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Saturday, April 11, 2020

1 Hour and 17 Minutes of TRUTH, #BigShift Gets REAL and Comes "Out of Shadows"

UPDATE: Video documentary can be seen @ "Out Of Shadows"


Here's 1 Hour and 17 Minutes of TRUTH.

(UPDATE + WARNING: Judging from comments below, if you have truth sensitivities, this isn't for you. Please be advised that serious truth is dropped in the video which apparently some aren't ready to handle. We get that and apologize for dropping here without necessary preparations. But as we say in comments below, if you can handle Dylan's 17 Minutes of The TRUTH w/ "Murder Most Foul" then you should be handle "Out Of Shadows". But maybe not? Please don't say we didn't try and warn you...)

Last month, Bob Dylan dropped a truth bomb with "Murder Most Foul" | 17 Minutes of The TRUTH. Whether Dylan's song "Murder Most Foul" is a "masterpiece" or "genius" is secondary to the song being the single most important artistic release statement thus far in the 21st century.

The above "Out Of Shadows" documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.

Here's a quick preview trailer:

So, similar to Dylan's "Murder Most Foul", Out Of Shadows, is the single most important the documentary film release thus far in the 21st century. boom!

"Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car
Shot down like a dog in broad daylight"

U.S. President John F. Kennedy

(see ANALYSIS: Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" | Why Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul" Is 17 Minutes of The TRUTH).

We touched on all of this back in 2013 on The Day The Music Died: 50 Years Ago Today and Why It Still Matters - Friday, November 22, 2013. Prescient much?

Lastly, one of the main reasons we went ahead and posted this is because of the message posted on NY's site earlier this week: "I don't know who wrote this, but it's beautiful" ...

The lines:

"Disney out of magic
Paris is no longer romantic
New York is no longer exciting
The Chinese wall is no longer a fortress
And Mecca is empty"

What do folks really think this is all about? "Disney out of magic"?

So get out there and #HackTruth like your life depends on it ... because it does.

UPDATE: Removed/blocked/banned/censored video documentary can be seen @ "Out Of Shadows"

UPDATE 2: July 26, 2020: George & John, Donald & Neil + Bob: Sooner or Later, It All Gets REAL ... As in Now

"We can ignore reality, but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

~~~ Ayn Rand

"The Truth Is Learned...never told".

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At 4/12/2020 12:15:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

coincidentally (or not), we can no longer post comments on YouTube since posting this video. Blocked, shadowbanned & de-platformed.

So, YT, are you sure that our 1A rights are not being violated through shadowbanning and censorship? If you knowingly curate our content for political reasons, you are not protected from liability. got that?

We should never allow any corporation to have unfettered control our freedom of association ever again. Deplatforming is unethical and a form of violence, forcibly inserting a 3rd party's choices into our relationships.

While its never a good time to suppress free speech, this isn't a particularly good time to screw with us, ok?

Understood YT & G overlords?

At 4/12/2020 01:35:00 PM, Blogger Ruben said...

What does this have to do with Neil Young, ie "An unofficial news blog for Neil Young fans from Thrasher's Wheat with concert and album updates, reviews, analysis, and other Rock & Roll ramblings."

At 4/12/2020 02:19:00 PM, Blogger Renaldo56 said...

Agreed that this has no place on a Neil Young Fan site. That said, sad to see the good folks at Thrasher's Wheat subscribing to the "Deep State" conspiracy theories of Fox News, Trump, and the like. While it is indeed true that the vast majority of commercial media outlets are owned by a very small group of mega-corporations (as detailed over the years by scholar Ben Bagdikian in "The Media Monopoly"), a situation that should indeed concern all of us, this pseudo-documentary engages in precisely the tactics of those it aims to decry by cobbling together disparate truths, half-truths, and mistruths, to have you believe that whether you're watching a Disney film or "The Rachel Maddow Show", these programs, and consequently you the viewer, are secretly being controlled by dark Satanic sex cults, in cohoots with the CIA! At a time when we all need to call on our higher selves and responsibly find ways to help and support each other through this pandemic, including supporting honest and intelligent journalism as well as supporting those who simply wish to bring some needed lightness and entertainment into weary hearts, it is disheartening to see TW peddling this propaganda, and even stooping to comparing it whatsoever to Dylan's recent masterful gift to this world.

At 4/12/2020 02:33:00 PM, Blogger nvcbnre said...

Well, Neil Young fans are discerning people of this Earth and as such need to stay informed. If it wasn't for TW posting this video I would not have known about if for some time more than likely. So thank you TW for keeping us interested discerners in the know.

I've been hacking truth for about 20 years now and I'm telling you this video corroborates many of the "mistruths" that I've uncovered during that period. As for Mr. Young, Neil happens to be one of those rare artists who has stood for truth his whole career and remains uninfluenced by the media moguls. He stands up for what is REALLY true, just as the producers and contributors to this amazing documentary — Out of Shadows — are doing in publicly defying the top of the pyramid ELITE and showing irrefutably the truth behind the madness and conditioning we've all been subjected to for the past century.

I would advise watching this as soon as you can because it might not be up for very long if the removal — and therefore censorship — of David Icke's London Real TV interview of several days ago is any forecast.

I'm a long time visitor to this site (and much longer fan of Neil Young) but this is the first time I've been compelled to post a comment — not because the posts on this site are not though-provoking — but I just have never been inspired to write before. However these unprecedented times are inspiring a lot of us to transform ourselves to be something greater and this video went a long way toward that end.

Peace and Gratitude TW.
Keep rocking the truth.

— Awake In The Dream

At 4/12/2020 03:00:00 PM, Blogger Kathy Shanahan said...

Please research what is being purported in this video before disseminating. Liz Crokin is a right wing Trump supporter. Surely there is some truth and validity to some of the information presented here i.e. movie propaganda during WW2. That doesn't make it all true. We have to be critical thinkers about all the news and information presented to us on all platforms.

At 4/12/2020 03:30:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ Ruben - fair question. this falls into the rest of our mission statement which you omitted: "Separating the wheat from the chaff."

There's a lot of chaff out there and we're just trying to help our readers out w/ a bit of wheat.

btw, did you watch entire video?

normally, most rusties have a great respect for truth wherever it comes or goes. however, we will be updating to put a warning for those with truth sensitivities.

@ Renaldo56 - well certainly appreciate the input. but given how we are one of the few independent alternative news outlets still available, wee do feel a bit of obligation to do our part. we're sure you can understand appreciate diversity of opinion because its the lack of opinion diversity which got us into the situation.

hopefully you're not trying to narrow our range of expression or restrict our right to free speech?

"this pseudo-documentary engages in precisely the tactics of those it aims to decry by cobbling together disparate truths, half-truths, and mistruths"

can you please site specifics w/ time stamps?

"At a time when we all need to call on our higher selves and responsibly find ways to help and support each other through this pandemic, including supporting honest and intelligent journalism as well as supporting those who simply wish to bring some needed lightness and entertainment into weary hearts, it is disheartening to see TW peddling this propaganda, and even stooping to comparing it whatsoever to Dylan's recent masterful gift to this world."

well, they say the flak is the heaviest when over the target. they also say that some can't handle the truth.

frankly, do you not realize that Dylan's MMF goes even further than the video you're condemning? Please reconcile that for us? How can you praise Dylan's MMF truth bomb yet condemn this truth nugget? explain

@ nvcbnre - so glad you've been motivated to comment. yes, higher levels of #disCERNment are req'd. Undoubtedly, this isn't for everyone.

But we know ny fans are truth seekers. The Laurel Canyon/Lookout Mtn connections have always bothered us. as more and more comes to light, it is upsetting, indeed.

we do think that for the most part wee have operated TW as a sanctuary from the ugliness. But sometimes, we just need to get out of our little bubbles and get messy.

agree for folks to watch soon before nuked. presumably that had something to do with the drop timing over holiday weekend.

keep on hacking the truth!

@ Kathy - as always, don't shoot the messenger. If that's all the criticism, then the message stands and that's what matters.

Absolutely, we all have to be critical thinkers about all the news and information presented to us on all platforms.

but as longtime readers know, we frequently say here that:

* most * "Everything is Bullshit" therefore, Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)


At 4/12/2020 03:55:00 PM, Blogger Dan Swan said...

Neil Young has spent his entire career speaking his truth as he feels compelled to do so. Thrashers Wheat has been doing the same thing. Of course Neil has taken his share of flack by doing so, so its only natural that Thrashers would get the same, as the site has continued to seek truth.

This documentary is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but then no one is being forced to watch it. It’s been put up here for those who may be interested, as this blog is directed towards Neil Young fans who want to see a better world. We all share a love of Neil Young here, but we also represent the entire spectrum of humanity. Therefore we all have different ideas and beliefs that may conflict with other fans of Neil Young. That’s okay. If we are going to ultimately all live as one, we all need to be able to agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

Agree or disagree, this documentary has as much right to be here we do. You don’t have to watch it and you don’t have to agree with it. Simply allow it to be what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. But share your feelings knowing that you are in a safe place to be your authentic self.

Peace 🙏

At 4/12/2020 04:07:00 PM, Blogger Ruben said...


Thanks for the response. I had assumed "Separating the wheat from the chaff" had to do with topics directly relevant to NY's causes or interests. This seems a far stretch for relevancy, but maybe I'm not into this website enough to know. Honestly, I'm disappointed in your closing trite(snide?) reference to "those with truth sensitivities." To each their own. I don't have the time or inclination to debate the merits or validity of this kind of video. I'm sure there's others who will entertain that on my behalf. Anyway, back to the London - Hammersmith video, that's a nice treat for today.

At 4/12/2020 04:10:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Thanks Dan. Most appreciated you calm and reasoned comment here.

Actually we're somewhat surprised but not totally shocked by those not open to alternative thoughts and opinions.

One of the main reasons we went ahead and posted this is because of the message posted on NY's site earlier this week: "I don't know who wrote this, but it's beautiful" ...

The lines:

"Disney out of magic
Paris is no longer romantic
New York is no longer exciting
The Chinese wall is no longer a fortress
And Mecca is empty"

What do folks really think this is all about? "Disney out of magic"?

If after watching the documentary you still don't get what Disney is up to well then there's really not too much hope, is there? One has to be totally blind not to see.

from there onto Paris, NYC and on & on.

ignorance is bliss or woke w/ eyes wide shut ...

At 4/12/2020 04:21:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

At Ruben - yes, and likewise thanks for the reply as well.

Honestly, we're disappointed also in your attempt to re-define our blog's mission.

But we're even more troubled by the classic hit & run tactic of lazily saying you "don't have the time or inclination to debate the merits or validity of this kind of video."

If you don't have the time or inclination to debate, then why did you even make the comment in the 1st place? Or came back again a 2nd time? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Enjoy, Hammersmith, it is a nice treat.

happy Easter,

At 4/12/2020 04:28:00 PM, Blogger Ruben said...

@ thrasher - Clearly, I've misunderstood your blog's mission. Thank you for clarifying.

At 4/12/2020 05:05:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Sure Ruben.

might want o check out some of these comments flooding in:

1 MILLION VIEWS in 24 hours.

ps - RIP, John Prine: "You know what blood looks like in black & white? Shadows!"

At 4/12/2020 05:09:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@Kevin_Shipp, 17h

"I want everyone to know that Mike the producer spent a year and a half of his life and tens of thousands of dollars of his own money, not to mention the risk to his personal safety/career, to produce this film and provide it to the public for free."

At 4/12/2020 05:29:00 PM, Blogger Kathy Shanahan said...

Google "Liz Crokin Trump" and tell me there's not more to this story. I can handle the truth.

At 4/12/2020 06:50:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Thanks Kathy - again, is your issue w/ Liz Crokin the messenger or the message?

Let's talk about her message. Take Liz out of this. What we find terribly, terribly troubling here is a bunch of folks attacking this video and its message.

Do you realize that by attacking this video what it says that you support? Do you have any idea what went on on Epstein Island? Are you really supporting what Jeff Epstein was about? Or Marina Abramović?

Have you ever googled Marina Abramović? try that. And look at the images tab. (well, i guess we should warn everyone before trying that.) this is evil incarnate. the worst of the worst.

Are you really saying you support Epstein, Abramović and human trafficking? Because the only folks worried and threatened by this video are those involved in human trafficking and the kind of crimes they're involved in. How on EARTH can you defend this?

altho your profile is blocked, you seem like you might be nice and reasonable.

we pray to god that the reason you're against this video is not b/c you support human trafficking. B/c if you're involved in this either by commission or omission, you don't belong in the rustie community.

This goes against everything that Pegi & Neil did to help the Bridge Kids.

and if you are involved w/ Disney, Epstein, Marina and others, we hope you turn your self in and get the help you need before its too late.

the magic is gone. over. forever. ain't coming back. is that truth you can really handle?

we pray for you and your soul. get right or get out.

may peace with you

At 4/12/2020 07:33:00 PM, Blogger Richie Cruz said...

People will come to love their oppression, to embrace the technologies that undo their capacities to think.- Aldous Huxley

Keep doing what you're doing, Thrasher.

At 4/12/2020 08:18:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

Seems pretty clear to me. When I was 19 and in college, listening to Ambulance Blues, "I never knew a man who could tell so many lies, he had a different story for every set of eyes..." Neil Young always circled around political ideas but with an artists intent of revealing rather than stating. Art has been regarded as a source of truth as far back as we want to go and yet in the last 200 years, and especially currently, as it is relegated more and more to an ornament of culture or entertainment, it loses its relationship to truth and the seriousness of the human condition. I love the openness of this "fan sight" and I love its seriousness and humor. I don't do any social media and never will, but I really love seeing these posts that really do conjure up Neil's spirit as a purveyor of the truth in various ways. Best always to remember, in any way we can, that art and truth are part of one another.

At 4/12/2020 08:26:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

I have not watched the documentary and probably will not. My comment, the above comment, is in support of Thrasher's Wheat and the fact that it goes happily off the beaten path and well beyond the adoration of Neil Young. And the commentary on the music is incredibly good (not by me) but some others I read.

At 4/13/2020 02:42:00 AM, Blogger LuckyPaul said...

Aho Reuben, I could understand hearing of Bob Dylan’s song here but this all seems to be going off at a tangent from NY and the music. LuckyPaul

At 4/13/2020 03:02:00 AM, Blogger LuckyPaul said...

I’ve read the comments here and just watched the trailer for the documentary. The trailer doesn’t seem to mention music, NY, Bob Dylan or his MMF song or the assassination of JFK so it is hard to see what it’s relevance is to this site. MMF is, in my opinion a very good song and I was pleased to come upon it on this site even though it’s not NY. Lines such as « There’s a party going on behind the grassy knoll » would seem to refer to the conspiracy theories around the assassination of JFK and that’s fine but to call the song a “Truth bomb”? What’s that supposed to mean? It’s a song. And I won’t be watching the documentary because I don’t watch TV and I don’t have much interest in conspiracy theories, too much to do looking after my garden to worry myself with what American secret service organizations do, (and if they’ve managed to keep murdeting JFK secret for this long I don’t think they’re going to be too troubled by a Bob Dylan song.

At 4/13/2020 06:37:00 PM, Blogger Abner Snopes said...

Why does this matter? So what, it isn't about Neil Young. Haven't you ever heard of a "digression"? what possible difference does it make?

At 4/15/2020 11:20:00 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Watched most of the doc but had trouble with the kids part of it so had to turn away. Think this fits right in with Thrasher's Wheat but understand people coming at this from all directions and political persuasions being for or against it being discussed. There is a political side to Neil Young that was there from the start in the Buffalo Springfield days.

Was born in '55, like the songwriter Ben Bullington, so I've seen enough of this stuff day to day that was written so well in the song, "Born In '55."

There is a lot of "codes/symbols" being spoken back and forth so it was interesting to see some of them spelled out in the doc linked to what the FBI knows.

Anyone who had there picture taken with Jeffrey Epstein in the Military/Industrial/Educational/Entertainment/Political complex is very suspect to me and they are legion.

Remember one morning up for the sunrise on the musical Cayamo cruise coming out of St. Thomas seeing that strange building that Epstein owned and wondering about it. Now it just makes me creepy to think what went on at that island that I just sailed past back then called Little St. James Island.

Don't know for sure what those proud “friends of Epstein” are up to but that documentary reveals some of it.

Just think of me as one who doesn't want a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tattoo or tracking device inserted into my body. There are a ton of Bill and Jeffrey images together for me to know that would be wrong direction for our country or world to take.

At 4/16/2020 04:01:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

@ Jim - thanks for the support here. to some extent we underestimated the extent to which some have prepared the #BigShift.

Maybe most just aren't long time rusties and are resisting the inevitable #BigShift ?

But now that #ShutItDown has cleared the path for #BigShift, we can only wonder and hope that we don't find ourselves in a "we told you so" position.

btw, we already passed WatchTower time of when "the hour is getting late ..." and know the next chapter.

If you're not amused, maybe this will help lighten your mood after watching:

At 4/16/2020 04:24:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

ps - btw, after this documentary was uploaded,

Microsoft Publishes, Then Takes Down Commercial with ‘Spirit Cooker’ Marina Abramović

The commercial clearly demonstrates the pure evil of MA in conjunction w/ MicroSoft VR, the publisher of the world's most pervasive virus: Windows.

ever wonder why Bill Gates is involved in pandemic planning? His experience with virally spreading his software clearly most be useful?

block the downloads: the cure is the virus

we really don't know how to make this all more obvious and awaken those asleep.

connect the dots ...

we pray

At 4/20/2020 01:28:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

From American Thinker By Deborah Franklin

On April 10, an underground documentary with no publicity landed on YouTube and amassed one million views in 24 hours. Despite YouTube’s efforts to hide it, Out of Shadows continues to attract more than a million viewers a day, lifting the mask “on how the mainstream media and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.”

“Why do you believe what you believe?” asks Mike Smith, a former star stuntman for Hollywood action films, who produced and self-funded the film. Mike tells the story of how he began delving into the messages of the high-budget films he worked on, after an injury sidelined him. To his shock, he discovered that “we have all been lied to and brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.”

Mike’s investigation revealed a host of CIA programs he sees as designed to control the public’s beliefs and deflect attention from massive governmental crimes. With the help of Kevin Shipp, a CIA whistleblower, and fellow star stuntman Brad Martin, Mike leads viewers through a labyrinth of horrifying CIA programs that wage psyops (psychological operations) against the American people.

These programs date back to World War II, when the CIA’s precursor injected fake stories into a compliant press. Operation Mockingbird continues today, according to Shipp. Its task of controlling what the public thinks is now easier, thanks to the media’s consolidation into six mega-corporations. After the war, the CIA’s Operation Paperclip brought top Nazi scientists to the United States. The story of Nazi missile scientists working for NASA is well-known. However, the public is unaware of the Nazi doctors who were paid by the CIA to conduct medical experiments on humans in the United States. These experiments led to Project MK-Ultra, a systematic method of torturing people (especially children) with the stated goal of “controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will – and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.”

Read more:
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


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