Thursday, September 29, 2022


Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse
photo by Joey Martinez

There appears to be a major Neil Young news announcement coming tonight, Thurs., Sept. 29.


9-29-22  Midnight EST - 9pm" 
via Neil Young Archives | T-C


Per NYA | T-C,  "WORLD RECORD - CELEBRATE WITH US AT NYA!  9-29-22  Midnight EST - 9pm". (thanks Road Dawg!)

More recently, Neil Young posted a tease that  "The big day is coming!"

Could tonight be the "Big Day"? Or is the "Big Day" really a "Big Night"?  If so, than is tonight's the night? Only tomorrow will tell ...

stay tuned rusties!

UPDATE: and just like that, mystery solved ...

Date First Available: September 29, 2022*
Release date: November 18th
Produced by Rick Rubin at Shangri-La studios in Malibu, CA, the 11-song album sounds very different from previous Crazy Horse albums.  Primarily, only two of the songs feature Neil's electric guitar -- other tracks were recorded acoustically and with unusual arrangements of the instruments. (see interview on Neil Young & Rick Rubin Tease Their New Music For Jack White | Broken Record) According to the credits, Neil Young even plays a zither-like "Marxophone".


Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Love Earth
2 Overhead
3 I Walk with You (Earth Ringtone)
4 This Old Planet (Changing Days)

Disc: 2

1 The World (Is In Trouble Now)
2 Break the Chain
3 The Long Day Before
4 Walkin' On The Road (To The Future)
5 The Wonder Won't Wait

Disc: 3

1 Chevrolet
2 This Old Planet (Reprise)
 From WBR PR:
"World Record contains a wealth of wisdom, and the kind of poignant observations one can only be collected over an eventful life. The iconoclastic songwriter reminisces with gratitude about the gifts the Earth has given him and sets his sights on an uncertain future with hope that we can right this big, blue and green ship. He does so in a vital and unyielding fashion.

There’s affecting folk (This Old Planet (Changing Days), Love Earth), pummeling rock (Break The Chain, The World (Is In Trouble Now)), and a monumental, classic Crazy Horse guitar odyssey in which he pays tribute to his relationship with cars while asserting the necessity of a fossil-fuel-free future (Chevrolet). World Record is a cohesive vision that spreads positive energy while not flinching from our present situation. As Young himself said in a message on the Times-Contrarian during the making of World Record: “Real magic lasts and we think we have it.”

Recorded live in order to wrangle the Horse’s long-running spirit of spontaneous, collaborative, and electrifying performance, the album was mixed to analog tape at Shangri-La under Rubin’s sage guidance. The quality of the resulting listening experience sets fans directly on the studio floor as Young and the legendary band do what they do best.

To optimize audio quality, the vinyl format of World Record will be released as a three-sided double album with an etching on side four. There will also be a limited-edition version of the album pressed on clear vinyl — a first in Young’s body of work — available via Young’s webstore and indie retailers. World Record will also be issued on cassette and as a double CD set (mirroring the track sequence of the double LP). All Greedy Hand Store purchases of World Record (LP, CD or cassette) come with free hi-res digital audio downloads."

More on  World Record - Neil Young & Crazy Horse. (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link . Thank you!!!)

Earlier today, Producer Rick Rubin tweeted out the above quote by himself:
"Sometimes a sketch is better than an oil painting and that's fine."
So could  the new album "WORLD RECORD" be a sketch and not a painting???


  1. The South American River company lists World Record to be available on November 18, 2022.

  2. "Love Earth" is quietly beautiful.

  3. @ Dionys - thanks AMZ lists as "Date First Available: September 29, 2022". So that seems to distinguish from a traditional release date. guess some new term in the digital age?

    @Abner - just listened to twice. Seems like a promising start to an album.

    definitely not raucous by CH standards for sure.


  4. According to the description at the Greedy Hand store there are some raucous songs on the upcoming album. ‘Love Earth’ is definitely a laid back affair, which Neil has written many similar tracks. I like it; and it is probably placed in the exact spot in the sequencing to elevate it further. Neil really seems to be on a creative roll of late. I can’t imagine any of his fans being disappointed with that. I’m certainly glad to see him so prolific and the results have been remarkable so far.

    Peace 🙏

  5. thanks for context, as always, Dan.

    bring on the raucous Horse. As we recall, this was similar to BARN, where it started off sort of slow (maybe it was the 1st song released?) but then grew and grew into the intensity as the tracks spooled out?

    hoping so.

    but "Love Earth" is quietly beautiful, as Abner so aptly summed up above.

  6. Something about the album cover that is striking. (I know the content, Neil's father.) There is certainly a way of harkening back, looking back, that does not bear down with the (light) weight of nostalgia. There is something, I don't know what, that seems both sad and hopeful about it...

  7. Yes, "quietly beautiful" expresses it well. I have listened a couple of times. I especially enjoy the interplay between piano and electric guitar. There are echoes of previous songs, but they don't really need to be dissected. The only one I'll point out at the moment is the piano near the end: really reminds me of the jazzy, jangling coda of Broken Arrow yet much more relaxed.

    Seeing as this is the first track on the new album, there's something to be said for a gentle beginning. In its own soft, lulling way, Love Earth is a surprising earworm. I have no idea what the artist's intentions really are, but the quality of mantra or simple chanting resonates here for me. Some will doubtless say I'm over rationalizing NY's spontaneous, unedited approach. Am I being too generous? Maybe, but that's what I hear.

  8. It is a musical ear worm certainly. I only listened to it once, and I’ve spent most of the day humming the melody in my head. A great sign in my book. The song has many elements that have been used before, but it’s still its own unique thing. Looking forward to the album.

    Peace 🙏

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @ Shakeydave - thanks for note. just embedded Official Music Video.

  11. seriously? that’s the lead song? archives, please!

  12. Art Carey - Totally agree!!!

  13. I figured reactions on this track would be across the spectrum, though it's been successful with people I've shared it with so far. I hear somewhere between Sleeps with Angels and Chrome Dreams II. That's a good place, in case anyone was unclear. Best NY album of the '90s crossed with his best album of the '00s by my reckoning. The vibe is spiritual, almost New Age-ish in its ambiance. Call it Earth Age: a genre Neil and friends are in the process of inventing.

    In view of mixed responses, I feel as though my point about the virtues of a "quiet beginning" may bear elaboration. The tendency, with many albums and artists, is to start off the album with something loud and/or fast to immediately draw the listener in. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but with art, there's always more than one way of doing it.

    Although it's obviously premature to judge 'World Record', Neil has a history with starting albums slower, gentler, mellow even. Examples: 'Out on the Weekend' from Harvest; 'Separate Ways' from Homegrown; 'The Emperor of Wyoming' from the first album; 'My Heart' from Sleeps with Angels; 'Beautiful Bluebird' from Chrome Dreams II; 'Song of the Seasons' from Barn. There are others. Some are predominantly sad or melancholy, others a little happier. All are quite simple statements, expressed softly, essentially easing the listener comfortably into the "space" of the songs, the zone, the quiet, contemplative frame of mind that's conducive to feeling music.

    A flash of lightning is much more noticeable when it's dark out. In the same way, even the loudest, heaviest sounds have much more impact with ambiance, if there's a clean space around them to receive, absorb, and reverberate the noise. One classic album that starts gently and reflectively is John Lennon's 'Imagine'. No one would describe it as upbeat, obvious hit single material, but it immediately captures the listener's ear. Some would say it takes your breath away.

    That's not to compare the two songs per se, or to imply that Young and/or Lennon always take this approach to beginning albums (though both artists revisit the idea a number of times), but to say that what I appreciate about 'Imagine' does coalesce, in some form, in 'Love Earth.' And it's not just the piano, although the sound of that instrument is simultaneously delicate and resonant in a way that makes sense for this kind of song. The piano is an effect, so to speak, rather than a cause.

    It's the combination of earnest sentiment and musical tentativeness, the reminder to relax and take a few deep breaths before diving into things, grounding and centering. It's the feeling of floating on slow, clear water in the shadow of a willow tree. Basically, it's about meditation, clearing the mind and heart in a way that gets us ready to fully receive the music.

    If none of this airy talk resonates with some folks, they should at least take heart in that the remainder of the album may well sound completely different. When 'Barn' came out, the first two songs we got were 'Song of the Seasons' and 'Heading West', two tracks that couldn't be more in different in almost all respects. Maybe the next offering from 'World Record' will be a crunchy Horse workout. Or maybe it has Neil on pump organ and marxophone. You never know until you hear it.

  14. These pre-release tracks always put the fan in an awkward position. Immediately they seem to polarize the fan community. Later, when the whole album is released, the collection sometimes over years seems to grow on everyone with certain songs standing out for the majority (such as "Walk Like a Giant" or "Ramada Inn"). Live concerts appear to work as catalytic process propelling songs into a higher fan orbit (e.g. "Goin' Home" or "Be the Rain"). The fact that there are acoustic and electric versions, band and solo performances, also contributes to this phenomenon. One of the great things about Neil Young's songs always has been that there are many versions, so that the fan could relate to his or her favourite one (a la "This is the ultimate LAH"), even Neil Young himself sometimes is following this perception mode. So the "wait and listen to the whole affair approach" is the right thing to do. Then watch out for live performances and see how the songs evolve.
    (However, some songs are more like sleepers, re-surfacing many years later and suddenly acquire the status of "Classic Neil".)
    Unfortunately these days the catalytic concerts are missing, so that there is no choice but to gratefully accept what is presented to us. In this respect NYA, as great as it is, can't replace the individual live hearing / performance experience no matter how many outtakes, alternatives or selected live shows they put out there. Online you don't meet eye to eye (or sound to ear?).
    I really hope that Neil Young can sort out the problems of eco-touring, so that the songs on "Colorado", "Barn", and "World Record" will see that refining process that has been a fundamental feature and one of the great joys of the fan during this decades-long musical journey.

  15. @ Meta Rocker - Thank you for the keen insights here. It is a bit of deja vu and the initial reaction to BARN back in 2021.

    CotM @

    And Dionys' followup comment fits in well here for further discussion, as well.

    many thanks to you both for your contributions to the community.



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