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Neil Young Archives: "Huge drop of unreleased tracks!"

As we reported here on TW recently, the Neil Young Archives (NYA) will continue to be free until issues with European regulations are resolved.

In the meantime, Neil Young has stated that there will be "Huge drop of unreleased tracks!" 15 tracks will be dropped onto the Timeline, but not be associated with an official album release. The tracks will appear once the paid subscription model is in place.

The tracks are from the 1976 solo acoustic tour that ended just before the Last Waltz, November 1976.

More on Neil Young Archives (NYA) Times-Contrarian.


  1. 1976 Solo acoustic tour ???? Hmmm...... probably more like "from the opening acoustic sets of the 1976 Crazy Horse tours or Europe, Japan and the US"

    Something like the notorious "Bernstein Tape" bootleg ?

  2. Must be culled from the Bernstein Tapes...surely. Exciting! No doubt in my mind whether to subscribe or not. Guess that was Neil's aim.

  3. This is great. Eventually this will be a physical release. I’d rather NY have the online archives and release a physical album every once in a while. Easy to afford compared to the behemoth that is the physical Archives. I really don’t care anymore for NYA2. This is the cheapest and best way to get the Archives out for NY. He’s happy and I’m happy.

  4. Looking forward to hearing this. His acoustic material has a certain spirit to it. The thing I'm most looking forward to is the Crazy Horse Early Daze album, Toast, and (if he ever releases it) the original Tonight's The Night acetate.

  5. Does this mean an official release of Neil rambling about Judy Garland? One can only hope so!

    You just can't go wrong with any 1976 Neil.....

  6. So must be sourced from the U.S. tour in late 1976 given the clues and my money is on the Joel Bernstein tape, too. Would like to hear the Stills/Young recordings at some point from that year.

    P.S. Remember the "E" and "L" codes on the tape?

  7. The solo acoustic songs from these 1976 Crazy Horse tours do have a certain vibe not found on any other live solo recordings. I just hope they don’t find a reason to exclude The Losing End from the lot.

    Some of the very choicest solo cuts come from the Stills-Young tour too. I would be very happy if a few of those found their way onto this set.

  8. Esoterically speaking: the posting about the Huge Drop is signed by NYA -- the archivist, I guess -- and not Neil himself.

    And the hyperbolic descriptor fits right in with the verbosity we're becoming accustomed to in the USA these days.


  9. maybe its the rock of blow Scorsese had to remove from his nose. Ive always wanted to see that.

  10. I bet it is 15 of these cuts

    1. Campaigner, Boston 11/22/76 E
    2. Old Laughing Lady, Atlanta 11/24/76 E
    3. Human Highway, Madison, Wis. 11/14/76
    4. Tell Me Why, Chicago 11/15/76 L
    5. After the Goldrush, Houston 11/11/76
    6. Harvest, Boston 11/22/76 L
    7. Mr. Soul, New York City 11/20/76 E
    8. Here We Are in the Years, Atlanta 11/24/76 L
    9. Journey Through the Past, Boston 11/22/76 L
    10. Heart of Gold, Fort Worth, Texas 11/10/76
    11. A Man Needs a Maid, New York City 11/20/76 L
    12. White Line, Fort Worth, Texas 11/10/76
    13. Give Me Strength, New York City 11/20/76 L
    14. No One Seems to Know, Boulder, Colo. 11/7/76
    15. Mellow My Mind, New York City 11/20/76 E
    16. Too Far Gone, Boulder, Colo. 11/6/76
    17. Needle and the Damage Done, Atlanta 11/24/76 E
    18. Pocahontas, Atlanta 11/24/76 L
    19. Roll Another Number, Boston 11/22/76 L
    20. Losing End, Atlanta, 11/24/76 L
    21. Love is a Rose, Houston 11/11/76
    22.Sugar Mountain, 11/24/76 L

    1. If I could choose 15 songs from those cuts, I would go:

      Old Laughing Lady
      Human Highway
      Mr. Soul
      Here We Are In The Years
      White Line
      Give Me Strength
      No One Seems To Know
      Mellow My Mind
      Too Far Gone
      Roll Another Number
      The Losing End
      + Helpless (w Crazy Horse)

  11. Add Sad Movies, Try. Kansas...

  12. Here is hoping the next "huge drop" is another recording from Ann Arbor, Michigan done in 1969. It is my hope this "huge drop" would be everything played on October 16th, 1969, warts and all. The "second" Canterbury House series of shows in Ann Arbor, Michigan was a "one off" solo show during a six week break for the debut of CSNY as a live band.

    The Canterbury House show was the only public appearance by Neil Young from September 20, 1969 to November 9, 1969.

    Would be curious about the details of this second booking in Ann Arbor since Neil Young's booking guarantee would have been much higher after joining CSNY and the high profile Woodstock appearance. Relatively unknown for the first appearance but this second one his star was clearly on the rise. At the time of the second appearance the songs "Cowgirl In The Sand" and "Down By The River" were major underground hits on FM radio, in Michigan anyway where I was listening, the summer of 1969.

    Like the Bernstein tape I think we have early and late sets but doing "Country Girl" three times leads me to believe if it was one day there might have been an afternoon show, too?

    In the archives under "Country Girl" from "Deja Vu" there is a little minute video snippet from this second Canterbury House appearance explaining how "Country Girl" was written in sort of a timeline fashion.

    Clearly from listening to this archival tape it is a pristine recording that I hope is considered for a spin in the archives sometime soon because of its historical significance in terms of Neil Young's live shows.

    Where the first appearance in Ann Arbor would draw songs from the Buffalo Springfield and his first solo record the second appearance had those songs "plus" maybe the live debut of his songs on Deja Vu (released 3/10/70), Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (released 5/14/69) and After The Gold Rush (released 9/19/70). Some of tunes played for the second appearance didn't see the light of day for a long time but this was the time period when they were freshly written (i.e. 'Everybody's Alone,' 'Wonderin', 'Dance, Dance, Dance') . There is even a Mynah Birds tune called "It's My Time" played that might be the only time he ever played that tune.

    It will be interesting to find out if this was all acoustic guitar or if there was a piano or banjo for this second Canterbury House show?

    1969-10-16, The Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    On The Way Home / Helpless / Dance Dance Dance / I've Loved Her So Long / Down By The River / I Am A Child / Everybody's Alone / Wonderin' / Oh, Lonesome Me / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong / Country Girl // On The Way Home / Helpless / Cinnamon Girl>The Loner / Birds / I Am A Child / Everybody's Alone / Dance Dance Dance / The 1956 Bubblegum Disaster>It's My Time / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / The Old Laughing Lady / I've Been Waiting For You / Here We Are In The Years / Wonderin' / Down By The River / Country Girl // Down To The Wire / On The Way Home / Helpless / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong / Dance Dance Dance / Birds / The Loner / Everybody's Alone / I Am A Child / I've Been Waiting For You / Country Girl

    Set list courtesy of Ghosts On The Road

    1968-11-09, The Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    On The Way Home / The Old Laughing Lady / Mr. Soul / Expecting To Fly / The Last Trip To Tulsa // The Loner / I Am A Child / I've Been Waiting For You / Broken Arrow / Birds / The Last Trip To Tulsa // Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing / Out Of My Mind / I Am A Child / If I Could Have Her Tonight / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

    Did I get this all right because it is such a surprise to see this show in the Sugar Mountain archives?

  13. Historical records on the Canterbury House and Ann Arbor for context:

  14. 1969-10-16
    The Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    1. On The Way Home
    2. Helpless*
    3. Dance Dance Dance*
    4. I've Loved Her So Long
    5. Down By The River
    6. I Am A Child
    7. Everybody's Alone*
    8. Wonderin'
    9. Oh, Lonesome Me
    10. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
    11. Country Girl*
    12. On The Way Home
    13. Helpless
    14. Cinnamon Girl>The Loner*
    15. Birds
    16. I Am A Child
    17. Everybody's Alone
    18. Dance Dance Dance
    19. The 1956 Bubblegum Disaster>It's My Time*
    20. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    21. The Old Laughing Lady
    22. I've Been Waiting For You
    23. Here We Are In The Years
    24. Wonderin'
    25. Down By The River
    26. Country Girl
    27. Down To The Wire
    28. On The Way Home
    29. Helpless
    30. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
    31. Dance Dance Dance
    32. Birds
    33. The Loner
    34. Everybody's Alone
    35. I Am A Child
    36. I've Been Waiting For You
    37. Country Girl

    * - song debut
    Tape Exists: No (?)

  15. I know this is off topic, but I've recently discovered some live footage of Neil and the Horse live at The Marquee in Cork Ireland. It's got a very different vibe than I'm used to from Neil and I've been watching it obsessively. Especially Days that Used to be. This is around the time of Neil and Pegi's split. He just seems angry or high or something but it's just a very intense and amazing performance.Has anyone else seen this? Your thoughts? Does anyone know where I can find video of the whole performance?

    1. I haven’t seen the video but there was a great vibe at that show. Really powerful performance.

  16. Right on Jim!! That is definitely the Holy Grail of Holy Grail's for me. I've been hoping for NYAPS Vol 1.5.
    Has to be the ultimate early years setlist. Anyway, this new live drop certainly has be believing a Canterbury House 1969 drop could be possible.
    Also I do believe it is all acoustic guitar, I think Neil first uses the piano live at the Cellar Door in 1970.
    Good times are comin'...

  17. Hey, what's happened to Movie Night on NYA?
    I'm still waiting for Solo Trans...
    Wasn't the day today ?

  18. I just want Neil to Harvest(pun intended) as much as possible the gold mine that is his '70s music. Just like with Hitchhiker and Roxy there is so much of his work in that period that is so untouched. No other decade comes close.


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