Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On The Beach? Or On The Couch?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie On The Beach
(On The Beach by Neil Young Album Cover)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ... On The Beach? Or On The Couch?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie - July 1, 2017

Earlier this month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered beaches across the State closed due to budget issues. Soon after, photos from a plane chartered by a local newspaper showed Christie "On The Beach" with his family. Gov. Christie and his family were the only people on the beach because the governor had declared it closed.

Much mocking has since ensued about the Internet with viral memes galore.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie On The Porch Couch
(Crosby, Stills, & Nash Album Cover)

So. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ... On The Beach? Or On The Couch? Or both?

(Thanks Hounds That Howell!)


  1. I remember when this site was a wonderful resource for all things Neil Young; album reviews, song lyric meanings, up to date news etc..
    Granted, the Bridge School memories have been interesting. Now it's full of politics, Facebook "conspiracy theorys" and comments regarding why a man in his 70's is not creative lyrically as he was in his 20's or 30's. Just want this site to get back to what it was, leaving politics out of it. Anyway, just needed to vent.

    Some news:
    ORS CD boxsets brought foward to August 18th
    Hitchhiker brought back to September 8th
    Cover story on this months Uncut magazine: feature on NY unreleased albums.

  2. Kahuna: I don't think "Neil Young delays archives release" counts as news! ;-)

    Re: the alledged decline in the quality of the blog, I can remember a few years ago when the comments sections was filled with insults and trolling comments. I think things have improved immeasurably since then.

    I'd agree that most people come here for an interest in Neil Young's music, not politics, and the two don't necessarily mix particularly well, mainly because politics divides where music unites. Part of it surely comes down to Neil becoming more political (to use the term loosely) in recent years.

    As for the discussion on Neil's lyrical creativity, I think age only becomes a hindrance if you let it become one. The brain is like a muscle that strengthens with use. This applies to a 20-year-old or an 80-year-old. It's something that unites us all. You get out of something what you put into it. Neil is clearly not short on inspiration, you can see that just by the amount of albums he has put out in recent years.


  3. What are your sources for the changes
    in the release dates of the ORS and Hitchiker? Amazon lists both ORS on September 8 release dates and nothing on
    Hichhiker. It is the responsibility of an artist
    to follow their muse and Neil always has
    In the 60's and 70's music helped change
    the world for the better. Neil is one of the
    very few from that period who is still speaking his mind. If music intersects with
    politics so be it. We do happen to have a psychopath as president. we do happen to live in a world where the environment the
    Earth the ecosystems are under tremendous
    stress. Neil is the last of the great protest
    singers who follows his heart regardless of
    how it may affect some of his audience

    1. ORS listed on amazon UK August 18th, available to pre-order.

  4. I remember when this site was run by a crazy super fan/stalker who kept referring to himself as "we" and would reply to criticism with neil young song lyrics in a creepy way.

  5. Amazon UK good news. Let's hope it comes
    up on Amazon USA and HITCHIKER FOLLOWS

  6. the doctored photos are a hoot.
    i agree with Joseph's comments about Neil.
    Neil and the politics of the day and the Earth have always been intertwined.
    long may he run.

  7. "Long May He Run" -
    Mortimer or Chris Crispy?

  8. I agree - it's funny. Politics or not.

  9. UNCUT running front page story on Neil's lost albums/songs - very tired article made up from old interviews - mind you Neil is quoted as saying my best work is ahead of me this quote isn't dated but could be around 1977!

  10. Brings whale watching to another level

  11. Body shaming? Seriously?
    Where's the outrage,TW?

    If it was black or woman or poor,
    you'd be all over this...

  12. @Scotsman, I agree.

    And this particular post has to be one of the more innocuous that still touches on current events. If you're going to take issue or offense at anything posted on Thrasher's, this is an odd place for it. Not remotely the most political (or, dare I say it, loopy) thing Thrasher's ever put out... not by a long chalk!

    Admittedly, there have been occasions when I felt this site was moving into the twilight zone. In hindsight, those occasions were usually on my first visit in some time, so it may have been partly the shock of Thrasher's clashing up against the more conventional media I was otherwise consuming. In any event, when those posts popped up in the past (the ones some people refer to as "tinfoil hat moments"), I tried to make my--hopefully tempered--perspective clear. I.e. If there's any "big shift" to be felt, it's probably always been happening and always will be; impermanence and transience are the nature of things. Change is a constant; it would be worrying if things weren't moving and evolving. "All things must pass"--that, to me, is the Big Shift.

    But that's irrelevant here. This is not one of those posts, so I'm surprised to see it attracting a bit of blow back. The connection to Neil Young is self-evident. And any good blog trades in these whimsical asides, along with the more substantial items. Whatever Thrasher has posted, it's never bothered me nearly as much as some of the angrier user comments have. Our affable hosts may have their quirks, but by gum, some of the other guests we have gotten can make them look quite sensible!

  13. For the people who are complaining about politics entering conversation, I wonder just what Neil Young music you are listening to? He has been intrinsically political from the beginning. I’m sorry you cannot hear or see the thread throughout his work. It is heartbreaking. I hope a chime rings through and opens your heart, ears, and eyes. Listen a little more closely. May you find the threads of history he has painstakingly woven into much of his work. He is an excellent student and teacher of the ages. Please consider paying the deepest respect by allowing yourself to deeply soak in all the nuances this man gives artfully AND heartfully. He has a heart of gold, do him the courtesy.


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