Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Concert: Colmar, France - August 8, 2014

Here a little compilation of some video clips from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Concert: Colmar, France - August 8, 2014. Excellent audio and screen shot video.

Also, the Concert Review of the Moment is from Neil Young & Crazy Horse Concert: Colmar, France - August 8, 2014 by Bruno:
I just came from the show, after 2 hours in car to reach back my town. It was better than the 2013 tour, at least to my opinion. Neil was in great shape, great guitar playing and singing during the whole show. Ralph seems a bit tired and Rick Rosas is a wonderfull bass player to replace Billy; Frank was really great too and the show was emotional for me.

I can't really say why, but they make me cry twice during "Living With War" and "Heart Of Gold" I feel so lucky seeing Neil for the 11 times. My friend Jean-Michel and his wife "Dédé" bought me a ticket, thanks again to them, they are great people and i'm really happy to have shared this show.

The set list for the last show from that tour:
1) Love And Only Love (from "Ragged Glory" 1990)
2) Be The Rain (from "Greendale" 2003)
3) Standing In The Light Of Love (unreleased, last played on 2001 tour)
4) Day That Used To Be (from "Ragged Glory" 1990)
5) Like A Hurricane (from "American Star's And Bars" 1977)
6) Living With War (from "Living With War" 2006)
7) Blowin' In The Wind (Accoustic solo - Bob Dylan Cover)
8) Heart Of Gold (Accoustic solo - from "Harvest" 1972)
9) Powderfinger (from "Rust Never Sleeps" 1979)
10) Down By The River (from "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" 1969)
11) Name Of Love (from CNSY album "American Dream" 1988)
12) Rockin' In The Free World (from "Freedom" 1989)
13) Who's gonna Stand Up And Save The World (Unreleased new song 2014 )

It was a fantastic Neil Young & Crazy Horse show with a wonderfull set list, i was waiting for 25 years to hear "Down By The River" and that version was awesome, it almost make me cry another time !

To me it's kinda perfect set list even if it's too short "only" 2h10 !

Rockin' In The Free World is the perfect song if you want to change an average audience in mad screamers and clappers. What a fucking moment !

"Hurricane" was a surprise for me, i didn't notice he play that one on that tour. I read some comments about the two womens who sings on stage, some don't like because it "would not be" Crazy Horse. Honestly i don't care, these singers were damn good and fitted so wel with the songs, on "Be The Rain","Standing On The Light Of Love" and "Living With War" for example.

Don't hesitate to buy a ticket if the show come near your town, Neil is maybe around 68 but he can still shake your mind & soul with his wonderfull skills. Thanks (again) Neil, love you.
And another report by Unknown:
For many reasons too numerous to mention here, this was, on a personal level, a very special NY&CH concert experience for me.

Special thanks to David who provided me with some invaluable Neil/crew member insights and anecdotes that added to the overall experience. For me, when you see Neil Young and Crazy Horse play you are not just appreciating and experiencing the music but you are also buying into the whole mythological and historical package.

To see Neil's best friend, the legendary Elliot Roberts, on stage in the background looking on laughing and smiling, was something that will stay with me until the day of my passing. As I pondered on that brief, but for me nevertheless profound moment, I'm reminded of the famous black and white photograph of Neil and Elliot at the USA film festival in Dallas in 1973. For so many other reasons, this was a concert I will never forget. It was an extremely emotional experience, that for me culminated in what was to become a seminal 'Hurricane'. For the sheer pleasure and intensity of feeling that particular version evoked, was worth the entry price alone. It was a tremendously exhilarating rendition of the song - the best I've heard which reached a level of beauty bordering on the transcendent. I cried during that song because it was the realization of what (for me at least) being a Neil Young fan is all about - a perfect moment encapsulating both time and place.

It was also great for me to finally meet in the flesh the legendary Ruby In the Dust as well as Tom who were both delightful company.
Thanks Bruno, Unknown, & Christine "misstrefle" !!!

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  1. nice video, thank you. Robin Williams was a supporter of the Bridge School and performed at at least 2 that I know of (1986 & 2000). One I was at and witnessed so close I was afraid to look him in the eye for fear of being made the butt of a joke for 25k people. God Bless him and prayers to his family in this time of immeasurable grief. remove this post if you want as I know its not relevant to the topic. at least you will have read it.


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