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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Comments of the Moment: The Synchronicity of Neil Young & Thrasher's Wheat

"An Evening With Neil Young"
(Click photo to enlarge)

As we recently remarked, no sooner we observe the decline in comments here on Thrasher's Wheat over the years, than lo and behold a goldrush of wheat worthy commentary from our beloved community. Blessed.

Which reminds us of a question we encountered once at a Neil Young concert along the lines of "So all of those comments are really written by Neil fans?!". Naturally, we were a bit taken aback by the implication that we ourselves ghost-wrote TW comments or that the comments were the nefarious workings of the Shakey Pictures/Lookout Mgt/Warner-Reprise industrial complex.

"No, as far as we can tell, both the wheat and the chaff really seem to be genuinely organically derived," we replied and off we went into the venue, never really considering the question again.

Now since -- with our naivete totally blown wide open in our post-9|| awakening -- we've come to realize that there's far, far more to the picture than meets the eye when it comes to comments here at TW -- particularly those artificial, GMO-like chaff comments.

But back to those tasty, fresh organic wheat worthy comments.

What a wonderful way to help us continue to celebrate our 20th Anniversary here Thrasher's Wheat by letting those freak flags fly.

Yes, it does sometimes seem that some of the freshest and tastiest comments are somehow a direct channelling from our little head, back out into the community and reflected right back to us here on the blog. Such is the latest example where we literally were having the exact same sentiments as the following comment, as it literally materialized on the blog.

Such is the Surreal Synchronicity of Neil Young and The Amazing Synchronicity of Thrasher's Wheat.

So here we go. On to the latest Comments of the Moment on "An Evening With Neil Young" + "Neil Young Discusses New Album With Promise of the Real". First, from Alan:
After seeing Neil Young & PotR in Seattle last Oct 4th, I knew Neil was having the time of his life with these young super-fans, Promise of the Real.

The show was spectacular as they mined his deep catalogue and also played great versions of songs from The Monsanto Years. I expected that Neil would record again with PotR on his next album. I even anticipated the focus would be Earth and nature. I am not psychic. But, for once, I saw where Neil's Muse was leading him before the announcements were made.

Neil Young is a truly dedicated environmentalist and a prophet of sorts. Neil has stood bravely and effectively against injustice so many times. From Ohio to LWW, he told the Military Profiteers where they could stick it. When he said on FitR, "There's a bailout coming but its not for you" he saw right through the facade of the too-rich-for-jail Wall Street bankers. The middle class would foot the bill, since Corporations pay no tax after decades of effective lobbying.

Then our favorite Rock Star *ucked the GMA-connected, GMO-loving behemoth, Starbucks. He told truth about the poisons in our food supply, the deadly game being pushed by Monsanto, the seeds being hijacked. And he sang tragic tribute (quite appropriately) to the Earth, under the Wolf Moon, or any other. Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth, indeed?

The artist I have obsessively followed since 1988 has gained focus in his songs and his values have come to the forefront, namely saving the Earth for future generations. I was an environmental studies major in college when I first became a fan of the man. His values align with my own. Unfortunately, it is the "American way" to trash and develop every square inch of our fragile planet, to tap every resource, to cut down every tree. We humans are destroying the planet for all living creatures with our focus on profits and disregard for our fellow sentient beings, human and animal.

Every living thing on Earth is now endangered due to Global Warming, whether it walks, slithers, swims, or flies. The focus was expected, although I can't describe what it will sound like, I am tremendously excited that Neil Young has another album in the can and I will soon get to hear it. And, if I'm lucky, he will return to Seattle and I will get to see him play again (for my 17th show).

And yes, it is so strange that many of his "fans" can do nothing but make cynical predictions and deride the artist, who has rarely failed, even in the recent past, to create compelling work. Neil Young delivers. Yes, he is getting older, aren't we all? Should we not celebrate that this incredible man is still doing it?! Whether wielding Old Black, strumming an acoustic, or playing piano and harmonica, the man has something very worthwhile to say, and I am ecstatic to be here to enjoy it.

I will be wearing my Neil Young Monsanto Years shirt on May 21st as I join hundreds and hundreds of others to March Against Monsanto for the 3rd year in a row in downtown Seattle. I am excited about Bernie Sanders because he has values and he is not a corporate whore, a sell-out, or a racist sociopath.

Once again, I scratch my head and chuckle about the pissed off Right-wing Neil Young fans who are so upset that he is paying attention to these momentous, critically important issues. Oh, if only he would just re-record Harvest or (fill in the album title here).

That is not what our hero does. If you don't care about what he is saying, I feel sorry for you. But I feel way more sorry for your Grandkids, because they are the ones who will be living in a world far too Hot with severe shortages of food and water. You can say the feeling's gone, but Neil is not the one who has lost it. Have a look in the mirror. Wake up. Apathy kills. Smell the roses, too.

Thank you Neil Young.
-Alan in Seattle
Thanks Alan. Love the passion, no fear and never let the bastards shut you up. Paragraph breaks be damned. ;) Freedom of speech. 'Tis better to die on our feet than live as slaves on our knees, as we sometimes remind folks...

Next up, one of our longtime favourites from Greg, a friend we've never seen who does not hide his head inside of his dreams...
Kudos, Alan.

And to you, Ian.

I can hardly believe these things still need to be said- or maybe I do believe it.

Over the years, I chimed in to this effect here and there, arguing against one dimensional views of Neil, trying to communicate that no informed fan could possibly be surprised at anything coming from Neil, let alone question where it was coming from. To repeat ad nausium, to each their own, doesn't mean you have to like this or that, but you simply cannot question the method or the motive. In my mind, it was and is the same as it ever was, unvarnished and spontaneous- with plenty of room after the fact for him to "improve" on it, and for us to appreciate in retrospect.

After a while, I got tired of "pissing in the wind", and have to admit, withdrew from the fray of all the negativity on this site, which vis a vis the dwindling of comments cited in recent posts, must be true of at least several others. For whatever reason, this reluctancy bled over to most other conversations, even though a day has never gone by without me checking in on what Thrasher has to contribute- sorry for what could be construed as a lack of support, Thrasher. People coming to a Neil Young appreciation site to trash the man because he does not conform to the prescribed standards they seem never to tire trying to shove down his throat.


Over the last several years, Neil has seen one cherished friend after another fade from his life, is currently on the other side of a marriage that I'm guessing he cherished, also. Across this new, unfamiliar, foreign, and I'm guessing lonelier territory, he continues to be assaulted by examples of complete and utter disdain for all that is decent and responsible, relative to man's inhumanity to man, and man's stewardship of the earth, both of which mirror a like disdain for our Creator.

After years of giving us unparalleled music and words, of giving back in the form of charity and advocacy, and earning the right not to have to apologize to anyone about his career choices, there are those among us still looking for some kind of apology for not giving them another On The Beach? The man is seventy, still rocking and producing material close to his heart, and the takeaway for so many is that the lyrical content is not some sort of repetition of the perspectives only younger versions of himself could produce? His voice ain't what it used to be? He should spend more time now polishing songs in a way he never has? He should chuck the immediacy of the moment that has always instigated his recordings? He should start getting stoned again to grease the wheels of his flagging creativity?

I know there are a lot of reasonable people raising valid questions asking to what we might attribute perceived changes in the music and the man, and people who have in-their-mind-legitimate concerns about some of Neil's view's, but come on. It can't be that he is an older man, whose changed life circumstances are now informing his music in ways that are necessarily different than what it used to be? It can't be that his music still mirrors his inner experience, and given the changed circumstances, comes across differently? It has to be that he's just gotten cravenly sloppy in his old age?

In the end, you just have to laugh, and remember the words of golfer Jack Nicklaus in response to similar criticism of the golfer Greg Norman, who hadn't met the expectations of certain of his "fans", either: "It's amazing what some people think you 'should' do." Can't say it any better. Amazing.

A Friend Of Yours
Thanks again to Ian, Alan, Greg, and so many others out there trying to bring it all back home by plowing those fields of wheat, amber waves of grain.

Call it channeling. Call it synchronicity. Or just call call it the magic of TW Rising, The Big Shift, The Ascension or "Great Awakening", we love it and revel in the White Rabbits chasing the Men in Black back down the rabbit hole.

Seriously, go ask Alice (or Dorothy) anytime... because it's really all an illusion in The Land of Oz... "Toto, we have a feeling we're not in Kansas (Greendale) anymore... "

We remain your ever vigilant citizen thrasher



At 3/06/2016 04:42:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

Bravo Alan and Greg. I could not agree more. You both said what I have wanted to say for avery long time.
I have been visiting Thrasher for several years and have stopped commenting because of the negativity,
but I wanted to thank you both....and well said.

Dan from AZ.

At 3/06/2016 04:52:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

P.S. Thank to Thrashers Wheat for keeping it real.

Dan from AZ

At 3/06/2016 05:10:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Welcome back Dan.

Good to see you again our friend. We have started to hear from many long lost old friends of late. A sign of things to come?

May the negativity of the past become a thing of the past as a new day and new age dawns before us all.

peace & love

At 3/06/2016 08:33:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well said all!! Can't wait to see this unfold. Neil and Willie's boys are coming to Texas!! New album coming. Sure to hear some of it in New Braunfels. Life is good

At 3/06/2016 09:15:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


At 3/06/2016 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I just went down the Rabbit hole, through the looking glass, got enlightened about the symbolic meanings behind the Wizard of Oz, pondered the fleecing of the populace by the banking powers of the world, and all in one convenient location, right here on my favorite website on the entire internet. I have been missing out on some things that were right under my nose. Thank you, Thrasher's Wheat, for spelling some things out and connecting the dots. An awakening in the 21st century is inevitable, as the planet heats up and the water disappears. Capitalism is not inherently good or smart, in fact, it doesn't even have a heart. And then there's Art. Neil Young. The brave truth-teller who channels the Muse and wields lightning when swinging his axe, sounding like a jet engine in a hurricane. Or strumming an acoustic guitar, creating beauty, telling his truth. Whether its the Tar Sands, or the DARK Act, he is paying attention. The stakes are high. Who's Gonna Stand Up?

I love your site! I spent far too much of 2015 "on the clock" to provide for my family and keep the bankers at bay. I think I'll be planting my feet on the ground more in 2016. Part of my new ritual will be to visit this site and comment more. I have been a "YUGE" fan of Dylan as well, snapping up his Bootleg series with each release, hoping he will someday again write a song half as great as Blowing in the Wind or Masters of War. He is wonderful, despite the cigarette-damaged singing voice from decades of self-abuse. But he really did change everything. He continues to be vague, tho some will tell you he is criticizing capitalism like a warrior in Pay in Blood, for instance. I would be happy if he said something specific, like Neil Young has been doing for some time now, especially in his latter years. But I will settle for Neil Young. Gods keep him healthy. May he outlive them all. Keep on hitting the Record button under the full moon, my man. You pour ice water in my blood. And the ear candy is much appreciated, as well. I could listen to your creations into infinite, and I hope to. When the lights go out, I hope to hear it in eternity. Alan in Seattle

At 3/07/2016 03:37:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye Thrasher, thanks for the room to comment.


At 3/07/2016 03:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, so I don't leave any ill feelings: I love the site, love the comments (even those I disagree with). I think the "bastard" comment by Thrasher was out-of-line. My comments on his site have always been balanced, I've always tried to explain myself, to encourage conversation rather than arguement. I will stand up for myself once under attack, of course, but I think it's clear that I've said nothing to justify such a comment.

That's all, nothing more than that. I wish the blog continuing success.


At 3/07/2016 05:24:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Dear Flying Scotzman, I speak to you as a descendent of the McCloud clan: Thrasher didn't call you a bastard. That is a phrase that gets thrown around. "Never let the bastards get you down" etc. This isn't all about you. So am I to understand you are leaving the site to never return? Well, thats sad. If you think Neil has nothing left to offer, perhaps it makes sense for you. I hope you find a reason to return and that Neil Young finds a way to amaze and impress you with his future work. Did you go see them play on the last tour? Seeing them play live should really appeal to the die hard old school fan as well. Harvest comes to life before your eyes. If you get the chance, go witness it. Alan in Seattle

At 3/07/2016 07:20:00 AM, Blogger Cousin Gus said...

Interesting times, nothing like a new unheard album to bring people out of the woods and back to the keyboard. Personally I think the key to enjoying one of Neil’s new releases is preparation and understanding where he and the muse is at and then going with the flow, having said that it’s not always possible to prepare to get to where he is going.

Like many I was introduced by Harvest but that was a taste, I wanted to explore. I went off on various paths and not initially in chronological order, CSNY, DejaVu, 4 Way Street, On the Beach, back to the first solo, then forward again, Tonight’s the Night, back to After the Goldrush all different but all Neil. Rust Never Sleeps acoustic and electric in stark contrast on the same album, outstanding. I remember the first time I heard Like a Hurricane, in my friend’s car, stoned playing it over and over getting lost in the solos. I was going were Neil was taking me, Acoustic, Electric, folky, loud and distorted, long and meandering, lyrics I didn’t always understand but evoking images and never boring. Then he lost me, I wasn’t ready for Trans and the Vocoder didn’t get it couldn’t stand the voice effect, I was confused.

These days I understand, still can’t listen to it but that’s Neil. I needed a break, Freedom reintroduced me back to Neil, it was good to be back, acoustic and electric Rockin in the free world brilliant bookends. On goes the journey, Ragged Glory powerful (yin), Harvest Moon soft (yang) the journey continues both musically and lyrically brilliant.

Mirror Ball gave me I’m the Ocean, and my favourite type of Neil song, long, meandering, snapshots of life experiences and social commentary. When 9/11 came along the world stopped, we stared in disbelief and politicians tried to right the wrongs. I would have thought plenty of material however Neil’s offering post 9/11, Äre you Passionate, in my opinion was a strangely benign response from a man who has produced Ohio and Living with War both spitting vitriol, energetic, taking a stance, powerful and emotive. Greendale was criticised for its down home, simple appearance but it had many brilliant moments scattered throughout, some self-critical humour, others taking a swipe at what society had become, (you can do your part by watching others too), (some people have taken pure bullshit and turned it into gold) along with LWW, I think, his best post 9/11 commentary.

Now I’m meandering all over the place and for the record I think Neil’s output post Psychedelic Pill has been uninspiring, I was expecting more from Monsanto Years but the lyrical content, well it’s no I’m the Ocean, Natural Beauty or Peaceful Valley Boulevard, (just to name a few of my favs), different subject matter I know but it just didn’t get me. The musicianship is strong, the young band is clearly providing inspiration judging by the live show feedback (hey nice segway if I do say so myself).

To finish I am hopeful that this will be for me, the comeback album, if not he owes me nothing I’ve had more than enough art from a great man. However a strong young band who have been playing with Uncle Neil for a while now, I’m hoping that with this influence the output will have me slipping that disk into the car stereo getting back into the groove.

At 3/07/2016 09:39:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Don't go Scotzman! You're one of the more reasonable people on here. I for one would miss what you have to say way more than most of these self righteous freaks who dribble on and on. Please stay! Geez Thrash. We're trying to be all positive here and you have to go and throw out the "B" word! Peace and love peace and love!

At 3/07/2016 09:51:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I welcome the new album as I do with all of Neil's releases with appreciation that he is still making music.Vital music.Informed, bold,intelligent, and unafraid.And I will NOT critique the music before I actually HEAR it.Ahem.Some people.....

At 3/07/2016 10:17:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, so many people complain about Neil and his choice of music. I believe this is what happened early on in his career. They try to put him in a "box". They want the old Neil and just like time it has passed.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as the next Neil adventure unfolds. Its been a long strange trip that we are lucky to be a part of.

be the rain

At 3/07/2016 10:55:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Most of you deify a former life long drug addict who's shit on people, including his fans, for most of his career and if you haven't noticed, seems to be burning through his cash at a rapid rate. Divorce and a girl friend with expensive tastes will do that for ya! It seems he has to put out album after album of forgettable records to pay the bills and if he has to wrap himself around the "cause" of the day to stay relevant, than so be it. What else is he going to hang his hat on at this point? Four dead in Ohio but you'd better stop, hey what's that sound, people are being gunned down all over town. Where's the outrage!? All lives matter.

It was the music that hooked me in the beginning. Mother nature might have been on the run, but I was down by the river listening to Old Black. Yeah, the earth needs saving but Neil trashes it more than most of us mere mortals. I don't see him driving Linc Volt from gig to gig. The nature of the beast I suppose. Don't really care. If he's plugging into his stack and is anywhere near me, I'll be there! Even if I have to stand up for the whole show because chairs cost $226.33 unreserved while reserved seats go for only $461.89 or $1385.68!! Look it up. New Braunfels. Good thing I can stand on a gravel lot all night for only $100 after service charges! But I'll do it to see this band perform. No one I would rather see.

I'm excited for the new record. I'm sure some of it will have some substance. Hopefully old Neil will pull a gem out of his ass. Poncho, hang in there! Hopefully Neil will get back to you while you're still able to play. Any one know how Billy's doing? Billy, Ralph and Poncho. Now those guys are my hero's! They put up with Neil's crap all these years and were the back drop to his most glorious moments.

I'm a life long Neil fan since 1969 and will be listening until I die, but Neil's just a man. An amazing talent but just a man all the same. I enjoy your site Thrasher and the people that it brings together, but the only God Neil is to me is a guitar God. Sooner or later it all gets real. Peace and love

At 3/07/2016 11:22:00 AM, Blogger Dan1 said...

My mother always told me that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

At 3/07/2016 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Dan1 said...

Old Neg,
Really? If Neil wanted to make money and sell records he wouldn't be doing an anti-Monsanto album … that can be nothing more than a labor of love … those kinds of records only ruin careers and drive away fans … the fact that he's doing anti-Monsanto albums and LWW and Greendale is the biggest proof of his authenticity both now and back then … and he's the last man standing still protesting … if anything its costing him money and fame … once again he's headed back into the ditch and once again its really pissing people off … totally understandable as most of our first instincts is to want another classic CH album, a Harvest III, or whatever … look the good news is there's like 36 other albums to listen to and then another one every year … a concept album that doesn't get you going isn't such a big deal .. most artists put something out every 5 years so you have to wait a decade if u don't like one … here Neil's putting out a prolific subset of multi-media .. albums, films, books, and then killing the live shows … frankly the extent of the negativity is kind of surprising

At 3/07/2016 11:39:00 AM, Blogger TopangaDaze said...


I don't think Thrash meant anything specific about you or anyone. To me, it's just a generalized expression encouraging those to keep their heads up in the face of dissenting views.

Since Thrasher recently mentioned the lack of comments here, many old time contributors started chiming back in again, so I think we all need to re-adjust to seeing and responding to so many thoughts. I've been making periodic comments here for a year or two I think, and have always enjoyed your posts. You provide a lot of musical insight and have a respectfully critical ear.

Please, take a breath or two and continue to contribute. Every now and then things can get a little overheated without good reason. It's hard for most of us to always be precise with the words we're writing (even Thrash). Our words can't be taken too literally or too close to the heart (unless they become a prevailing theme, which I don't see yet).

Take my advice
don't listen to me

At 3/07/2016 11:57:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

People Want To Hear About Love. Take my advice don't listen to me. You're all just pissing in the wind.

At 3/07/2016 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Dan1 said...

Old Neg, lol … totally agree!!

At 3/07/2016 02:22:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Once upon a time I was on my own
Once upon a time like you've never known
Once upon a time I would be impressed
Once upon a time my life would be obsessed

Once upon a time, once upon a day
When I was in my prime, once along the way
If you want to know my secret don't come runnin' after me
For I am just a painter passing through in history

Yesterday is gone, yesterday's alright
Yesterday belongs in my dreams at night
Yesterday is swell, yesterday is great
Yesterday is strong, remembering can wait

Once upon a time, once upon a day
When I was in my prime, once along the way
If you want to know my secret don't come runnin' after me
For I am just a painter passing through in history

I was in my stride, always at my game
Here comes "Mister Cool" along the walk of fame
I was in demand, always in control
The world was in my hands, my touch had turned to gold

Once upon a time,I was in a daze
When I was in my prime, once along the way
If you want to know my secret don't come runnin' after me
For I am just a painter passing through in history

Now that I am old, let me rest a spell
All that I am told I can never tell
Never in my life never will it pass
I am still alone last

Once upon a time, once upon a day
When I was in my prime, once along the way
If you want to know my secret don't come runnin' after me
For I am just a painter passing through in history

"A Painter Passing Through" by Gordon Lightfoot

If you ask me, this pretty much sums it up for me....about Neil.
Especially remembering the Chrome Dreams tour with him dressed
in a painters smock and a painter painting in the background on stage.

I get it.

At 3/07/2016 02:25:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Old Neg projects the same cynical negativity onto our guitar hero that we see in politicians and true sell-outs. From my experience, when Neil raises the ticket prices, he often is donating money to charity, like he did for the Environmental movement in Canada at the end of the 1st Promise of the Real tour. Neil has done more charity events and shows than any other performer in history. As Dan 1 pointed out, if he was just trying to make money, he would've likely aimed at a far more mainstream unit to sell. Like on the Living With War tour, was he just out there telling people what they wanted to hear? Hardly. Old Neg really lives up to his name in his analysis. Yes, I paid $150 to stand in the front of the stage in Seattle. I pray I get the chance to do it again. Standing in front for General Admission is my favorite way to go. Some of the old folks don't like it… too much of a workout maybe. When I see Neil, I am plugged into a very low-emission power source. He burns veggie oil in his tour bus. He sold his place in Hawaii, which he bought while married to Pegi. By now, he has probably gotten rid of his jet. Old Neg, I can understand perhaps why modern life has ruined your joy. You project miserable judgements. Please don't throw poop on the screen for the rest of us while we're enjoying Neil's artistry. Can you give an example of something you have done in the last 5 years that was intrinsically motivated to improve society or help a person, plant, or animal? Have a nice day, y'all. Alan in Seattle

At 3/07/2016 02:28:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

Of all the Art forms humans have created, music is arguably the most powerful. It not only hits us in our hearts, and in our heads, but in ours souls as well. Music can also effect us physically too. Those sound waves are powerful, and our reaction to music will always be most profound. I remember reading a quote by Jimi Hendrix where he said, "there are only two kinds of music.... good music and bad music". Allow me to phrase it another way. There is music you like, and music you don't like, and this may or may not change as one goes through life. I have changed dramatically in my 59 years, and some of the music I could not relate to when I was a teenager is now some of my favorite music to listen to now.

Neil Young has created a loyal fan base that has given him the ability to create his art without outside forces dictating what music he writes, and because of this he is free to be a true artist. As a fan, I am grateful for this freedom of expression Neil has earned. I'm aware of the fact that he feels no obligation to his fans when creating his art, which is why he continues to be such a force. I also understand that my personal reaction to what he puts out has nothing to do with him. My response has to do with me, and I own that rightfully and don't project that on him, or anyone else. It's my stuff. We all have opinions, and thanks to Thrashers Wheat, we all have a platform to share them with each other here.

A passionate response to music is my barometer as to how successful the artist was in its creation. Positive or negative, the more passionate the response the better the music... regardless of whether I like it or not. It would be a shame for me to suggest that the artist was wrong in making it because of my reaction to it. I'm free to like it or not, but I have no right to dictate to the one who created it as to whether it is right or wrong. After all it's their art, not mine.

I look forward to hearing anything Neil wants to share with us, and I chose to wait and listen before I can have a reaction.

Peace to all.

At 3/07/2016 02:37:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

One more message for Old Neg. You speak about the guys in Crazy Horse as if they were the greatest bunch of guys in the world. In 1996 when I was attending 6 shows at the Old Princeton Landing north of Half Moon Bay, I knew a guy down in Santa Cruz who dated Billy Talbot's daughter. Billy used to beat the shit out of this girl. He was a real asshole drug addict. And, more recently, he had a stroke. That can really hold a guy back. Ralph Molina is a hard core right wing idiot. I was friends with him on Facebook for a few years. He must watch Fox News 24/7. He is batshit right wing crazy.

So you have severe judgement against people who have done drugs and may have been addicted at one time. Doesn't that cover pretty much every band / musician from your era and beyond? That must be a really short list of music you get to fully appreciate. No Jimi Hendrix? No Doors? Why the hell do you judge so harshly through the darkest lens and yet continue to return to a Neil Young FAN site? You must be a real treat to hang out with. If you think you're in Hell, then you are. May your World improve immeasurably. Alan in Seattle

At 3/07/2016 03:55:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This has to be THE MOST idiotic commentary I have EVER read on Thrasher !!! WOW !!! Irrational,bizarre,and untrue statements galore..."Shit on his fans most of his career ???" "Burning through his cash at a rapid rate ???!!!" How would YOU know how much cash Neil has on hand ???!!! Get a grip (and FACTS !)

At 3/07/2016 04:21:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I agree with Robert Bard's statements questioning Old Neg's comments… (Neil) "shit on people, along with his fans, for most of his career." Neil's shape-shifting has led to countless great new works of art, albums, songs, tours. His "shit" has been pure gold. I'd like to see a whole bunch more of it. Side note: I eagerly await Archives, Vol. 2. But if I must wait for Vol. 2 due to Neil's mantra of New beats out old, in terms of priority of release, then yes, I will happily wait. Sure, I bought a kick ass 5.1 surround system and incredible blu ray sound system to hear Neil's promised blu ray releases… and then he kind of stopped releasing them for awhile. I will gladly snap the new releases out on cd and enjoy listening to them. One day, we'll have it all on blu ray audio, and I will enjoy immensely. I probably won't ever buy a Pono player, since I already own all of it either on blu ray or cd.

And, yes, the guy has hurt a few feelings along the way. Some hearts were broken. My life has been enriched by what the man has done and created. So, in the end, its positive output. Thank you, Neil Young. He's not a God, but he is God-like. He channels the Muse. However he does it, whether smoking grass, or hanging around with new, young friends and bandmates, "Let them Love" -as my grandfather used to say. Alan in Seattle

At 3/07/2016 04:28:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for your concern Alan. I think it was the price for seats that set me off! I have nerve damage and it's hard to stand for hours. I'll do it though to see Neil with this band. I've been on the rail myself and it was an unforgettable experience. And hey, I'm not knocking anyone for being a drug addict. I can totally relate! And please list any charities not named Hannah that will be benefiting from this show?

I'm glad you didn't have any dirt on Poncho. Now that would have hurt. Nice of you to share your hearsay about Billy and Ralph with everyone though! Pot kettle black. I'm a huge Neil fan. Have all his records. Read all his books. Go see him whenever I get the chance. Hell, it was Neil that got me through some of my darkest moments for a good part of my life. And it was always Crazy Horse with him at his finest moments. Always.

Flying by private jet is the most carbon intensive way to move humans next to space travel. Old Neil can be somewhat of a hypocrite at times, eh? Yeah, he burns bio-diesel in all of his tour buses that run ALL day, even when no one's in them. And why doesn't he fly commercial if he's so worried about our precious mother earth? Too much of a workout maybe? It's not Neil I have a problem with, it's the attitude around here that he's some sort of savior that can do no wrong. He makes a good living and leads a very comfortable life because of us fans. That doesn't mean I don't have the right to label him a hypocrite. Or feel ripped off because after supporting him for his whole career, I can't afford to sit in a chair to watch him play. Think Neil cares? I'm pretty sure not. He doesn't always walk the walk so attack me personally if I etch that out in all of its negativity. You're no better than me.

Me personally. I open doors for women, I'm polite and try not to swear around little children. I go to work everyday. I'm honest and personally have never hit a woman or watched Fox news.

Dan Swan. You hit it on the head. The passion is what matters. Peace and love

At 3/07/2016 04:28:00 PM, Blogger Pocahontas said...

I was thinking that the music of the last 4 years has really been Neil putting his heart on his sleeve and I am attracted to it for this reason. Yes it's not dreamy and metaphorical like before but he's hitting you over the head with all the changes. He's clearly struggling with addiction. Ramada Inn is pretty straight forward about how it brought his marriage down. Storytone full on leaving the love of his life for someone new and how that surprised him as much as it surprised us. It's so bittersweet and makes me cry. Monsanto same thing. He's just telling us his thoughts a monologue rather than a rhyme. I feel like we know too much. And I wonder how can a man this sensitive be so insensitive at times. The truth is he has shit on his friends and his fans. I left in the 80s and didn't listen for a long time after that. He is a creative genius whose music rocks our soul but he is still a mere mortal. Looking forward to next album and hopes he hits the East Coast again soon. I will be grateful for every live show before the rust. I love the man. I know that some of you don't understand.

At 3/07/2016 04:40:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This has to be THE MOST idiotic commentary I have EVER read on Thrasher !!! WOW !!! Irrational,bizarre,and untrue statements galore..."Shit on his fans most of his career ???" "Burning through his cash at a rapid rate ???!!!" How would YOU know how much cash Neil has on hand ???!!! Get a grip (and FACTS !)

At 3/07/2016 04:52:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Pocahontas understands what I'm saying. It's not always easy being a Neil fan. Just ask Stephen Stills. A mere mortal yes but greatness just the same. So I'll pay my hundred bucks and will stand on gravel to witness the muse in all of its glory while I still can. And I'll do it with a big old shit eating grin on my face and I'll feel foolish that I ever spoke a negative word. A song can't change the world but it can touch your soul. I apologize if I offended anyone. Scotzman, please don't go. You stay and I'll leave. That would probably make a lot of people happy around here! Peace and love.

At 3/07/2016 05:24:00 PM, Blogger Andy Walters said...

If Neil ever bothered to look in on this clap trap he'd be laughing.

I could take issue with much of the Neil can do no wrong clan but there's no point you have your views and that's that. Earlier in this I think someone wrote the following:

and a prophet of sorts. Neil has stood bravely and effectively against injustice so many times. From Ohio to LWW, he told the Military Profiteers where they could stick it. When he said on FitR, "There's a bailout coming but its not for you" he saw right through the facade of the too-rich-for-jail Wall Street bankers. The middle class would foot the bill, since Corporations pay no tax after decades of effective lobbying.

Neil is no prophet he just reflects the times - Are You Passionate (9/11), FITR, Storytone & Pill are stinkers.

Neil a prophet? come on next you'll be telling us he walks on water.

At 3/07/2016 07:13:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@Scotsman - re: "bastards". No offense intended. The comment was to Alan -- who we know has taken flak for his anti-GMO stances, etc

Well, if it's any consolation, we were once down on a frown when the messenger brought us a letter...

So c'mon back our flyingscotsman and don't the bastards get you down... it's only castle burning.

@ Robert B. - good advice not to critique the music before actually hearing it. Quite the concept.

@Arthur S. - nice Gordon Lightfoot lyrics and quite appropriate. You get it.

@ Dan S. - music is a definitely powerful artform. And Neil combines it with so many other art forms on top of that. It's like double, triple, etc bonus. lucky us.

@ Pocahontas - good point on Neil putting his heart on his sleeve. He's always been singing it. Just now it has become so straightforward. Some hear less poetry. True. But there's little ambiguity which can make it more direct and powerful.

At 3/08/2016 04:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes, I'll be seeing Neil again on the upcoming Euro tour. At the end of the day, my position isn't an extreme one. I think a lot of Neil's recent albums could easily be a lot better than they are; I don't think they are terrible. I had plenty of praise for parts of Storytone and Psychedelic Pill, and even wrote 3 different mini-reviews of The Monsanto Years to explain my mixed impressions of that one. But of course, it's only the more extreme impressions that get commmented on.

Thrasher, TopangaDaze, Old Neg:



At 3/08/2016 08:18:00 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Thank you Pocahontas for clearly stating my own thoughts (more or less) in a concise way.....
"I feel like we know too much"....
I'm 42 now & was introduced to Neil through my obsession with Pearl Jam in 1994-1995.....been a huge fan ever since.....
but alas I'm older now & I find less & less interest with the obsessions of my twenties....
I'm convinced the internet is not necessarily a good thing overall for humanity & our interaction with each other.....I'll just leave it at that....
& Alan.....oh never mind.....
Thanks to all the truth-tellers out there....those who don't fall hook line & sinker for every narrative peddled in the phony media & our oh-so shallow & pathetic culture here in the 21st century.....
I too am glad Neil is still out there doing what he does.....even if it's not for me at the moment.....

At 3/08/2016 09:37:00 PM, Blogger Greg Mantho said...

Flyingscotzman, it’s true that a lot of times “… it's only the more extreme impressions that get commented on.”, but I’ve always been aware of your positive comments. Many times the positive and the negative mixed together confused me, but so what? It takes all kinds, and I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, either. I haven’t blindly defended Neil on every last thing, but probably not too many are aware of it, because I have gone overboard many times about the negativity. Neil’s not God to me, but as mere mortals go, he is up there in my book. That’s all.

And tho I may be a "self righteous freak who dribbles on and on”, and a "simpering super-fan”, I’m still A Friend Of Yours.


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