Friday, September 16, 2022

A MESSAGE FROM NEIL YOUNG: "The big day is coming!" + "TFA was never one of my favorites".

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In a posting on  T-C | NYA, Neil Young has announced  "The big day is coming!". (Thanks Tomatron!)

And in somewhat typical Youngian fashion, what that is exactly remains an open question.

Presumably, this alludes to the upcoming Crazy Horse album recorded over the summer and produced by Rick Rubin.

Crazy Horse, 2021
Photo by dhlovelife 


It may also refer to the Neil Young Archives Vol #3, which he had said in 2021 "Coming in 2022".

 Neil Young Archives VOLUME II | NYA

 Or maybe the electrification of Neil Young's tour buses has been completed?  Or "R99" or "HVO100" Green Diesel fuel has become viable?


Or maybe the Harvest album's 50th anniversary edition, maybe? 

Harvest by Neil Young - Released on February 1, 1972


Or how about the re-release of "Time Fades Away" finally?

Re-Release "Time Fades Away" Petition:

After all, folks have only been waiting since well ... we started the TFA Petition back in 2014 and have gathered 10's of thousands of signatures. All to little or no avail, deeply and sadly.

As Neil says on NYA, "TFA was never one of my favorites".


Or maybe something even bigger than NYA#3, a new CH album,  #Harvest@50, TFA, or 2023 tour news???

And what speculations might rusties around the EARTH have to share today?


  1. The Crazy Horse/ Rick Rubin record is a solid candidate! Especially since the “announcement” is so earth-oriented and Neil had described the upcoming songs as being enviro-marches of some sort. Vinyl turnaround time is more protracted than ever, but the weight of a major label and a big name behind it surely puts the album at the front of the queue. Cool! I still want Volume 3 RIGHT NOW even though I can’t afford it

  2. In a response to a letter Neil says Archive Volume 3 will not be out this year……….

    Peace 🙏

  3. Dan, I don’t remember that letter, but will be glad for the time to save up and listen to Vol. II again! There have been so many amazing vault releases this year, from Summer Songs through the full show Official Bootleg files to Toast. The new stuff should hit immediately. Too urgent to wait.

  4. @ Tomatron : I am with you on wanting V III
    I too cannot afford it. Maybe by the time it comes out!

    @ Thrasher : Thank you for your posts!!! You are doing a great job!

    Your brother Alan in Seattle

  5. New Crazy Horse with Rick Rubin is my vote. He played it for Mo Ostin and Reprise, and his new music always takes precedence over Archives.

  6. Time Fades Away CD out now. As of Sep.26.22 "currently not available" in US Greedy Hand store but available in Canada store: "On September 23, Time Fades Away will be officially released as a stand-alone CD for the first time anywhere in the world."

  7. Hey thrasher, I was under the impression that TFA *had* been re-released as part of the NYA original release series discs 5-8.

    I actually bought it on Apple/itunes (sacrilege to audio fidelity, I know, but I wanted a clean portable copy at short notice) around the time NYA Vol 2 came out. Is not available in physical medium outside of the expensive box sets? Could've sworn I've seen it in stores.

  8. P.S. Just saw Sandy McL answered my confusion. However, the comment moderation threw me for a loop since it wasn't on before.


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