Sunday, June 26, 2022

Farm Aid 2022 on September 24th; Venue TBD

Farm Aid 2022 on September 24th 
Venue TBD

Farm Aid organizers have announced the annual benefit concert will be on September 24th at a venue TBD.

Venue details, pre-sales and other artists are to be announced at the end of July.

Whether Neil Young will  be making his first live appearance in three years is also TBD.  Other Farm Aid board members Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews and Margo Price are expected to perform live, in concert this year.

Click here for all the Farm Aid 2022 Details.

The Farm Aid presale starts @ TBD on

Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young & Dave Matthews
2018 Farm Aid Press Conference - Hartford, CT, Sept 22
Photos by Hounds That Howell


Willie Nelson Joined by Farm Aid Friends
photo by thrashette
 (See  Farm Aid 2019 Highlights - Alpine Valley, Wisconsin )

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  1. No Neil at Farm Aid this year according to today’s batch of letters in the Times-Contrarian.


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