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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Live 1974 Box Set Details Announced

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Live 1974, Box Set
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Details for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's long awaited box set from the 1974 concert tour have finally been announced.

A release date of July 8, 2014 has now been posted on for "Live 1974" listed as a 3CD/ Bonus DVD OR Pure Audio Blu-Ray / Bonus DVD with a 188-page booklet.

Also, there will be a limited edition set of 1,000 copies featuring a coffee table-sized book and six 180-gram 12” vinyl records.

Track listing for CSNY 1974.

Disc One – First Set 1. "Love The One You’re With" 2. "Wooden Ships" 3. "Immigration Man" 4. "Helpless" 5. "Carry Me" 6. "Johnny’s Garden" 7. "Traces" 8. "Grave Concern" 9. "On The Beach" 10. "Black Queen" 11. "Almost Cut My Hair"

Disc Two – Second Set 1. "Change Partners" 2. "The Lee Shore" 3. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" 4. "Our House" 5. "Fieldworker" 6. "Guinevere" 7. "Time After Time" 8. "Prison Song" 9. "Long May You Run" 10. "Goodbye Dick" 11. "Mellow My Mind" 12. "Old Man" 13. "Word Game" 14. "Myth Of Sisyphus" 15. "Blackbird" 16. "Love Art Blues" 17. "Hawaiian Sunrise" 18. "Teach Your Children" 19. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

Disc Three – Third Set 1. "Déjà Vu" 2. "My Angel" 3. "Pre-Road Downs" 4. "Don’t Be Denied" 5. "Revolution Blues" 6. "Military Madness" 7. "Long Time Gone" 8. "Pushed It Over The End" 9. "Chicago" 10."Ohio"

Bonus DVD 1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" 2. "Almost Cut My Hair" 3. "Grave Concern" 4. "Old Man" 5. "Johnny’s Garden" 6. "Our House" 7. "Déjà Vu" 8. "Pushed It Over The End" Single CD Track Listing 1. "Love The One You're With" 2. "Wooden Ships" 3. "Immigration Man" 4. "Helpless" 5. "Johnny's Garden" 6. "The Lee Shore" 7. "Change Partners" 8. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" 9. "Our House" 10. "Guinevere" 11. "Old Man" 12. "Teach Your Children" 13. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" 14. "Long Time Gone" 15. "Chicago" 16. "Ohio"

From Crosby, Stills, Nash Young Live 1974 Box Set Out This Summer | Music News | Rolling Stone by Andy Greene:
The set was produced by Joel Bernstein and Graham Nash. "This is the most difficult project I've ever done in my recording life," Nash tells Rolling Stone. "That's largely because of other people's agendas and trying to please four people at the same time. It only took us a year to actually do the physical work, but it took three or four years to get that work together."

One issue they faced was Neil Young's intense focus on audio quality. "Neil Young, God bless his cotton socks, has always wanted the audio to get as close to the recording experience as possible," says Nash. "He wanted us to do it in 24/192, and that's what we did. Of course, that happened one-third of the way into the project, so we had to redo an awful lot of stuff. But it sounds totally amazing. There's 40 songs and they'll show people that we were a very, very decent rock band."

Nine of the shows were professionally recorded on multi-track tapes. "We wanted the best performances of each song for this collection," says Nash. "So Joel and I listened to every single minute of the multi-track shows and chose the best. We'd take, say, the best performance of 'Almost Cut My Hair' and send it to David [Crosby] for his approval. We did the same with Stephen [Stills] and Neil."

The bonus DVD features eight songs filmed at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland and Wembley Stadium. "The Capital Center was the one place back then filming concerts," says Nash. "We didn't even know they were doing it. It's a little funky-looking because we didn't light it for film or television, but I picked eight songs I thought were very representative of how we were then."

Despite the fact it draws material from multiple nights, Nash and Bernstein structured it like a typical show from the tour. "I wanted people to experience the show," says Nash. "We wanted to give people a seat in the 10th row in the middle so they can sit back and enjoy the show. It starts with an electric set and then we did an acoustic set, sometimes with bass and drums and sometimes not, and then ended up with a kick-ass last electric set." 
Pre-order on for "CSNY Live 1974"

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Photo by Joel Bernstein



  2. Great News! I prefer to spend my money on this rather than NY's A Letter Home(which I'm disappointed after listening to it on live stream). Just having Traces,Love Art Blues ,PIOTE and other NY content makes this a must for me.Now for Archives 2

  3. Satisfying to see they didn't leave an awful lot out of there. The tracklist seems like a typical '74 show.

  4. I can tell ya, this is a REALLY REALLY good set.
    Graham, Joel and Stanley did an outstanding job on putting this together in every way. Fine attention to detail in all departments.

    This just may be the sound track to every CSNY fan's Summer of 2014.

    -Archives Guy

  5. The exclusivity of the limited edition is a little intimidating. Obviously it's the one I want, but only a 1000 copies pressed with all that vinyl sold exclusively through CSNY's website sounds like it's going to be out of my price range and then will be gone. I really hope that's not the case. I'll get the BR version if I must, but I want that vinyl! Interested in hearing "Goodbye Dick", don't know if I've ever heard it!!

  6. While i'm logged in I can also offer up that progress on NYA V2 is coming along very well.

    It will not be seeing a street date in 2014, but is on track to be completed this year.

    This is a very satisfying, yet large undertaking with there being the multi-disc box set, several NYA PS releases, the NYA ORS album remasters and a number of previously unreleased records from this archives era.

    -Archives Guy

  7. I have to wonder how good this set can possibly be, considering how both Nash and Joel have said for years how awful this tour was, performance-wise. I heard they were going to auto-tune some of the vocals, which is a bit worrying.

    At the very least, though, it will be a very interesting listen!

    And to be honest. Neil's 24/192 obsession has proved to be something of a curse lately ( delaying various projects in pursuit of inaudible sound "improvements"), so it's a nice surprise to see this set actually get a release. I'll look forward to buying the CD edition.

    The Flying Scotsman.

  8. Archives Guy - I'm certainly look forward to Archives 2, but unless BD-Live on volume 1 starts to live up to it's promises, I'll be downloading the next volume illegally.

    The Flying Scotsman.

  9. @ Flying

    This set is basically a "best of" the tour, so if certain performances were shaky, they won't be included. Nash says in the interview that everyone signed off on each version of the songs, so i'm expecting the thing to be great. Only disappointment is no Carry On, which was the great jamming vehicle on the tour

  10. Thanks Archives Guy;

    The limited edition set, no matter what price, is a day one purchase for me! With this, A Letter Home deluxe set, and the forthcoming Pono player and music system release 2014 is going to be a good year for music!

  11. Archive Guy what about releasing just Archives 2 without there being additional pre releases of the multi-disc box set, several NYA PS releases, the NYA ORS album remasters and a number of previously unreleased records from this archives era. Double dipping is what ruined Achives 1 for me(and others). Also the BD live crap. This time it will just be Archive 2 CD only for me.

  12. Timothy - Double dipping is the only way Archives is going to make a respectable profit, so I do understand and empathise with the marketing strategy. But I think it's an acceptable strategy only if the multiple editions are genuinely worth buying. Which they weren't, first time around.

    And why haven't we had any more BD-Live downloads? Good question.The system still works fine; and it's still being advertised on the Warner website. Just general stinginess, or what?

    Perhaps Neil doesn't respect how much of their hard-earned money people paid for the extra benefits on the blu-ray edition.

    I think this is an issue that should be addressed by Neil
    one of his Archives team. I will gladly retract my criticism if the situation changes. But until then, I won't be spending any more money.

    The Flying Scotman.

  13. Thanks TFS for the reasoning behind DD.Still sour grapes if they do it again.

  14. Thanks to Thrasher for compiling all the necessary info -- and thanks to Archives Guy for the updates. I'm still available for proofreading and copyediting if that will keep things on track!


  15. Flying Scotsman - Neil insisting on the highest quality is a great thing, not a negative thing. It sucks if you can't notice differences but that's not the case for everyone and I'd much, much, much rather have the chance to get something in the highest quality possible if I'm going to spend my money on it. Too many artists don't care, and insisting on this stuff is the opposite of milking fans - he could re-release many of his albums with no regard to sound quality and make $$ that way like so many other artists/labels do, and you're left with an inferior product.

    Remember, he's never going to please everyone, so he wisely only chooses to do what pleases himself.

  16. SD - my famed psychic powers are telling me that you have never done a so-called blind test between 24/192 and the same track down-sampled to CD quality.

    I have 28-year-old ears (the rest of me is the same age) and my doctor assures me my hearing is excellent. If yours are too old to be able to notice if there is a genuine difference or not, then I suppose that's fine - you can always pretend!

    To be honest though I do basically agree with you, quality is worth paying for. What a shame that CD quality is basically fine and nobody buys CDs anymore.

    "He could release albums with no regards to sound quality". Yes, he do that, but the release of A Letter Home convinces me that he will never go down that route.

    The Flying Scotsman.

  17. Good to hear from you Archives Guy!

    Thanks for the update. The CSNY box should keep us busy until NYA#2.

    No back pain in heaven.

  18. Archives Guy - many thanks for the update on Archives 2.

    Although I've been longing for Vol. 2 to be released, as I've recently pledged for a Pono player I'm now glad that the box set won't be issued till 2015, as it gives me time to save the necessary funds (selfish, I know).

    This CSNY live set on Blu-Ray will keep me going till 2015!

  19. Timothy Fontenot, Davie the Flying Scotsman

    I don't understand why you categorise releasing individual discs from the NYA Performance Series in advance as double-dipping. You know the discs are going to be included in the main box set, so don't buy the individual releases in advance!

    It's your choice - don't blame the artist or the record company if you can't wait. If you've already waited nearly 40 years, hang on a bit longer (or listen to a friend's copy).

    I believe the previously unreleased records will be the albums categorised as part of the 'Special Release Series' and mentioned on the Neil Young Times website in 2010 (and here on Thrasher's Wheat) - Chrome Dreams, Homegrown, Odeon/Budokan, & Oceanside/Countryside. Some of the tracks from the studio releases appeared (some in different versions) on Official Release Series albums (American Stars 'n' Bars, Comes A Time, Rust Never Sleeps) - and some tracks will doubtless be in the box set - so again, you may want to restrain yourself before purchasing them.

  20. "You (knew) the discs (were) going to be in the box set".

    That is incorrect, which undermines the rest of your post.

  21. Things have changed a lot since the earliest PS releases. Streaming now makes it very easy to listen without buying, in a perfectly legal fashion. Currently this doesn't pay the artist much, but it allows people to be more selective about what they choose to buy. Now people only buy if they think what they are getting is really worth the money.

    So the double-dipping strategy is going to come back and bite Neil's marketing guys on the ass, because a lot of people are not going to bother buying PS releases now, for the reason Redwood suggested above (just in case they later end up on the box sets).

    This is where Pono comes in, because it encourages people to go back to buying files rather than just stream (streaming doesn't sound good enough, we're told; streaming doesn't pay much, is closer to the truth).

    The Flying Scotsman.

  22. Back to 1974...

    They had a bad time as a band on this tour, but from the boots I've heard most of the music was pretty damn good. I am very looking forward to hearing a "best take" version in pristine sound.

    Because of the times and personal issues, this is a darker CSNY, very different in feel from the first time around. Between the tour and various failed album reunions this was a pretty active period for CSNY, under represented on disc, and this tour document will fill a lot of those gaps.

    Plus some unreleased Neil tunes. This should be a good one.

  23. Hey Archives Guy, how about getting Neil on the phone to authorise a handful of BD-Live releases? Reassure us that buying future official releases will be more rewarding than illegally downloading them. You were very enthusiastic to talk about BD-Live when you wanted us all to buy blu-ray players. Now....nothing. Silence.

  24. eastsidecellardwellar5/22/2014 06:07:00 PM

    Those of you who are whining about this and that are neither Neil Young fans or music lovers. Period. I've been waiting for this for 40 years now and I couldn't care less about your bitching bullshit. Go somewhere else and shed your alligator tears whle listening to your Justin Bieber. Other than that, thanks Archives Guy and Graham Nash for making this happen! It will be worth every penny! Didn't think I would see this in my lifetime. Now I can throw away all those 74 tour bootlegs....

  25. "I've been waiting for this for 40 years now".

    I guess that justifies your rude language (and attitude) then.

  26. eastsidecellarswellar5/22/2014 06:21:00 PM

    My attitude is my business. You are not a fan of Crosby Stills Nash and Young. You are a troll. And yes it justifies my rude language. Now go somewhere else and change your diapers and leave this forum to the folks who truly appreciate it.

  27. Well, I'm sorry if I've upset you. I'm not sure what I've said.

  28. Archives Guy,
    Thanks so much for updating us and for the years of hard work to bring this great music out from the vault and into the 21st century. Sorry for our few rude, unappreciative friends who prefer to bitch and moan instead of celebrate all the good things you guys are bringing out ... but hey, Its Angry World ... every time there's something new, a live show or a new release we remind them that THEY DON"T HAVE TO BUY IT ... but they insist that somehow they're being wronged anyhow even if its pretty illogical thats HOW THEY FEEL ("only real in the way I feel from day to day?") ... hopefully you realize that the majority of fans and people on the site deeply appreciate all the efforts and you won't be dissuaded from coming around and giving us updates ... True, we all believe in free speech (which is why they get a soap box) but most of us also believe in treating people with respect and dignity ... peace and gratitude

  29. Hey guys, easy.

    Remember how for the past 40 years we used to wish that CSNY hadn't bickered so much? How CSNY missed their golden opportunity because they got caught up in the machine? How if only CSNY kept focused on the music?



  30. Dan1: can you please point out who is being rude in the above comments, please? Thanks.

  31. There clearly are no rude comments...Dan1 is presumably having a little joke.

    Just be clear: someone expressing an opinion that you disagree with doesn't make them rude.

    To change the subject, what Performance Series releases are you guys looking forward to? Bluenotes for me, Pearl Jam 1995 would be great, too. And Booker T 1993. And Eldorado 1989! And....etc.

    The Flying Scotsman.

  32. I never saw the Beatles but I did see this show at Royal Stadium in Kansas City. Lucky me. Now this box set is something I'd put my good money down for!! Can't wait.

    Thanks Graham Nash. Sounds like this would've never happened without you!! Damn you guys got old

    old neg

    hey archives guy, don't get a big head

  33. paul in essex ontario5/22/2014 08:36:00 PM

    Hi, All anyone has a to do is watch Neil's face during Southern Man from this tour. It sums up everything great about his and the band's music. I've seen just about every version in the past 36 years and as recent as Chicago last month. It's great music and all the whiners shut the hell up. Hope that's not too rude.

  34. Paul - no, that's not too rude.

    PS Southern Man wasn't even played on this tour. Please try not to talk nonsense.

  35. Sure, 2 of the NYAPS from the Volume 1 era were "pre-released". I am not sure there was anything in Archive Guy's post stating that this would be happening again.

    I do believe that there will be NYAPS disks which are released separately from the box. Maybe there will be some released WITH the box. Maybe the ones deemed most essential will be sold with the box. The ORS and SRS will be released separately from the box and likely not included within the box.

    There is so much material in the Vol2 era that perhaps ALL NYAPS would be issued separately.

    Who knows. Maybe AG can send us another nugget of info for those of us who obsess over the numbers...My feeling is that there will be no double dipping this time around. call me naive.

  36. I believe his reference to Neil playing Southern Man is for the 2014 tour, not the '74 tour.

  37. By my count over at Sugar Mountain, the following Neil songs were played on the tour but aren't represented here .. Oh well... Cowgirl, Human Highway, A Man Needs a Maid, Ambulance Blues, On the Way Home, Homefires, The Needle and the Damage Done, Out on the Weekend, Down by the River, The Losing End, Birds, Old Homestead, Roll Another Number, Heart of Gold, Walk On, Star of Bethlehem,

  38. Yeh at last and not before time!
    I can still recall the summer sun in Wembley and would recommend the DVD version of the show.

  39. Aha! I have l now located these whiners/doubters that people keep talking about. Here they are:

    "That tour was disapointing to me."
    - Neil Young (on the 1974 tour).

    "We couldn't hear ourselves at all throughout most of that tour. It was basically Stephen trying to outdo Neil, and it was just awful. We were just bad."

    - Graham Nash (on the 1974 tour)

    "A number of the shows were recorded, but Joel Bernstein, who has waded through much of the tapes, said: ""Most of the stuff is just trash musically. There's no dynamic range - everybody's playing wildly all the time. They're all singing sharp because they can't hear themselves"".

    - Joel Bernstein interview with Jimmy Mcdonough

    "Fuckin' horrible," "I pride myself on being a reasonable musician - I have never sung so out of tune. It was awful. We were just bad."

    - Graham Nash, on the 1974 Wembley concert.

    Perhaps they could print these quotes on the box, like Neil did with the Human highway film.

    (On the 1974 tour)

  40. Amazon listing has been pulled.

    Looks like CSNY 74 delayed yet again?

  41. Dear Thrasher, please can you invest even more of your valuable time, free of charge, to launch a supplementary website entitled Thrashers Whinge. This can serve as a sponge for all the sanctimonious, righteous, self-congratulatory musings of a certain section of posters who are currently obliged to post, with great reluctance, on the main site. This would save the vast majority of your readers from having to wade ankle deep in bullshit and simultaneously give the minority the recognition they so richly deserve. If these people were guests in your house they would probably critisise your children (from a purely intellectual standpoint) and piss on your rug (from the top of you stairs).
    Keep up on blogging until the negativity becomes too much.

  42. Growl: please point out these sanctimonious posts. Be specific, quote them and expose them for what they are. Or admit that they are just not there.

    Everyone who has posted above seems fairly enthusiastic about hearing this set. So where are these righteous posts you are so upset by? You're making it out to be some huge problem, but I can't find anything offensive. Which makes your out-of-proportion ranting seem a bit ridiculous.

    (I do remember a time a few years back when there were a lot of trolls on Thrasher's site, but not recently).

  43. Really looking forward to this, going to be the album of the year for me. Some cracking unreleased NY songs there, sure I've heard them but will be great to get them in released, quality form finally. Going for the CD/DVD combo, I have all the CSN individual box sets, so this will sit well with those. Really hope it doesn't get delayed.

    As for Archives Guy, thanks for the update. Cab't tell you how disappointed I am with the BluRay NYA vol 1. I'll get the download or CD version next time round.

  44. @ 09:29:00 - hmmm.

    Well, thanks to all who pre-ordered here on TW. Wonder if the pre-orders will be lost?

    That would be a bit of a bummer since we now rely primarily on Amazon orders to keep the bandwidth flowing. Again, thanks for folks support.

    @growl - yes, it does seem a bit tense for a long awaited release. The anons seem to get particularly agitated.

    Hopefully, the anon crowd gets as worked up about other issues that really matter -- pick an example, of Ukraine, climate change, poverty, drones, spying, GMOs etc.

    We're looking at implementing a new comment system at some point in the future.

    @ ANDREW - we hear you on the BR download and have addressed previously here. Yes, it would be nice to have a definitive statement from AG, but at this point, seems like under the bridges, over the foam, wind on the water, carry me home...

  45. "The anons seem to get particularly agitated"

    Maybe on other threads, but can't find any examples at all here.

  46. Not sure how to name and shame anon. But he/she will be sure to let me know!

  47. Did someone say "negativity"?! ;)

    So Amazon pulled it?! Damn. I wonder who was responsible for that?! Maybe someone who just released a money grab box set that doesn't want to compete with a box set of actual substance?! Hmmmmmmm???

    "We're looking at implementing a new comment system at some point in the future."

    So what kind of system Thrash? One that will automatically delete posts that don't float your boat so you don't have to do it manually?! Where's the fun in that?!


    Old Neg

  48. All the info on pre-orders (which start next week) can be found here:

    My guess is that the Amazon pre-order page was simply launched before it was meant to.
    If I was a betting man I'd venture to guess that the page will be live again on Monday and any orders previously made are in the amazon system.

    No cause for alarm folks.

  49. The difference is that, today in 2014, the technology exists to fix the out-of-pitch stuff...

  50. Archives Guy, I'm cool with NYA V2 taking it's time but is the ORS box set delayed from RSD still on track for november?

  51. Neil Young: A Letter Home review – a gloriously gloomy album of lo-fi covers

  52. Remembering the incomparable Sonny Sharrock, who left us twenty years ago today. Your music and influence lives on and on and on...thank you so much.


  53. Long May You Run precedes Goodbye Dick. I'm sure that's no accident.

    Neil, you are a funny guy!

  54. Rhino Records says the box set is set for release on July 8th. Why
    the delay for the preorder?

    Perhaps a cetain band member may want to keep his latest album in the spotlight for a bit longer.
    Because if its a choice between ALH and CSNY 74 well CSNY wins hands down.

    Start the streaming of CSNY where it will help generate sales instead of
    the streaming everywhere of ALH
    which is hurting sales

  55. Rolling Stone now has a stream of Almost Cut my Hair. Sound quality very good, David is loose and improvisational, Stephen and Neil duel on guitars.
    This could be a fun album.

    Human Highway always seemed like the title track for this, sorry it isn't of their.

  56. Nash's resentment toward Neil is so palpable in his quotes ... he's barely trying to conceal it and thats being charitable ... it seems like he hates the fact that Neil holds the veto on everything but he can't deny the reality that Neil has the commercial following and Neil is where the musical vitality lives ... and even reading the Rolling Stone blurb its clear that even in '74 Neil was the one with fresh material ... lots of bands are that way, there's one prolific member, and the rest of the band help execute the music. But hey Graham, don't look a gift horse in the mouth .. Neil's your golden goose ... get over it and go with the flow ... btw I love Crosby in that sense as he seems to just be grateful and appreciate of Neil and their relationship as opposed to dismissive and resentful ...

  57. Dan1 I get what you are saying. But....

    If you actually had to work with Neil to put something out I am sure you would eventually reach a level of frustration. Love Neil. Love his music. Love his wandering ways, even when he misses.

    Look, Neil is eccentric and demanding (in a good way) and mercurial. I've worked with the type myself. Can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measure.

    I appreciate Nash doing the work and enduring the pain to get it done. So what if he vents a little?

  58. Presale starts tomorrow (Thursday), vinyl box is a cool $499.

  59. Raincheck,
    Good point ... I mean, we waited like 25 years for Archives I, I can only imagine being a partner in that project and being a little less exacting and thinking lets just let this thing see the light of day and then Neil holds it back for another 10 years until the 'appropriate' digital standard surfaces ... as a fan I'm kinda feeling that way about Truck Show (albeit I heard it was the record company holding that back) ... so indeed I can empathize with the frustration ... probably better if he refrained from airing the dirty laundry in the press, albeit he does it with lightly disguised backhanded comments, but yea I can for sure see the other side of this ...

  60. Almost Cut My Hair sound great! Can't wait for July.

  61. 499$! I was expecting around 200$.

    I'll have to pass on this. I'll wait for the archives instead.

  62. Does the bluray come with a download for sure? Anyone know resolution?


  63. 500USD! For a lot of people that is a weeks salary.

    That is nuts, they are exploiting the completist collectors who are a bit OCD about their collection. Capitalist, rock dinosaurs! The punk rockers were right. Burnt out, frazzled drug casualties who have lost touch with reality.

    Keep coughing up the bucks...ranches in California and holiday homes in Hawaii do not come cheap.

  64. @Wildgift: Blu-ray resolution is 24/192 - no mention of a download card (like there is for the vinyl box set):

  65. Although there are no mentions of it, I hope the Blu-Ray comes with a download card for Pono quality files. Being a NY fan gets more and more expensive. I am still blown away by the price tag on the vinyl box

  66. I meant what the resolution of the downloads might be. Thanks. I know that the bluray is 192/24

  67. The price of the box set and the fact that you can only get the vinyl in that format is simply outrageous!

    I would have nothing against the price if the vinyls were available elsewhere, but the fact that you exploit the fact that people who want vinyl are willing to pay extra is just pure extortion!

    Offer the vinyl separately and sell the box to those who want the exclusivity of the limited edition, that's totally fine with me.

    Since "regular" people stopped buying music on physical media artists and music companies started resorting to just milking those who still have a conscience and want to pay for the music they listen to and to those who prefer more "niche" formats like vinyl. This is just ungrateful, greedy and shameful!

    Good thing Third Man Records offered the vinyl of "A letter home" which AGAIN was only available in a huge set on Neil's site.

    If that practice doesn't stop, people will stop paying for music in revolt. I know I'm very close to getting to that point.

    Rant over.

  68. Hey so what about "Carry On" that is the Best damned Jam ever,and YOU ALL left that off,and furthermore, you all made youtube delete the video of the Wembly performance,really, why if you weren't going to Sell it on the Disc set??? Please answer that,kind sirs?????


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