Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's (Earth) Day!


Happy Mother's (Earth) Day!

Mother Earth by Neil Young

Oh, Mother Earth,
With your fields of green
Once more laid down
by the hungry hand
How long can you
give and not receive
And feed this world
ruled by greed
And feed this world
ruled by greed.

Oh, ball of fire
In the summer sky
Your healing light,
your parade of days
Are they betrayed
by the men of power
Who hold this world
in their changing hands
They hold the world
in their changing hands.

Oh, freedom land
Can you let this go
Down to the streets
where the numbers grow
Respect Mother Earth
and her giving ways
Or trade away
our children's days
Or trade away
our children's days.

Save Mother Earth for another day...

greendale flag
The Inconvenient Truth of Greendale

Be the rain.


  1. great message, but i've always hated the way Neil has performed this song.

    I'd love to hear it simply as an acoustic number, with a little harmonica.

    One of my least favorite Neil Young songs.

  2. It's Mothers Day, not Earth Day you tree hugger.
    - Butch Cassady

  3. Hey Butch,

    Guess maybe you missed the point on Mother Earth?

    thanks for the compliment of being a tree hugger.

    why do you hate trees?

    Happy Mother Earth Day!

  4. Mother's Day was in March - at least it was in the Civilised World... :-)

  5. Sorry Thrash, I've got to break my "Read only" silence here.
    I've heard Neil play Mother Earth in both modes:

    1. Pump organ solo (live and HOG DVD)
    2. with CH ..raw, live and anthemic at the end of "ragged glory"

    It's a mood thing... but I feel they're both as salient and poignant either way

    Happy Mother's Day Mum!....... RIP I still miss you, although ya never understood me...but I'm really starting to understand where you were coming from now!

    And to you Mother are soo tolerant..but I think your patience is wearing thin!

    luv doc

  6. Wellcome back, Doc!
    See we need you?
    Luv Isa
    Ps. I wanna be a "Tree hugger"too, the first I see tomorrow!

  7. "A natural beauty shoud be preserved like a momumnet to nature....."


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