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Monday, April 15, 2024

Neil Young Patron ZOOM Call Update: Crazy Horse Tour Planning Underway

Neil Young
@ Lost Planet Editorial, Santa Monica, CA - Sept. 9, 2019
Photo by Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP


From Neil Young's Patron call earlier today.  Many thanks to Greying Rider for updates via TW comments.

Greying Rider posted to TW some notes from today's call with Neil Young and his fans.

Hi All

Notes from today’s Patron call:

Neil looks well sitting on the floor in his sunny living room in Malibu with a nice open fire in the background and his super vintage Artistico Pergurtorio t-shirt that was a gift from the ranch days.

Yes, the big amps will be going on tour with CH! They set them up last week.

Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir will support….

Setlist: they are all working on it. But Neil just discovered something from when recorded Cortez. There was a power cut and lost some verses but Neil has FOUND THE LYRICS FOR THE LOST VERSES. He is going to try and work out where they fit in the song by looking at the cuts in the original master.

New tour always feels different.

May play something off of Psychedelic Pill.

Bus is renewable diesel.

Having Micah join was a no brainer. Keeps the Horse simple.

There will be an acoustic portion of the shows.

DH Lovelife will film. May go to theatres first. Possibly as a double feature with Harvest Time.

Old Black is in excellent shape.

Linkvolt in in good shape too. Just got back from fix up after damage ardour covid.

Neil watched the eclipse in Malibu.

Neil asks for everyone to keep those cards and letters coming.

Audience keeps him going.

Neil just sent Graham Nash the acetate for the Filmore 1969 but Willy has covid (for the fourth time!). Neil feels indoor shows have a lot higher risk of getting covid.

Vol 3: Not on the shelf behind John. More audio verite in it. Scene of Briggs, Nicolette and Neil at a table and them singing things for the first time. Film “Across the Water” is a great CH film. It is very big. Much bigger than the other volumes.

Thought they would have 4 volumes when started. Vol 3 covers 30 years and 4 will cover another 30. So stick to 4 volumes. Started on Vol 4. It is a monumental task but Neil enjoys making it and listening/finding things. Nico and Neil have begun mixing. A lot of original analogue mixes for it as at this stage he went back to only recording on analogue masters. Why vinyl form this era sounds as it should.

No albums he would re-record because he did not like the production. Does not like redoing things.

Neil will play Farm Aid this year.

Neil’s wrists are feeling great. He has laser and sound/vibration treatments that he can feel makes a difference.

Fuckin’ up is basically a live performance of Ragged Glory. You can hear the freedom of Neil in it.

Neil says he’ll see what happens x suggestion of Arc 2 feedback album. Neil has no interest in anything particular. He’s not going to try and plan things or think about it. When he feels it, he’ll go into the studio.

The best invention for recording music is the microphone as key to getting the sound.

Neil is working on a lyric book and looking at After The Goldrush he thinks we are not losing ground on the environment compared to the past. Nothing will change until we change. He admits he could be wrong but thinks the issues are intense.

Neil will look at the 2009 Glastonbury gig and maybe release.

Neil was hanging out with Stills recently and did the CSNY 1969 with them and John Hanlon. They listened to Rhino’s digital mixes and this pissed Neil off and so they found the analog tapes and redid it. Sounds amazing. There is an 18 minute Down By The River with Stills smokin’ it (and Neil says he may already have smoked it!).

Canary making progress. Sci-fi book. Neil talks about his Dad’s work.

Model Railway is fantastic. Another video coming soon. It’s outside of the scope of what people think he should be doing and so that makes it even better for Neil.

There are plans to record video and/or audio from the Roxy gig but not ready yet. It’s all there. Maybe Vol 4.

There is an all new archive storage area. John says it’s not set-up to be visually interesting but they’ll see what happens about doing another video walking around it.

Neil would come to Europe but just not a plan to do it yet. After this Summer he’ll be open to new areas. Does not want to tour all year long though. Would like to go to Australia as there are cool people and they are really into it.

Poncho is doing pretty good gardening and swimming on the big island in Hawaii. He just wanted to do something else.

Neil announces Hollywood Bowl Crazy Horse gig on September 29th. Pre-sale announcement later today!

They have Deer Creek from the 1992 solo acoustic tour with a good film. In the Volume 4 pocket.

Neil is using a Hugo TT2 DAC. He gets up to check it.

Fireside sessions were special to covid and Colorado.

There will be more timeline performances.

Daryl has made a new Video “From Before and After the Show” with 80-90% of songs that are not on Before and After. Shows what it is like in real life to be on the road.

Neil likes the idea of PONO 2. Streaming killed PONO.

No NHL playoff predictions.

Its good to share.


Excellent update Greying Rider! Many thanks for sharing all the details.

Also, see Neil Young Patron ZOOM Call Update: Archives Volume #3 w/ 17 Discs.

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

The Who's Segue To Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" in 1970

The Who


Here's a rare classic clip from The Who in 1970.

This is a finale jam of "My Generation"/ "See Me Feel Me" with a segue to Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" around about ~7:00

From a concert at Tanglewood in 1970. (thanks HippieDream!) Enjoy


More on Pete Townshend and Neil Young.

Also, see Pete Townshend's blog entry on Neil Young's artistic integrity.  

petetownshend neil

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Monday, April 08, 2024

ECLIPSED: What's The Deal with Neil Young & The Moon?


Today is the day ... the day of the Big Eclipse of 2024 in North America.

Paths of Totality - April 8

UPDATE: View from TW's Glass Enclosed Nerve Center/Control Room/HQ

As many Neil Young fans know so well, Neil has a "special" relationship with the Moon.

Neil Young has consistently tried to be in the peak recording zone in during the full moon phase. Key tour dates will align with a full Moon.  It would seem whenever there is a full moon, Neil makes all attempts to lock into the creative forces which a full moon inspires.



Neil Young's 1992 "Harvest Moon" is the followup to his most commercially successful album "Harvest" -- some 20 years later.

So why is a Harvest Moon so special to Neil Young fans?


But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night.

If you take a look at the comments on YouTube for Neil Young's "Harvest Moon", you begin to better understand the song's intense emotional draw and deep resonance across the generations and over the decades.

With nearly 100 million views and 22,000+ comments, it is the most popular Neil Young song on YouTube. (See some example comments on  "Harvest Moon"'s appeal).

For us here @ Thrasher's Wheat, Harvest Moon has held a sacred spot in the discography and concert spaces of Neil Young's music.


Many may recall back in 2008, when Steve and his girlfriend Danielle made a request for "Harvest Moon" to played when Neil Young visited Brisbane, Australia. And by some extremely wonderfully little miracle, Neil Young actually did perform "Harvest Moon" that night and it brought a tear of joy for many around the world.

Then in 2009, Gavin in Ireland Requested "Harvest Moon" in memory of his father. Wish granted. And shortly thereafter, another Wish for "Harvest Moon" was Granted to Liza in Germany.

So we here at Thrasher's Wheat hold the song and this night very dearly. 3 fans that we've never met, on 3 continents touched by Harvest Moon magic. We know that some of you may not understand.Reviews of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.

Last we checked years ago, there are dozens and dozens of Moon references in  Neil Young's songs. For example:

  • After The Goldrush: I was lyin' in a burned out basement With the full moon in my eyes.
  • Amber Jean:  Every morning got sun to shine Every day got plenty of time  Every night there's a moon so fine  There for you, my Amber Jean.
  • Berlin: Lights are shining in the German sky  Cosmic walls between the  moon and I  Don't know where I started from
  • Big Green Country: Across the plain flew the lone grey rider  Leather bag  pounding on his back  Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher ...
  • Cinnamon Girl:  A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night, You see us  together, chasing the moonlight..
  • Coastline: Oooweee, baby, what a night  That old moon sure is shinin' bright  We'll be dancin' 'til the mornin' comes
  • Don't Let It Bring You Down:  Old man lying by the side of the road  With the  lorries rolling by,  Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load...
  • Give Me Strength: I'm riding down swept road in my old car  The moon is  almost full except for stars.
  • Harvest Moon:  But there's a full moon risin'  Let's go dancing in the light  We know where the music's playin' Let's go out and feel the night..
  • Hawaiian Sunrise:  Pretty Maui Mama  Lying over the water  With my moon in  your eyes  From my hotel window in the clouds  I love you right out loud..
  • Helpless: Blue, blue windows behind the stars, Yellow moon on the rise,  Big birds flying across the sky, Throwing shadows on our eyes.
  • I'm The Ocean: On the long plain  See the rider in the night  See the  chieftain  See the braves in cool moonlight  Who will love them...
  • Let It Shine:  There's a moon roof over my head, my Lord  And my Lincoln is  still the best thing built by Ford  Let it roll, let it roll although...
  • Like a hurricane: Far across the moonbeam  I know that's who you are,  I saw your brown eyes  Turning once to fire.
  • Opera Star:  Well you grew up on a corner  And you never missed a moonlit  night.
  • Over And Over:  At night when the sky is clear and the moon is shining down  My heart goes running back to you
  • Sail Away:  As long as we can sail away  There'll be wind in the canyon Moon on the rise  As long as we can sail away
  • Southern Pacific:  Roll on  Southern Pacific  On your silver rails  Through  the moonlight
  • Sweet Joni:  Sweet Joni from Saskatoon  There's a ring for your finger  It shines like the sun  But it feels like the moon.
  • The Old Country Waltz:  Out the window the moon shines  On the roofs of the  cars  While I knock down tequila and salt, oh.
  • The Old Homestead:  Up and down the old homestead  The naked rider gallops  through his head  And although the moon isn't full  He still feels the pull  (...)  And the sky was darkened by a prehistoric bird  Who flew between the  unfulfilled moon  And the naked rider...
  • This Old House:  Later, we came back in the moonlight  And made love right  where the kitchen is
  • Thrasher:  They were hiding behind hay bales,  they were planting in the full  moon  They had given all they had for something new
  • Time Fades Away:  All night sentries watch the moonglow  All are waiting till  the time is right
  • Train Of Love: Sail along, sail along silver moon  Don't be blue  Throw  shadows in my room... 

Also, see:

Also, here's a collection of album reviews and commentary of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.

"Harvest Moon"
Neil Young: Silver and Gold

Bass Concert Hall, Austin, Texas

(More on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon"


"They were hiding behind hay bales,  
they were planting in the full moon  
They had given all they had for something new" 
Enjoy your Totality!!! 

ps - Tired of eclipse chatter b/c you're outside of the Totality zone? Then this video *might* be for you ... but maybe not. Titled "This Video Is Not About the Eclipse" by Truthstream Media, this is tough stuff.  If you can handle "The Big Shift", then maybe this video is for you. WARNING: Video gets very emotional about half way in so buckle up, take a deep breath, get some tissues, and prepare to take a fork in the road.   (thanks Mel!)

"Do something that makes you feel joy today. Do not allow the fearmongers to pull you down into the pit. Rise above them. Love you all."

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Saturday, April 06, 2024

UNCOVERED: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young @ Fillmore East, 1969

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 
 Winterland Ballroom - October 4, 1973
  (Click photo to enlarge)


A new CSNY concert recording discovery from the vaults has been announced on Neil Young Archives.

According to NYA, Neil Young  is working on a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young double live album consisting of eight-track analog recorded at the Fillmore East in 1969.

The concert is apparently from September 20 since he mentions Graham Nash's song "Our House" being a track performed solo as a new addition to their setlist. (thanks Dionys!)


Neil Young writes:
“The acoustic set was soulfully sung and played, full of great songs and then unknown gems. Staggering harmonies. Happiness,” he writes. “The electric set quickly moved to a new space.

Now, we have the tapes, and they sound so real,” he shares. “We’re staying all analog throughout the production with a goal of creating a live double vinyl album. Pure. Analog. No digital.”

From a comment by Jim:

If you are thinking, Four Way Street from 1970, think again because this is the earlier 1969 run at the Fillmore East when Neil had just joined them! It was a month after Woodstock during their first tour. This series of shows for fans of Neil Young had Mr. Soul, Broken Arrow, Sea Of Madness and I've Loved Her So Long plus Stills' Bluebird Revisited from the Springfield days and they also did Wooden Ships and Get Together.

Wonder if this is like the difference between the 1968 and 1969 appearances by Neil Young at the 200 seat Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan? The energy/set list/vibe from 1969 was very different from the 1968 shows. Both have their unique charms but only the three sets from 1969 have Country Girl!

CSNY set lists from the Fillmore in 1969:

Six shows at the Canterbury House 1968 and 1969:

OK, more to look forward to in 2024 in addition to the Crazy Horse tour, NYA Vol. III box and whatever else is in the ever flowing NYA pipeline.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Minneapolis, MN 1970
"They were about to walk out on stage and were spending a moment warming up."
Photo by Henry Diltz

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Review: Particle Kid (Micah Nelson), @ Barboza, Seattle, WA - 4/4/24

Particle Kid
 (Click photo to enlarge)
Review: Particle Kid (Micah Nelson), @ Barboza, Seattle, WA - 4/4/24 
by Our Brother Alan in Seattle
The show was was fantastic. Micah played rhythm guitar all night while the other guitarist played lead. The band is made up of top musicians. The bass player is very talented and energetic. Micah sings well and manages to deliver sounds with this band that are unique and effective. He runs the gamut from grunge to psychedelic, folk Rock to acid jazz, and then some! 

The multimedia projected Art / video was tremendously Artistic. He makes all of the posters for the bands. My friends & I met up with Micah and the Bass player after the small crowd thinned out. Nice guys, no ego, pleasant and friendly. As we talked, I praised his performance & told him I was headed to San Diego to see him with Neil & the Horse soon. Micah has talent and power that will fit right in with the band on Neil's tour. He plays just rhythm, so this is perfect. 
They did a song last night in which they seemed to be tipping the hat to Neil's Cortez the Killer. It felt like the real thing. Get ready to be impressed by Particle Kid front man Micah Nelson. He is the real thing, and I have no doubt the band will take flight! 

Particle Kid bandleader Micah Nelson is an amazingly talented guitarist, singer, & multimedia Artist! Don’t miss Particle Kid on tour! They are unique in sound, not just a “psychedelic Grunge meets folk rainbow jams, acid jazz meets punk, Rock meets experimental.” a great band with tons of soul & talent!

Your Brother Alan in Seattle
Alan w/ Particle Kid

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

NEW VIDEO: "She Moves Me" (Farmer John) | Times-Contrarian | Neil Young Archives

 She Moves Me (Farmer John) | Times-Contrarian | NYA
(Click photo to enlarge)


A new video of  "She Moves Me" (Farmer John) is now posted on Times-Contrarian | Neil Young Archives.

The video is from Neil Young's upcoming album "Fu##n' Up" with Crazy Horse scheduled for release on April 26.

The live concert album is from the Rivoli, Toronto, 4 Nov 2023, which featured a setlist of songs from the 1990 album "Ragged Glory" album.

More on the STEALTH GIG REPORT: Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse, Toronto - Nov. 4, 2023. 

The Rivoli, Toronto on Nov. 3, 2023
Photo by Andrew Bennett
  (Click photo to enlarge)

More on Neil Young's upcoming album "Fu##n' Up" with Crazy Horse scheduled for release on April 26.


"Fu##n' Up" Album
Neil & the Horse
“Love Earth Tour”: Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse Concert Dates (UPDATED) 

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