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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FLASHBACK - Neil Young Honored As MusiCares Person Of The Year in 2010

Neil Young
MusiCares Person Of The Year - 2010
January 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California

Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North Americaon on Zimbio
In 2010, the Music Academy honored Neil Young as the MusiCares Person of the Year.

Proceeds from the annual Person of the Year tribute provide essential support for MusiCares, which ensures that music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical and personal need. Artists honoring Young included Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, k.d. lang, Dave Matthews, Ozomatli, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Taylor; John Mellencamp, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Wilco; Jackson Browne, Josh Groban and Everest.

During the ceremony, Neil Young said: "It's a shame he [Larry "L.A." Johnson, who died suddenly last week] couldn't be here. But I'm gonna keep on going, and I hope you do too."

A DVD/Blu-ray disc captures the 2010 MusiCares gala honoring Young as Person of the Year. The Musicares Neil Young Tribute BluRay/DVD is still available to support musicians in need of financial and medical assistance. There is no better cause.

"Broken Arrow"

"Comes A Time"
Emmylou Harris

"Down by the River"
John Mellencamp

"Long May You Run"
Stephen Stills and Sheryl Crow

"Don't Let It Bring You Down"
Jackson Browne

Elton John, Sheryl Crow and Neko Case

Ben Harper

"Tell Me Why"
Norah Jones

Neil said...
"Just do what you want to do
Don't listen to anyone else"
(Jack Black w/ sign)

"The Needle and The Damage Done"
Dave Matthews

"As a philanthropist and humanitarian, you're one my heroes. I'll never forget your kindness."
Elton John

"The Losing End"
Elvis Costello

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
Lady Antebellum
Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood

"Heart of Gold"
James Taylor

"Revolution Blues"

"Rocking in the Free World"
John Fogerty and Booker T. Jones

Leon Russell
"Human Highway" (for L.A.)
"We made some of the best music of our lives with you." - Crosby
Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and David Crosby

"Harvest Moon"
Josh Groban

"A Man Needs A Maid"
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Musicians Dave Matthews, guest, Jason Mraz, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin and James Taylor onstage at the 2010 MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Neil Young at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California
"It's a shame he [Larry "L.A." Johnson, who died suddenly last week] couldn't be here. But I'm gonna keep on going, and I hope you do too."
From By Edna Gundersen:
"The flustered honoree took the podium and thanked the night's many musicians.

'I forgot how many songs I've written,' Young said. 'It's been a great night. Wore me out.'

He expressed discomfort in gazing back, that it's difficult to recognize the prolific young artist who wrote Broken Arrow. And he wonders what's left in his quiver.

'I listen to some of those songs — who was that guy?' he said. 'Look at Tony Bennett. He rocks. I look at that man and say, 'I can do this.' I'm going to keep on going, and I hope you do, too.'"

After Crosby, Stills & Nash paid their respects and harmonized on "Human Highway," Young took a moment to acknowledge his friend and filmmaking collaborator Larry "L.A." Johnson, who died suddenly last week."It's a shame he couldn't be here," Young said. "But I'm gonna keep on going, and I hope you do too."

From AP:
Josh Groban said: "I've seen a lot of people win Grammy's that have gone on to really disappoint after that and then I have seen a lot of people that have not won any Grammy's, and I guess Neil's a perfect example, who continue to have honesty and integrity and strive to connect with the world in a totally unique way, and I am excited that they are finally honoring him tonight then."

Sheryl Crow said: "He seemed to marry folk music and country music and for me, where I was from in Missouri, it really sort of set me on course as far as a songwriter goes, and he also managed to interject really socially, politically, moving lyrics into rock songs and he still is for me the template that I hold up and hope to eventually accomplish the things that he's done."

From Spin Magazine Online by Kevin Bronson:
John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett, "Down by the River"

Ozomatli, "Mr. Soul"

Jackson Browne, "Don't Let It Bring You Down"

Stephen Stills and Sheryl Crow, "Long May You Run"
Lady Antebellum, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"

Norah Jones, "Tell Me Why"

Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, "Comes a Time"

Wilco, "Broken Arrow"

Josh Groban, "Harvest Moon"
Everest, "Revolution Blues"

Dierks Bentley and Booker T. Jones, "Cinnamon Girl"

Ben Harper, "Ohio"

Keith Urban, John Fogerty and Booker T. Jones, "Rockin' in the Free World"

Elvis Costello, "The Losing End"

Jason Mraz, Shawn Colvin and the Grooveline Horns, "Lotta Love"

Dave Matthews, "The Needle and the Damage Done"

Red Hot Chili Peppers, "A Man Needs a Maid"

James Taylor, "Heart of Gold"

Elton John, Leon Russell, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow and T Bone Burnett, "Helpless"

Crosby, Stills & Nash, "Human Highway"

From CANOE -- JAM! Music: Neil Young tribute star-studded by DARRYL STERDAN - QMI Agency:
John Mellencamp & T-Bone Burnett | Down by the River

Young's FarmAid colleague opens the show with a slow-burning version of a classic from Everyone Knows This is Nowhere. His band consists of superstar producer T-Bone Burnett on guitar, Kenny Aronoff on drums and musical director Don Was on bass. (The latter two serve as a house rhythm section for most of the evening.)

Ozomatli | Mr. Soul

These Angeleno rockers add some heavy Latin grooves to this Buffalo Springfield oldie -- without sacrificing the fuzzy, Satisfaction-style riff-rock at its heart.

Jackson Browne | Don't Let it Bring You Down

Backed by Aronoff and Was, the troubadour turns in a rich acoustic-guitar version of this powerful cut from After the Gold Rush.

Stephen Stills & Sheryl Crow | Long May You Run

Crow dons a squeezebox and trades verses with Stills on a mellow version of this number cut by the Stills-Young Band in '76. Black needles Young for using such a boring band name, and makes up for it by christening the Stills-Crow ensemble Rocketnuggetthunderclaw.

Lady Antebellum | Only Love Can Break Your Heart

These quickly rising country-pop stars told me they were more excited about playing this event than they were about their Grammy nominations. They play this country waltz fairly straight, but their three-part harmonies add some layers to the melody.

Norah Jones | Tell Me Why

Another cut from Gold Rush, this time picked by Jones and a bandmate playing acoustic guitars. It's wonderfully simple. And simply wonderful.

Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin & Lucinda Williams | Comes a Time

The trio of roots queens join forces -- along with some steel guitar and accordion -- in this folksy chestnut. I wonder why Lucinda is wearing glasses. Then I notice the giant teleprompter screen behind me.

Wilco | Broken Arrow

If you can think of anyone more capable of handling all the intricate twists and turns of this shape-shifting epic from Buffalo Springfield Again, you let me know. Then again, don't bother. You're wrong.

Josh Groban | Harvest Moon

The popera sensation takes a seat at the piano for this gentle ballad, which he gussies up a little too much with all his technique and talent. Neil needs to be a bit ragged, you know?

Everest | Revolution Blues

Who? Well, put it this way: These L.A. roots-rockers are signed to Young's Vapor Records. Hey, throw Neil a bone: It's his big night. Besides, they crank out a smoking version of Revolution Blues. It's the heaviest performance so far.

Dierks Bentley & Booker T. Jones | Cinnamon Girl

Backed by frequent Young sideman Booker T. and his instantly identifiable organ, Bentley and his gruff pipes transform this immortal tune into twangy country-rock -- and lose a bit of the song's edge in the process.

Ben Harper | Ohio

The musical centrepiece of the show. Armed with his slide guitar and accompanied only by three female backup singers, Harper recasts Young's Vietnam-era protest song into stirring gospel-blues. Quite simply one of the finest, most moving versions of this song I've ever heard. It deservedly brings some attendees to their feet.

Keith Urban, John Fogerty & Booker T. Jones | Rockin' in the Free World

Another winner. Urban and Fogerty crank up the amps and blow the roof off the dump, trading solos and belting out the vocals on Young's slamming rocker. Urban is playing harder -- and grinning wider -- than I've ever seen before. And Fogerty still hasn't lost a step. Afterward, Black quite rightly tells the swells, "I know it's expensive -- but I think you're getting your money's worth. This is insane! Can you appreciate how insane this is?"

Elvis Costello | The Losing End

The roll continues: An acoustic-guitar toting Costello takes this lesser-known number from Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and turns it into a country weeper that could have come straight from ole Hank's pen.

Jason Mraz & Shawn Colvin | Lotta love

A horn section and some organ add some soulful backing to Mraz and Colvin's duet. Still, it's not one of the evening's more memorable moments. Then again, they did have to follow Elvis.

Dave Matthews | Needle and the Damage Done

On the plus side: The singer-guitarist totally nails Neil's anti-drug ballad, right down to the mournful falsetto vocal. On the downside: He delivers a rambling introduction that makes him look like a goof.

Red Hot Chili Peppers | A Man Needs a Maid

Not surprisingly, the Peppers -- making their first public appearance with new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer -- lace Young's Harvest track with their heavy, slogging funk. But that's not nearly as alarming as Anthony Kiedis's Mexican porn-star moustache.

James Taylor | Heart of Gold

Hey, I respect JT as much as the next guy -- but does the world really need an easy-listening version of Heart of Gold? The good news: Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and Jason Mraz help out on backing vocals.

Elton John, Leon Russell, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow & T-Bone Burnett | Helpless

The stage is getting a little crowded at this point -- but really, the song belongs to Elton, who converts it into a work of classic country-pop vaguely reminiscent of his own Burn Down the Mission. Neko, Sheryl and Leon each get a turn at the mic.

Crosby, Stills and Nash | Human Highway

"We made some of the best music of our lives with you," says David Crosby before the legendary trio close the show by putting their gorgeous harmonies to work on this underappreciated '70s track. Neil's reaction? "Now I gotta go write some more songs." No argument here.

From Vancouver Sun: Rock’s storied performers gather to honour Neil Young By Jim Holt, Canwest News Service

Booker T. Jones: “He’s a huge influence on me,” Jones said. “His music is heartfelt. He’s always exploring and pushing the envelope.”

James Taylor: “His songwriting is the stuff,” Taylor said. “You hear his music and you know that’s the stuff.”

Jackson Browne: “I’ll be singing ‘Don’t let it bring you down’ which is a powerful song,” said Browne before attending the gala dinner. “Neil Young’s singular use of language is what amazes me,” he said. “It really raises the bar. Nobody but Neil would say, 'When you dance, I can really love.' He's got this powerful way of carving language in very simple blocks of meaning that go right to the core of you."

From Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily by Shirley Halperin:
While Wilco’s gloriously brash rendition of “Broken Arrow” prompted Elton John to give a standing ovation, which he proudly pointed out to the band backstage following the performance. Earlier in the night, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy told RS, ”We rehearsed this song for two days. The guys in our crew said it was the first time they’d ever seen us rehearse in three years.” He added that they’d chosen “Broken Arrow” because it’s “really episodic and strange and when you hear it, it’s pretty obvious that Wilco has taken a lot from this one song.”

Jack Black, who had to keep things moving even if the show went nearly an hour past its allotted time. How did he rate his own performance? “I was pretty nervous and started off shaky, but I eased into it,” Black told RS. “It was just a remarkable night of musicianship. You don’t see a bill like that very often. Everyone was so incredible, and it’s a testament to Neil’s influence and awesomeness that so many people wanted to be part of this show.”

"To that end, Crosby, Stills and Nash’s serenade of “Human Highway” couldn’t have been a more fitting closer. “We’ve done that song with Neil probably 200 to 300 times so it has special significance that he’ll know and we know,” said Crosby, who called his friend of five decades “the real deal.” “There’s been too much focus in recent years on surface rather than substance,” he said. “But Neil can really write a song that you’ll remember 20 years from now. I’ve played some of the best music of my whole life on stage with that man, there were many moments that were pure magic, and I love him.”"

“The first time I saw him sitting in a circle with his guitars and his harmonium behind him was a solidifying moment for me,” said Crow. “There’s something so soulful about that man. It’s when I knew, ‘That’s what I want to do some day — sit with my guitars and play songs.’”

From The Canadian Press: Neil Young's peers happy the Canadian rocker finally getting due from Grammy:
"Added Jeff Tweedy, whose Chicago band Wilco will perform at the MusiCares event: 'He's right up there in terms of a constant in my musical life as an influence and as a mentor. He's kind of just a force of nature. And I take him for granted sometimes like I take the sun for granted ... I'm really happy the sun comes up every day and I'm happy Neil Young keeps making records.'"

A lame -- and uncredited -- review: Honoree Neil Young fails to perform at music biz charity event | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters. (Incidentally, this the most Tweeted story of the event. As always -- lets find the negative on Neil and pound it home. Reuters. What a bunch of losers.)

More photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America on 2010 MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Neil Young - Show - Pictures - Zimbio

Report on rust : Message: MusiCares! I was Therez! (Rhyme) by Karen.

More highlight photos on Purple Words on a Grey Background.

PHOTOS 2010 MusiCares Tribute To Neil Young concert highlights :

PHOTOS: Grammy weekend begins with MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Neil Young -

Musicares Highlights - Part #1

Musicares Highlights - Part #2

Musicares Highlights - Artisan News

Also, Interview Videos for 2010 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute | with:
James Taylor
Elvis Costello
John Stirratt
Dave Matthews
Jackson Browne
Lady Antebellum

Thanks - Neil Young links - reconnecting thoughts and actions!

Musicares Rehearsal photos

Arrivals @ Musicares: 2010 MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Neil Young - Roaming Inside - Pictures - Zimbio

David Crosby & Elton John
Neil Young & Tony Bennett
Neil Young, Pegi Young and Elton John

MusicCares Tribute to Neil Young [Blu-ray]
(Click to Zoom Cover)

Order MusicCares Tribute to Neil Young on Proceeds from the sales of the DVD/Blu-ray will go to MusiCares, which gives musicians in need of financial and medical assistance. (Just a reminder, purchases thru Amazon help support Thrasher's Wheat. Thank you!)

Also, see Neil Young Wins First-Ever Grammy Award for Archives Box.

DEVELOPING. Check back.

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