Saturday, August 10, 2013

Attention Bergen Neil Young and Crazy Horse Fans: The Show Must Go On!

Bull Young

Tonight's scheduled Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway has been canceled, sadly.

But the show must go on!

From our dear friends "Hounds that Howl" and his "Cowgirl in the Sand" comes this note for undeterred rusties up in Norway:
Rusties and fellow Neil Young and Crazy Horse fans in Bergen Norway tonight are saying "Don't Be Denied". Neil Young songs will be in the air in Bergen on Saturday 10 August at 10 pm the Restaurant Madam Felle. Performing there will be the Neil Young cover band BULL YOUNG. The restaurant is located at Bryggen 47, 150 meters from the concert venue toward the center of town.

While Dinning Harborside at the Madam Felle Restaurant here we struck up a conversation with our waiter Jostein Torsvik. Turns out enterprising Norwegian Jostein not only is a part owner of Madam Felle. He is also a minority owner and employee of a music logistics company that erects the stages for rock concerts all over Scandinavia. Earlier today Jostein and his crew had just completed taking down the stage in Bergen after erecting it yesterday.

"It's unfortunate that it was cancelled," a disappointed Jostein told us. "Neil is popular in Bergen and we don't get to see him that often. He was here in 2008 and we were excited to have him back." Jostein's restaurant hired the cover band Bull Young in hopes of filling the void for the Rusties who are in Bergen this weekend. Thanks to him there is still a "Hurricane" warning for tomorrow night in this proud and beautiful Norwegian Port Town.

Bull Young Saturday Night 10 PM at Madam Felle

Hurricane Warning tomorrow in Bergen

Love and Only Love

Bergen, Norway
Thanks "Hounds that Howl" and his "Cowgirl in the Sand"!

Don't Be Denied!


  1. Hounds that Howl8/10/2013 02:41:00 PM

    Limited number of Thrasher Wheat Radio Buttons will be given away tonight at Madam Felle. I'll be "On the Rail."

  2. Hounds that Howl - Thanks! Don't be denied!

  3. Thank you, Bergen!!!

    Bull Young played a rust-filled set tonight in lieu of Alchemy tour 2013.

    Of course, there are no replacements for the Horse, but the world must know that Norwegians LOVE Neil Young. So much so, that people packed into the bar like sardines (150+) to enthusiastically hear a cover band of their idol.

    The set list for the runner-up Crazy Horse show:

    My my, Hey Hey
    Are you ready for the country?
    Comes a time
    A man needs a maid
    Heart of gold
    Southern man
    Unknown legend
    Old man
    Love to burn
    Love and only love
    Mansion on the hill
    Country home
    Over and over
    Lookout joe
    World on on a string
    Like a hurricane
    Rockin in the free world
    Cinnamon girl
    Tonight's the night

    The joy experienced by Norwegians during this show is not to be underrated. Of course, no Psycadelic Pill (or Americana) were included. Regardless, rust will certainly not sleep tonight in Bergen for those who participated.


  4. Anyone know if there will be a meetup in Copenhagen tomorrow night? I'll be there anyway...

  5. Thanks Rust for the report. Sounds like folks made the best of the situation.

    Good for you guys!

    How about Copenhagen? Any fests planned?


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