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Neil Young + Promise of the Real's New Album "Noise & Flowers": Release Date - August 5th

"Noise & Flowers"
Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
  Release Date - August 5th 
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Neil Young + Promise of the Real's new album "Noise & Flowers" is scheduled for release on August 5th. 

Album #21 from the "Performance Series" will be released as CD, double LP and limited box set including Blu -Ray video. Pre-sale has begun. (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link . Thank you!!!)

The preview track "From Hank To Hendrix", is now streaming on NYA, as well as, on YouTube with concert footage.


 Official Music Video for Neil Young's "From Hank To Hendrix (Live)" From 'Noise & Flowers'

The 14 songs from "Noise & Flowers" were recorded on the 2019 European tour with "Promise of the Real". 



Noise & Flowers - Neil Young + Promise of the Real

01. Mr. Soul - Berlin, Waldbühne, July 3, 2019
02. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Berlin, Waldbühne, July 3, 2019
03. Helpless - Berlin, Waldbühne, July 3, 2019
04. Field Of Opportunity - Berlin, Waldbühne, July 3 .2019
05. Alabama - London, Hyde Park, 12.7.2019
06. Throw Your Hatred Down - Kilkenny, Nowlan Park, 14.7.2019
07. Rockin' In The Free World - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
08. Comes a Time - Dresden, Filmnächt am Elbufer, July 2, 2019
09. From Hank To Hendrix - Antwerp, Sportpaleis, July 9, 2019
10. On The Beach - Antwerp, Sportpaleis, July 9, 2019
11. Are You Ready For The Country? -Antwerpen, Sportpaleis, 9.7.2019
12. I've Been Waiting For You - A msterdam, Ziggo Dome, 10.7.2019
13. Winterlong - Mannheim, SAP Arena, 5.7.2019
14. F...In Up - still unknown ( incorrect according to NYA: Berlin, Waldbühne, 7/3/2019)


As Rusted Moon observes, 8 of the 14 songs on the album were recorded at concerts in Germany. The Berlin Waldbühne concert on July 3, 2019 has the most tracks with six songs.

Neil Young + Promise of The Real
Photo by Richard Tidwell
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The summer concert tour of Europe with Neil Young + Promise of The Real lead up to the great co-headlining events of Bob Dylan & Neil Young Concert: Hyde Park, London on 12 July 2019 and Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland on 14 July 2019.


  1. Have been looking forward to this greatly since it was announced and very happy to see the Berlin, Waldbühne show so well represented. It was a beautiful day at a stunning venue with Neil and POTR on searing form. Perfect concert. Shame Danger Bird from that day didn't make the cut, but Rockin' In The Free World and Fuckin' Up were also standouts for me. Overall its a refreshing change from the usual live setlists (no ATGR, HOG or OM) and the inclusion of On The Beach is pure gold. Wish I'd made that Antwerp show just for that. But after 7 attempts I finally got Cortez live in Amsterdam (another contender for this release IMHO). Also would have been perfect if he'd played Vampire Blues as he planned in Hyde Park to protest Barclays before dropping it from the setlist because he thought it would be a downer. All the more special that this was the last time we saw Neil in Europe, but I sincerely hope it will not be THE last time we see him here.

  2. so what do we suppose Performance Series 17 through 20 will be? Alchemy, Polar Vortex, what else?

  3. There is a lot of possibilities to fill the gap between n°16 and 21... Alchemy is obvious but I'm not sure for Polar Vortex. From 2007 to 2009 era, we have already the Tim Pope movie and Jonathan Demme's one. From Le Noise, Journeys is available. I agree it will be great to get vinyls or CD from these shows. Neil has already talked about a concert from the Honour The Treaties tour but it's really exciting for me. Overall, the european CH tour of 2014 will be a wonderful idea ! Very nice setlists and last tour with Poncho and Rick Rosas. It means a lot... And the Amsterdam show of 2016 with POTR will be fantastic. It's available on the timeline but it deserves an official release (even if it's a 3h30 recording...).

  4. @ Greying Rider

    Such good memories of POTR in Europe. So many great songs but they couldn't all make the cut. A good problem, as they say.

    Definitely hoping for another Neil in Europe + everywhere. One more time for the Horse.

    @ wardo - looks like an answer below.

    btw, looks like some more reviews coming this summer??!!

    @ Phil - seems reasonable. thanx.


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