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Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Dreamin Man" Now Available for Pre-Order


Neil Young's newest album "Dreamin' Man" is now available for pre-order on and is scheduled for release on December 8, 2009.

This marks Neil's 17th CD release of the year (~approximately), which includes the 10 disc Archives set, Fork in the Road, the Booker T. collaboration "Potato Hole" and reissues of Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Goldrush and Harvest (as standalone CDs, a collectors edition 180 gram vinyl box set and 24 karat Gold CDs).

DREAMIN' MAN, Neil Young Archives Performance Series #12, will be released roughly 17 years after the original release of Harvest Moon. It will be a closer look at Harvest Moon songs, all performed solo acoustic before the release of Harvest Moon, DREAMIN' MAN contains intimate live performances recorded in concert halls during 1992.

Track listing and pre-order on "Dreamin' Man" is now available for everybody for all of your support!).

Also, see more reviews of Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon - Neil Young Albums In Order.


At 11/08/2009 07:28:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Sorry guys. you know the rules. and you know what i'm talkin' about.

At 11/08/2009 09:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only write pleasant things 'bout neil or Trash will censor you.

got it.

At 11/08/2009 09:12:00 PM, Anonymous LRR said...

I've said it before....Only 8 Performance Series disks (3-11) to cover the years 1973-1990??? But greediness aside, it's remarkable that they even already have things charted out that far and if these 8are anything to the calibre of the 3 released performance series disks, we're in for a treat. Given that the pattern is to release single disk compilations and not complete concerts, these 8 disks will be the cream of whatever crop is harvested.

At 11/09/2009 12:00:00 AM, Blogger Mick said...

I'm with you LRR - the more the merrier. Id like one from every tour or even two, given that he often made significant setlist changes part way through tours. I suppose he didnt tour at all really between 79-81, so its better than 1 for every two years on the road in the 73-90 if you exclude 79-81.

Hoping live albums like "Blue Note Cafe" and "Odeon/Budokan" which were going to be released but didnt, are released but not as part of the performance series, but maybe as "special edition "series. Unlikely, but we can always hope.

At 11/09/2009 04:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic here, but what a nice surprise it is on a Monday morning to find Rust Radio still online!

Love Jill (keep on blogging!)

At 11/09/2009 08:16:00 PM, Blogger Kimball said...

Can't wait for any and all Neil releases to make their way to my ears. I welcome it all. I also welcome Archives Guy to TW to continue his goodwill communications with us, regardless of those that can't act in a civilized manner.

Regarding the numbering scheme of the Performance Series, don't put it past ol Shakey to modify the numeric scheme as needed on the fly, adding PS 7.5 or 9.33 and 9.66.

Can't wait for the blu-rays of the official release series, the blu-ray of Get Around, the Dreamin Man CD, Trunk Show blu-ray!!

Archives Guy: Its been mentioned that there won't be high resolution versions of records which have digital masters, there is a documented science of upsampling a digital recording with improved results, you all might check into this if you haven't, Nowland has to have checked into this?

Anyway, best wishes to all and lets keep this place positive and constructive.

At 11/09/2009 09:22:00 PM, Anonymous Darth Malt said...

You must've missed the sarcasm in my post (targeted at the rant of the first poster) - you might want to be a little easier on the censorship button there. I did have an actual question in there on how to order the gold editions - but I see the preorder banner is now up on That leaves the question - will the blu-rays be released and if so, when? Archives Guy?

At 11/10/2009 08:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wont be purchasing the Gold releases. I've completely maxed out my Neil budget this year.

spent over 3K on the man this year (bluRay player, archives, concert tixs, trip overseas to see him).

i'm done.

At 11/10/2009 12:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I DO seem to remember Neil talking about 2 other additions to the Perfomance Series.They were/are Rainbow '73 from the TTN tour and Atlanta '76.I guess those might be included in Archives vol.2.?Stay tuned.

Rancho Relaxo

At 11/10/2009 12:33:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...

Sorry Darth.

Sometimes its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I'll try and adjust the sarcasm filter.

At 11/10/2009 06:22:00 PM, Anonymous Steve In NY said...

Hey Neil, How much money is enough? Between the prices you charge for concerts and the recycling of decades old material one would think you've made enough to support the next few generations. Don't get me wrong I've been to a show on every tour for the past 25 years but c'mon. Missed you at the garden last week for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame BENEFIT.

At 11/10/2009 08:21:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11/10/2009 08:21:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11/10/2009 08:44:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

My apologies in advance if this creates a cyber-scene but I have to object to the Performance Series being described "recycling of decades old material."
A comment like that leads me to wonder if the writer has even listened to albums like Massey Hall and Canterbury House. Aside from containing considerable rare and previously unavailable songs (Love in Mind; Journey Through the Past; Bad Fog of Loneliness; Dance Dance Dance; A Man Needs a Maid and Heart of Gold as a medley; Winterlong and Wondering with Crazy Horse), I have found the PS discs to offer interesting alternative versions of classic songs, whether in stripped down, intimate acoustic versions (Old Man, Cowgirl in the Sand on Massey Hall, Expecting to Fly, Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, On the Way Home) or rawer, edgier Crazy Horse cuts (Down by the River, Winterlong, Cowgirl in the Sand on Filmore East.) I especially like the acoustic performances; it feels as though you're in the room with Neil. Often these tracks were being debuted or had only been played in public at a few prior performances. I could feel the history in the making as Neil segued from A Man Needs a Maid to Heart of Gold on Massey Hall. Little did anyone in that room, including Neil, know that that song would become a massive hit, still fondly remembered and replayed today, nearly 40 years later, by people who probably haven't even heard any of Neil's other songs.

No, I feel there sufficient historical and musical merit in the Neil Young Performance Series to justify Neil continuing to produce and us to continue purchasing them, especially at what I think is the quite reasonable price of 14 dollars that Dreamin' Man Live '92 can now be bought for on either Amazon or

At 11/10/2009 08:56:00 PM, Anonymous Steve In NY said...

Which is why we have the Archive Series. Do we really need to have single disc pre-releases of material that will be released again in a box set. As someone who has owned Neil Young, Everbody Knows, ATGR and Harvest in every possible format, including 8 track, do we really need a limited edition box vinyl set? You fail to address the insane ticket prices for Neil shows.

At 11/10/2009 11:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DI Kertis

your posts are not so easy to read. can you please be more concise, and less wordy?


At 11/11/2009 09:51:00 AM, Blogger thrasher said...


Ignore tanks.

Your comments are always welcome.

At 11/11/2009 08:11:00 PM, Blogger Kimball said...

D.I., You are one of the most thoughtful posters here, I look forward to your posts, keep it up, but don't feel the need to respond to people whose goal is not to celebrate an enjoyment of Neil's work.

If any of you nay-sayers think someone is trying to steal your money by offering high quality LP and gold CD releases, you need to reallize only one thing: you don't have to buy it, keep your money and shut your damned'ol whiny mouth so the rest of us can enjoy this site in the positive attitude it was conceived in.

(I can comment that I did purchase the 4 ORS CDs in order to get the HDCD remastered versions, even though I knew Blu-rays were on the way to release out in the future, however, had I known that the gold CDs were going to be available, I would have held off. So the only thing I don't feel the best about this release process is that we haven't been presented the big picture so we can intelligently choose which elements we want. Putting them out piecemeal, where one unannounced release is better than the previous one can be interpretted as predatory marketing. Now I understand the risk going forward, I just won't buy what I don't want, but I sure don't want to limit that which is made available to anyone else!)

At 11/11/2009 08:20:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

Steve in N.Y,

First, note that no one is forced to invest in any Neil Young product if they don't wish to. There's no gun to anyone's head. And Neil is hardly the only one doing Gold discs, vinyl rereleases, special editions, limited editions, etc. It kind of stinks but any blame belongs to the capitalist system, not Neil.

I think the PS discs are strong enough in content to stand on their own. Neil also probably wanted to give people who can't afford the box sets an option besides mediocre downloads. Again, no one's forced to buy anything and we know these albums will almost certainly be part of a future Archives box set. If you want to wait, wait; or you can download them for 99 cents a track. And if you can't afford THAT (or 13-15 bucks for a CD), you have business with a computer and internet service. Another approach, which I took, was to buy the CD-only editions of the PS discs so at least the video content came anew. This actually started inadvertently (before anyone even knew about the DVD/blu-ray option) but I think I'll continue the practice. And this album is supposed to be CD-only anyhow, according to Archives Guy because they were recording digitally at that point anyway or some such thing. That in itself begs the question, of course, of how this album will fit in a future DVD/blu-ray Archives set... or will it?

Issues like that, along with the fact that God knows when Archives 4 or whatever will be released are why I find the 13.99 expendable now. You, along with every other customer, can make up your own mind. Because (for the third time now) the easiest way not to lose that money is to not spend it if you don't think the product is worth the price. This goes for admission to good seats at a live concert as well. A few hundred dollars can buy a lot. We all have our values. Stop attending Neil's tours if it's that much of a pain in the wallet. Be responsible-- there are more important things to be spending on anyway.

Sometimes I wonder that this is the same set that forked over $200+ for Archives 1. Decide if the proposed product is worth the money and invest (or don't) accordingly. It's really that simple.

At 11/11/2009 08:33:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

Re: Concise vs. Wordy.

Thanks for the support, Thrasher, but if I'm honest, he raises a valid point: I want my statements to be understood. At the same time, not only am I speaking English, I have to say it's much better English than most others on here seem to have command of. Don't get me wrong-- I like to be multicultural wherever possible, but when last I checked, this is an English-speaking forum. This is our primary language and the one everyone (supposedly) understands. Furthermore, especially compared to some of my past entries, I don't think anything I've written on this thread is at all difficult to follow. The points I have discussed are neither abstract nor particularly complex.

My posts do run long, though. They just always seem to be that way. I don't set out intending to write an essay but it seems that this amount of space is required to effectively express my thoughts. So I apologize if I seem windy or convoluted at times and I will try to be as clear as possible in the future. Don't expect, however, that this means I'll be sacrificing anything on the end of grammar and sentence structure...

D. I.

At 11/11/2009 09:09:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

Thank you, KImball.

I have to say I feel there should be room for valid. constructive criticism here. To be honest, things would be boring if we all constantly sung Neil praises as though our minds were possessed. Neither do I usually mind bandying words if I feel a particular criticism warrants response. In that sense, conversation would be a lot duller without disagreement. Exchange of viewpoints is one of the many reasons I enjoy coming here.

So far I have Neil Young, Everybody Knows... and Harvest in ORS form. I plan to pick up After the Goldrush soon. As far as I'm concerned, the upgrade in sound from the 1990 releases is absolutely worth the money. Things live like Gold CDs and limited edition vinyl rereleases are collector's items anyway. If you want it, get it. As far as I'm concerned, one high quality copy of every release is the most I need. That's the most I can ask for from Neil or any other artist. I don't deserve anymore or anything else from them. So... don't buy Everybody Knows this is Nowhere in "every single format" imaginable. No one's forcing you to. Choose the format that's most convenient for you, legally obtain one good copy and be content. I really don't know why this so difficult. If you are spending money, you and only you are responsible for that decision, that purchase, and the financial loss it may incur. Be responsible for God's sake. It isn't that hard. We are in a worldwide economic downturn at present and if you can't manage your finances properly. I'm afraid your rather screwed, and so, consequently, is everyone dependent upon your income. In the society we live--the society we have shaped for ourselves--personal responsibility shouldn't come as such a novel concept. Then again, we human beings do have quite a dismal history of not learning from past mistakes. Honestly, there are times when I think the human race will destroy itself if something else doesn't get us first.

But this isn't a philosophical forum, so I'll cut the tantrum short. Hopefully the major concept people will pick up form this post is the need for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. The bottom line is that if you can't your act together, attempting to transfer blame to others isn't going to help you. Don't come whining to anyone else if you go broke or lose money on investments *you* chose to make.

At 11/11/2009 09:09:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11/11/2009 10:12:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

(Continuation of previous post)

I have difficulty mustering any sympathy for people who are in trouble do to their own negligence and/or ignorance. Get it together. Good things come to the those who put in the effort. There are far too many really in need of help for reasons beyond their control to spend precious charity resources on those who cannot recognize that they are stuck in a rut due to solely to their own irresponsibility and downright stupidity. I believe that every person born into this world has the right and potential to succeed and if you truly try and put in your best, most sincere effort, you will. People like to help those who can recognize their mistakes and are willing to take on the responsibility and put in the effort to make amends. No one likes or wants anything to do with a slacker or someone who is or chooses to be blissfully ignorant of their self-destructive behavior. It is possible to deny oneself one's right and opportunity for success. It happens far too often when people think what is the most self-destructive thought in existence: "I can't"; "I'll never be able to"; "why bother trying?" That is the wrong attitude and will gain you very little in the way of sympathy and outside assistance.

To completely ignore the struggles of those around you is also fatal. What happens when people can't make money legally? Where do they turn for survival? Crime. They steal from those who are able to legally obtain things for themselves--you. If we don't take care of each other, we all get bitten in the butt.

That is the bind and that is what frustrates those of us who do try and are as responsible as we can be. We have to take care of everyone else--including the bozos who refuse to get off their own fat cheeks--or else the ship sinks and when that happens, everyone onboard goes down. There are no lifeboats. I am perfectly willing to help my brothers and sisters in need who are at least trying to do what they can to dig themselves out. Those who refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility--that's when I get annoyed.

At the end of the day, I'm no one to judge anyone else. There are multiple factors behind every outcome. Likewise, it is possible to be well-meaning but ignorant.

At 11/12/2009 10:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

D.I Kertis -

Cry me a river....

.....then give it a rest!


At 11/12/2009 01:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


take these rants to another forum, these are completely off topic - and not allowed in this forum.


At 11/12/2009 01:37:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...


I realize you're trying to be funny. ha-ha.

I'd try & explain it but we're too busy celebrating today.

try it sometime.


At 11/12/2009 03:50:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

I guess I should apologize for going a little off topic back there. Call it the heat of passion. As Neil Young fans, I'm sure we all understand that.

Re: Cry me a river.

I don't believe there's any crying going on at present. Unless of course I'm boring anyone to tears, in which case, again, I sincerely apologize.

One reason I wrote quite a bit last night was that there were several people I wanted to respond to. All I can suggest then is-- don't read posts--especially long posts--not addressed to you.

Given Thrasher's comment, I'll assume THIS IS NOT FOR YOU was joking in some sort of demented way.

At 11/12/2009 03:51:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

Oh, and happy birthday to Neil of course!

At 11/12/2009 04:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly, intimate acoustic recordings from the Harvest Moon era are a treasure - however, why no DVD -- at this stage of his career surely those performances were video-taped -- and that's the sort of thing we need to see more of (again, at this satge of his career).

At 11/12/2009 04:45:00 PM, Blogger thrasher said...


The "THIS IS NOT FOR YOU" was meant as being directed the dude above who signed off with it.

No intentional demented intent. :)

Back to cleebrating Neil's b-day.

Loud Weld on now.

At 11/13/2009 04:07:00 PM, Blogger D.I. Kertis said...

I know, Thrash. I meant that I was assuming HIS post was a demented joke of some sort given your response.

At 11/16/2009 04:52:00 PM, Anonymous Steve in NY said...

Glad I was able to stir up some shit!!! Happy belated B-Day Neil. Same as my ex-wife but that's another matter. Really did miss you at the Garden 10/29/09, it was a nice party. CSN & Bonnie Raitt "Love has no Pride" and "Midnight Rider" on the anniversary of Duanes death.


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