Thursday, August 11, 2022

Rusty (Elvis Costello, Allan Mayes, w/ Nick Lowe) "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" / "Dance Dance Dance" Neil Young Medley | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Elvis Costello & Allan Mayes

Back in June, we posted on Neil Young News: Elvis Costello Reforms His First Band, Rusty, For "The Resurrection of Rust" w/ a Neil Young Medley.


"The Resurrection of Rust" by RUSTY

Earlier this week, musical guest Rusty performed a Neil Young medley of "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Dance Dance Dance" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.



Elvis Costello
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


More on Neil Young News: Elvis Costello Reforms His First Band, Rusty, For "The Resurrection of Rust" w/ a Neil Young Medley.

Neil Young & Elvis Costello @


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  2. What a disaster. I don't think that a website devoted to NY should feature cover versions of his songs just because they are songs written by Neil Let us have good quality or nothing.

    And don't get me started on Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks.

    And this is not a criticism of you Thrasher or Thrashette. You do an amazing job and for which a big thank you

    Hey ho - there is always the new NY and CH album soon to look forward to.

  3. Maybe not the tightest version but I kinda like it!

  4. @ Julia- well. ok. as @mshare says "Maybe not the tightest version".

    it is what it is, as they say. Why did we post?

    for one thing, we're seeing Elvis & Nick next week and really hope we get this as a cover. Certainly other Neil & Elvis fans hope so as well presumably.

    that aside, this is significant neil news. Elvis is major, "The Resurrection of Rust" is one of the most momentous releases of ... well ... August 2022 at least. Let there be RUST. And Elvis knows exactly why there MUST be RUST, right???

    Say what you will about Fallon but he's huge on Neil. This is a major TV program.

    You may not like the news, but it is the news. Sure wish we could make the news or change the news. we would if we could and really open to how to influence the news.

    this blog is our attempt to create our own news bubble shielded from the what seems a world of mayhem

    so we've been doing TW for over 25 years now, as you know.

    really looking for some feedback here on what NY News should be. we've evolved quite a bit over the years.

    sure, we throw up clips and links all the time. some good, some bad.

    we always seek reader feedback here in comments and many changes have been influenced by you the reader.

    afterall, this is just a blog by a neil fan for rusties.

    please reply @ Julia

  5. excellent example of “live music is not better.” much prefer their studio version.

  6. Speaking for myself, I thought this was a great performance. A ragged but genuine version from guys who believe in what they do. Live music was never meant to be perfect, but should always be authentic. And for me…. This was.

    Peace 🙏


  7. Hi Thrasher and Thrashette and all you commentators out there

    I am just a grump. I have never rated Elvis Costello. (Mind you he doesn't think much of me either) And Davy is just an individual opening his latest NY purchase and believing we want to watch. I don't. So I don't, and if others don't mind that it is time they will never see again then good for them. But they must have pretty sad and empty lives.

    Generally I enjoy Scotsman's contributions. Others with their cod philosophy (you know who you are) tend to dominate the comments section, yet actually add little of real value to the site.

    It is the snippets of fresh information and links to those sources that I value. And new or insightful commentators. I tend to disagree with some comments - e.g. .'A ragged but genuine version from guys who believe in what they do'. A ragged i.e. poor version but genuine (what does this mean, what would a false version sound like, and how do you know) from guys who believe in what they do (ditto). There are lots of people who believe in what they do but are still rubbish at it.

    Sorry Dan but you were just there. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I didn't.

    This is a terrific site for those who enjoy NY and his work, but I am not a slavish worshipper of all things Neil. Everybody Rocking is a real turkey and there are one or two, or even more in his canon that I would not worry if I never heard again. But against that are some extraordinary songs and moments that Neil has created.

    Keep up the good work trawling the world for NY related stuff. I can and will filter out the dross.

    It is a bit like reading comments elsewhere from those who support Trump and those who don't. Or like those who say that climate change is not happening. I know my views and am unlikely to be persuaded by those who consider Trump to be a good and decent man or that climate change is not happening.

    It is very hot here.

    Best wishes to you all.

  8. many sincere thanks here Julia. much appreciated perspective.

    in reading your comment, we see in your thoughts probably somewhat representative of the general TW/NYN reader.

    not everything is for everyone, obviously.

    like neil's Times-Contrarian, not everyone reads all the sections all the time.

    Just like THE NY Times or WaPo or WSJ, etc

    we do try and throw out stuff for both the hard core rust types and the HoG fans both.

    NYN is like the weather, if you don't like it, just wait awhile. it'll change.

    just like it is hot now ... soon it will be cold. and on & on, over & over, again & again, our dear sister Julia.


  9. uh oh, "you know who you are"? cod philosopher, I don't know what that is exactly. I apologize if my comments have little or no value, sincerely apologize, because I did try, especially when there were 0 comments on a interesting post. And, I never meant to dominate. the comments.

  10. Like Abner, not sure about the etymology of "cod philosophy". However, it's always nice to know that one's contributions are appreciated. I may have been a little more indulgent with some of my harebrained ideas lately, but I never intend to dominate anything and I'm not trying to do formal philosophy.

    My recent posts came about because my first listens to Noise & Flowers precipitated a very enthusiastic response. I can hardly apologize for that. If anything at all, I wish others could share in that kind of listening experience.

    I imagine most of us filter out the parts that don't interest us. For my part, I usually do so without comment.


  11. Thank you Thrasher, Metamorphic Rocker and Abner Snopes and Dan Swan

    Keep on rocking in the free world.
    Roger and out good buddies.

  12. @ Sister Julia - hopefully this isn't a goodbye.

    trust me, no one is trying to diss you for having an opinion. contrary opinions are welcome and to a degree encouraged.

    pls come back again sometime soon


  13. While sitting on a balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea to the north I am grateful for Davy's unpacking the box set that I was not able to pick up prior to our departure to Crete. Unpacking a box set is just that: unwrapping what one can consider to be a gift, like it used to be on a birthday or on Christmas eve, when you were a child. Of course the opposite is also true, unwrapping is a step in a business transaction when the customer is checking the quality of a purchased item to make sure he or she's got her money's worth. It definitely is not philosophy.

    Most of the comments here aren't philosophy in the true meaning of the scientific debate. Still there are certain patterns every once in a while. Musings or reactions to Neil Young's music are dismissed as being pseudo-intellectual or pseudo philosophy ("cod philosophy" as the hipster thesaurus nowadays calls it).

    As one of the commenters being labelled with a pseudo-whatever tag I just wonder about self- appointed judges who first impose their undisclosed standards for this blog, then dismiss other commenter's contributions to be substandard and finally evade any discussion of their judgemental role or their standards by declaring outside links mentioned in this blog to be the real grail. Finally we are also condescendingly told to get a life as instead of the sad and empty lives we've got.

    (happily scrambling about Minoan excavations and sandy beaches of Northern Crete)

  14. @ Dionys - thanks for interrupting your travels to drop by.

    pls don't let TW comments darken your holiday plans. Sounds like a great trip. enjoy and we look fwd to hearing about your adventures.

    @ All - let's try not to snark folks on whatever flavor of Neil style they prefer or dislike.

    that's what makes NY such a fascinating artist. This attraction of opposites.

    as we've mentioned here before, there is no other audience we have experienced where there is so much tension in the air between the artist & audience & between audience members.

    a little tension leads to often great creativity. but too much destroys.

    scramble on our friends

  15. No darkening of my holidays as of yet. Waiting to go out with my spouse on our anniversary, electricity is back on (we had one of the frequent short blackouts) and I had a couple of minutes to check in. The true dark end will be some day in September when I'll go back to my joyous, demanding and rewarding life, because there are two ferry trips and another 1000 kilometres through Italy to go back. But then I shall pick up N&F and finally clean up the attic to be a real atelier... (this last one being a promise to my wife).

  16. @thrasher - "NYN is like the weather, if you don't like it, just wait awhile. it'll change." what a brilliant quote!

    These last few weeks (months) have been a prime example of those wise words. What with all the chat about Toast and Noise & Flowers and now this Elvis post. For me Toast is not really my cup of tea but then the weather changes and Noise & Flowers to me is just great (more on that in a moment) and now we have this latest post and conversation regarding Elvis, for the record it falls full within context with why I enjoy coming to Thrasher Wheat every day and more than once a day. So lets take each day as it comes and enjoy the weather come rain or shine.

    Getting back to Noise & Flowers - For me this is simply a great live record. The set list brilliant IMHO, the record cover fab, the sound ah yes the sound. I can certainly understand the reactions put forth regarding the sound of this live document and just for context I have been listening to the CD. Personally I love it and the loader you play it the better (within reason of course). I have listened to it with headphones and without and with my moderate level of audiophile fussiness the booming (for lack of a better word) echo sound takes me right to the arena where the music is being played. I have been to numerous concerts (Neil and others) where this sound is exactly what you get and it never once stopped me from enjoying the show, of course the added visuals help so maybe that is a point for the Blue-ray. I really enjoy listening to this set via headphones.

    By contrast when I bought Noise & Flowers at my local independent record store I also picked up Eric Clapton's Nothing But The Blues - a tour I saw in Chicago's United Center. The CD plays great and the set list for EC quite different, exclusively blues - fantastico! The sound is in contrast to Neil's album way more professional and what I think most folks would expect from a formal approved release. I enjoy the disk a lot buttt (and I felt this when I saw the show) it is a little to professional, the sound, the playing and overall feel. I am not saying that is bad in any way just different.

    So it comes down in my rather warped logic to personal preference, EC is no better than NY and visa versa but I do prefer Neil's CD for its feel.

    Anyway just me two cents.

    Kevin D. in Morro Bay

  17. @ Kevin D. - what a great comment.

    and let us tell you why. not to offend any other commenters but only to reinforce what resonates here @ TW.

    Basically, you've just told us a highly personalized tale of your sonic Neil experiences. That's YOUR story. No one can really take that away or tell you're wrong for your own opinion.

    and that is what we love to hear as a ny fan. other fan's stories.

    as mentioned just about everyday here, neil's music strikes folks from all walks of life, in all sorts of ways. Makes them happy. Makes them sad. The music motivates. The music relaxes and calms. and so on.

    to each his/her own
    live and let live
    it is, what it is
    let it be

    ps - so you're on the California coast presumably?!

  18. @thrasher - Appreciate your kind words and yes that would be Morro Bay - Central Coast, CA.

  19. My key point is making it “normal” to talk about Neil’s newer albums in the same breath as the classics. That’s why I brought up parallels between Noise & Flowers and Time Fades Away, Toast and the ‘90s Horse. The point is not to compare/contrast, but to give the new stuff a fair chance while simultaneously keeping the old stuff from getting ossified into something we venerate rather than actively engaging with.

    Looking at NY’s catalogue in a holistic, open-ended, always changing way is what keeps it fresh and stimulating for me. Feel fortunate that so much of his recent music speaks to me. The Visitor, Colorado, and Barn have been a very, very good run in deeply challenging times.

  20. @ Meta Rocker - "Looking at NY’s catalogue in a holistic, open-ended, always changing way is what keeps it fresh and stimulating for me."

    yes exactly, same here.

    The whole TOAST & AYP? is definitely a very fascinating chapter in the discography. Ranks right up there with the Homegrown album legend & lore.

  21. One addition to the Toast/AYP story is on its way, per Neil’s letter replies this week… A Long Time Now, the Crazy Horse live album from their 2001 tour!

  22. @Julia
    Agree with you on that Davy stuff.. it is cringeworthy

  23. There’s no accounting for Taste. Some think they have it just right. That is just their opinion, among many. “Don’t be cruel.” -Elvis
    I have seen Elvis C live in the past 5 years and he was excellent. I like his taste in music, tho I am rarely drawn to his music. I don’t listen to him much. This medley version of the 2 songs played was cool, perhaps over-wrought. I didn’t love it, I just liked it. These guys mean it. Nick Lowe is an underground Hero. I have seen him live and he was fantastic. Crackin’ Up is a classic song; I like Tom Perry’s version the best (Playback box set). I like hearing about other music / Artists / happenings on this blog too. It is usually Neil-centric. Thrasher puts it out there for us to experience, and I thank him for that.

    I enjoy the chance to see almost any NY news in this blog. Thank you Thrasher for ALL of the posts. I never got around to watching or reading about Davy opening the box. But if I did, I would not insult the guy for sharing his joy, I presume, with opening up the latest NY Treasure Chest of audio offerings. Rock on Davy & the rest of you.

    I call myself a huge Ny fan, but I haven’t even listened to Noise & Flowers yet, somehow. But I sure will. Been busy. I like hearing what people think about the albums, etc, especially when it’s not negative. I myself am negative at times, like when I discuss Oligarchy, false “Democracy” & our dying planet (humans, critters and trees, anyhow). It is not a party to watch as the humans saw off the beach they are standing on. I feel strongly about this, as does Neil and most of us.

    Human Race on Barn went to the upper limits of Protest Music, or “post protest music” as it erupts like molten terror, in resignation & Fury. It is emotionally overwhelming if you have a Heart. I mention this because I see it as relevant that NY “outdid himself” with that track. That one track is representative of his entire catalogue, to me. Like Southern Man.

    We don’t all agree on everything. I say the FDA allowed Monsanto do get by with fraudulent research, which they “tested” on there own(!). “No tumors in mice in 90 days, see?” The whole country fell for this bullshit. Roundup is a carcinogen. And we are all the Guinea pigs.

    Abner and I have very different opinions about Roundup and GMO, etc. But I like Abner’s posts and I can relate to posting when nobody else is. We are a diverse bunch. We think we know Neil Young’s best work, and all have very different albums they love (or hate?). Let’s try to be kind to each other. If you have venom, don’t leave it here. We are mostly Peace-Nics.

    TOAST is the album I am most blown away with lately. I can relate to the sadness & love expressed. Gateway of Love is incredible.
    I prefer it to AYP?, which I Also love.

    Keep posting. We all add to this blog. Thank you.

    Your Brother Alan in Seattle

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. @ Our Brother Alan in Seattle - As we gingerly walk thru our differences, good to know that we have mutual respect for The Music and The Man.

  26. Correction: Tom Petty’s version of “ Crackin’ Up.” (Thanks spell check).

    “It’s no party to watch the humans saw off the BRANCH they are standing on….

    @ Tomatron : I am very glad to hear that a love show from this era is on the way!

    Have a great day! Your Brother Alan in Seattle

  27. Live album…. Love album?

  28. I did not have any "differences" with Julia. She used an ad hominem. That is ok I guess, as I am pretty sure Julia does not know enough about philosophy to tell the difference between what is pseudo and what is not. And, as someone already pointed out, this is hardly the place to do any "formal" philosophy. Julia's comment was not directed at anything that was actually said or argued. It was a classic example of what she was arguing against: comments that add little or no value to this esteemed site.

    Thanks Alan.

  29. @ Abner : I enjoy reading your posts. Post whenever you care to share. Thank you for many great comments, and I am proud to say that you stand with those who oppose Racism, Violence, Harm, pollution, etc. You care, and that is to be applauded. Not everyone will read everything. But they are free to skip a comment if they have the will. They don’t need to read a post. They can account for their own time as they read and view what they choose.

    Your Brother Alan in Seattle


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