said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/27/2021 06:50:00 AM, Blogger Ruven said...

I know this might not be the right place to do this. But if there's any fellow NY fan from Switzerland who missed out on but still would like to have the NYA Vol. 2 original first edition box set, please let me know. Once the smaller retail edition of the box will be available in March, I'm going to sell my deluxe edition for the original price that I paid on the Greedy Hand store. Hit me up if interested -> (rouven.niederer(at)hotmail(dot)com). Shipping only within Switzerland.

At 1/27/2021 01:00:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ ruven - sure, no problem.

TW strongly supports & encourages neil fans helping out their fellow fans!


At 1/30/2021 07:12:00 AM, Blogger eddie77 said...

@tomatron "The only place to find them is in the Filing Cabinet..."


I used the search facility (the lock icon in the top right hand corner). Much quicker and more practical that way...


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