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STREAM FULL ALBUM: Neil Young's Bluenote Café

New Performance Series Release: Neil Young Bluenote Café + "Crime In The City" (Official Audio)

Neil Young has announced that the latest Performance Series release from the Neil Young Archives is Bluenote Café - which will be released on November 13th via Reprise Records. The album collects various performances captured during Neil's 1988 tour.

This superb live 2-CD, 4-vinyl LP set documents one of Young's most funky and heartfelt periods and features seven unreleased songs: "Soul of a Woman," "Bad News Comes to Town," Ain't it the Truth," "I'm Goin'," "Crime of the Heart," "Doghouse," "Fool for Your Love," and a searing 19+ minute version of the immortal "Tonight's the Night" from The Pier in New York City. The album is available for pre-order as of today at: and here.

Those who pre-order will receive and instant download of "Crime in the City". Other instant downloads will become available at regular intervals leading up to street date and will also be available through, iTunes and all participating digital retailers.

Please see below for the full track-listing:

Disc 1:
Welcome To The Big Room*
Don't Take Your Love Away From Me**
This Note's For You***
Ten Men Workin'****
Life In The City****
Hello Lonely Woman****
Soul Of A Woman****
Married Man+
Bad News Comes To Town++
Ain't It The Truth++
One Thing++

Disc 2:
I'm Goin'#
Ordinary People##
Crime In The City###
Crime Of The Heart####
Welcome Rap####
Fool For Your Love####
Encore Rap####
On The Way Home+++
Sunny Inside####
Tonight's The Night####

Recorded on location at:
* Mt. View Theater, Mt. View, CA - 11/7/87
** The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA - 11/12/87
*** The Palace, Hollywood, CA - 4/13/88
**** The World, NY, NY - 4/18/88
+ The World, NY, NY - 4/21/88
++ Agoura Ballroom, Cleveland, OH - 4/23/88
+++ Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL - 8/16/88
# CNE, Toronto, Canada - 8/18/88
## Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT - 8/23/88
### Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY - 8/27/88
#### Pier 84, NY, NY - 8/30/88

Neil Young - guitar & vocals

Bluenote Café:
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums
Frank Sampedro - keyboards
Steve Lawrence - lead tenor saxophone
Ben Keith - alto saxophone
Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone
Claude Cailliet - trombone
Tom Bray - trumpet
John Fumo - trumpet
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums


  1. This album is worth it just for the version of "Tonight's the Night." It absolutely SMOKES.

  2. yes, those Bluenotes horns really jazz the song up quite differently than the CH versions.

  3. Can't wait to be able to hear the full thing. Incidentally, "Soul of a Woman", if it's the same song, has been released on "A Treasure", recorded with the International Harvesters in '84.

    I've so far heard "Twilight", "Hello, Lonely Woman", and "Crime in the City". "Lonely Woman" is just fun. The most interesting so far is "Twilight". I haven't listened to 'This Note's For You' in some while, so it may as well be new to me. On its face, "Twilight" has hopeful and upbeat lyrics, but there's a noticeable dark edge to it. It's almost--dare I say it--grungy. Like Neil's best genre-benders, it puts his unique stamp onto a skeletal structure of whichever genre he's taking on. He can write to the formula, but he can also add his own thing to it. Other examples of this synthesis in action include, for me, "Grey Riders" (International Harvesters) and "She's a Healer" with Booker T. and The MGS. I'd describe "Healer" as soul-grunge. It's really underrated in my opinion.

  4. love this stuff! This Bluenotes Band could do justice to any Neil song.

  5. I am thrilled to find out that this is NOT the same version of "Don't Take Your Love Away From Me" that is on Lucky 13, although at 1st listen it doesn't seem as incredible as that version. This could change over time. Thank you Neil Young! Happy Birthday!

  6. @ (D.) Ian Kertis - "Grey Riders" as soul-grunge! Love it. And definitely underrated.

    @Tweedboy - and how about that justice on Ordinary People? The hardworking, patch of ground people?!

    @ Alan - It's been a very long time since Lucky 13, Like 20 years or something. Good thing we didn't hold our breath...

  7. im not sure what fried my head more....witnessing Vampire Blues at Oregon or 15 mins later the first email I saw being re this Blue Notes release a totally Surreal 30 mins of time in Neil World

    some observations

    1. the fabulous fact that this release is Much More than the original This Notes for You Too mooted in late spring 1988 (post NYC shows), as we have the benefit of the epic summer 1988 new songs. Common sense in this release has thank goodness prevailed for once
    2. take a deep breath Vinyl fans....its NOT 180gm , so by default feels like a flexidisc in this day and age (Amp being fixed means i cant comment on the quality)
    3. comes in a typical of the now error of a box 2cm too big so vinyl rattling around nicely inside DOH not hard to make a snug box for a 12" x 12" item one would have thought !
    4. most importantly, most of this sounds fabulous .. what a band , what a groove and what a prolific era from oct 1987 - sept 1988...really really up there in quality and quantity of a 12 months in Neils song writing world. Funny what a lame NYCH Euro tour in 87, reconvening with old friends in Winnipeg summer 87 and then a return to Reprise did to clear the head
    5. the tragic omission of Coupe de Ville is almost made up for by a stunning One Thing just fabulous truly grand version very powerful
    6.Twilight - as per Ian above, just rips and soars wonderfully one real highlight....which with One Thing preceding it, a great 12 mins of heartache. Two easily overlooked AAA gems that tragically have never seen the light of a stage since
    7.Life in the City - I had almost forgotten how rip rockingly punchy and foot to the floor this song is. It really does kick of many songs that really really could (and in my dreams should) be a performed now without horns. Lyrically, its not that far away from Neils recent subject matter of injustices inequality and corporate modus operandi
    8. ......but not as relevant to the Now, as the Ordinary People and Crime in the City pair. Oh my goodness. if only they could see the light of day again. Ironically my 2 favourite verses are on the acoustic epic only "the Rich old man with 900 hospital beds" and "the Sioux in Dakota where the Bill is up against CAa$h"

    its a great release...its more than i ever thought we get to covers almost everything...and the joy of the lesser expected songs punching well above their weight is tremendous

  8. What's it sound like on Pono ? Am I allowed to ask ? I thought Neil was anti streaming. Oh I forgot it's a great record. Would have preffered something from 1974-9 but hey I know we love it all.

  9. @adrianfish - thnx for observations! Great #7 &8.
    Totally Surreal time in Neil World these days for sure. makes you think about livin'...

    @Andy Walters - goodness. Now Andy if you had bothered to read the post before commenting -- as usual -- you would have seen that this will not be released until November 13th.

    So it is not out on PONO or anywhere except here on TW & SC.

    So how would anyone know what it sounds like on PONO? A rather absurd question for anyone paying attention.

    So, please, do us a favor. Stop trolling us or get someone to write you a better auto-troll program. This one is very buggy. Maybe you've been hacked? Look over your shoulder...

  10. Wow maybe it's just because I've been drinking but this sounds AWESOME! When I read about it a few days ago I was wondering who'd want that or why he'd release that even though I always kinda liked the album but now I'm thinking of buying it or at least getting it off iTunes. It sounds so amazing.

  11. Am I back at school now? I made a valid reference to streaming that's all.....

  12. @Andy - we don't need no education...

  13. Who's the troll now, Thrasher?

    You diminish yourself with your pettiness toward Andy.

    Let him alone...your petulant bitchiness just brings more attention to someone you obviously despise but also makes Andy sympathetic as you bully him.

    You should be smarter and better than these posts...

  14. @TOM - Look in the mirror... who do you see?

  15. "I know you but what am I?"

    Grow up, Thrasher

  16. @TOM - why? i am a child... i last awhile. you can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile. :)


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