Monday, May 10, 2010

For Demme, Neil Young is a rock standard-bearer

Neil Young and Jonathan Demme
2006 Sundance Film Festival

An interview with film director Jonathan Demme on working with Neil Young in Montreal Gazette by John Griffin, Gazette Film Critic:
QUESTION: “What draws you to Neil Young?”

DEMME: “I’m nuts about Neil. In the early days of rock ’n’ roll, and slightly later, there were a bunch of warriors with their blazing guitars. Some came and went, others faded away or were lost.

“Neil remains constant. Unique. A standard-bearer. He’s never sold out. He thinks of himself as a troubadour, but he’s much more than that. He’s the enduring symbol of rock ’n’ roll.

“Now I’m in my 60s, I find it amusing that I’m still addicted to rock music. I thought by this time I’d be listening to classical music, but I love rock ’n’ roll more than ever.”

“Other people execute great guitar work. Neil’s not like that. He gets lost in what he’s doing right now. It’s something he has to do. And he always find his way back. He has faith in his muse.”

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Jonathan Demme and Neil Young

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  1. "He has faith in his muse"...

    Yep, that about sums it up perfectly Jonathan!


  2. So when am I gonna get to see Trunk Show on DVD??? Archives Guy? Neil? WTF? Why the ding dang delay?? I'd hoped it'd be out for my birthday... you've got 16 days to make that a reality, people, so let's get on it!!!

  3. I think AG had said it will be "later" in the Year already?

  4. “Now I’m in my 60s, I find it amusing that I’m still addicted to rock music. I thought by this time I’d be listening to classical music, but I love rock ’n’ roll more than ever.”

    - it's the prime of life

    I'm not in my 60's, yet, but there has never been the thought that what I've listened to along the way would ever change. I still think it's only the body that ages and that we're all still rock n' roll teenagers no matter what in our hearts and minds. Living in this generation, the music has shaped our thinking and our experiences so much, and has provided the musical landscape and backdrop to our whole lives. The 'olders' still hang on to Frank Sinatra. Why? cause in thier souls they're still shaking their fists at the establishment. Neil fits that category because he has always responded to his life his way, survival mode. I'm glad about that. Makes it easy to decide what to listen to. And it all comes out in the tunes and in the attitude. It's an honest reflection. And honest output.

  5. I'll gladly take seeing Neil live in two weeks if it means having to wait some more for Trunk Show.


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