Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NEW ALBUM: "Peace Trail" by Neil Young due December 2 + 2017 Tour News

"Peace Trail" by Neil Young

Yet another new album coming from Neil Young.

"Peace Trail" is now scheduled for release on December 2. This is Neil's second album release of 2016 and his 38th solo record of his career.

Per Press Release:
"The album is primarily acoustic and reflects an intimate, sparse approach that draws the listening into the heart of the songs in a personal way. Each song is rich with Young’s typically inviting lyrical expression of his inimitable impassioned and heartfelt life-long humanitarian concerns which remain as topical and timely as ever.

Peace Trail was recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri- la Studios and features Young on vocals and guitar, Jim Keltner on drums, and Paul Bushnell on bass. It was produced by Young and John Hanlon, mixed by John Hanlon."

The track-listing for Peace Trail is as follows:

1. Peace Trail
2. Can’t Stop Workin’
3. Indian Givers
4. Show Me
5. Texas Rangers
6. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
7. John Oaks
8. My Pledge
9. Glass Accident
10. My New Robot

Peace Trail will be released in several configurations: as a physical CD, digital download, and cassette. A vinyl edition will follow in January. The album is available for pre-order through and PONOMusic. Those who pre-order will receive an instant download of the title track (and first single). Additional instant downloads will follow for those who pre-order Peace Trail.

Neil Young + Promise of the Real will tour Australia and New Zealand in April, Japan in May, and South America in the summer.


  1. Any further details as to this tour news? Haven't seen that tidbit anywhere else...

  2. Cassette? Because sound matters, right? LOL

    Always great to hear about a new Neil album.

    1. Wow, great point. Wtf? We still can't get time fades away on cd but the new album can go on a tape?


  3. I've recorded vinyl onto cassette for years now.

    They're the bomb for sound!

    Cassette Lives Matter!

    "... Don't want my MP3...Don't want my MP3...."

  4. Man I love Peace Trail! Can wait to hear that album. Suprised me that he is not playing with POTR on this album, but at the same time the sparse arangement (i'm guessing) with only bass and drums should bring out more Neil which is never a bad thing.

    Simon Buck

  5. No, it's not available for pre-order on the website, yet. Still shows "Earth" - at least on my computer.

  6. What bob g said - updated website and pre-order does not appear to be live. ?

  7. Also - the Pono music store has been down for months... Would love for this to be be the reason it opens back up!!! Anyone see this live there (does not work from my Pono account, yet)...

  8. Re Aust /NZ Tour in 2017. NY + POTR are playing Bluesfestt at Byron Bay, NSW , Australia 14th April 2017. Than another promoter (Frontier Touring) who has been the promoter for all his prev Aust tours going back to 1985, announced that they would be doing a full Aust & NZ tour with indoors shows and special outdoors show, with dates to be announced 12 Oct.

    There has been no further update on the Aust/NZ dates and looking at Frontier's presence online since then they are having quite a few people ask 'where are the dates ' ,but there not really providing any feedback on when they will be announced. Hope he doesnt come all this way for one show!

  9. He will surely be doing at least 1 concert in each capital city. I can't wait, his tours this year have been fantastic.

  10. Hopefully an Adelaide gig again. His Crazy Horse 2013 gig was awe inspiring.


  11. "...Well that's a horse of a different color! C'mon in!...and Welcome to OZ!"

  12. I am excited to have the new songs released but I must say that I am a little disappointed that Neil didn't record the songs with Promise of the Real and release it as a band album. I saw a lot of these songs practiced and performed live in Boise with the band and I must say the band rocks it. Neil on Grunge Harp is amazing. I felt the acoustic version with video of Indian Givers that Neil released seemed weak compared to the live band performances. Well, that settles it. I'll just have to go see them play live again at the next chance I get. -Alan in Seattle

  13. I'm looking forward to the new album mainly because it sounds like such a stark affair, and I like that kind of Neil. Maybe a On The Beach or first side of Hawks And Doves kind of vibe.

    I gotta say, though, that I'm very surprised that this was done without POTR. And believe me, Neil was grinning ear to ear bashing away with Metallica at the Bridge. Hmmmmm.........I wonder if change is in the air? Maybe Lucas and Micah are about to learn the first lesson in Neil Young 101, "never get too comfortable".........and is that a Horse that I hear kicking at the doors of the Barn???

  14. I eagerly await news of dates for the Australian tour. Frontier Touring have been frustratingly silent on this since their ambiguous Oct. 12 teaser thingy. It's all a bit strange. Neil and the Horse were awesome last tour (I saw them in Brisbane). I'll be happy if this one's half as good.


  15. Re: speculation about Crazy Horse.

    I know the band are up for another collaboration. And as Ralph commented recently: "(with Crazy Horse) it will be more intense".

    There have been some good Neil Young performances this year (much better than 2015). But I still don't think POTR have even half the exciting chemistry of Crazy Horse, despite their technical proficiency.

    And I know more than a few of you are like magpies, easily excited by the new and shiny; until something even newer and more shiny comes along, that is. But I file them along with Friends & Relatives (2000): a technically proficient band who can play everything well. Sounds good, right? And yet my guess is Road Rock is one of your least-played albums. The talent is there; the magic is missing. So it goes with POTR.

    As for the Horse, my guess is if Poncho gets Neil on the phone and says "we're still alive, let's make a record" then it will happen sooner rather than later. The set-lists have become dominated with Horse songs recently, with the performances only emphasising just how superior and hard-hitting the CH versions are.

    Time and time again over the last 5 decades, Neil has played with other bands before returning to Crazy Horse to make his highest quality albums. Of course they are a lot older now: but as long as they are all still alive, it would be foolish to bet aginst it happening yet again.


    1. POTR are a more versatile band, but no one can perform the Crazy Horse songs as Crazy Horse do. But at this point with probable next tours with POTR, it's hard to say now if there's space for another record with Crazy Horse.
      So Tired

  16. Scotsman... Interesting point about Road Rock. I played that CD about a month ago for the first time in years and found it to be anemic at best.

  17. Neil will do as Neil does period.

    Another new LP, how good is that?

  18. As for cassettes, I predicted a revival in this format, 5 months ago. Some of you may remember me promoting an alternative to Pono: the Ohno cassette player. See the comments here:

    "I'm also convinced that cassette tapes will make a significant comeback In future. There's been a resurgence in vinyl for a reason, and the portable/tradable aspect of cassettes is a natural extension of that".

    (Some perceptive comments by all concerned on that page, worth a re-read).


  19. @All - thanks for all the comments. CH. POTR. KB&Y/Semi-Solo. It's all good.

    @Scotsman - good call. When we saw cassette, we thought it was a goof.

    FYI - this was a pre-PR, semi-official. Apparently an official announcement will be made on PT next week. Standby for more to come.

    Hopefully more tour dates for '17 as well.

    South America here we come!
    Like an Inca in Peru...


  20. I still use my Walkman....cassette Walkman that is.

    Vinyl and tape (reel to reel and cassette).

    What goes around, comes around.

    I never left it. Glad to see a resurgence!

    "...ah,shit. The tape broke again!...." :>)

  21. Both Lucas and Micah have stated that
    they are relishing the moments because they know Neil could change bands at any time. We will probably see one more crazy horse album and tour perhaps in 2019 as
    a 50 year anniversary tour
    I do think POTR are much better than the friends and relatives band
    The setlists have been the best and most
    diverse of Neil's career
    Whatever Neil does I'll follow his muse as I've been doing since 1968

    1. Joseph are you serious. How can you even compare Willie's boys to Booker T , Donald Duck Dunn, Steve Cropper, and Jim Keltner. This would be like comparing a High School Basketball Team to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  22. Cassettes have been slowly making a come back in the indie music market...Back in Sept when "Indian Givers" was released, I thought the sound was too minimal for POTR (a five piece band)...glad to see Jim K. on a Neil album...looking forward to it as I've really liked the tunes from this album thats been played live.


  23. Sometimes the Peace Trail gets bit frantic.

    Keep it rattlin' til it all shakes out.

  24. Scotsman -


    Out of line with ad hominem attacks, my man.

    BTW, have you seen NY and POTR live?

  25. TOTALLY disagree with comparison of "F&R" to

    seen both; NO COMPARISON!

  26. Scotsman,
    I'm afraid I have to agree with Tom on this one. The "magpie" and "new and shiny" comments are demeaning (at the very least) and perhaps bordering on offensive (but only if I were as thinned-skinned as Mr. Trump).
    I do respect your opinion, and feel that you have brought more to this site than perhaps any other contributor (outside of Thrasher of course). However, we should be allowed to express our thoughts without potshots being hurled our way.
    I have been fortunate enough to have seen Neil + POTR three times over the last twelve months. Having seen Neil solo, and with Crazy Horse a dozen times or so over the last decade, I can honestly say that I had much more fun when Neil is on stage with POTR.
    The largest reason for this is that it appears Neil seems to be having much more fun on stage and that vibe translates directly to the audience.
    The last couple of Crazy Horse tours almost felt like the concerts were being "mailed in". The twenty minute, largely self-indulgent feedback laced endings to songs such as Walk like a Giant really didn't make the grade for my tastes. In contrast, the trading of guitar solos between Neil and Lukas are spectacular. This is not to take anything away from Poncho et al.
    It really is just that in life things change and sometimes it is for the better.
    Or maybe it just feels like there is a new shine to old black!
    Murray Davidson

    1. Hey guys I have been seeing Neil in Concert since 1966, Buffalo Springfield played at my High School. This long 20 jam stuff is BS to the max, I don't care if its Crazy Horse or the Beatles. We come to hear the songs not a 20 min jam from a average guitar player.Don't get me wrong I love Neil more than anyone. He has not put out a decent lp since Prarie Wind. There is not a whole lot of time left for our host. I hope he can give us one more classic!!!

  27. Agree Tom. F&R vs POTR is a really lazy comparison.

    I disagree almost entirely with Scotsman's take on POTR. Amazing shows, undeniable chemistry, ever evolving setlists, genuine excitement and fun on stage. Some of the best shows I've had the privilege of seeing.

    Now, what nest did I leave my shiny baubles in?

  28. Of the 3 NY concerts that I've seen (Chrome Dreams 2, PP, Monsanto) the Crazy Horse concert was the inferior one. It was a shorter show and I know people will say that it is quality not quantity that counts but Neil did not seem as interested to me. The show lacked variety compared to the other two and far too many of the songs had dull, drawn out endings. Now, I'm not disputing that NY&CH in their prime may have been fantastic but you judge on what you see and I'd much rather have the POTR show in which Neil was switched on and the band was full of energy.

  29. Of the 3 NY concerts that I've seen (Chrome Dreams 2, PP, Monsanto) the Crazy Horse concert was the inferior one. It was a shorter show and I know people will say that it is quality not quantity that counts but Neil did not seem as interested to me. The show lacked variety compared to the other two and far too many of the songs had dull, drawn out endings. Now, I'm not disputing that NY&CH in their prime may have been fantastic but you judge on what you see and I'd much rather have the POTR show in which Neil was switched on and the band was full of energy.


  30. To whom it may concern:

    Please note the "magpie" comment which has upset you was directed at no person in particular. I was refering to those individuals who unconsciously believe whatever Neil is doing now instantly supersedes that which came before. This stance seems respectful to POtR, but in the long run it's not. To these new-obsessed fans, the latest band will be forgotten about just as soon as they are inevitably replaced with somebody else.

    The "new" thing is always going to seem better at the time, of course it is. But it's a mental illusion. That's why I'm interested in things that are powerful enough to have stood the test of time. I still listen to Sleeps With Angels regularly, over 20 years after it was released. I really appreciated the latest record (Earth), too; but my guess is already many of you haven't played it in weeks.

    So if you identify yourself with this "magpie" comment then that is up to you. It's not a commentary on all people who like POTR. Though those of you saying "there's no comparison between Friends And Relatives and POtR" are kind of proving my point: I bet you were much more defensive about Friends & Relatives when they were brand new!


  31. Replies
    1. Scotsman-

      Your reply diminishes you.

      Man up and apologize.

    2. Scotsman-

      Have you seen NY & POTR live?

      Second request

  32. More on Crazy Horse:

    How many of you have listened to a good bootleg from 1996 or 1991 or 1976 or 2012 recently? Has age caused this music to lose it's appeal? Why?

    Go now. Go and listen to Cortez and Hurricane from Winnipeg 1996 or LA 1991, or Rio 2001 (pro-shot video). More valuable than gold. Something newer? The pro-shot video of Ramada Inn from New Orleans 2012 is timeless (if a little more rough around the edges, performance-wise).

    In each of these examples, you will feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and a surge of emotion will overwhelm you. You may even cry. At the end, you will somehow feel both utterly drained and invigorated.

    This is the magic I'm talking about. It's got absolutely nothing to do with posturing or diverse setlists or "having fun on stage" or Desert Trip or social media. It's pure, undiluted artistic greatness. And it's a really rare thing. You have to hunt it out. It's often hidden away in the shadows.

    And, as Neil Young Has said many times, for him it mostly tends to happen when Crazy Horse are around.


  33. @ TOM

    Who's making the Ad hominem comments now? (see TROLL/Man up comments)

    Scotsman has explained himself, he doesn't owe you an apology just because you are offended.

    Oh, and Magpies are beautiful birds!

  34. TOM:

    Whilst not everyone agrees with my opinions on Thrasher's blog, I don't think anyone else here considers me to be a troll.

    You can try and agressively lure me as much as you like, I am far too comfortable here to be particularly bothered. I'm very happy to discuss this subject in a more calm way.

    Yes, to answer your question, I have seen Neil with Promise Of The Real. I enjoyed it, and my review on this blog reflected that. They are clearly a talented group. But that's not what my comments above are about.


  35. Thanks Floyd!


  36. Scotsman-

    When folks don't agree with you they usually don't resort to "magpie" comments and if they do, many are (too) quick to call them out.

    You in particular should not be exempt from civility and your "magpie" comments were out of line.

    Floyd was being disingenuous with his "magpies are beautiful" comment as clearly that was complimenting was not your intention.

    My troll comment was meant to be ironic as too many times folks who disagree using ad hominem attacks are painted with that brush way too quickly by some of the regulars.

    I find you comments mostly to be instructive and valuable if sometimes a little pendantic and self-reverential but you need to be called when you cross the line, which you did.

  37. TOM: Well, I've explained myself above. Long-term readers here have probably picked up on my infuriating ability to effortlessly wind people up, which often encourages some interesting and passionate discussions/perspectives.

    I do admit to being somewhat surprised that the rather vague "magpie" comment provoked genuine offence, but I apologise to yourself and anyone else who was offended.


  38. So, anyways, how about that new album?! the original topic of this post. Any new information out there? I see nothing new on Neil's website, or the Pono site.

  39. Guys,guys, please now. Really. Let's all take a deep breath.

    It's only a Neil blog,
    It's only a Neil blog,
    It's only a Neil blog.

    Love the passion but let's keep it in perspective. As always, to each, their own.

    Disagree, fine. But respectfully.

    "Long ago in the book of old,
    Before the chapter where dreams unfold
    A battle raged on the open page,
    Love was a winner there overcoming hate"

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. If a general use of the term "magpie" offends people these days, we have bigger problems than I thought. No offense at all taken here...

    Now for the important stuff, my opinion, which is always subject to change but has remained constant for quite a few years now. Neil's last tours with CH were at best adequate. They were predictable, short, uninspired, un-inspirational, dull, tedious and artistically arrogant. That being said, it was Neil's "fault" not CH. It's just become the chemistry he has chosen and morphed into with them. The last CH tours have found Neil reveling in tedium, sluggishness and sloppiness, and he's encouraged it.

    Now, with POTR, the kids have sparked Neil creatively and he's re-learned to be somewhat spontaneous. Sure the shows are still largely scripted, but the magic lies in the flexibility and enthusiasm of the group. The extensive set-list choices they invariably pull from keeps everyone on their toes (especially the crowd) and it makes each show uniquely exciting and fresh.

    These shows are dominated with enthused apprentice musicians playing happily in the moment triggered by increasing familiarity mixed in with a little reverence. It has become a true Zen unit where everyone is teaching and everyone is learning.

    I no longer have much faith that Neil is capable of delivering a truly good to great record, but his live playing has rarely been more enjoyable. As he's just about to turn 71, I'd say that's pretty remarkable. It warmed my heart knowing he "converted" 50,000+ music fans into Neil fans through his performances with POTR at Desert Trip. If he had played with CH there, the results likely would have fallen flat. CH belongs in the Hall of Fame, but at this point in my mind, I have them "under white sheets for the great unveiling at the big parade".

    Regarding Neil's upcoming record, I know I just said I don't have much faith that he's capable of delivering a truly good to great record, but this new one has me somewhat intrigued. The new songs he's played live have their moments, and an intimate stark atmospheric album without a large band could contain some inspired music.

    As I'm writing this, I'm realizing how lucky we are as Neil fans to still have exciting shows and new albums to look forward to. They may soar, fall flat, irritate or enthrall us, and hasn't that really been the magic all along?

  42. Great thread btw...

    For mine, POTR's 2016 stuff has been fantastic and a worthy addition to some of the great tours. Much better that the inconsistent 2015 tour. Interesting that their performance on all (most) of the '70s (and 60's) material has been remarkable, while any thing later, i.e. Ragged glory and after, has been less so. A couple of the powderfinger performances have been (almost) definitive, but fuckin up, laol, etc less so. Says a lot about nuances of Neil's songwriting over the different periods I reckon.

    Regarding crazy horse, the 2012-13 shows I saw were really very good (much better and electric band for instance) but the horse did seem a little tired, esp. the rhythm section. Neil seemed to play to the strengths and weaknesses very well however during the shows. The overall feel is much more intuitive than any other band.

    Probably also with the studio work, you could say Neil's best late period work involves the horse. A reflection of his understanding of their weaknesses as much as their strengths...and vice versa.


  43. @ TOM

    "Floyd was being disingenuous with his "magpies are beautiful" comment as clearly that was complimenting was not your intention."

    It was a joke, a little light hearted and flippant sign off. That's all.

    Magpies are beautiful though, the way the light catches their feathers gets me every time ;-)

    As TopangaDaze points out if people get offended at the generic term 'magpie' then we truly are in trouble.

    I look forward to hearing Neil's new album. I like his stripped back stuff and the distorted harmonica sound he's using sounds great to my ears. Am I expecting a masterpiece? No. But I'm sure they'll be some minor gems on it.


  44. Great points Dominic, Topanaga (good to "see" you again, btw).

    One of the most appealing things for me about Crazy Horse is that they provide a rock-steady foundation where ALL the lead guitar is played by Neil. Of course, if you are less of a lead guitar-maniac, then you may well find the more varied sound of POTR (where everyone contributes to a sound collage) much more appealing.

    So yes, it's all a matter of taste; what attracts you to Neil's music.

    I realise too that not everyone (particularly, those of you who aren't players yourselves) is going to know who is playing what at any one time. That great solo you thought was Neil is actually Lukas, or vice versa. But for me, the biggest attraction of any Neil electric show remains his own particular brand of (criminally underrated) virtuoso guitar playing; as I've said before, "alone in the spotlight". And so Crazy Horse are the perfect band for me because they consistently push his playing to the forefront. And, hovering on the precipice, he inevitably rises to the occasion. That sense of being out on the edge, alone, "do or die"'s the very foundation of what makes Neil great, in my opinion.

    For all his artistic collaborations, Neil remains a solo artist; people listen to his records to hear him, not someone else. In the same say that nobody listens to an Elvis record because they like the backing vocalists.

    Yes, Crazy Horse are limited by what they can play. Worth noting, though, that Neil's most exciting bands have always tended to be those who excel at one particular niche sound (CH, Harvesters, Bluenotes, Pearl Jam, Lost Dogs, MGs). Rather than the "jack of all trades" bands such as....well, I've forgotten them. That's the point.


  45. POTR represent a rebirth of sorts for Neil after so many of his compadres passed on and with CH seemingly on the ropes. In a word they represent the future while CH represent the past (albeit hopefully the present too, it was one of the CH guys during their last tour who suggested that it might have been their last). Its been maybe 18 months with POTR and the results have been phenomenal to say the least, a couple albums, some fantastic tours with loads of rare, deep cuts, a rejuvenated Neil, in short a total dream scenario has unfolded before our eyes ... given that most of these guys are in their 20s and that they've played with Neil since for all of a year+ its silly to expect they'll deliver at the caliber of CH at their peak when CH and Neil have been together for 5 decades ... the analogy that POTR represents some kind of shiny new object that fans are chasing is also shortsighted and disrespectful not just to fans who have been moved by the recent tours but to POTR as well ... this doesn't seem like a short fling, even if Neil will change things up as he always has the chemistry w POTR is beautiful as is jovial Neil ... Nothing will ever replace CH, and Neil and CH will hopefully make another run, for my money the last CH tour was epic, as was the best of the PP material ... its cool to compare and contrast but getting too caught up in the fact that RNS or Sleeps w Angles or some other period 20+ years ago that was incredible doesn't need to demean Neil's current output, one aspect of Neil's greatness is he's in the moment, speaking out about today's injustices, making fresh music with fresh people and therefore he keeps things vital and vibrant ... on that note, South America next summer is sounding like a must do, this train won't ride forever ...

  46. On a lighter note I hear the new album has been renamed 'On The Trail of the Lonesome Whine'...

  47. Scots, well said a few minutes ago regarding how CH allows Neil to do his thing unencumbered and totally agree, they give him the space, doubt (sadly) we'll see anyone else provide Neil such an open canvass, although the electric band I thought was great in both giving Neil that space as well as being more versatile than CH (not sure they should be forgotten) ... I agree tho that your last post here nails it ... will be interesting to see what ensemble he comes up with if he chooses to search for that solo vibe and can't get back on the Horse

  48. Incidentally, the version of Revolution Blues that SONY posted above features some really excellent guitar playing from Neil. One of the guitars still feels like a spare part, though: adding nothing and crowding the soundstage.

    Thanks Dan for your comment, I agree with you mostly.


  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Nice to see all of the comments and interesting back and forth thoughts. Sadly this level of engagement has been missing recently, but I guess it always ebbed and flowed to some extent. Good to see/hear from you too Scots..

    Looks like a few of us took a little hiatus, but it's somehow reassuring how many of us continue doubling down on our previous thoughts while often expanding on them in nuanced ways.

    One of my primary "issues" with the recent Neil & CH tours isn't so much the "meat" of the songs, but the extended false song endings which add up to nothing.

    Contrast that with the current POTR "false" song ending at the end Of Rockin' in the Free World. Now it's extended by approximately 3 minutes, but instead of droning noise, it's interesting and exciting. As the song starts to end and appears to be over, that's when the vocals kick in after a momentary brief interruption followed again with the guitars and full band. It's, dare I say, "professional". It's synchronized in a structured but still loose way. I love it, as in this example from Desert Trip:

    On a somewhat bizarre side note, "Sleeps With Angels" has always been one of my favorite albums. Just the other day I listened to it in its entirety while driving in my car. For the first time ever, all of a sudden I was somehow less than satisfied with Neil's vocals. Keep in mind, I've listened to the album hundreds of times and always found it endlessly fascinating.

    Now out of the blue I discover a "significant problem" with it? I was so shocked at my reaction it actually shook me up a little bit. I haven't listened to it since, as I've been debating it in my mind--is it now tainted to me somehow and am I going to continue noticing this problem, or was it just a "one-off" odd listening experience?

    Is it strange it should change I don't know...?

  51. Topanga: Sleeps With Angels is a very subtle record (full of "spook"), and Neil's voice is very soft throughout.

    Take Western Hero, for instance. On recent live versions, he shouts and projects the song. On the original, he whispers softly in your ear.

    For me, the Sleeps With Angels version is more rich and engaging. It wants to dreamily seduce you into stepping closer and and listening harder, rather than grabbing you by the lapels and shaking you. There's a fragile depth to that record that might easily be lost in the car. Try it again in a quieter environment and I think you will rediscover your love for it very soon. You've probably become accustomed to the recent more in-your-face vocal sound and it will take a few listens to settle back in to the more relaxed and airy mid-nineties tone.

    ...And agreed absolutely about the false endings on recent tours!


  52. Fascinating thread, which I'm proud to say I got off the ground by suggesting that there's a Horse grumbling in the Barn, ha ha!

    For what it's worth, I absolutely love POTR, and the fact that they seemed to have rejuvenated Neil. If Mr Young chooses to play with them forever, I have no problem with that. However, I'm still a Crazy Horse guy first and foremost. To me, there's just something much deeper there that no other band will ever reach with Neil. Call it spiritual, call it voodoo, call it the Spook, it's just there with the Horse.

    It's not just live, it extends to the studio. Let's not forget how many of Neil's greatest studio recordings were either pure Crazy Horse affairs, or featured at least one or a few Horse tunes. And to my ears, the most consistent Neil albums of the 2000's were Greendale and PP, both Crazy Horse affairs. As wonderful as POTR has been, they've yet to capture magic with Neil in a studio, and I do find it interesting that the new album doesn't feature them.


  53. Music is what feelings sound like...

    ...and thus goes Neil Young's career.

  54. I would have used raven. one of my favorite birds also attracted to shiny things. We are all too aware of your contributions to this site.

  55. I'm a Raven fan, but of the Baltimore sporting variety...

  56. Don't worry wsanjose01, I won't be staying long! Though I shall return in future, of course, to "commandeer the blog with my pompous long-winded posts" or whatever it was.

    On a more "serious" note: some great comments to read today, thanks everyone. Thanks Thrasher.


  57. I don't get why people, including Neil, call the Horse limited? Live acoustic Horse is some of my favourite stuff like Mr. Soul and Human Highway off of YOTH or any of their Bridge concerts, '94 show is amazing.
    What about studio recording like Lookout For My Love or the entire Sleeps With Angels album? That sounds fairly diverse to me, and some of Neil's best acoustic band music.
    I think their limitations have more to do with how Neil likes to use them, mainly as his electric band and a vehicle for his guitar paintings. I suppose because they don't 'crowd' the music, but that's not limitation that's good taste.
    I don't want to compare the bands as a whole but I get off specifically on live acoustic Horse, with POTR I like their chill acoustic arrangements of songs not usually done with a band, but get off more 26 minute Like An Inca's.


  58. I like driftin' back....literally.

    But I still believe the best is yet to come!

  59. I'm a CH fan, especially the Whitten era. Fillmore East is my favourite official release. The '97 Trocadero show on YouTube might be my favourite bootleg recording. I don't think POTR could match that.

    But I would be wary of factoring in the past too much when making present day judgements. Based on what I have witnessed on the Psychedelic Pill tour and the POTR shows (four live shows for each), the POTR performances were better. And I sensed more magic/chemistry with POTR. And the ability to play many more songs is important to me. The set lists and songs that have been played would simply never have happened with CH.

    Neil has kept this thing with POTR going for a long time by Neil's standards. That should say something. This band gives him a lot and I think has rejuvenated him more than CH could have.

    CH gets my vote for the past, but POTR gets my vote for the present/future. Though if Neil returns to CH, I won't be complaining.

  60. also the subject of a favorite writer, the estimable Edgar Allan Poe. Dont go away mad FS ( but do go away) ha! kidding. Just a breaking of the nads.

  61. That album cover sucks so bad. I miss the days when NY's album covers were works of art. There have always been the odd "Zuma" and "Hawks&Doves" and "Reactor" but I think starting with "Living with War" they've all been so terrible looking that I want to take the vinyl out and throw away the sleeve. In fact half the time I'd like to throw away the vinyl too. I wish he'd put some time and effort into his music and his art like he used to. Imagine if Radiohead dashed off an album in a week and scrawled the title on a piece of garbage from the floor as the 'artwork' we'll have to look at for the next 30 years. Thank god some bands still take their 'job' seriously not just themselves and their 'message'.

  62. Alfonz, thanks for highlighting the Trocadero show, didn't know it was on YT and watched part of it … does it get any better?? Was a shame that '97 tour was cancelled when Neil cut his index finger … Scots, have you seen this video, would seriously love to hear your take …


  64. Just heard the title song from "Peace Trail" out 12/09/16, I love it, first couple chords sounds like Love and Only Love! Some nice bits of Old Black too.


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