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The shirt above will be available at the advance screening of Mountaintop: Neil Young with Crazy Horse on Tuesday, Oct 22.

However, only 1 shirt will be available at each screening of MOUNTAINTOP and only at participating theaters. Funds raised from will go toward fighting for the protection & rescue of America's wild horses. More details coming.

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LIVE WILD STAY FREE With much love & gratitude to Robin @magnoliapearl for the creativity and generosity in making these beautiful shirts @NeilYoungArchives is proud to be offering a limited # of Neil Young Crazy Horse embroidered shirts in efforts to support America’s imperiled wild horses Wild horses are living icons of the West, the ultimate renegades who symbolize freedom like the Eagle and the Buffalo. The wild mustangs rights to stay wild and live free are being whittled away, as they are now subjected to artificially imposed herd size limits, brutal round ups, inhumane spay and neuter experimentation and more, all due to private livestock, oil, gas and mining interests on our public lands! 100% of funds raised from these shirts will go towards efforts to keep America’s Wild horses naturally wild and free! Half the proceeds will go to @SkydogSanctuary to support the wonderful work they do in raising awareness and for the rescued mustangs in their care who were rounded up by the BLM from the wild. The other Half of the funds raised will go toward legal fight against a cruel and inhumane spay study being proposed by the BLM Corrals in Burns Oregon. Skydog Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization EIN # ‪81-3188893‬ that has helped bring over 100 wild horses and burros back to health at their 9000 acre Sanctuary in Oregon where they will remain for their lifetimes. One Shirt will be a available at each screening of the new documentary ~ MOUNTAINTOP showing one day only Tuesday 10/22/19 (at participating theaters) Go to to find the list theaters near you After that a few shirts will be available at Neil Young Archives online store -

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Mountaintop: Neil Young with Crazy Horse
via Neil Young Archives

Tickets for the advance screening of Mountaintop: Neil Young with Crazy Horse on Tuesday, Oct 22 are now available here.

‘Mountaintop Sessions’ - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
via Neil Young Archives

Film description:
A raw and extremely unfiltered look at the process of Neil Young with Crazy Horse making their 1st album in 7 years. Witness the laughter, tensions, crusty attitudes & love of a rock & roll band that’s been together for 50 years as they share their passion, first and foremost... for the music.

A 2 minute preview trailer of ‘Mountaintop Sessions’, a documentary film about the making of COLORADO, by Neil Young & Crazy Horse was posted in September and below.

Neil Young posts on Neil Young Archives:
“Captured for you in living color, this document is sure to run 92 minutes. You may be surprised to learn some of the deep secrets of the process as you laugh your ass off in a theater near you.

One night only and there is a reason for that.”
[Emphasis added.]

As noted earlier, ‘Mountaintop Sessions’ will be released in over 100 theaters world-wide the week the album COLORADO debuts, in October. Along with the preview trailer, is an essay by Bill Bentley on the Neil Young & Crazy Horse studio recording process which is a must read for both content and style.

Bentley writes that: "Neil Young is a born filmmaker. The same sounds he hears in his head he sees with his eyes. He wants to share with those who want to join his journey." Bentley continues to capture the essence of Neil & The Horse: "It's like a 360-degree exposure to what Young's music really is: a life force that sustains not only him but also his audience."

Neil Young w/ Engineer John Hanlon

Typically, comments on YouTube cover the usual standard tired, tropes on Neil Young and his music. The latest wrinkle is the realization by some that Neil is "a dirty old man", as he once admittedly (and somewhat semi-proudly) sang of himself on the album Fork In The Road Chrome Dreams II. (We address the criticism in comments below with our usual fashion here @ TW.)

From Abramorama takes theatrical rights for Neil Young film “Mountain Top”: (Thanks HtH!)
“The only thing better than working on a Bernard Shakey film is working on another Bernard Shakey film,” Abramorama CEO Richard Abramowitz said in a statement. “Providing fans around the world with the opportunity to see how Neil and the band put it all together is a particularly rare and exciting experience.”
More on Neil Young & Crazy Horse recording the album COLORADO.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse's new album "COLORADO" is now available for pre-order. Order here. (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link . Thank you!!!)

Billy, Neil, Nils, & Ralph - April 2019

via Neil Young Archives | Times Contrarian
photo: dhlovelife

Neil says: "One night only and there is a reason for that.” Well, we got our tickets and can't wait for this "one night only" w/ Crazy Horse!


  1. Will Poncho be able to get his wish and eventually do one last Crazy Horse thank you tour?

  2. Well I would have absolutely bought one but 1 per screening sounds like awfully slim odds. I actually really hate super limited stuff like that because it only seems to encourage asshole resellers. I'm gonna have to say that's a misfire, Neil.

  3. Neil showed up for the Camarillo screening, and said a few brief words at the start

  4. Please not so critical of a great man trying to do something LOVING in a sometimes cold world✌

  5. yeah! don't be critical! this is thrasher's wheat, for fuck's sake!!!

    the flannel is now on sale at the greedy hand. it can be yours for only 600 (cough up the) bucks!


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