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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Neil Young's "Honor The Treaties" Press Conference

Neil Young
"Honor The Treaties" Press Conference

Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada - Jan 12, 2014
(Click photo to enlarge)

Neil Young's "Honor The Treaties" press conference at Massey Hall in Toronto appears to have have finally caught the attention of Canadians, including the Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Young's comments were particularly harsh for Prime Minister Harper calling his administration "hypocritical" and ignoring science for corporate profits.

Neil Young blasts oilsands expansion, launches fundraising tour - Toronto - CBC News:
"Canada is trading integrity for money," said the environmentally engaged 68-year-old rocker. "That's what's happening under the current leadership in Canada, which is a very poor imitation of the George Bush administration in the United States and is lagging behind on the world stage. It's an embarrassment to any Canadians."

"I want my grandchildren to grow up and look up and see a blue sky and have dreams that their grandchildren are going to do great things," he added later. "And I don't see that today in Canada. I see a government just completely out of control.

"Money is number one. Integrity isn't even on the map."
Young spoke before Sunday's Massey Hall concert which will benefit the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Legal Fund.
Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation & Neil Young 
Young was joined by Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and went on to say about the Alberta Tar Sands devastation which he has compared to Hiroshima, Japan:
"The name Canada's based on a First Nations word. The word Ottawa's based on a First Nations word, Ontario's based on a First Nations word, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec — these are all First Nations words. This is where Canada came from.
We made a deal with these people. We are breaking our promise. We are killing these people. The blood of these people will be on modern Canada's hands. I drove around the tarsands in my electric car viewing and experiencing this unbelievable smell and toxicity in my throat — my eyes were burning," he recalled. "That started 25 miles away from the tarsands. When I was in Fort Mac, it got more intense.
My son, who has cerebral palsy, has lung damage, (so) he was wearing a mask to keep the toxic things in the air out of his lungs and make it easy for him to have lungs after he left. It looked very big and very impressive. Extremely well-organized. A lot of people were working — hard-working people, who I respect. That was one of 50 sites. The one we saw was the cleanest one. It's the best-looking one. It's the poster child.
And it's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.
It's the greediest, most destructive and disrespectful demonstration of just something run amok that you could ever see. There's no way to describe it, so I described it as Hiroshima, which was basically pretty mellow compared to what's going on out there. I still stand by what I said about Fort Mac and the way it looks. Not because the houses in Fort Mac look like Hiroshima, but because Fort Mac stands for 50 sites, the name Fort Mac stands for diseases that these First Nations people are getting, pollution, everything that's happening there.
This oil is all going to China. It's not for Canada, it's not for the United States, it's not ours. It belongs to the oil companies. And Canada's government is making this happen. It's truly a disaster to anyone with an environmental conscience.
Empty chairs with name tags for Nunavut MP Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver, and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Bernard Valcourt, who were invited to attend
Jason MacDonald, a spokesman from the Prime Minister's Office said:
"Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day," Jason MacDonald said in a statement. Our government recognizes the importance of developing resources responsibly and sustainably and we will continue to ensure that Canada's environmental laws and regulations are rigorous."
All of this said, Canadians were overwhelming supportive of Neil Young's stand Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Legal Fund. From CBC readers, listeners rally behind Neil Young on oilsands - Your Community:
"Bravo, Neil, for fighting for a safe future for us all," said gohonestly.
Alexander Lavallary: Nice to see a famous non-aboriginal say the treaties need to be honored a day ago
"Good for you, Neil. It's a total disgrace what is happening in the Alberta oilsands. It's time to fight back. Our government of the day cares little about our environment. It's all about the almighty dollar. Time for a change," said Cookie1.
David Ogilvie: It is about time a high profile Canadian entertainer stood up for what is right. There have been a few over the years, but now we need everybody standing up for the First Nations, and the environment.
Kevin Aubie: Canadians have never had any say in TarSands development.We've been marginalized as citizens.ThankU Neil Young 4 giving us a voice
Other readers in the comments dismissed such arguments as ad hominem attacks and "Attacking the person - and not the issue - is a very old tactic. Everyone knows that Neil Young despises the spotlight, and gives rare interviews. Instead of sitting back, which he could easily do, he's speaking up. I feel so proud of Neil's passionate defence of the natural environment," said CdnWmn.
"Why do all the weak thinkers believe Mr. Young is a hypocrite just because he, like 99% of us, uses oil and gas in some form? He is just being critical of the perceived flagrant abuse of the environment and Native Lands by the oil consortium," said Rickieroo.
"The truth never gets old. The truth never goes out of fashion. The truth is always cool. Neil Young is a highly acclaimed artist bestowed with the Order of Canada who has been telling us the truth for over 50 years in very satisfying ways, earning our trust, respect and admiration," said Gutcheck.
"The focus here is not that we use oil, it is how the oil is produced, who is getting the profits and who are sustaining the losses. I like what Neil said, Canada has exchanged integrity for money," said Sophie Joe.
And the last word on Neil Young on being political in this clip from interview with Jian Ghomeshi, Neil talks about where one should draw the line between being an artist and being an activist, or whether there should be a line at all. Extended Neil Young criticizes Alberta oil sands development, Harper government
Alberta Tar Sands

UPDATE: From POLL: What do you think of Neil Young’s anti-oilsands campaign? |
“Our issue is not whether the natural resource sector is a fundamental part of the country,” Young said Monday in a statement. “Our issue is with the government breaking treaties with the First Nation and plundering the natural resources the First Nation has rights to under the treaties.” The government also said it “recognizes the importance of developing resources responsibly and sustainably and we will continue to ensure that Canada’s environmental laws and regulations are rigorous.” Young shot back: “When people say one thing and do another, it is hypocrisy. Our Canadian environmental laws don’t matter if they are broken.” The Toronto-born singer also took note of the PMO’s comment that “even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day.” Young countered: “If rock stars need oil is an official response, how does that affect the treaties Mr. Harper’s government of Canada is breaking? Of course, rock stars don’t need oil. I drove my electric car from California to the Tar sands and on to Washington DC without using any oil at all and I’m a rock star. My car’s generator runs on biomass, one of several future fuels Canada should be developing for the Post Fossil Fuel Age. This age of renewable fuels could save our grandchildren from the ravages of Climate related disasters spawned by the Fossil Fuel Age; but we have to get started.”
(Thanks bh & BNB for all the links!)



At 1/14/2014 09:36:00 AM, Anonymous Doc said...

I got into Neil a long time ago because of the music but his views on the war in Iraq & the environment have made me respect him more than his music. He doesn't have to do this, the tar sands aren't killing him, but he doesn't think like that. He's 68 years old & could be anywhere doing anything & ignoring this but he isn't and whether you love him, hate him or don't give a damn you could sure as hell learn something from him.

At 1/14/2014 10:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to a CBC News query, here's what PMO spokesperson Jason MacDonald had to say about Neil Young's just-launched fundraising tour to support First Nations groups fighting oilsands expansion:
Canada's natural resources sector is and has always been a fundamental part of our country's economy. And it continues to present a tremendous economic opportunity for all Canadians from coast to coast to coast.
The resource sector creates economic opportunities, and employs tens of thousands of Canadians in high wage jobs, contributing to a standard of living that is envied around the world, and helping to fund the programs and services Canadians rely on.
Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day.
Our Government recognizes the importance of developing resources responsibly and sustainably and we will continue to ensure that Canada's environmental laws and regulations are rigorous. We will ensure that companies abide by conditions set by independent, scientific and expert panels.
Projects are approved only when they are deemed safe for Canadians and environment.
In addition, it's important to note that we have for the first time in Canadian history the prospect of significant economic and resource development in regions where aboriginal people are often the dominant populations and where there have been no similar large-scale economic opportunities.

At 1/14/2014 10:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's Young's response, which has been edited slightly for ease of reading (direct quotes from PMO statement removed):
If rock stars need oil is an official response, how does that affect the treaties Mr. Harper's government of Canada is breaking?

Of course, rock stars don't need oil. I drove my electric car from California to the Tar sands and on to Washington DC without using any oil at all and I'm a rock star. My car's generator runs on biomass, one of several future fuels Canada should be developing for the Post Fossil Fuel Age. This age of renewable fuels could save our grandchildren from the ravages of Climate related disasters spawned by the Fossil Fuel Age; but we have to get started.

As to the thousands of hard working Canadians, we have respect for all working people. The quandary we face is the job they are working on. They are digging a hole that our grandchildren will have great trouble digging their way out of. By that we mean Climate Change, the result of too much CO2 in the atmosphere There are better jobs to be developing, with clean energy source industries to help make the world a safer place for our grandchildren.

The oil sands projects are among the very dirtiest on earth. Per day, the oils sands operations produce as much CO2 as all the cars in Canada. While every gallon of gasoline from the cleanest oil sources produces 19.5 LBS of CO2, Alberta oil sands derived gasoline produces up to three times as much CO2 because of the inefficient methods used, potentially bringing the total CO2 per gallon to almost 60 LBS. This oil is going not to Canada, but to China where the air quality has been measured at 30 times the levels of safety established by the World Health Organization. Is that what Canada is all about?

As a Canadian citizen, I am concerned that this government is not acting within the advice of science.

When people say one thing and do another, it is hypocrisy. Our Canadian environmental laws don't matter if they are broken.

At 1/14/2014 10:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad part about what Young is saying about this entire tar sands issue and Fort McMurray is that he is right.

At 1/14/2014 10:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neil's brother posted this below the CBC article

The tide is turning on Stephen Harper's self-denigrated version of the integrity of the Prime Minister's Office and the true Canada will rise again. Harper, through his spokesperson Jason MacDonald, can only muster tepid comments about economic advantages of resource development and try to attack Neil Young's integrity in passing, instead of releasing from the bondage of 'silence or you are fired' those unfortunate scientists whose knowledge and research results the Canadian public is ENTITLED TO KNOW NOW.

The release of the hidden scientific research data would cause a lot of trouble for Harper, Mr. "Openness and Accountability" indeed. Do you remember him on his way to Prime Ministerial power? He is a fraud on his own word. His devious and dishonest use of power reveals his true goal, namely, acquisition of more power for Stephen. However, Canada itself is far more important than one person. It is a nation of people which, at this juncture, must assert its authority and stand up to say: THE CITIZENS OF CANADA DO NOT YIELD THEIR SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY TO THOSE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WHICH SERVE THEM.

As Neil Young's brother, I will suggest that Stephen Harper and his band of musicians be invited to be opening act for Neil's shows in Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary or, at least one show, preferably the one in Calgary. My friend, Greg Keelor, of Blue Rodeo tells me Stephen Harper is not bad on the piano once he gets into it. He could learn something from Diana Krall who is the tour's opening act. She is great. What a voice! She's got power to burn. Despite my comments above about Harper it is an obvious fact that the power of music is very powerful and the fact that Harper likes to play provides a ray of hope. There has to be some way to get to this guy.

At 1/14/2014 11:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey T. Check out this picture on HuffPost:

At 1/14/2014 01:27:00 PM, Blogger Dan1 said...

The huff post article you reference above (written by actress Daryl Hanna) seems to suggest Neil is filming a documentary about the oil sands, is that new info, or did I somehow miss or forget that?

At 1/14/2014 02:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about that either. But it looks like she is referring to the Peter Mettler film "Petropolis".
Having said that I think I remember I did read something today about the movie were Neil was referring to it in the 'we' factor... Well maybe he is supporting the movie? He also mentioned he is still working on the LincVolt movie...

At 1/14/2014 02:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Greenpeace movie that Neil Young will present during the week’s concerts at Honor-The-Treaties. Neil said “Petropolis” was “probably the most devastating thing you will ever see.”

At 1/14/2014 02:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada’s tar sands are an oil reserve the size of England. Extracting the crude oil called bitumen from underneath unspoiled wilderness requires a massive industrialized effort with far-reaching impacts on the land, air, water, and climate.

At 1/14/2014 03:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Neil and the environment, but he sounds like an idiot. He creates an enemy, then tries to destroy them. It's his MO. He solicited input in the Ghomeshi interview. I have some.
First, China's air is so bad because of particulates as two-thirds of their energy comes from coal. They plan to increase coal use by 2+% annually. On his very page citing the China air problem, he says that doing good anywhere in the world to cut CO2 helps the whole planet. If much of the oil from tarsands does go to China, the whole world would benefit from displacing filthy coal with cleaner burning oil. Cutting China off from oil will hurt the global picture. And we are all on this globe together. Criticizing Harper is dumb. The oilsands have been developing for decades under many PMs.
He's being fed misleading info about cancer rates. One type of cancer increased in the community by 50% because it went from 2 to 3 cases. Most of the cancers are in older people. You would expect more in the young if current exposures are to blame. Fort Chip is on a lake ringed with active and abandoned uranium mines, in which many tribal members worked over the years. That area currently produces 20% of the world's high quality uranium. It seems much more likely that increased cancer rates would result from uranium exposure. The doctor who raised the alarm on cancer rates there has been discredited by subsequent studies and his peers. Does Neil really think that the doctors and universities and health agencies involved are all lying? I could go on. If you need a level-headed researcher, Neil, let me know. I'll find the straight story for ya. I care just as much as you do about the earth.
Neil's a great musician. He's way over his head here. His associates do him a disservice.

At 1/14/2014 03:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course rock stars need oil. Neil uses Lincvolt as a prop when he wants to get around. It's not exactly reliable transpot. That's not how he really gets around. He burns gasoline, diesel, natural gas and jet fuel. Come on, Neil, get honest about your actual life. Do you really think we can't all see right thru your comment? Are you driving lincvolt to London this summer? Did you drive it there last summer? Where do you think the electricity you recharge it with comes from? Coal and natural gas and nuclear.

At 1/14/2014 03:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 5.017 million cars registered in Beijing as of Feb. 15 2012.

At 1/14/2014 03:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, how does this fit: "The oilsands have been developing for decades under many PMs."
"Most of the cancers are in older people. You would expect more in the young if current exposures are to blame."


At 1/14/2014 03:33:00 PM, Anonymous SD said...

"Within 48 hours, Chadi was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, the same extremely rare incurable disease that has stricken other residents of Fort Chipewyan, a remote First Nations community with a population of about 1,100 people in northeast Alberta.

A cancer of the bile duct, cholangiocarcinoma occurs in one of every 100,000 to 200,000 people — yet Fort Chipewyan has had three confirmed diagnoses and several other suspected cases over the last decade.

“It has been two months, and I still can’t believe it,” Voyageur says. “How can this keep happening in a community this size?”

A 2009 report by the Alberta Cancer Board found rates for some malignancies 30 per cent higher than normal in Fort Chipewyan. Despite urging, the Alberta government never undertook a study to explain those elevated rates, and is currently on the verge of announcing new figures."

At 1/14/2014 03:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, China is more complicated. They burn everything over there. You are only mentioning there is a huge problem over there.

And what if Neil would support a "smoking kills" campaign? Would you come up with a statement that drinking kills too? Or would you tell Neil that heroin is deadly?

Because The Future Matters

At 1/14/2014 04:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we're discussing the Tar Sands or the treaties, it matters little what kind of car Neil himself drives. Like he said, that's just a defensive maneuver to avoid addressing the topic. Focus on the message, not the messenger.


At 1/14/2014 04:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who is in support of the Tar Sands, or profits from its destruction, should be forced to live the rest of their lives there! I'll help Harper and his cronies move!

At 1/14/2014 04:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 2009 study found only 2 cases of cholangiocarcinoma. They were in a 60+ yo and an 80+yo. The expected rate for that population size (1200 people) was .3. Yes, 2 cases is higher than .3, but hardly a screaming epidemic. No other cases found before or since 2003-04. Significantly lower rates of cancer in First Nations Albertans than other Albertans.
There are uranium tailings all around that area, where they fish and hunt.
Neil's right. The science matters. A science degree trains the mind to collect, analyze and interpret to rigorous standards instead of picking bits and flinging them around wildly. Science requires a higher degree of rationality and accountability than in the lay population. Neil and co are not held to and probably not capable of the same high standards. I can see that those criticizing my comment do not have science degrees. Not to be snobbish, but it trains the mind to a rigorous standard. You can't get away with bsing your way thru a science degree.
Neil's right. Canada should be concerned about its students' science training. And it's clear to all who do that Neil has no scientific training. Which is why I cringe when he starts on something like this. But, hey, like I said, I'm happy to bring some rigor to his ideas. I work for the earth for no charge. His ideas, my research. We could get together for some scenes.

At 1/14/2014 05:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one NEEDs oil.
It is simple: We buy what they give us.
If they give us something different we will buy it. Period.

It's up to governments and big business to change the world. Too bad they are the greediest f%*^ks of us all.

Putting the onus on the individual is ridiculous. That means we have to hope that 30,000,000 Canadians all make the decision to stop burning gas.

It's time for a change. I hope this awareness continues to grow after Neil's tour is over.

Should also be mentioned Neil's per show environmental footprint for this tour is obviously very low relative to any other show I've ever seen.


At 1/14/2014 10:31:00 PM, Blogger Dan1 said...

wow .. these videos are intense, you can see Neil means business ... he's also convincing because he doesn't have a vested interest ... he's not bought off by anyone ("ain't singing for pepsi...") ... at 68 or whatever he's not slowing down he's speeding up ... what can you say he's in a totally different league, on a totally different trip ... hats off to you Neil!!

At 1/15/2014 06:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oilsands Emissions To Quadruple By 2030: Harper Government Report

Greenhouse gas emissions from Alberta's oilsands are about to explode.

That's one of the messages contained in a Canadian government report quietly submitted to the United Nations over the holidays.

The report projects that emissions from the oilsands will nearly quadruple between 2005 and 2030, jumping from from 34 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent to 137. And the changes in the oilsands will make a major contribution to Canada's total emissions.

Canada will go from 737 megatonnes in 2005 to 815 in 2030, according to the report.

All of the government's emissions targets are based on 2005 levels, and according to internal government reports, Canada is nowhere near on track to meet them.

Under the 2009 Copenhagen Accord, Prime Minister Stephen Harper committed to cutting Canada's emissions 17 per cent from 2005 levels by the year 2020. Instead, the new report to the UN shows Canada's emissions actually rising over the long term, largely due to the oilsands.

Read more:

At 1/15/2014 06:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More from HuffPost:

Neil Young's condemnation of the oilsands sparked a loud, and at times vicious, debate but the majority of Albertans seem to think the old rocker has a point.

In a poll conducted by The Huffington Post Alberta, more than 60 per cent of respondents backed Young, while less than 39 per cent said the Canadian rock icon is off base on the issue.

At 1/15/2014 12:46:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature on the Run said...

Neil has been solid on issues of environmental stewardship, responsibility, and sustainability. His message has always been simple and from the heart. All this for what? To satisfy a global addiction to coal and oil? Don't we have other options here? Is it worth the release of higher concentrations of greenhouse gas and other chemical toxins into our environment? Why is the government making decisions on behalf of the people who own the land? Are we crazy?

At 1/15/2014 06:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's the hypocrite? He's got fifty odd cars and depends on 30 thousand people DRIVING to see him at whatever venue 90 odd times a year, average, to come see him play. Then when his stupid ass is broke he decides to write some bulshit "memoir" so his incredibly gullible hero worishiping wanker fan(addicts) will infuse him with more money to blow. So now he's trying to wash off the guilt on the backs of "First Nation" people and with his "electric car". Puhleeze just play and STFU you hypocritical moron!

At 1/15/2014 07:17:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature on the Run said...

Not true. I think the majority of his fans have been making an effort to reduce their carbon footprints and seek out alternative energy sources. Neil always attracted the counter-culture or folks who see the connection to the responsibility and stewardship we have to the planet. As young teens, we didn't fit anywhere because we didn't view things the same as our peers. So when his music came along, it validated what we were feeling. Whether it was unintentionally or not, many of us drew personal inspiration from his songs. His songs are like prayers in some cases. In other cases, his songs are a release for us. He sang songs about human injustice and environmental abuses. He sang love songs and sad songs. And we're still listening in.

At 1/15/2014 08:11:00 PM, Blogger Fort Mac said...

As a Canadian , and music listener .
Neil Young has become irrelevant .

Preacher man driving his million dollar electric car , has the gaul to point fingers at us ! HA !

Neil Young is not , and never will be a Canadian .

He quotes self serving rock star numbers , all the while singing Vampire Blues with his gleaming white teeth stuck in Mother Earth , I'll sell ya twenty dollars worth .
This is not the sixties , we know all the facts , including his consumption .
Go back to the ranch and play with your trains ......... Northern Man don't need you around anyhow .

At 1/15/2014 08:21:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature on the Run said...

Well you can't fault a man for putting his money where his mouth is.

This million dollar vehicle was developed and built with his own money that he earned. Not all of us have the financial resources but at least he took matters into his own hand.

It's a beauty. A piece of art. If you think what he's done with his car is irrelevant than I fear what you might think is "relevant."

At 1/15/2014 09:01:00 PM, Blogger Fort Mac said...

When Mahatma Gandhi spoke of change , he spun his own clothing , gathered his own salt , and walked on his own feet .
In modern times , beings with less integrity that preach change to the masses , best understand the masses they preach to .......
Otherwise it is completely irrelevant , and us blue collar working class peasants will always know the difference .
Something that no song will sing , unless the soul has been there .

At 1/15/2014 09:20:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/15/2014 09:24:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@MNOTR: It's been awhile. Good to see you.

@EH: When you attack the messenger and not the message, that means the truth has been spoken.

At 1/15/2014 09:36:00 PM, Blogger Fort Mac said...

@ Thrasher , my name is John Andrew Connelly .
My response but only an opinion and not an attack .
I hope to live in a world of varied shared opinions and not blind faith in all , with the freedom to listen to great music and understand the difference .

At 1/15/2014 11:40:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature on the Run said...

John, You appear to be a little intolerant of people who don't share your view of Neil and even more intolerant to what Neil is saying. I guess that leaves little hope for this world you want to live.

The people who believe that this descration of land, exploitation of a cheap and toxic energy source, and violation of treaties are justified are the only ones operating on blind faith.

When Neil wrote "don't be denied," he was writing out people like you who put up barriers instead of building bridges.

At 1/16/2014 09:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you are acting like Neil has come out and said 'I'm the greenest man on the planet'. He hasn't... Sure he had a smart aleck comment about how 'rock stars don't need oil' to counter the PMO's smart aleck comment. The point is that Neil, aside from directly supporting the first nation people, is pushing for cleaner, more sustainable energy (and has backed that up by doing a lot more about it than most). But that being said, he still lives in the same world that we all live in. The culture/society that we all live in is set up so that oil consumption, to a very large degree, is absolutely necessary. As many of you have stated, oil is used in the production of almost everything. So stop getting hung up on how large Neil's carbon footprint may or may not be. I guarantee it's a lot smaller than others in his profession (you can't compare a man with this type of occupation to the average Joe). Horse and buggy is obviously not an option here. It would be like telling someone from China that they should stop breathing if they're not happy with their air quality.

At 1/16/2014 10:40:00 AM, Anonymous Mother Nature Getting Her Kicks on Rt.66 said...

Amen, Anonyman.

I think people like to pick on messengers like Neil because it justifies their apathy and armchair philosophy

At 1/16/2014 11:15:00 AM, Anonymous Mother Nature said...

Furthermore, how can you not put your money on the guy who wrote, "Ten silver saxes,A bass with a bow the drummer relaxes and waits between shows for his cinnamon girl."

There's no drug that can duplicate the endorphin rush I get when I hear his lyrics or feel his music.

Yes, I love being a fan of this guy so go ahead and just try to knock me down.

You can't because there are millions of people all around the world who feel the same as I do about his music. Musicians, artists, bankers, and lawyers draw from his creative genius.

You can't take away what we feel when we hear his music. You can't take away the message some of us hear...

At 1/16/2014 11:25:00 AM, Blogger Fort Mac said...

The messenger picks and choses what is self serving for his purposes , and should be held accountable for such .
I wonder what Neil proposes for his alternative electrical source to power his rich man toy ?
James Bay power project ?
Cal-Neva nuclear plant ? All wonderful clean , happy loving sources of electricity .
When was the last time Neil Young , who claims to be a Canadian , exercised the right to vote in a Canadian federal election ?
His opinion in Canada is irrelevant !

At 1/16/2014 12:16:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature on the Run said...

John, even you can't deny this man his own national identity, birthplace, or birth rite.

His opinion is relevant because he's speaking about human rights violations and environmental abuses impacting the future of the planet.

You sound exactly like the opposition Gandhi faced in his attempt to unite a population of people deeply divided by geo-political differences and caste divisions.

Everything in life is relevant.

At 1/16/2014 12:28:00 PM, Anonymous MNOTR said...

John, I would challenge you by saying your attitude about Neil smells like "ethnic cleansing" because you're trying to strip away a man's personal national identity based on your view about what is "pure."

At 1/16/2014 03:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Home you Hypocrite Neil Young For an OLD MAN with influence who owns a buffalo herd, a large ranch, numerous gas guzzling cars, flies in a private jet to and from concerts, and has a carbon footprint equivalent in the 10’s of thousands compared to u and I, “you’re a lot like we are” in the Oil Sands. Neil if u want to be a voice then research how Oil Co’s are taking steps to downsize their environmental footprint up North (which u have no time for), then try to set your own example , walk to your concerts vs burning jet fuel , drive in the ditch instead of that pavement which we provided you. What a F…ing Hypocrite. Your spreading your toast with a little bit of Hiroshima every day buddy,,,, WAKE UP OLD MAN, YOU’RE A LOT LIKE WE ARE. Pissed off and not going to his HYPOCRITES concert……….

Mark B

At 1/16/2014 04:31:00 PM, Anonymous Mother Nature said...

Mark, you can complain about Neil all you want but that's not going to change the long-term impact this extracting process is going to have on our species. Do you understand the process they're using and the amount of water and chemicals they need to create this toxic and inefficient energy source? Where do you think all that toxicity is going? The air, water, and soil, that's where. You don't see a connection here to genetic mutations that are transferred into the environment? Into our children? Do you think any these companies are going to track the long term impact on health and environment? These companies are crafty at hiding and deflecting their responsibility.

At 1/17/2014 01:19:00 AM, Blogger Dan1 said...

here's the full 11:47 minute interview:


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The Hypocrisy of the Mainstream Media

It's Been Called The
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"There's more to the picture
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Neil Young FAQ:
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Paul McCartney and Neil Young


"You can make a difference
If you really a try"

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young:
The Supergroup of the 20th Century

Director Jonathan Demme's Exquisite film "Heart of Gold"

eddie & neil
Eddie Vedder and Neil Young

Revisiting The Significance of
The Buffalo Springfield

"The revolution will not be televised"
... it will be blogged, streamed,
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The Embarrassment of Mainstream Media

Turn Off Your TV & Have A Life

"Everything Is Bullshit" +
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Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)

Neil Young 2016 Year in Review:
The Year of The Wheat

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Kurt Cobain and Neil Young

Neil Young's Feedback:
An Acquired Taste?

Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years
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"the definitive source of Neil Young's formative childhood years in Canada"

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Joni Mitchell & Neil Young

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Bob and Neil

So Who Really Was "The Godfather of Grunge"?

Four Dead in Ohio
kent state
So What Really Happened at Kent State?

The Four Dead in Ohio

May The FOUR Be With You #MayThe4thBeWithYou


dissent is not treason
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

Rockin' In The Free World

Sing Truth to Power!
When Neil Young Speaks Truth To Power,
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Bonnie Raitt and Neil Young

I'm Proud to Be A Union Man


When Neil Young is Playing,
You Shut the Fuck Up

Class War:
They Started It and We'll Finish It...

A battle raged on the open page...
No Fear, No Surrender. Courage

"What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees?"
Full Disclousre Now

"I've Got The Revolution Blues"

Willie Nelson & Neil Young
Willie Nelson for Nobel Peace Prize

John Mellencamp:
Why Willie Deserves a Nobel



Love and Only Love

"Thinking about what a friend had said,
I was hoping it was a lie"

We're All On
A Journey Through the Past

Neil Young's Moon Songs
Tell Us The F'n TRUTH
(we can handle it... try us)

Does Anything Else Really Matter?

"Nobody's free until everybody's free."
~~ Fannie Lou Hamer

Here Comes "The Big Shift"

Maybe everything you think you know is wrong? NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS
"It's all illusion anyway."

Propaganda = Mind Control
Guess what?
"Symbols Rule the World, not Words or Laws."
... and symbolism will be their downfall...

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge
Be The Rain, Be The Change

the truth will set you free
This Machine Kills Fascists

"Children of Destiny" - THE Part of THE Solution

(Frame from Official Music Video)

war is not the answer
yet we are
Still Living With War

"greed is NOT good"
Hey Big Brother!
Stop Spying On Us!
Civic Duty Is Not Terrorism

The Achilles Heel
Orwell (and Grandpa) Was Right
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”
~~ Bob Marley

The Essence of "The Doubters"

Yes, There's Definitely A Hole in The Sky

Even Though The Music Died 50+ Years Ago
Open Up the "Tired Eyes" & Wake up!
"consciousness is near"
What's So Funny About
Peace, Love, & Understanding & Music?


Show Me A Sign

"Who is John Galt?"
To ask the question is to know the answer

"Whosoever shall give up his liberty for a temporary security
deserves neither liberty nor safety."

~~ Benjamin Franklin


(Between the lines of age)

And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make

~~ John & Paul

the zen of neil
the power of rust
the karma of the wheat