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Friday, July 02, 2021

REMINDER: All TW EMail Notification Subscribers: This Diatribe's For You

We've Been Fighting for Freedom of Speech Online for 25 + Years
In our most recent explosive diatribe here at TW, we explained how the latest  abusive insult by Big Tech Giants will impact our email subscribers.

(Incidentally, we're not sure we really understand how some rusties seem to be puzzled by our outrage over the persecution of the operators of this blog for practicing the right to freedom of speech, but that is another matter for another day, because as you know, Rev. Martin Niemoller was right.)
Also, please note again that as part of the ongoing freedom of speech clampdown, if you are expecting a reply email, check your SPAM folder.  Nearly all of our emails are marked as SPAM, unfortunately.  Even after marking our mail as NOT SPAM, some mail services -- especially gmail -- continue to mark as SPAM.

Otherwise, you know the drill around here ...  







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At 7/02/2021 03:17:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

Exactly Thrashers. Oh yes, right, Mark Zuckerburg (whatever on the spelling) is really all about democracy and free speech, this is what motivates him to his bone marrow and NOT profit- oh no, how absurd of me to doubt or be skeptical about our "technological geniuses" (what a complete joke). The truth is we must fight for every inch of ground, for every bit of freedom, for every and all spaces for controlling our lives together. Many of our citizens have been duped into the thinking that social media is just some large platform for all voices...bla bla bla, make me sick. We will never right the ship until we give attention and voice to those on the margins and until we allow citizens to truly engage one another in communal decision making----- relentless work, labor, to even establish the conditions for democracy, much less the reality of democracy.

At 7/02/2021 04:44:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Dear Abner,

"It means so much to us, to mean so much to you." truly.

As you well know as we head into this anniversary of The Declaration of Independence, we would rather die on our feet in freedom than live on our knees as a slave.

or to be more concise: give us liberty or give us death.

It troubles us greatly how many have conceded their fundamental human rights rather than resist and disobey.

Resistance is NOT futile.

TW promises to continue to wage heavy peace & love until the power goes out

the emperors have no clothes. unless your eyes are wide shut.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see"

“If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace.

We ask not your counsel nor your arms.

Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
~~ Samuel Adams

have a safe and wonderful 4th and embrace your freedoms with abandon!

we know we will. trust us.


ps - proper spelling is ZuckerBORG.

At 7/02/2021 04:55:00 PM, Blogger Richie Cruz said...

Get off of that couch, turn off your tv!

Get off of that couch, turn off your MTV!!

Remember Neil singing those lyrics? I sure do. Just substitute all social media for the tv, and the message is more relevant than ever.

It is truly stunning how enslaved the human race has gotten to technology in the last 15 years or so, and what this has done to society as a whole. I cannot imagine how anyone can say that more good than bad has come out of it.

"I feel like goin back....."

At 7/02/2021 06:27:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

Technology has always been a double edged sword, but recently the darker edge seems to be getting more ambivalent towards those who don’t want to play by its rules. That darkness is quickly beginning to prevail over light, and the more people who can see it the better. So rave on Thrashers, and know that you’re not alone out in the wilderness. The light must prevail or we will be destined to be assimilated into the Facebook / Instagram collective, and our humanity will be completely absorbed into the vapor of the cloud. We need to call on our better angeles to defeat this blight on the human soul. We are stronger together.

Peace 🙏

At 7/03/2021 12:03:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ Richie C. - and how could anyone ever forget those immortal lyrics that were both a warning as well as plea to sanity.

Glad to see folks did pickup on that ref in our post title. :) sometimes we do wonder whether the stuff we do here is to oblique...

so always good to know that we hit the target.

as for going back, probably the only good thing that came out of 2020 was how many folks saw the light, became aware and have joined the resistance to push ahead the ever accelerating Big Shift.

walk with us indeed ... we are multitudes ...

@ Dan - the aimless blade of science slashed the wheaty gates long ago.

as so any have learned in 2020, never trust the "science".

That is profoundly un-scientific thinking. A "true scientist" always questions the science's hypothesis. Science is not static. There is no such thing as settled science. Science is continuously morphing and mutating into new theories.

That is "REAL science".

you know, when Galileo declared the EARTH to be round and revolving around the SUN, is when the field of "science" emerged.

and you know what they called "science" back in the day after Pope accused him of heresy?

"Science is the NEW religion."

and you know what they say about "religions" ...

they say don't worship false idols ... wonder why?

At 7/03/2021 01:24:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

The true scientist questions the very basis of scientific theory when necessary, as when newly discovered facts or clusters of facts are inconsistent with the dominant theory. This has happened throughout the history of natural science. On the other hand, our problem seems to center on total scientific illiteracy. The other night on the news hour some "anti-vaccine" person said: "who knows what is in the formula they came up with." A vaccine is not a formula, it is generally just a piece of RNA, disabled virus, etc.., but I generally find that most people do not even know the difference between bacteria and virus, which is something that should be taught in middle school. Thrasher's point still holds- advances in technology and applied science go virtually unquestioned. I am right now reading about agent orange as used in the United States forestry industry in the 70's.

At 7/03/2021 02:15:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

Thrasher, small point but one that concerns me. As Newton famously said, science began with Aristotle. The problem was that Aristotle's ideas/theories and so forth were taken up by the church (a very simplified history) and became "dogma" and this perfectly fits with what you were saying. Galileo, following Copernicus and Kepler, could see much better hypotheses and tested them---- here is your place for the beginning of natural science as we know it. Dogma and absolute certainty are the enemy of knowledge, human well-being, and from my point of view fucking everything. As time goes by I notice more and more people "stuck in their ways and ideas." To me, this is spiritual and intellectual death. I think this is why I initially became so attracted to Neil Young and his music. The free and open spirit, the willingness is start over, to experiment, to question his own work, resonated with as a kid and still does.

At 7/03/2021 04:52:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ Abner - your clarifications here are most helpful.

There's actually a new term known as "scientism". feel free to expound on that subject.

and as we have been known to remind folks most uncomfortably.... Dr Frankenstein was a Doctor of Science. ok, maybe not a great example, except Frankenstein wasn't really fiction. fwiw, Dr Mengeles was also a "Doctor of Science." So was Freud.

much, much quack science out there, for sure.

"Science" once declared cigarettes were harmless.

Likewise, "Science" once declared asbestos was harmless. Same w/ DDT.

Monsanto "science" said glysophates were safe. Likewise w/ DOW and Agent Orange, presumably when the troops were shoveling it out of airplanes over Vietnam.

and on & on. Science declares safety ... until new "Science" doesn't. hence always question the science, never trust it.

you know, but here is the thing...

why in the world in the name of science is anyone in their right mind conducting "gain of function" experiments? about as smart as atomic bomb open air experiments to study radioactive fallout patterns. great science, except for life forms down wind.

well, you catch our drift.

At 7/03/2021 05:29:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

I catch it totally and agree. On the subject I know most about, herbicides, the problem arises from the confluence of science, industry, and politics. Agronomy supporting big agriculture essentially dominates university research in the United States. Hence, what can we expect? I think I know what you mean by "scientism" but I am not sure. I will always love pure science, can't help myself. I'm reminding myself of where we started, namely with your excellent points about social media and free speech. As usual, glad I had time to be on this thread.

At 7/06/2021 01:43:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 7/06/2021 01:49:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Thrasher, thanks for the heads up. I somehow arrived to this party late, on this post anyway. My last word on the 4th of July post was “Game Over.” But I want to now rail against myself for giving an Anti-Pep talk. We cannot give up. Even if Global Warming looks to be Much Farther Along than we have been lead to believe by the “Scientists” (most of whom have been downplaying the severity of Global Warming and denying the reality of the rate at which it is hitting us, HARD, Right Now. It’s not just the grandkids who are going to have it rough; our children and ourselves are in for a “World of Hurt.” And here I am slathering on the Pessimism (Realism) again.

But we don’t give up. We must stand and fight, indeed! Social Media AI aims to weld us to our couch. If you must lay in the couch, please Watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix for some more terrifying Truth telling by some of the very people who grew AI into what it has become. They say that Jan 6 was “Inevitable” due to the nature of AI and the algorithms, which feed people more of what they react to, what they watch. If you likeQ, you get more Q. Unfortunately for “Our Democracy” (Oligarchy), legions of tiny minded reactionaries laid Siege to the Legislature as a result. Luckily they left their AR-15’s at home. The Capitol Police Brass told their Cops to go EASY on the Trumpers. Save your overwhelming attacks for the BLM Activists. This was a sad spectacle, but don’t be mistaken: We DO NOT live in a Democracy. Now I am preaching to the Choir(!). See my post at end of July 4 blog comments, please.

What was I saying before? Oh yes, we CANNOT give up. We have got a good soundtrack to keep us fired up. We Neil Young fans are tough (and tender). We favor the underdog. We watch NY stand with the Standing Rock Sioux at the DAPL protest and we know he stands for us too (and for millions of clueless white people who drink the Missouri River water downstream! Imagine putting an Oil pipeline under a major river!).

We must fight on. Our kids and grandkids will thank us for it. I marched against Monsanto those years because I knew that the “Science” of its supposed safety was complete bullshit. We must fight on, for freedoms of speech, the right to Protest, and the right to live in society free of Racism, and the right to live on our planet Earth without letting it be destroyed by those Sociopathic Forces who would hasten its destruction. So, don’t listen to me when I say “Game Over.” The hour is late for the fight to Save the Humans (Earth will continue on without us). But Fight on we must.

Abner, glad to know you are knowledgeable about Herbicides. My uncles still run a farming operation in northwest MN. One relative flies a crop duster. One Uncle signs off on Oil Pipeline projects on the side. My cousin is one of 6 major North American John Deere sales managers. Monsanto is a crucial part of their operation, of course.

How cool is that that Neil went outside the box again and fought them with all his might?! I am proud of his efforts. Hell, I even like the album! I will leave you with one last thought to encourage y’all to participate in “Democracy” (or at least Protest). After the Garden is Gone, what will people do? What will people say? Never give up, Never give in. In the fight for Mother Earth and Justice, Freedom, Human Rights, and Peace! Alan in Seattle. So my upbeat urging here were typed after my defeatist post on July 4. Keep on rock in’ in the free world. Never mind that the incarceration rate in Louisiana is Higher than it is in China. Some Freedoms are an internal thing, too, right? Be free to question the status quo. Suck on a Hydrofoil with a Flag made me want to barf, btw. 😂 Alan in Seattle

At 7/06/2021 01:53:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Reposted after editing.

At 7/06/2021 02:17:00 AM, Blogger Alan said...

Zuck on a Hydrofoil.... video on Instagram, dude is holding a flag while he rides along on his machine.

At 7/06/2021 03:02:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

FYI, Monsanto no longer exists, bought up by Bayer and then broken up by EU, many of their employees went to BASF, an outstanding company, and the largest chemical company in the world. Glyphosate is a lower level toxin according to every major study ever done. Misuse and poor mixing is very probably the cancer causing element (I am not a herbicide lover). Atrazine, dicamba, and a few others (glufosinate) seem to be more problematic, especially for water quality and other creatures besides humans. It is business as usual out here in the cornbelt.


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