Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Evening of Neil Young Scholarship and Music @ West Kirby Arts Centre, UK

Gavin Martin Discusses Neil Young's “On The Beach”

Earlier this month, we shared details on Rock Family Trees Launch on May 4th.

From our Merseyside Rusties "Brand New Guy", we hear that it was a really great evening of Neil Young scholarship and music. Dean Johnson provided beautiful musical accompaniment to Gavin Martin’s moving account of how much “On The Beach” means to him. (See YouTube above.)

Also, here is "Brand New Guy"'s little talk about electric “Campaigner” with Dean Johnson's two tunes.

"Brand New Guy" on electric “Campaigner” w/ Dean Johnson

Many thanks to Dean and Gavin for their invitations and all their hard work in setting up the evening, alongside all the good people of West Kirby Arts Centre.

And here’s hoping Neil brings Crazy Horse over to the Merseyside Rusties and Europe.

Love and peace to Merseyside Rusties!


  1. Evening listening with a beer to these thoughtful and insightful 44 minutes with a beer on the agenda! Thanks Dean and Gavin!

  2. I can see the love and devotion for the subject, but this is rather boring !


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