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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

LIVE STREAM "TEST" TONIGHT: Neil Young Solo Minneapolis Residency: Night #3 - State Theatre, January 29, 2019

Neil Young Solo
Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis - January 28, 2019
Photo by thrashette via NYA Livestream

Neil Young continues his four solo concert residency in Minneapolis tonight at The State Theatre, Tuesday, January 29.

There will be a "LIVE STREAM TEST | NYA" tonight, also.

The solo concert tour residency concludes in Minneapolis on January 31.

Got a report? Drop us a comment below.

Check Sugar Mountain for setlist updates and Chronological Grid, Recording Summary, Statistics and Extras.

Check back for updates, reviews, setlists, etc.

Also, see:

When Neil Young is Playing, You Shut the Fuck Up

Lastly, additional concerts are to be announced for Pacific Northwest in Late Spring/May.

ps - it's great to be alive, Adam2.

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At 1/29/2019 06:37:00 PM, Blogger Stills said...

Yippie! A second chance!
Roll Another Number!

At 1/29/2019 07:11:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Laptops only?? My iPad worked last night....will it work tonight?
Will desktops not work?

At 1/29/2019 08:57:00 PM, Blogger acidfrank said...

wow i didn't know about last nite's webcast until today. now i see that there is a "redo" tonite! i decided to signup for a year's worth of free webcasts + other content.. hope they work out how to let people know in advance when there is another so they don't have to check everyday.

At 1/29/2019 09:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright Neil! Giving it another shot for the homebound.
Thanks man, you too Thrasher. This is NYA 2K19!
It seems to evolve daily.

At 1/29/2019 09:52:00 PM, Blogger Harry M. Wang said...

Follow the NYA social media accounts and they'll tell you everything you need to know.

At 1/29/2019 09:53:00 PM, Blogger rolandthompsongunner said...

Holy actual shit... Running Dry. I have chills.

At 1/29/2019 09:56:00 PM, Blogger Matt & Jes Wedding said...

Don't tell Adam

At 1/29/2019 09:57:00 PM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

ditto! Running Dry! Requiem for the Rockets

At 1/29/2019 09:57:00 PM, Blogger rolandthompsongunner said...

When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed

At 1/29/2019 10:01:00 PM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/29/2019 10:09:00 PM, Blogger Matt & Jes Wedding said...

Anyone else getting crazy reverb/echo audio issues?

At 1/29/2019 10:24:00 PM, Blogger rolandthompsongunner said...

I was Matt and Jes. Seemed to resolve during Are you Ready for the Country . test stream is stellar now

At 1/29/2019 10:30:00 PM, Blogger Matt & Jes Wedding said...

Yeah here too. Sounds good! No idea why this still links to the account my wife made for wedding correspondence 10 years ago

At 1/29/2019 10:42:00 PM, Blogger Matt & Jes Wedding said...

This setlist is nuts

At 1/29/2019 10:57:00 PM, Blogger Devin said...

Was going so smoothly until See The Sky About to Rain, when my feed went black. No buffering or anything. Just black. Anyone else?

Looks like I missed Fuckin Up and Thrasher so far (according to setlist FM) argh!

Hope someone is recording those..? Would love to see the 2nd half some day..

At 1/29/2019 11:06:00 PM, Blogger Adam2 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/29/2019 11:20:00 PM, Blogger anon said...


At 1/29/2019 11:22:00 PM, Blogger Boulderite said...

The difference between last night and tonight was incredible. Last night the audience was respectful and the performance was superb. Tonight, the obnoxious members of the crowd ("Play all night" shouted at least 5 times) and the constant "wooing" took a toll on Neil. I wish I was there to throttle the idiots. He tried to show them his distaste, but it was way to subtle.

Is there a way the sane people in the audience can throttle the ruiners?

A handbill asking for respect? Tee shirts that say shut up and listen?????

At 1/29/2019 11:25:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Neil most definitely seemed annoyed when he abandoned Olden Days. He regrouped.

At 1/29/2019 11:26:00 PM, Blogger acidfrank said...

i found that the stream actually looked better on 480 instead of 720 when that blacked out for me. still got the occasional audio glitch every few minutes. also noticed that the video was a slight bit behind the audio stream. but 480 was a lot closer that the 720 feed. that was really noticeable on the closeups. but overall well worth $20 US for a years worth of who knows how many more shows?

At 1/29/2019 11:28:00 PM, Blogger rolandthompsongunner said...

Yeah. Neil was def annoyed and let it show during Olden Days. I felt bad. But he bnb soldiered on. You and Me was teased early too right? But abandoned M

At 1/29/2019 11:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Acoustic F%$cking Up! He topped himself from yesterday.
and the rest of it....WOW!

At 1/29/2019 11:49:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

The past two shows have been so very enjoyable. So thankful for the live stream. It seems to me that he is playing with the understanding of how fleeting this all can be. Nice variety from much of his catalog. Was able to see him in Chicago in July and Milwaukee last week. Hope the Horse show is live streamed. Could not swing a trip North of the border.

At 1/30/2019 12:12:00 AM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

We've been promised a NY+CH show webcast. Thats only 2 dates. For those of you not retired like me set a reminder on your phones. Even my 6 yr old flip phone can do it. "4pm, make sure to check if theres a webcast tonight". That sucks about the drunks. Alcohol is nearly always the reason. Well one more quiet one and with the raging din of Crazy Horse it wont then matter.

At 1/30/2019 01:00:00 AM, Blogger Hansolo74 said...

Dude, that show was the highlight of this tour for me. Can’t belive that set.. Neil was on it tonight. God bless em.

At 1/30/2019 01:04:00 AM, Blogger Richie Cruz said...

White Line? Stupid Girl?? RUNNING DRY???? Now that's a setlist!

And even with those tunes played, the crowd apparently acted rude enough to mess Neil up? Jesus.....

Neil, maybe you should just stick to the West Coast, where your fans actually pay attention.

At 1/30/2019 01:24:00 AM, Blogger Shakey said...

Or Canada. Toronto is definitely due for a show.

At 1/30/2019 02:21:00 AM, Blogger Hansolo74 said...

Tbh the crowd wasn’t awful. I dont think the drunken folk understood how heavy Olden Days is. Neil wasn’t gonna play it if they’re gonna mindlessly “WOO” but it’s not like they went on and on the whole show.

I was in row C and the most annoying thing for me was all the photos and videos the people in front of me were taking... HELLO it’s a live stream. Watch it later fools. But it didn’t really distort my experience. I was locked in.

At 1/30/2019 02:35:00 AM, Blogger Babbo B. said...

NYA previously announced the Winnipeg stream would be Sunday (Feb. 3) from the Burton Cummings Theatre.

And @Hansolo74, where exactly do you expect people to watch a live stream later? It's not saved on NYA (they did used to show up on Dime when NYA was free, but that's apparently not happening now that it's pay-to-watch).

At 1/30/2019 03:05:00 AM, Blogger Hansolo74 said...

Many people download and share the streams. Maybe nya is crackin down on these newer streams.

At 1/30/2019 10:01:00 AM, Blogger mark said...

...... i am SO thrilled to be an NY Archiver !
.... love those shots where it's like yer sitting on stage, just outside the guitar ring
......... dug his comments about the 'Burnt Steinway', learn something new @every show
..... now i gotta get me an apple TV to stream these to the big screen & higher power amp
..... then i "think i'll pack it in & buy a pick-up, take it down to LA"

At 1/30/2019 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Soldier Steve said...

I think the tease was Distant Camera

At 1/30/2019 10:21:00 AM, Blogger Soldier Steve said...

I have the live streams from last year on DVD. 5/1/18 Fresno Horse,7/3/18 Detroit Solo and the 6/20/18 Santa Barbara show with potr.Both of the Minneapolis shows that were live streamed are available to trade already.Alomost every show gets recorded and you can download from dime a dozen or sugarmegs. CD audio, or the live streams on DVD. Or get them from a good Rustie friend like I do,Good old blanks and postage route.

At 1/30/2019 10:40:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The production quality of the live stream has been very good (technical glitches aside). This 20 dollar subscription fee is paying off quite nicely.

At 1/30/2019 11:25:00 AM, Blogger rolandthompsongunner said...

Agreed Mark. I invested in a cable to hook my laptop up to my TV and soundbar for the upcoming Crazy Horse show alone. What a gift to us as fans at such a reasonable price.

At 1/30/2019 11:42:00 AM, Blogger ForeverYounger said...

CH Live stream on Super Sunday? that is a true Canadian F U to Tom Brady, Bellachick, Kraftworks and the ENTIRE Patriots Nation! :)

whoo hoo, way to go Neil!

A legit reason to NOT watch the cheat'n Pats (other than the suck ass Half Time Acts)

At 1/30/2019 12:39:00 PM, Blogger Dan1 said...

Soldier Steve, I've been looking for that Fresno stream, any chance we can connect? I'm at Many thanks! Dan

At 1/30/2019 12:47:00 PM, Blogger Hansolo74 said...

Thought is was You and Me, coulda been distant camera though

At 1/30/2019 01:31:00 PM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

Seems to me it could be a coincidence. Do you know for a fact the Rabbi and Ol Neil knew that date was Super Bowl when they booked it? I wonder if theres a ap for that. Lets say youre planning a wedding 9mo. out. What am I competing with that day?

At 1/30/2019 05:47:00 PM, Blogger Shakey said...

Ya could've been either. They sound similar at the start

At 1/30/2019 08:19:00 PM, Blogger ForeverYounger said...

@ WSanjose01 : don't know anything fer a fact, (Other than fer the past 15 yrs Superbowl has been played on first Sunday in Feb.)

Also, that I am more of a NY&CH fan than a Pats fan :)

At 1/30/2019 09:13:00 PM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/30/2019 09:36:00 PM, Blogger Shakeydave said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/31/2019 12:32:00 AM, Blogger acidfrank said...

thanks shakey dave! but where is part 2?
ps another user posted 4 of 5 parts too! look up Sean.

At 1/31/2019 02:11:00 AM, Blogger Babbo B. said...

Sean's is complete now - looks like he was filming a screen, while Shakeydave's is an actual stream capture?

At 1/31/2019 07:10:00 AM, Blogger Syscrusher said...

Was definitely Distant Camera, I was about to start singing when he stopped... :(
But both Distant Camera and You And Me have intro's that sound very similar to Old Man.

At 1/31/2019 07:39:00 AM, Blogger whodroppedthefruit said...

Poor Neil had to put up with a smattering of cheers from his fans during a concert. How does he do it?

Do you know how an artist becomes a prima donna? People enable them to be. Neil needs to get over it, but more importantly people need to stop acting like the fans are the bad guys in the scenario.

At 1/31/2019 07:56:00 AM, Blogger whodroppedthefruit said...

My favorite quote so far, "The production quality of the live stream has been very good (technical glitches aside)." 🙄

At 1/31/2019 09:47:00 AM, Blogger Soldier Steve said...

Yes their available. Their not on dime or other download sites. But my buddy got both Minneapolis shows and is mailing them to me today.All the live streams are out there. Some are put on YouTube and put to DVdr before nya removes them.

At 1/31/2019 09:49:00 AM, Blogger Soldier Steve said...

Yes both songs sound familiar at the beginning. So maybe it was you and me. I will have to listen when I get the show.

At 1/31/2019 12:43:00 PM, Blogger acidfrank said...

wow so now Neil is a prima donna? i didn't expect that to happen!
i fear even thrasher's wheat is not immune to trolls.

At 1/31/2019 01:25:00 PM, Blogger Hawk said...

Thanks shakeydave! I look forward to revisiting the 1/29/19 (State Theater) show. I too thought the 1/28 show (Orpheum) was better. The crowd was better, and Neil was joking around and smiling. Not as many smiles at the State Theater show.

The prima donna comment was ridiculous. There were several people yelling, whistling, etc. at the State Theater show. Most of it was harmless, but it was distracting and it didn't "fit" the performance. Neil took it in stride for the most part, but he flipped out during "Olden Days" which is a particularly poignant song. Right after he sang "I found my friends along the way/some of them are here right now/some have disappeared some way" a guy yelled at WOO! WOO!
How dumb can you be? The guy clearly wasn't listening to the lyrics, and the whole theater was silent prior to that. Go up to Winnipeg and see Neil and the Horse if you want to scream your head off.

At 1/31/2019 02:28:00 PM, Blogger Stills said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/31/2019 02:30:00 PM, Blogger Babbo B. said...

It's really disappointing to see the number of so-called Rusties on Facebook who are defending the "woo"-ers. Guess that's the problem, people like that are going to shows.

At 1/31/2019 02:36:00 PM, Blogger Soldier Steve said...

Solo acoustic is meant to be intimate and quiet during songs.I suggest to not sell alcohol for these shows and the yelling should stop? For the crazy horse/potr shows it can be OK to yell a little.Looking forward to tonight's set list.Also waiting on nya if tonight's show is live stream. If it is I will let you know.

At 1/31/2019 02:48:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

As the author of that comment: Production quality with regards to multiple camera positions and not just a static stage shot. It would be much easier to put together a very lazy one camera set up. Sorry if that was unclear.

At 1/31/2019 03:36:00 PM, Blogger Shakeydave said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/31/2019 04:50:00 PM, Blogger wsanjose01 said...

I saw part 1. It was nice to hear Running Dry again. Thanks SD

At 1/31/2019 10:25:00 PM, Blogger Babbo B. said...

@Shakeydave: Neil's streams only are available to paying Neil Young Archives subscribers, so I can see why he/Warner wouldn't want them shared with the general public. It's sort of like sharing an officially released album or DVD.

At 1/31/2019 11:06:00 PM, Blogger Babbo B. said...

And just to be clear, that's not a personal criticism of you, just an assessment of the situation. I downloaded your YouTube files, since I missed the stream myself, so thanks!

At 2/01/2019 03:24:00 PM, Blogger Shakeydave said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2/01/2019 10:43:00 PM, Blogger Devin said...

Hey Shakeydave,

Thanks for putting those up. I was watching both nights but had my streams stop on me for some reason. Super frustrating and I'm still trying to watch the second half...

Just found your part 4 on YouTube so thank you!! Any chance you could find a way to get me your part 3? I've seen everything up to halfway through "See the Sky".

Would love to see the middle chunk I'm missing (Broken Arrow, Stupid Girl, and especially for F*!#in' Up and Thrasher!)

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

PS Just got my tickets to the Spokane show!


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