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PHOTO: Neil Young @ Berlin Wall, October 1982

Neil Young - Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz, October 1982
 image via Rusted Moon 
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Over on  Rusted Moon, a detailed look at the back cover image for
Neil Young + Promise of the Real's new live album "Noise & Flowers".

Neil Young + Promise of the Real's "Noise & Flowers" 
 image via Rusted Moon  
 (Click photo to enlarge)


The back cover of the album "Noise & Flowers" features a photomontage showing Neil Young & Promise of the Real as graffiti on the Berlin Wall. The wall is also decorated with flowers - matching the album title.  

Before the Fall: 
Neil Young writes Beatle's lyrics "Love Is All We Need" on the Berlin Wall in October, 1982

For more, see Rusted Moon. Also,

Rockin' In The Free World

rocking in the free world.jpg

Neil Young Lyrics Analysis

Freedom (1989) by Neil Young -
"The rock and roll coda of the Cold War"
(+ new, revised lyrics for RITFW)


  1. So maybe some of our Philosopher type folks can weigh in here on the Subject of Freedom and what it's worth?!

  2. Freedom? There's nothing better. Give me the freedom to eat a steak, smoke a joint, drink a ice cold Budweiser, and listen to some good ol' Rock and Roll.

    Freedom can be hard, though. True freedom means having the grace to accept EVERYONE'S viewpoint, whether you like it or not. That seems to be the tricky part for so many. Some people love freedom, as long as it's THEIR side's freedom.

  3. Thanks richie. Lots of TRUTH in that Philosophy.

  4. Noise & Flowers screens at the Hearse Theater this weekend! Huzzah!!

  5. Frankly I think freedom is a myth, because none of us are free until everyone is free.

    Peace 🙏

  6. "Someone's hiding out, who can't forget about, the things that people do when they're free"

    Neil knows about addiction and he understands the ways it impinges on freedom. One way to think about freedom is to assume that we have multiple choices, it us "up to us" (we are first causes) and then to reflect on what might impinge on those choices. Perhaps my emotional life and mental world (in general) already impinges in multiple ways? By analogy, it impinges just as definitely as a lack of money impinges on my ability to purchase things and to change my material well-being. These are basic ideas.

    I strongly suggest that "Without Rings" is about such ideas. As are several songs on Freedom.

  7. @ Tomatron - Huzzah, Huzzah yeah!

    @ Dan - exactly, in the immortal words of Fannie Lou Hamer

    @ Abner - nice to see serious engagement on a serious theme of NY's music.

    not to be trite, but Freedom isn't free.

    Freedom has consequences when not carefully applied. But that seems to be nature of universe.

    A tricky subject that isn't as straightforward as it might seem.

    Take the Fannie Lou Hamer quote that Dan posted above. Agree. But ...

    There are definitely personal boundaries which can never be trespassed.

    Freedom of speech is absolute for us & this blog.

    But pls, remember, while we preach Freedom of speech here @ TW, we have not been firing off any old opinion just because we can. We try and be extra judicious on what we publish ourselves.

    And then there is the whole comment issue and Freedom of speech.

    This has probably been the biggest education of running TW for decades now.

    We boil it all down here with a link on every single TW post: Please observe Comments Policy for Neil Young News.

    IOW, Our House, Our Rules

    Freedom: Use it or lose it. But never abuse it.


    ps great suggestion on "Without Rings". playing now

  8. ps 2 - re: "Without Rings" ... yes, great suggestion. just listened and reminded of these lyrics:

    "I know that you can fly
    ’Cause I’m here on the ground without you"

    ties into the Buff Sprig post and your comment on E2F.

    a bit of cosmic synchronicity, eh

  9. While a publication like a blog necessarily has to emphazise "free speech" as being the paramount of the four freedoms proposed by F.D. Roosevelt many people around the world would like to see a little more balance. Ukrainians e.g. currently might favour freedom of fear and the global south might prefer freedom of want over free speech. For much of the world at present the right to yell "Stop the War!" or "End Hunger!" is not exactly worth a lot as long as global injustice and insane consumerism are ruining their planet. Not to speak of fundamentalist para-religious tendencies disguised as politics which are also protected unter these American amendments. To somehow define these other freedoms to be part of the price tag is falling too short.

    Dionys (now in the Cretan footsteps of Joni Mitchell and "Carey": "The wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn't sleep...", present daytime Temps are at a 102° of your Fahrenheits.
    Trivial Neil content: Did you know that Car(e)y rode in at the Isle of Wight 1970 festival in Neil's Rolls Royce onboard with Joni, Neil, and Eliott. Later Eliott Roberts who happened to be also Joni's manager at the time made sure she got rid of Cary. Jackson Browne was a more suitable match. Maybe Cary, the drifter, was the figure that inspired Neil Young to make this short-lived plan to take the Rolls to Morocco?

    Read some of the story here:

  10. @ Dionys - thanks for checking in from the Med.

    for us, all freedom flows from the right to speak, the right to disagree/criticize.


    Because, as has been very well established, "To Learn Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed To Criticize".

    The prima facie evidence to support this is undeniable.

    so we here @TW will always continue to speak out against those who are anti-freedom, i.e. pro-slavery.

    btw, great little story there on Cary. we'll consider for future TW post.

    now get back to that holiday and worry about more important matters ... such as what will be my next beer selection ...



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