Friday, August 15, 2014

Arcade Fire Cover Neil Young’s* “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” in Winnipeg Last Night

Arcade Fire covered Danny Whitten's “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” last night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
A fitting tribute to Winnipeg's Neil. (*Though Neil Young did get a secondary writing credit for contributing the "Sure enough they'll be selling stuff ..." verse - Thanks Anon!)

Not sure about the paper mâché heads tho?

Also, see Neil Young emphasizes what’s missing on “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” | The A.V. Club.

Remembering Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry...

Neil Young's 1975 "Tonight's The Night" is considered to be his 'darkest' album - both literally and figuratively - and the last of the "Ditch Trilogy" (along with Times Fade Away and On The Beach). The album explores the depth of Neil's pain over the heroin overdose deaths of Crazy Horse's Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry.


  1. I can forgive the national music media, but you would think Thrasher's Wheat would realize this is actually Danny Whitten's "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" (though Neil did get a secondary writing credit for contributing the "Sure enough they'll be selling stuff ..." verse).

  2. is thatta finda da pope frank in da paper mâché?

    I like these dudes (Arcade Fire) but I'm not so sure they have added anything of value to their rendition of a classic horse tune.
    was just o.k.
    IMHO, of course.

    Forever Younger

  3. @05:22:00 - ya know, once again, you're absolutely right?! doh.

    Of course. updated.

    No excuse. Like crediting Rod Stewart for "I Dont Want To Talk About It".

    poor Danny, still getting the short stick. Hey, Danny, next time. We won't be sellin stuff either...

    @Forever Younger - Does seem to be Pope-like. No idea what this could possibly mean???


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