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Monday, May 18, 2009

Demo of North Country Archives Disc #8


An absolutely amazing demo of The North Country (Disc #8) from Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 on NYA.

Really gives you a feel for what the Blu-Ray experience is all about - except for audio fidelity, video playback, navigation, BD features, etc. But still totally cool. Even includes the three unreleased Harvest outtakes!

Thanks hendrixnaz on rust!

From a comment posted by Mick on the contents of North Country Archives Disc #8:
1. Heart Of Gold Neil Young – previously unreleased live version
2. The Needle And The Damage Done Neil Young – from the album Harvest
3. Bad Fog Of Loneliness Neil Young with The Stray Gators – previously unreleased version
4. Old Man Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the album Harvest
5. Heart Of Gold Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the album Harvest
6. Dance Dance Dance Neil Young – previously unreleased version
7. A Man Needs A Maid Neil Young with the London Symphony Orchestra – previously unreleased mix
8. Harvest Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the album Harvest
9. Journey Through The Past Neil Young with The Stray Gators – previously unreleased version
10. Are You Ready For The Country? Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the album Harvest
11. Alabama Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the album Harvest
12. Words (Between The Lines Of Age) Neil Young with The Stray Gators – from the original soundtrack album Journey Through The Past
13. Soldier Neil Young – previously unreleased mix
14. War Song Neil Young & Graham Nash with The Stray Gators – from the 45 RPM single (mono)

Thanks Mick!

From The Observer by Barney Hoskyns:
"I don't know that I have much to hide," Neil Young notes in a 1971 home movie included on Archives Vol. 1. "Other than being a rich hippie ... " Young certainly doesn't hide much in this giant monument to himself, the first of several pyramids this rock pharaoh is assembling to enshrine his legacy.

Many diehard fans had begun to wonder if the Archives would ever be a reality, so long have they been promised and postponed. Now the first instalment is here, is disappointment inevitable? Actually, no. This exhaustive project is the most impressive retro-fest of recordings, photographs, video footage and digitized memorabilia ever assembled. Diehard Neil Nuts could lose several weeks of their lives in the multi layered, omninavigational experience it offers. (This is true of both the 10-disc DVD and Blu-Ray versions: investing in the eight-CD set is, frankly, pointless.)

Neither Dylan, nor the Beatles nor the Stones, would have devoted the thousands of man-hours to ensuring their immortality that Neil (with the aid of in-house curators ) has done here. So why is he, in the hackneyed L'Oreal phrase, worth it? For the simple reason that his talent evolved into something so different from – and so superior to – the soulbearing orthodoxies of his peers. To be sure, 1970s Neil was a canyon navel-gazer. But he was also a poet of otherworldly feeling: 20% left-brain calculation, 80% right-brain instinct and raging imagination.

And here's some background on Neil Young's Topanga years on LA Weekly.

More on that elusively beautiful girl we call The Neil Young Archives: A Roundup.

(ps - And if anything here inspires you, click that little Amazon boxset link on the right. You'll be helping to support Thrasher's Wheat Thanks!)


At 5/18/2009 03:52:00 AM, Blogger Burnzy said...

Thanks for sharing. Great little article right there. As each day goes by, I get more excited. It's finally here, I'm sure of it!

At 5/18/2009 07:21:00 AM, Anonymous karen said...

This is the part that scares me:
"Diehard Neil Nuts could lose several weeks of their lives in the multi layered, omninavigational experience it offers."
And now, after watching the preview disc and this demo (overandoverandoveragain), I know it's true. I am going to die right there in front of my tv screen.
This demo is a m a z i n g !

At 5/18/2009 08:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't a big fan of the song Journey Through the Past, but I love the band version that's on Archives. I also love the great photos and other things that make this collection such a treat.

At 5/18/2009 09:08:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am neil young fan for years but i must say that this is probably the most boring dvd i've ever seen. what's amazing in a picture of a spinning record? i don't understand the point to release it on 8 dvds/blu rays if 90% of the material is audio with these stupid and pointless pictures - only changing with a song. i think i'm not going to sit in front of the screen for hours and watch a spinning record :| i'm disappointed with this demo.

At 5/18/2009 09:29:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous (@ 09:08) : I am not sure that (i) you understood was Archives are and (ii) you are able to properly read English. I am french myself and red that the demo is limited, as mentioned by thrasher on the top of this page. However, there are real videos in the DVD verison of the Archives. Furthermore, with the DVD, you are not able to listen to music and navigate at the same time. That's why you have a "spinning record" why listening to the music. The fact is also that the sound quality is supposed to be much higher on a DVD and a BD than on any other support. If you buy the BD version, you would be able to watch pictures, lyrics, etc, etc while listening to the music. DVD's and BD Discs are supposed to be filled with tons of memorabolia, unrealeased video, pictures, etc and not with 90% of audio material (which will be the case with CD's which will actually be filled with 100 % audio material !).


At 5/18/2009 09:42:00 AM, Anonymous Thos said...

Fuck me, that is utterly incredible. I wish blu-ray players weren't so expensive because I can't afford one yet simply can't be without this set. I'd never even heard of War Song but it's brilliant, just totally ace.

Do we know if the mp3 download card comes with the blu-ray set regardless of who it is purchased from, or is it only through

Cheers, Thos.

At 5/18/2009 09:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for anon from 9:08 - if go to this link it explains the limitations /whats not included in the demo :

At 5/18/2009 10:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy c*?!

Have i made a mistake ordering the CD's??

hazed & confuzed

At 5/18/2009 11:08:00 AM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

Question for Archives Guy when he shows up. Are the push pins in the timeline examples of BD-Live downloads or are they available on the DVD version as well.

Also, another timeline question. For the part of the timeline which is available in this demo, it APPEARS that the push pins are the only "interactive" content. On the real disk, is any of the other text on the viewable part of the timeline interactive? Thx. This is GREAT! LRR

At 5/18/2009 12:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want to know, like quite a few others it seems, is the mp3 download exclusive to

The way it's phrased on the site, it would seem so, but I didn't know this before, and have pre-ordered from, thinking I would get the mp3 card there as well.

I really want those mp3's, but BluRay seems the best way forward! Please tell me they come with ANY BluRay sets, and not just the ones!!!!!!

Archive Guy, please help us!

Davie from Scotland

At 5/18/2009 12:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU NEIL AND THE GANG!!!From this preview alone it looks like Arch vol.1 is going to be REALLY SOMETHING.I'm impressed.I for one don't have any of the "official" unreleased stuff audio or video so all that's going to be new and fresh to me.Thanks again.

The Mugwump

At 5/18/2009 01:43:00 PM, Blogger Tweck9 said...

I will be buying this in 10 years when Blu-Ray is old, affordable technology and vol. 1 is selling at a highly reduced price.


Maybe if I start a website and take up a collection, "Help Hardcore Neil Young Fan Fulfill Dream of Getting Archives! Click here to donate!"

Well at least they have this great preview. I am currently having a really nice time listening to unreleased old NY material. Quite cool!

At 5/18/2009 01:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holly shit. Amazing. Journey through the past, Gram Parsons is here !

At 5/18/2009 01:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was the fortunate recipient of an advance copy of the soon-to-be-released CSN Demos album....

Very, very good.....slightly difft mix of Music of Love (no new notable Neil here)....

highlights - Marrakesh Express, Singin Call, You Dont Have to Cry....and others.

worth it.

Cough Up the Bucks!

Johnny Rocket!

At 5/18/2009 02:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW,'ll be happy to know i clicked on the Amazon link, supporting your good efforts here.

however, i have no plans to buy the Archives just yet - i'm waiting for a major price drop before i plunk down hard-earned cash on the BluRay version!

money is tight these days.

Cough Up the Bucks!

Johnny Rocket!

At 5/18/2009 02:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is . . .wow! Worth the 20+ years wait! Simply fucking incredible! And this is only 1 disc! Now I'm truly stoked. Wish I'd ordered it on Blu-Ray now instead of only DVD!

And for all you haters out there moaning about the cost and this and that - blah-blah-blah - well you can all just fuck off!

At 5/18/2009 03:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


That's PEACE folks

At 5/18/2009 03:27:00 PM, Anonymous stefano frollano said...

Hi everybody
just a question...I was looking thru the demo and I saw the same missin "harmonica" credit on Heart Of Gold" credits fact , also on the DVD Audio thay made the same mistake...why??...Dance Dance Dance - unr version...yeah but the Crazy Horse version is a cover...This is the real first time that Neil release this song or am I goin to forget anything ??

At 5/18/2009 04:23:00 PM, Anonymous dr dip said...

Hey Johnny, How's that greenback phlegm ball goin'.....cough it up!!

Keep ya comments succinct, relative and non repetitive please!

Awh by the way, Bjork's puttin out a new Archive album which shows all her hair and clothes changes and stuff.
I'm sure this is relative, coz it is an Archives album too.

Dr dip..newfound head of the Thrasher police

P.S. just keep it to one archival comment a day please...and cover ya mouth when you cough!!!

At 5/18/2009 05:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon Dr Dip - now now - be nice, don't want to offend the 96% Club.

You can only stroke Neil's ego like a pavlovian dog or you'll be expelled from class.

In my opinion, the Archives are incredibly expensive, and i will buy when the price drops (the price ALWAUS drops). If you can afford them, and choose to pay the highest price, by all means, do so. Don't let Johnny stop ya.

If ya got it, spend it....i dont, so i wont, at least not yet.

Meanwhile, back to things that matter - i am one of the lucky (?)ones that's seen Journey Through the Past in its entirety. For those expecting a ground-breaking piece of cinema verite, well, you can forget about it. The plot is essentially pointless.

However, the CSNY/Buffalo Springfield footage will be worth it, especially in the enhanced format. And any chance to see a completely stoned out David Crosby is partially worth the price of admission (Exhibit A -

As a piece of Cinema, Human Highway is hundreds times better (and how was HH aptly described? "this is so bad it's guaranteed to be huge.")


Johnny Rocket!

At 5/18/2009 05:22:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

In reply to a number of questions:

Davie in Scotland- stand by for an answer on the mp3 download card.
That is a product/marketing question.

hazed and confused: Yes, you may have made a mistake, but that depends how you listen to your music and what your playback system is.

Doonerak: push pins represent both BD-Live downloads AND selectable content on the Timeline that already exists on the discs. For Volume 1 the pins are the only interactive content on the Timeline. A much more interactive Timeline is in the works for future releases.

Stefano- the online demo was built off of what is not the final version of this disc. Don't worry, that harmonica credit is in the set you'll be buying.

Unrelated comment; someone on the Rust List last week reported having issues playing the the preview disc on their PC's Intervideo WinDVD with BD. I've been told that they should update their software to be compatible.

Depending on how they obtained it they may need to update with a patch from Sony or from Corel directly:

** in general, whether it be a software player or hardware Blu-ray player, you should have the latest updates installed for best performance of the Archives Volume 1.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 05:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry...not impressed. Neil is a musician; it is his music which grips us, not newspaper clippings or other eye candy. And to read so many people "oooo" and "ahhh" that he has listened to his fans and people's concerns - please. If he had, he would of released a) EVERY song officially on this thing in the time span it covers and b) ALL the hidden tracks on the CD set for those who care only about his MUSIC (get it, music = hearing; not music = seeing). It's a kick-in-the-face. And yes. I will not buy it (I'll wait for it to hit what he refers to as "the new radio"). And let's be blunt: who in their right (or left) mind would plunk down all this money for Archives on BD to get a lousy card for MP3 access? Huh? Neil must be laughing at everyone agreeing (er, I meant buying) with that twisted reality.

At 5/18/2009 05:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing that NY has kept so much about himself over the years! As Nash says, he's the most selfish person! But I can't thank him enough for having kept such treasures over the decade

Jacques-Eric in Paris

TW, thanks for your posts which I sometimes relay on my blog for French readers (if any ;-)

At 5/18/2009 06:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that MP3 Cards are available regardless of where the set is purchased. I say this only because the Amazon product description says the MP3 card is included. However, if even Archives Guy doesn't know, I could very well be wrong.

At 5/18/2009 06:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was going to go with the dvd..can i still see all the content? what is the basic differnce between the dvd and BRD beside sound?


At 5/18/2009 07:07:00 PM, Blogger Five Hairs High said...

Thank you THRASHER!
Too cool. I am glad I did not miss this preview. I finally ordered it last week. Can't wait to see it all. Thanks again for being on top of things.

At 5/18/2009 07:15:00 PM, Blogger Sigma6 said...

Archives guy, I am glad you are back! Hopefully you can help me as you have recommended the Playstation 3 for the Blu Ray version of the Archives. Will I still be able to take advantage of the 24bit/192kHz soundtrack if I output the audio on the PS3 through the AV Multi? I am concerned that the PS3 may down sample the audio if I do output the audio via the AV Multi. I hope I don't have to buy a new Blu Ray player!


At 5/18/2009 07:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the blue ray you can download new tunes. There is already one on disc 1 and there should be several future downloads.
That's the main difference. Also better sound and you can scroll thru while you listen.

At 5/18/2009 07:24:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

in reply to Lauren-

Yes, you can see the visual content on the DVD version.

Here are the major differences between DVD and BD editions:

You can navigate thru the archives while listening to the music on the Blu-ray version. This is a more interactive experience than on DVD.

Audio in the Blu-ray edition is presented in ultra-high resolution 24-bit / 192 kHz stereo PCM state-of-the-art master quality sound, while audio in the DVD edition is presented in high resolution 24-bit / 96 kHz stereo PCM audiophile quality sound.

Each of the 10 Blu-ray discs feature 1920x1080 high definition picture quality while the 10 DVD discs have 720x480 standard definition picture quality.

The Timeline on the Blu-ray edition is enhanced with BD Live™ capability, which enables users to download additional content to their players or to external drives.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 07:33:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

In reply to Sigma:

Yes, you can listen to the 192 audio via the PS3 AV Multi (analog outputs). The Digital to Analog conversion happens in the PS3. Even though the D->A converters in the PS3 aren't highest end audiophile quality, your listening experience will still be better than on DVD or CD. As you ponder this last statement, realize that most consumer stereo/home theater receivers also don't have the most optimal converters.

Note- make sure that you have gone into the PS3 menus and set it up for 192 playback. This is not an automatic thing.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 07:34:00 PM, Anonymous dr dip said...

Archives Guy, just wonderin' ..will the Blu-Ray version come with the Flax capacitor or willya have to pay extra?Won't pixilation be enhanced without it?

At 5/18/2009 07:36:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 5/18/2009 07:39:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

dr dip:

Only Lincvolt has the modified flux capacitor technology.

Are you a real doctor, or do you just play one on the internet?

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 07:46:00 PM, Blogger Sigma6 said...

Thanks Archives guy! When setting up the audio settings on the PS3 and you select the AV Multi out, it doesn't give you an option for 192kHz, matter of fact it doesn't give you an option for any formats. So which section are you talking about? I hope you are right because I am about to purchase a new stereo amp :-)

At 5/18/2009 08:05:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...


I stand corrected. I've set up so many PS3 via HDMI that I was confused for a minute.

It is the HDMI selection (under Audio Settings) that has all the audio choices. One needs to choose 192 there to prevent down sampling...if outputting thru HDMI.

You are good with the analog outs directly into you upcoming new receiver.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 09:14:00 PM, Blogger Worthless Recluse said...

A couple of questions for Archives Guy (relating to the DVD version, which is what I've decided on getting), that may or may not be appropriate to answer at this point. I notice that There's a World, though missing from the main audio tracklist, is represented by a video of the recording session (and also appears on Massey Hall). Does this suggest that we can expect the other glaring omission from Harvest, Out on the Weekend, to turn up in some shape or form somewhere on Vol 1? And could the same be said of the other surprisingly absent tracks - The Losing End, for example? Also, a recent LA Times blog on the BluRay demo mentioned that Vol 1 was estimated to contain 25 - 30 hours of music. Obviously, the listed tracks don't total anything near that duration - but would that estimation be accurate if you include the various video and audio extras?

At 5/18/2009 09:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those of us in "our right mind" bought bluray regardless of whether there was mp3 download avail or not I suspect. Although its a nice bonus that is avail, but for me it was not a factor in my decision to go bluray. Neils pref was to go bluray/dvd only I feel, now due to some commericial realities and fan feedback I suspect he conceded to a cd release and free mp3 with the other formats. The fact a few tracks are missing , is a very very minor issue to me, but did not in anyway deter me from purchasing. This nonsense about being "kicked in the face " and neils a musician only and should only put music on the box is all bs. Its his archives, his story, not ours- we are just along for the ride. Those of us who have been on the ride years know that you dont always get what you want from neil. Anyway enjoy listening to your bit torrent versions while being kicked in the face. Cheers, Mick

At 5/18/2009 09:27:00 PM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

Archives Guy said-

For Volume 1 the pins are the only interactive content on the Timeline. A much more interactive Timeline is in the works for future releases.
Actually, If I remember my Massey Hall DVD, if you click on the "Solo Tour" box, all of the tour dates open up. That's not a push-pin item. This is what made me ask.....

Also, as had been noted on Rust, the timeline seems to incorrectly place the "War Song" single release way back before "Harvest" is released and the info card in the file folder seems to have a consistently incorrect date. The Bio seems to have it right....

At 5/18/2009 09:28:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

In reply to Worthless Recluse-

Good questions, but nothing is suggested here. All I can tell you at this point is that BD-Live holds a tremendous promise for providing more content for months and years to come after Vol.1 is released.

We are not going to tell you what songs, film/video clips and archival materials will be coming in the future. This is part of the joy of this keeps evolving and growing.

There is certainly not 25-30 hours of music in this set. That reporter got it wrong.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 09:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Archives Guy

Interestingly, video emerged this week of CSNY at Altamont (albeit without sound).

I am curious if there are any video outtakes from the Gimme Shelter documentary by the Maysles Brothers...

i won't ask the next obvious question - ie, "If so, should we expect to see this Altamont video on the Archives?"

thank you for your tremendous courtesy here...

At 5/18/2009 09:38:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

This just in from the suits:

The MP3 download card comes with all BD and DVD edition orders....not exclusive to the site.

The real reasons and purpose to include this download are:
1- Audio education. The BD and DVD edition owners can listen to the difference between MP3, 96k and 192k audio and form their own conclusions. As you might have guessed, we have strong opinions about audio quality.

2- We would rather have MP3 files made under under supervised conditions out there for listeners than some poorly encoded crap.

3- If you are paying for a diamond, ya might as well get a lump of coal for free.

-Archives Guy

At 5/18/2009 09:43:00 PM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

Archives Guy can correct me, but I believe that the CD tracklisting was the original and long standing tracklisting for the project. I believe it was set, in part, based on space limitations (such as disk1) and in part on defining an era with a listenable set of tunes which tells a story. From the start, Neil's intention was NOT to load the disks full. His choices of what to omit were likely artistic in nature.

I think the Bonus Tunes we get on the DVDs take advantage of the additional space on dual disks and are freebies which were likely not part of the original vision but can be used to flesh out the tale. It would seem obvious to me to ensure ALL tunes were somehow captured as bonus tracks.

By the way, I would have bet that "Out On The Weekend" from "BBC" would have made the cut as a video feature so we could at least get a represention of that tune....but no such luck apparently....I'm hoping for BD-Live to complete the story.

At 5/18/2009 09:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The included live version of "Heart of Gold" on the Demo is a simply, utterly stunning version of the song.

Ahhhhh, to have been a fly on the wall at some of these early concerts.

Cough Up the Bucks!

Johnny Rocket!

At 5/18/2009 10:03:00 PM, Blogger Worthless Recluse said...

Thanks to Archives Guy for the response. Unfortunately, like many others I'm sure, BluRay is absolutely not an option for me at the moment, and there'll be a couple of lean weeks between now and getting the DVDs. I'm extremely excited about the Archives, and applaud the forward-thinking aspects and innovation involved, but BD live promises inspire little but mild trepidation for me right now.

Re: Doonerak - as a fan who has the omitted album tracks anyway, obviously it's not a huge deal, but of course I'd like them in higher quality audio alongside the rest, and for the Archives to act as a one-stop Neil repository... maybe that'll happen for BD punters... but either way, a decision to leave out something of the stature of Out on the Weekend still seems like an odd decision no matter how you look at it...

At 5/18/2009 10:05:00 PM, Anonymous dr dip said...

Well, unless I've been deregistered
for malpractice or useless comments
I'm still dr dip MD!
Just wondering, Are you a real Archives guy or just one on the Thrashernet?

The real thing

At 5/18/2009 10:33:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

dr dip-

I'm really real and looking forward to working on something post 1972 and pre 2009.

Thrasher has been a gracious host and provided us a way of communicating in a straight forward and safe manner with you, the listeners.

-Archives Guy

ps Penguins over the Canes 3-2 tonight.

At 5/18/2009 10:36:00 PM, Anonymous Marc C said...

hey Archives Guy,

i noticed that when answering the question regarding that mp3 card,you stated

"The MP3 download card comes with all BD and DVD edition orders....not exclusive to the site."

"orders" being the word that troubles me...

does that mean the card is only included in sets that were ordered from the internet, or does it included sets purchased in stores?

-Marc C

At 5/18/2009 10:43:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

Before I exit into the vapor for the night, I'm surprised that no one has mentioned how cool the old Ampex 350 tape deck and the LA Johnson's old Nagra are on the Web demo.

Anyone notice that the re-creation of the Harvest Barn (see Words as an example) has all the original amps, drums, Neil's white Gretsch, Ben's pedal steel??

If ya keep looking closer, there are lots of interesting details throughout the set.

-Archives Guy

ps Go Blackhawks!

At 5/18/2009 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

Last one for the night before 24 comes on the tube:

Marc C- store AND internet orders.


At 5/18/2009 10:50:00 PM, Anonymous Doug said...

Hello. I have a question for Archives Guy. I had been operating under the impression that BD-Live downloads could be obtained for any portion of the timeline by inserting any disc. However, based on how the Timeline works and the manner in which the files are encrypted, I'm assuming the material requires one to insert the disc for that particular portion of the timeline. Am I correct? If so, what happens if, say, Disc 6 has a new download but I don't play it for awhile? Will I be notified if I play any of the other discs first?


At 5/18/2009 11:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i've always thought "Archives Guy" was none other than Joel Bernstein (the obvious choice - duh).

However, the repeated Hockey references have me wondering, especially the latest one - "Go Blackhawks".

I'm quite certain i'm way off here, but Carrie Snodgress was from illinois, and she introduced Neil to someone who would prove influential - Tim Mulligan.

Is Tim Mulligan also from Illinos? Take it a step further, is he also a neil young-loving Chicago Blackhawks fan? he Archives Guy?

Who the hell knows...

anyhow, THANKS!

Cough Up the Bucks!

Johnny Rocket!

At 5/18/2009 11:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mulligan would have nothing to say and Bernstein would have too much say. :-)

At 5/18/2009 11:25:00 PM, Anonymous JCriswell said...

Archives Guy; I have noticed the vintage equipment; and the re-created Harvest Barn Session scene. I must say; I really dig it. Its very authentic. I can't wait to show my grandchildren these volumes on Blu-ray; like 30 years from now; I'll be 57 then; the kids will have no damn clue what those machines are. By that time; Physical media may be gone forever; and Neil will be like Elvis, sadly. I also like the background for the Squires early stuff as well on the preview disc; especially the drum kit cover logo. Its also very cool to see in HD video Neil opening copyright letters he mailed to himself from 1963 for Aurora and The Sultan.

Also; the BD-Live download of another version of "I Wonder" is cool; especially in DTS HD Master 192khz 24 Bit 2.0.

Can't wait to see Journey Through The Past in great quality; I've had a shitty VCD version for acouple years now.

More great stuff to come!

Can't wait to see in Volume 2; Rust Never Sleeps/Human Highway in HD and DTS Master Surround.

Frankie Fontaine And Woody Kicks Ass!

At 5/19/2009 12:53:00 AM, Anonymous Ryan said...

Archives Guy you are the shit! So accommodating!

The unreleased version of Dance Dance Dance, and Journey Through The Past have made my day.

I was talking to my Dad tonight and he was saying he just finished watching the Beatles Anthology again. That set is loaded with current interviews with Paul, George, Ringo, and in studio looks back at the tracks. Any chance future Archives volumes might have that kind of content. I love watching Neil talking with Joel, he seems so hilarious in person. Also, it would be really cool to hear from Ben keith (although I'm sure a man of few words) speaking about the different era's and vibes he travelled through.

At 5/19/2009 02:23:00 AM, Blogger David A. Hopkins said...

This is great. It's fun to poke around. Can't wait for the real thing.

There are 2 places for "hidden" videos that I've seen so far (of course, the videos themselves won't play). One is the "bootleg store" video, which is linked under the "More" section (click on the amp next to NY in the barn). For the other, click on the yellow dot beneath the label for the Harvest album in the file cabinet; there's a "play" icon on the Harvest cover art itself.

The documents for the song "Journey Through the Past" include what seems like an early track listing for the Harvest album. I assume the listed song "Love Came Running" is what became "The Bridge"? Questions, questions...

Anyway, the visual design is great, and I'm looking forward to the improved sound quality. Two more weeks!

At 5/19/2009 02:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody notice that on the disc 8 demo on the archive website if you go to the bottom of the filing cabinet and click on the tab for the Harvest album (not song) there is a play button on the album artwork?
Nothing happens on the demo BUT on the real thing maybe it will play the entire album? If so it should have Out On The Weekend on there and the other "missing" album tracks will presumably be on the other discs in the appropriate place.

At 5/19/2009 03:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Archives Guy,

How will we know when new downloadable content is available on the Blu-Ray version? Will it automatically inform us when something is ready for download?

AB (Manchester UK)

At 5/19/2009 04:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"All I can tell you at this point is that BD-Live holds a tremendous promise for providing more content for months and years to come after Vol.1 is released.

We are not going to tell you what songs, film/video clips and archival materials will be coming in the future. This is part of the joy of this keeps evolving and growing."

This really pisses me off. At least AG has confirmed what seemed obvious - instead of releasing everything they could ('warts and all' as Neil has been telling us for years), despite decades of working on the Archives, there is material being held back for 'future downloads' for no other reason than to try and force the diehard fans to buy the more expensive Blue-Ray version of the set...nice one Neil.

"A millionaire through a businessman's eyes.."

At 5/19/2009 04:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Archives Guy,

Thanks for your reply RE: mp3 cards, I'm most relieved now, and can't wait now! Less than 2 weeks!

From what others have written above, about the "Play" logo on the Harvest album cover, I hope that this is indeed true, even more so if it was for all of the albums featured on Volume 1.

To be able to play the full albums in high quality audio would, in my opinion, be better than any "Easter Eggs" or unreleased tracks! :-)

I'm sure you already have all the future content laid out ready, but I for one would love to see the FULL Journey Through The Past soundtrack, as well as the BBC solo concert (though I'm sure it's impossible due to copyright issues).

Thanks for everything Archives Guy, the dream will soon be a reality for us all!


Davie from Scotland

Oh... and if you happen to see Neil in the near future, could you please request "Comes A Time" for Aberdeen, Scotland on June 24th? It would be much appreciated :-)

At 5/19/2009 07:27:00 AM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

To those who noted the "play" button on the Harvest album Jacket. The question was asked (by me) and answered (by AG) a while back. There is no way to play actual albums from the "album tabs" on the Archives vol 1. The play button appears to bring up some bonus video. Looks like Neil in some sort of factory from around the same era as the "bootleg store" film.

At 5/19/2009 08:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something cool I just noticed (But I'm sure everyone else noticed it first...)

When you select a song, and it displays the info about the song, there's another "panel" behind it with an audio, or sometimes video log! For example, there's a "rap" (like Canterbury House...) from the Johnny Cash show on Bad Fog Of Loneliness!

This is cooooool! :-D

Davie from Scotland

At 5/19/2009 08:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AB....AG has told us that whenever there is new content available for download a message appears when you insert a disc. You then have the choice to download or not.

I like this idea of new stuff that keeps on coming. What a cool new multimedia experience. I ordered the Blu-ray and feel like I've made an investment into something that I can grow with.

Wonder how often these downloads will happen.

Most likely those that are complaining are moochers and bootleggers whose rip off activities are being made more difficult by Neil's look of Blu-ray.

At 5/19/2009 09:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sea Of Madness:Disc 4 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – from the original soundtrack album Woodstock.

That's gotta ROCK

At 5/19/2009 11:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5/19/2009 04:20:00 AM,

Yeah, I agree. I wish Neil had produced a static, inert document like a dinosaur stuck in a shrine.

Who needs a dynamic, auto updating boxset that keeps growing & growing over time providing ever great er value to an investment made in shrinking $'s?

You, sir, are very greedy.

Gordon Gecko

At 5/19/2009 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Tweck9 said...

This is great.

I've discovered that I much prefer the acoustic version of Journey Through the Past over the band version.

This by listening to archives and then watching a bbc video of Neil live in 1971.

What am I saying? I don't know, but I'm having a great time making comparisons and hearing different versions of songs.

And I haven't spent a dime yet! It's actually very cool that Neil and gang are giving us poor folk these archives previews.

Less than a 'this is what you're missing' carrot-on-a-stick thing, it actually provides us with the ability to to hear these tracks.

Neil knows what he's doing. And he's making it possible for the haves and have-nots to get in on the experience.

Thank you, Neil.

At 5/19/2009 03:22:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Archives Guy

- I must admit noticing the way Neil's Gretsch was standing against the strawbales - strings against the bales, which I would do the same way - at the still photograph when you play 'Are you ready for the Country'. And looking at the mike stands on the wooden floor > did anybody ever notice the 'sh-shooff' sound on 'Out on the Weekend' at 2:02 (lp playing time)?
I always imagined this to be the sound of one of those mike stands being accidently pushed by Neil or one of the Stray Gators.

So yes 'AG', all this 'recreation' adds to the experience and is much appreciated!

And, the picture of the boat on the lake if you choose to play the song 'Harvest', might this be the famous 'more barn' moment?

This will be so much fun. Did you see what's written on the tapeboxes of the album 'Harvest'? "Do NOT improve this tape AT ALL!"

Great stuff Neil. Thanks for the love and keep going!
(I'll see you in Rotterdam in a couple of weeks. And would really DIE to hear 'Deep Forbidden Lake' as I mentioned on one of Thrashers pages before…
Come on Neil, you must be listening. It's your greatest never-played-live song!)

Peter Dees (Holland)

At 5/19/2009 03:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so psyched to finally see a clean version of JTTP... after all these years of badly copied VHS's and DVD's... !!
What a joy...

The photo of the Gretch against the haybales is sweet - but shouldn't the tonearm be on the last track on Words rather than the first? The disc looks like Harvest, not JTTP...
- jim

At 5/19/2009 03:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Doonerak:
"The play button appears to bring up some bonus video. Looks like Neil in some sort of factory from around the same era as the "bootleg store" film."

This is in my eyes a print factory. Could be Neil inspecting the printing of the 'Harvest' sleeve, as it was made (the first pressing - later pressings were not) out of special paper, not very well suited for printing jobs (Neil actually wanted paper that would fall apart through the years but this appeared to be impossible).

Peter Dees (Holland)

At 5/19/2009 04:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words is the entire side 3 of JTTP soundtrack album.

At 5/19/2009 05:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, then wouldn't it neat if the tomearm moved across the disc in sequence with the song, not stay in one place? (that would reduce the hypnotic effect of staring at this while listening). Just a little thing, but I would think that's the sort of thing Neil would obsess over.
That said, I can't wait to see those barn videos - classic, vintage stuff to be sure.
- Jim

At 5/19/2009 07:19:00 PM, Blogger Worthless Recluse said...

I suspect the reason that the tonearm doesn't appear to move across the record is that it's an animated loop style deal rather than an actual video.

At 5/19/2009 07:46:00 PM, Blogger Lone Red Rider said...

Anon 5:32pm. check out your DVD of "Neil Young Greatest Hits". It's the same deal and the tonearm does move.....what you're seeing is just a dumbed down thingy for the web preview. AG can correct me if I'm mistaken.

At 5/19/2009 08:45:00 PM, Blogger Worthless Recluse said...

Anon 3.59: "This is in my eyes a print factory."
The TONE Audio article suggests you were correct - well spotted!

At 5/19/2009 09:42:00 PM, Anonymous Portage and Main said...

My Denon Blu-ray player is drooling. It got a taste with the Harvest HDCD but now she wants the whole enchilada! When I finally get Archives Vol. 1, I'm gonna set it down right in front of her and not feed her until November! That way we can stay inside and Rock N' Roll when it's fifty below! I know, I know ,don't be cruel to a heart that's true! But I won't sit in front of her for hours when the sun is shining! Thanks Archives Guy for all your passion and hard work. You too Thrasher. So, when's Vol. 2 comin' out?

At 5/20/2009 03:28:00 AM, Anonymous Mr. Grumpy said...

I'm sorry if this has been already answered but.... are Out On The Weekend, There's A World & The Losing End included or not???

It sound pretty strange to me that such a "complete" product has 2 songs from Harvest missing... not to mention the (apparently missing) edited version of Words....

Other missing tracks: unreleased CSNY studio versions of Everybody's Alone and Sea Of Madness.... wasn't this supposed to be "complete"?????

About Blu Ray: in my humble opinion, if Neil wanted really to support this new format, he should've included in the price of the Blu Ray version of the Archives Vol.1 (289,99 $) also a free Blu Ray player.

Not to mention that the loyal fans who already bought the Harvest DVD edition, and the Massey Hall & Fillmore East DVDs deserve a massive special discount price!

I've waited for this release for 22 years (Neil first mentioned the project in a press conference in Rome in 1987) and I'm so glad to see it released in my lifetime... (though I'm afraind I won't live long enough to see the more exciting contents of Vols. 2-3-4-etc. released) but it stinks a little...

Oh yes... I'll buy it anyway... (yes, that's my problem)..


At 5/20/2009 10:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

myspace has "Dance Dance Dance" with Crazy Horse

At 5/20/2009 11:11:00 AM, Blogger Archives Guy said...

Worthless Recluse is correct. This demo just has a short video loop...the actual discs play the real track on the actual record or tape.

For those interested in detail, the tape decks are playing the original master tape reels, but with copy of the master tape. Each of these reels was assembled to look exactly like the original master, including all leaders in the correct places.

-Archives Guy

At 5/20/2009 11:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah mr. grumpy, i'm with ya. and neil should have included a free car in the price of the archives so i could drive to the store and get them.


At 5/20/2009 11:40:00 AM, Anonymous Leroy Pimpdaddy said...

Hey archives guy, thanks for all the info.

I got the pre-view BD disc 0 two weeks ago and it's very cool. I'll Love You Forever by The Squires is beautiful.

One Q re the downloadable material, will that be available to download on MP3 also?

Another Q: what is the bit-rate of the MP3 downloads? Are they the highest quality available?

Leroy Pimpdaddy.

At 5/20/2009 02:55:00 PM, Blogger Archives Guy said...


downloaded audio files will not be available as mp3 files.

mp3 files will be either 256 or 320. They haven't been made yet.

-Archives Guy


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