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Neil Young Archives Volume #2: "Nearly completed and should surface in 2017"

Neil Young Archives Volume #1

Earlier this year, we reported that the Neil Young Archives Volume #2 would be a "High-Res website".

Now, from Neil Young's manager Elliot Roberts -- speaking to Billboard -- says that the Neil Young Archives Volume #2 is "nearly completed and should surface in 2017".

Young's manager Roberts also said that a number of full-length films are coming, as well.
"Neil has a whole series of Shakey Films that we've done through the years," Roberts tells Billboard. "We haven't really had a chance to put a lot of them out. Either he tours or starts doing an album or moves on to the next one. But we have about six or seven full-length films that will be coming out over the course of the next two years. These are really the first two."

Among the offerings on the runway are Hal Ashby's film of Young's 1982-83 one-man Trans Tour, a Tim Pope chronicle of an early Young concert in England, and a full-scale rollout of 2003's Greendale, which has never been in wide release. And with vinyl reissues of four albums -- 1973's Time Fades Away, 1974's On The Beach and the 1975 albums Tonight's The Night and Zuma -- coming on Sept. 6, Roberts says Young has finally checked off on reissuing the oft-requested Time Fades Away, though no release date has been set, while Archives 2 is nearly completed and should surface in 2017.

"Neil had a lot of things that were important to us -- not because they sold well," Roberts notes. "I think of it as we're introducing him to a younger audience, a new audience. We know there's our core audience that's 50-70 or so. That's always been the case, and it's nice to actually have. But it's like discovering Dylan -- you may like EDM, but at some point in your life you'll be into Dylan and you'll get it, whether you're 23, 24, 21 or 26. Discovering Neil or discovering those catalogs, that material. It's still fun for Neil to create. He doesn't mind going back or going forward."
More on Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About The Neil Young Archives But Were Afraid To Ask.

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  2. Somehow when Elliot says it, it's almost believable.

    1. Talked to ER's in 1999 at a meet & greet after a NY show in Houston about Archives 1. He told me it should be next year [2000 you understand] for Archives 1. It came out in 2009. So don't hold your breath they are both one and the same.

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  3. CD's please, not getting conned by the Blu-Ray live fiasco again.

  4. CD version please !

    No high rez website or other fly by night gimmicks for me.

  5. I just want to hear the album Homegrown either A- before my time is up, or B- before civilization ends.

  6. A website??????????????? Any idiot can make a website. How about NY Archives Volume 2 a box set I can hold and love just like volume One. THis breaks mu NY lovin' heart.

  7. Before Vol 2 arrives ! There's a Stephen Stills biography out on 28th Oct - 'Change Partner' off topic but I can't recall any book on Stills Alone?

  8. Will this set also be vastly overpriced?

  9. Hard to take seriously until the moment it happens.
    Too many announcements and inferences about the Archives
    and other events, reunions, projects, etc with too few
    results in my 40 plus yrs as a fan.
    I'm sure I'll buy it and love it when it comes out.
    If it's high res website without a hard copy product....forget about it.

  10. Yeah. It's hard to justify buying something this ecpansive and costly, if you can only listen to it with a computer and an Internet connection

  11. Thank you Thrasher for posting this Archives update. Yes, I have been awaiting Archives 2, mostly trying to not think about it. I see "a physical release" as including Blu ray. If not, I will be disappointed. I am thrilled to even know that Neil Young SAID he was setting aside time after the tour to complete it. I am thrilled with the new releases we have been enjoying. He is so prolific. He does not follow through with all of his stated ideas, and not always on the time frame we would prefer, but you must admit, being a hard core Neil Young fan is a very rewarding niche to be in. What other artist is so prolific? Dylan arguably has the lead in the "official bootleg releases" but Neil is hot on his heels. Neil may have more unreleased material even than Zimmy. I would definitely rather see Neil Young in concert because he kills it on the guitar and his singing is still good, unlike Dylan's. I am going to see Neil play in Boise on 10/3/16, exactly one year to the day since the last time I saw him play (in Seattle, 10/4/15). Thanks to leap year, its exactly 365 days later. Significant? Probably not, but I do love the idea of seeing NY play live "once a year" with his amazing band, Promise of the Real. They played an epic show in Seattle and I look forward to seeing them play live again. I have stopped listening to Neil in the mean time. Maybe thats why I still love the guy so much; sometimes a diet helps one enjoy the upcoming feast! I will not attend Desert Trip as I will much prefer to see him play in the Northwest without all the LA folks and the expensive tickets. I am from LA but have been in Seattle since 1998. Anyway, I will be right up front on the rail where I belong at the Boise show. I am so Grateful I get to see Neil Young play live again! Peace. Alan

  12. Great comments Alan. I saw Neil maybe 12 times between 83 & 07. All but one in St. Louis. Nothing like Neil live. Unfortunately he hasn't played St Louis in 9 years. Don't know if something pissed him off here if its related to Monsanto's headquarters being here or what the reason is. I sure wish he would come back & bring POTR with him. Happy Labor Day Thrasher & Everyone

  13. I for one like and prefer transparency.

    Will he be releasing his tax returns also?

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  15. From email...

    On 09/04/2016 09:07 AM, Luigi S wrote:
    I bought the Blu ray version of the Archives since the releasing date and I played the BD with a Sony PS3. I used the BD-Live features and dowloaded everything "pinned" on the timeline on each volume.
    Now the PS3 crashed with no chance to recovery. I am trying to download again but when I go on the download manager of the Archives this msg appears "NEW BD LIVE CONTENT MAY BE AVAILABLE, BUT THE PLAYER IS UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONNECTION..."
    I tried on an old Ps3, on a new PS4 and on a Sony BD player, each of them with a regular active internet connection, but I don't see on the timeline nor yellow or blue pins and that message appears on each device.
    Has anyone faced this kind of trouble? Where may I ask for help?
    Thank you very much.
    Rome - Italy
    Ps.: Great gig in Rome of NY + POTR with Willie Nelson special guest

  16. From comment on thread by Lone Red Rider said...

    Yes, BD-Live was a casualty of the passage of time. The Archives Server is off-line and the BD-Live tracks, even the ones you have already downloaded, are not playable. Abandoned. Orphaned. I am sure those tracks and the planned ones which were never released are now being held hostage until the web version or the Archives is released. I am expecting a website with some sort of Tidal integration. That would be best case. Worst case is Neil is waiting for a technology which streams 192/24 FLAC files.

  17. Jeepers how complicated can this be? Over engineered. Let's just have a physical release stop all this nonsense.

  18. Just stop with the info on Archives II Thrasher it will never happen [in the format we truly desire cd's]. Any info from his campaign is false and ludicrous. You're just letting them make asses of us all.

  19. Just stop with the info on Archives II Thrasher it will never happen [in the format we truly desire cd's]. Any info from his campaign is false and ludicrous. You're just letting them make asses of us all.

  20. @timothy f: So we're having some trouble reconciling your views on NYA#2?

    Earlier you said:

    "I promised myself nothing would ruin my vacation in the Montana Rockies. So Archives 2 huh! After two weeks in the wilderness and to read this. All I can say is life is good and Archives 2 will be an extraordinary masterwork. "

    Now you're singing a different tune?

  21. Blu-ray again, and keep the BD-Live server up and maintained!

  22. I can actually see the website idea working, although it's hard to imagine exactly what it might look like or what the model would be for marketing such a thing. Do you establish an account on the website and pay to use? The difficulty is, we're all so used to going on websites (like this one) without paying anything above and beyond what your service provider charges and the cost of the computer itself. The optimist within me can envision this website setup being more cost-effective and marketable than an expensive box set with formatting restrictions. The thing is, there's just no precedent (that I know of) for this, so it's hard for me to imagine exactly what it might look like.

    Archives I had lots of great stuff buried in it (new tracks, rare video, a virtual NY scrapbook, etc.), but was A) Very expensive, especially on blu-ray and B) Besides the final product being prohibitively costly, the rollout was bumpy (some would even say downright sloppy), and that may have been at least partly due to issues with deciding on and designing the format. As I remember, there were CD, DVD, and BD editions. Unless you were a total NY fanatic (like me), the only option within most people's price range was probably the CD set, which, in my opinion, was missing an incredible amount of content essential to the Archives experience due to its being audio-only. If all you got was eight CDs of mostly previously available music, you might have been underwhelmed--but, hey, people really wanted CD! (The CD release may even have been some kind of compromise between Neil and Reprise.)

    The point is, the CD-only buyers got what they asked for... they just didn't know they were asking for it. Which is to say, for all those years when the Archives were hyped (by Neil but also by fans and in rock music journalism), I'm guessing most of us were just expecting a big collection of music. Not a multi-media smorgasbord of content with a new and unprecedented user interface. With music recordings, the level of user interface we're accustomed to generally involves dropping the needle, putting the CD in the tray, or just hitting your keyboard or touchpad. It's become increasingly clear (to me) that The Archives is, or has developed into, a completely different and more complicated beast. Or at the least, it's only relatively recently that NY fans have (myself included) have genuinely begun to understand what the Archives might be, and it's not exactly what folks may have had in mind for all those decades. It seems Neil is using the word "archives" quite literally: a complete curation of his body of works--not limited to previously unreeled music, and not even limited to music. It's not our fault we're still getting our heads around this. There's no precedent for this, so we really no comparison point except other box sets, and as far as I know, nobody ever explained all this in detail. But that doesn't mean we can't adjust. Back when Archives I came out, I referred to it as "The Neil Young Museum". It would be a little self-aggrandizing for Neil to actually call it that, but it's the clearest description I've yet come up with for what (I think) The Archives is meant to be.

    Anyhow, I'm hopeful for the Shakey Films collection. I guess Rust Never Sleeps and Human Highway were part one of that project. I hope some of the rarely seen videos from the '80s albums pop up somewhere along the line, and maybe one of the movies is the Trunk Show?

  23. Excerpt from Neil Young Rolling Stone Interview nearly 3 years ago:

    RS: What is the state of Archives: Volume II? I've heard that it could be out by the end of this year.

    NY: It'll be finished this summer. All of the music will be done. It goes just past [1979's] Rust Never Sleeps. It's full of albums that weren't there before – stuff I did that I never put out. [Already confirmed for the set by Young: material from the unissued LPs Chrome Dreams and Homegrown and an alternate edition of the 1973 live album, Time Fades Away.]
    The rest will come out pretty quickly. While we've been working on Volume II, we've been working on the other Volumes. [Young has said that there will be five Volumes, the last covering the 2000s.]

  24. Neil Young readies Volume 2 of his Archives series
    by Chris Coplan
    on July 28, 2010, 11:00am

    Just a little over 6 years ago, not bad! Should be released by 2025 I estimate.

  25. Take your time Neil. Technology is evolving quickly and it's hard to know which will become the "standard". I'm sure having to take older recordings and convert them to today's best technology. Like the early attempts to "colorize" movies and tv shows. I'll bet there is also a sonic moire effect that occurs. I do find Blu Ray to be better sounding but the format, like DVD's are more difficult to use.

    I'd appreciate it if in the Blue Ray edition, that you include the CD version. I think I have every one of your albums and I love making mixes. CDs are the easiest to mix. Thanks and keep up the good work. Sonic quality IS important. I would appreciate it if you could make your vinyl editions more affordable. $40+ is asking a bit much and how in the world can young buyers afford such a high price?


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