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VIDEO: "Danger Bird" - Neil Young + Promise of The Real - Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany, July 3, 2019


Here's a video of "Danger Bird" by Neil Young + Promise of The Real on their Europe concert tour at Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany on July 3.

More on "Danger Bird": Neil Young + Promise of The Real @ Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany on July 3, 2019.

Henrik Flying the TW Colors @ Neil + REAL

Also, see more on Neil Young + Promise of the Real's new album "Noise & Flowers" scheduled for release on August 5th.  Album #21 from the "Performance Series" will be released as CD, double LP and limited box set including Blu -Ray video. Pre-sale has begun. (Please shop locally & independently. But if you can't, we appreciate your supporting Thrasher's Wheat by clicking this link . Thank you!!!)

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  • Neil Young + Promise of the Real's New Album "Noise & Flowers": Release Date - August 5th


    1. It’s not on the album though, right? instead of a Danger we get more Big Birds…

    2. right Art, not on release. We were just looking at the Berlin reviews, photos, etc and came across a post from the tour and thought Dangerbird was pretty cool.

      altho feels sort of weird in daylight.

    3. Thanks for sharing this Thrasher - one of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite albums. I agree about it feeling odd in the daylight though! Rarely played so would have been nice to be on the album but at least we are getting On The Beach. I really like the video of From Hank to Hendrix from Noise and Flowers that is available to watch and listen to. I am assuming all the tracks will have video, but I can't see any cameras anywhere in that video of Dangerbird?
      PS - Timberline from Toast is available on NYA today - sounds great on first listen.

    4. Yes!!!!! Thank you so much Thrasher. Made my day. Means a lot. I'm just in shot on the left a couple of rows back losing my marbles as the whiskey and weed kick-in and Neil sends me flying above the city. What a memory. I’ll never forget seeing him sing that ‘shadow on the sky’ lyric live and how he does the wacka wacka intro and outro.

      Experiencing it in its live incarnation, I fell completely in love with this truly epic song and couldn’t shake that riff in my head for weeks. So to then have the Rust Bucket version released the following year was like an answer to all my prayers. The L.A. Girls & Ocean Boys proto version was a lovely surprise in Vol II as well. Neil opening his soul in his own unique way. I mean, what the hell happened in the museum?

      Question for some more experienced rusties is whether there are other versions of Danger Bird out there with this riff, that is also in Rust Bucket, but also the longer, slightly more melodic riff he does on Zuma. I keep expecting the Zuma riff to breakout at the end in Rust Bucket but I guess that’s just the way he chose to develop the song live all those years later. It’s kind of there on Year of the Horse but if there are better examples out there I’d appreciate the pointer.

      One week before the Toast finally pops…… damn I love being a fan of Neil.

    5. @ Ron -yeah, the video should be everyhting. but seems like the audio tracks and video tracks are not always the same b/c of technical reasons. Like WELD, we recall.

      Oh, yeah and Timberline from Toast is great on 1st listen!

      @ Greying Rider - very cool, you're most welcome!

      Good question Danger Bird riff. certainly some rustie extraordinaire will come to rescue.

      and it's always a good time to be a Neil fan. Check Timberline.

      Here we are still getting great new songs...


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