The filming of ‘Hey America’ was done in the Covid 19 environment. 

One shot where we’re all standing together, singing without masks was done in three separate shoots with the same background and assembled in post-production to look like three people singing together. Stay safe.

“I didn’t set out to become a songwriter and singer at 78 years of age,” Bob says. “It was and is an organic event. I was watching Donald Trump on TV a couple years ago and wrote down a few lines. When I got home, I found I could play those lines on guitar. Gradually, it became what it is now. It took a while to be able to play and sing the song from start to finish. When I could finally accomplish that, it was a victory.” Bob decided to record “Hey America” after receiving encouragement from close friends and family including Neil, Daryl Hannah, Carrie Alice Williams, the song’s co-author Diane Marshall, and Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor.

“The recording process all happened at once,” Bob continues. “I had never done that either. It was a band performance that had spontaneity. In another session, some vocal harmony was added, and Neil played harmonica. My perspective is simultaneously that of a participant and spectator. I am watching myself do this. All you aging baby boomers out there, give it a shot. As Yogi Berra put it, ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and even then it ain’t over.’ I agree. I have more songs, all from the same creative spark.”

“Hey America” directed by CK Vollick with Bernard Shakey & dhlovelife

Young Bob & The Peterboroughs are Bob Young (lead vocal and acoustic guitar); Mike Belitsky (drums) and Travis Good (banjo, vocal harmony) from The Sadies; Ryan Weber from The Weber Brothers (bass), Melissa Payne (fiddle, vocal harmony); and Neil Young (harmonica, vocal harmony).